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“I’d say I get them just about anywhere. Relationships seem to be a big one for me. Not just romantic relationships but family dynamic and friends as well. As long as it’s something that resonates with me I hope that it can connect with other people.”

Shared Interests

Although he didn’t share a release date or name, here’s what you can expect from the new album. “The new sound is kind of a lot different from what I did before. It’s acoustic soul with some beats. I would say it’s like Bruno Mars meets Ed Sheeran. It’s kind of a dance poppy singer/songwriter record.”

A Date With Ryan

“A perfect date would probably be cooking together. I really love to cook and I find it really attractive when somebody knows their way around a kitchen. Just doing something fun and kind of quirky like oh let’s go bowling or let’s go ice-skating or something that you don’t usually get to do. I’m all about that.” We’re all about that too, Ryan.




For the first time in his career, Ryan has had the opportunity to explore the realms of cowriting. “I’ve already done three albums and I didn’t want to kind of get stuck in one space. So I spent two months in L.A. over the summer and a month in Nashville this fall and I’ve just been doing a bunch of co-writing.”

Upcoming Album

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back a little bit and so that was just acoustic guitar and a string quartet and a bunch of poems that I started out with.”



May 2013  

The very first issue of Tote magazine!

May 2013  

The very first issue of Tote magazine!