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Information Pack 2012

Total Students Presents: The Student Lock-In The UK’s Number 1 Student Shopping Event In October 2010, Total Students joined forces with St David’s Shopping to create and promote a unique student shopping experience. Through a combination of student friendly content and innovative marketing techniques the event attracted over 7,000 deal-hungry students for an evening of shopping excess. In just over two and a half hours,

the event generated over £165,000 in revenue for the stores of St David’s Centre, representing a return on investment of over 40:1. The St David’s Lock-in was recognised for the success that it brought to the centre, with Retail Week recently highlighting it as one of “the best in-store events.” The event also received a Purple Apple Merit for driving sales.

We invite you to replicate the success of that evening ....

2011 Event Statistics: -


Over 75,000* students in attendance across the UK £2 million* total spend across 10 cities. Around 320% increase in sales per centre. Partnerships created with major companies including Vitamin Water, Capital FM and Beach Break Live. Current clients include Land Securities, Hammerson and Capital Shopping Centres.

Fresher’s 2011 Tour: -

Meadowhall, Sheffield Princes Mall, Edinburgh St David’s, Cardiff WestQuay, Southampton Princesshay, Exeter Cabot Circus, Bristol Highcross, Leicester SouthGate, Bath The Oracle, Reading The Bridges, Sunderland

*Based on aggregated figures


Online Marketing We create sophisticated social media campaigns using a combination of Facebook and Twitter. We aim to create a robust and reusable platform that engages directly with students in your city from which to communicate information about offers, competition, pre-registration and of course the event itself. Using proven techniques over the course of 10 weeks our team will aim to: • Create a brand new profile which can be added as a friend. This is proven to spread virally, rapidly building a promotional base which can recommend the fan page and send out mass invites to the event. • Integrate the Facebook profiles with a Twitter account in order to expand the scope of viral marketing. Twitter has proven to be very popular with students in the days prior to the event and as a result #studentlockin has trended locally and even nationally in some cases. •Scheduled updates also take place outside of office hours to enhance popularity during peak student browsing time.

• Through partnerships with local promoters we are able to enhance our social network position further.

Physical Promotion We individually assess the student profile of each city that we enter, and then produce a detailed promotional plan that is executed over the course of 4-6 weeks depending on city size. On average we aim to distribute a minimum of 30,000 flyers and 500 posters into highly populated student areas strategically distributing at key times of day to ensure maximum exposure for the event. These numbers allow us to campaign to all universities within a 25 mile radius of the centre, as well as the main colleges in the local area. • We make mutual partnerships with the most successful local student promotion companies and secure permission to distribute at their club nights. • We create, nurture and maintain relationships with universities and colleges and halls of residence and secure distribution rights. • We work closely with the nightclub networks making mutual deals so that their online networks can be utilised. • We use local student ambassadors in each institution to distribute materials and positively reinforce the message. • Our experienced flyer teams operate a “show and tell” policy, which encourages retention of information and increases the chance of the student passing on the information to their peers.

Registration: Data Capture Upon arrival, all students are processed and registered before entering the shopping centre. Once registered, they are either stamped, handed an access pass or given a wristband. This identifies them to the retailers as being eligible for the additional student discounts. It is critically important for data collection and therefore the promotion of future events that stores do not offer the discounts to students who have not registered. • On the night, Total Students staff will take responsibility for all data collection as well as monitoring and marshalling the queue. • Our highly trained and experienced team have successfully processed queues as large as 15,000 students in less than an hour. • We pride ourselves on efficiently taking data and will provide consultation about queue placement and process in the run up to your event.

• All data collected complies fully with data protection and “opt in” guidelines. Data collected is shared between Total Students and the shopping centre. • We also provide a pre-registration facility through, allowing for shorter queue times.


Content: Added Value In addition to discounted shopping, the biggest draw to a Total Students Student Lock-in is the content that we source. Past events have included meet and greets with top designers, a climbing wall, an onsite bar and live music performances and of course the legendary Total Students DJ Truck! This sort of content and activity all adds to and enhances our events for all attendees.

We actively encourage stores to run some element of content alongside their discount – free drinks, goody bags, in store entertainment, competitions. This all translates into students spending more time in the shops and therefore spending more money!


Local dance troop Contagious Crew entertain shoppers in-store

Mutual Partnerships We offer the opportunity for businesses with a student interest, such as local promoters, radio stations, nightclubs etc. to purchase promotional stands for the night of the event. We encourage them to add value to the event by providing giveaways, free samples, or through running competitions for prizes on the night - By involving local businesses and promoters in this way, they will in-turn advertise the event to their existing promotional networks.

During our 2011 Event Tour we worked with national organisations such as Capital FM, Beachbreak Live, Vitamin Water and BSM. With our events attracting such high numbers of students we expect to attract an increased interest from corporations of a similar size.

The Result

Previous Event Videos Cardiff, St Davids, September 2010

Sheffield, Meadowhall, September 2011

Bristol, Cabot Circus, September 2011

Thank you for taking the time to read this document we look forward to hearing from you in the near future. For all enquiries please E-mail: or alternatively Call 02920 64 7007

Student Lock In Media Pack 2012  

Please take a few minutes or your time to see the benefits that the Student Lock In could bring to your centre!

Student Lock In Media Pack 2012  

Please take a few minutes or your time to see the benefits that the Student Lock In could bring to your centre!