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ARE YOU READY FOR THE ENFORCEMENT OF THE NEW SILICA RULE FOR CONSTRUCTION? The New OSHA Silica Rule for Construction Went into Effect on September 23, 2017, it’s Expected OSHA will Start Enforcing it the within 30 Days. Don’t Subject Yourself, Your Company or the General Contractor to Citations and Fines. Total Safety Consulting, LLC (TSC), TSC Training Academy, LLC (TSC TA) and Safety Supplies Unlimited, LLC (SSU) Have Teamed Up to be Your Turnkey Provider for a Comprehensive Solution to Accomplishing full Compliance with the New Crystalline Silica Rule.

OUR TEAM HAS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BE FULLY COMPLIANT WITH THE NEW SILICA RULE! PERFORM AN ASSESSMENT AND DEVELOP WRITTEN EXPOSURE CONTROL PLAN TSC will perform an assessment and develop a contractor specific written Exposure Control Plan that identifies tasks that involve silica exposure and methods used to protect workers. PROVIDE REQUIRED TRAINING OSHA requires Hazard Recognition Training for all exposed workers. TSC Training Academy, the leader in construction safety training, has developed a training program on work operations that result in silica exposure and ways to limit exposure which specifically meet the rule requirements. PROVIDE TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT SSU can provide tools and equipment that enable flexible alternatives to silica exposure. SSU has a full line of tools compliant with Exposure Control Methods described in the OSHA Table 1. Log on to the OSHA website to learn more. PERFORM EXPOSURE ASSESMENT AND RECOMMEND PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE)

When engineering controls and tools with exposure control methods are not used, in accordance with OSHA's Table 1, TSC will evaluate workers' exposure to silica and recommend which dust controls would work best to limit exposures in the workplace.

DEVELOP RESPIRATORY PROTECTION PROGRAM Based on an exposure assessment, TSC will develop a written respiratory protection plan, determine personal protective equipment, facilitate medical evaluations, perform fit testing and provide respiratory protection equipment.

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OSHA Silica Rule  

Are you ready for the enforcement of the new silica rule for construction?

OSHA Silica Rule  

Are you ready for the enforcement of the new silica rule for construction?