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A WORD FROM THE PUBLISHER It is a privilege to present to you the maiden edition of Total Restoration Magazine at this time of the year. Our message is coming to you today during this period of global economic downturn. The world has and is experiencing hardship like never before, companies are going into administration, people are losing their jobs and homes are being repossessed. But in all this God always has a perfect plan for his people, never lose hope, keep “Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.” I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a wonderful year and I pray that you will share Jesus this season with those you meet. Total Restoration has come to you through the continuous giving of our faithful partners, please pass it on once you’ve finished reading. Until I hear from you again, may God bless, keep you and give you testimonies as you continue to enjoy the inspiring messages in Total Restoration Magazine. Dr James. O. Nanjo Publisher

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A New Season Is Here For The Church 14

the Man tO watCh

lives. Dr James nanjo is the man to watch when seeking total restoration. Broken homes are repaired, broken dreams are restored and shattered lives are recovered. god uses Dr James nanjo to help people recover the broken pieces of their lives for total restoration. His prophetic teachings has lifted many from the dunghills of life and provided hope for the hopeless. The Holy Spirit moves through his life and messages to bring a personal touch to people. with several years experience in travelling ministry, god has blessed him with prophetic directions and divine instructions for individuals, professionals and business institutions as well as ministries. The spirit of the Lord is upon him with an unusual insight for total restoration to all people. This is the man to watch in the next chapter of god’s visitation to London and the world.


As a prophet to the nations, he is blessed with a high impact apostolic ministry to equip a new breed of believers with the passion of growing in faith and knowing Jesus Christ and the power of his resurrection. Dr James nanjo forms part of the new renaissance voice of the highest god to give meaning to life by leading people into the presence of god. There is strong prayer atmosphere in his church services and the teaching of the word of god is always setting people free from the lack of knowledge. in a recent teaching service Dr nanjo said, the most dangerous devil every believer must fight is ignorance. This is the man to watch in a new season of encounters with the word of god.

aking total restoration and revival to all nations for the deliverance of mankind to raise an army for the end time global harvest is the dynamic global mission of the man god is using to change the lives of multitudes of people around the world. From villages and cities in Africa to over 23 nations around the world, his ministry has made an indelible impact in people’s

The television ministry of Dr James nanjo has transformed many lives around the world. Salvation, healing, prophecy and prosperity are released through the total restoration television shows. A woman in comma for two weeks was totally recovered when her daughter received 44


prayer over anointing oil from the prophet through the phone on a television show. A man’s house was invaded by armed robbers in nigeria whiles he was watching Dr nanjo on TV, when the prophet started binding evil activities, the armed robbers run away without any harm. This is the man to watch for deliverance from wicked forces.

The man to watch in this season of apostasy, uncertainty, discouragement, shortage, disappointments and satanic resistance is god’s prophet, Dr James nanjo. god is using him and the Restoration Chapel Congregation to add value to people’s lives. Meet him at Restoration Chapel international for the Sunday life changing services.


God of my breakthrough, I worship you with all my heart in Jesus mighty name.

I pray and declare that I am a miracle about to happen in my world in Jesus precious name.

In the name of King Jesus, I turn my breakdowns into breakthroughs.

I make a choice in the name of Jesus Christ to breakthrough on every side of life.

I pray and release the judgement of God over anything responsible for my breakdowns.

I release the favour of God over my life and destiny, in Jesus mighty name.

I decree and declare that my times and seasons of divine increase are now.

I decree and declare that my eyes will ever be open to the blessing of God for me.

By the blood of Jesus Christ, I release my life from unbroken circle of failure.

I pray and unlock the anointing of breakthrough to flow on every side of my life.


There are certain prayers that can stop the powers of darkness and release quick answers whiles you are still praying. Once you read and keep listening to this book and CD’S, BY Dr nanjo, you will start operating in supernatural authority for total deliverance that brings sure victory over demonic opposition.


winning FAMILY

WEAVING QUALITY TIME INTO YOUR FAMILY By Lady Antonina Nanjo There are some simple things you can do to find balance and spend time with your family. 1. Go for a walk in the park. Play football in the garden. Head to the leisure centre for a swim. A little exercise together is good for us all! 2. Read a devotion or a Bible story together. Act it out or sing some songs together to make it more fun. 3. We all have to eat, so time your day to have one meal together every day or some days in the week. Whether you go out, eat cereal, or cook a three course meal, breaking bread together is an essential part of healthy family life.


ur perspective on our family life should place our children at the top of our priorities. We get consumed by the 4. Turn off all of your gadgets and take turns daily pressures of life making it difficult to enjoy our choosing what to play. Play a board game, families. Our children are a precious gift from God paint a picture, or build a model. that we only have for a short time under our roof, so we must take advantage of every moment. It 5. Do everyday things together—plant flowers, is essential to our children’s hearts that they feel run errands, do the house chores together. loved and secure in a strong family unit. One of It’s better than doing it alone. the ways of doing that is by spending quality time 6. Teach your children to pray heartfelt prayers together as a family. by asking about their concerns and praying In our home, quality time has been woven into with them. our family since its beginning (without children!) Doing something all together as a family is on 7. Find a few minutes for each child everyday so they know they matter to you. our weekly agenda. Making memories, laughing, and forgetting our cares binds us together. I also make an effort to spend quality time with each of my children every day, whether it is through talking about a book or playing with trains. Despite my husband’s very busy schedule, he is very direct in making each of our children feel special by giving them each individual attention. It is hard work for busy parents to show love in this way, but vital to family life.

As a parent, God expects us to be growing and learning to better equip our children for the future. Position yourself for change by reading parenting books, taking your family to church every week, and learning from other godly parents ahead of you in knowledge and experience. Treasure this time with your children and sow seeds of love into their hearts every day. 66


Signs of a Great Leader

By Michael Lee

When we think of successful leaders, we often think of people like Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi, people who have made a difference in the lives of millions.

the church helping more people than any other, a force in the community, or the happiest, most grounded family unit. Passion to be the biggest, the best is a powerful motivator. Ask yourself what you most want to achieve in your life and the life Whether it’s a leadership of millions, thousands, of others. Then guide your group to creating even hundreds, or just a few dozen, there are certain more motivation. Keep in mind the words of Ralph attributes of a leader that shine through. Though Waldo Emerson who said, “Nothing great is ever some may assume that great leaders are born and achieved without passion.” not made, we know that’s not true. With the right motives, training, hard work and persistence you 2. Vision: too can be a great leader. It doesn’t matter if your It can be a vision of what you want your company desire is to be the leader of a large company, a to achieve, what difference you want to make in new church or your own little family - the attributes your community or the vision you have for your are the same. children and their future. Write down your vision, flesh it out and know precisely what that vision 1. Desire: entails. Know how you’ll get from Point A to Point First and foremost is your desire to lead. Leadership B. You can’t make a plan without a detailed vision takes a great deal of work, so what motivates you? of what you hope to achieve. To continued in The prime motivator is usually passion. Passion to the next issue. be the best company, the fastest growing company;



what iS the LOCaL ChurCh


he local Church is the communion of believers gathering together to fulfill god’s purpose for a particular area of vision in the Body of Christ.

The Local Church is seen as a spiritual home like a family where our character and life styles are shaped by the word of god to help us serve god in spirit and in truth. it is also a place of belonging where one can feel at home to share their heart with other like-minded believers without the fear of being criticized or forsaken.

It consists of believers in a locality – like a town, city or rural area (Acts 13:1, Romans 16:1, Revelation 2:1-3, 22, Colossians 4:16, I Corinthians 1:2, 16:19).

“Every Local Church has an assignment and purpose for which they exist’’.

These scriptures are biblical examples of the Local Church in bible days. The Local Church is also a family of god through which we put our commitment in the Lord into practice. it is common knowledge that all humans are classified into family units. That means everybody must belong to a family to function well on the earth.

Though you belong to the universal church, you should understand that you do not belong to every Local Church. Every Local Church has an assignment and purpose for which they exist. god is the master builder and He gives portions of different areas of His kingdom to different Local Churches to build. To be continued



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and now is the only time that our generation has to transform lives by the word of god.

now that god has connected us, i want to ask you personally to prayerfully consider whether you are able to become a part of the 5,000 Miracle Partners with a monthly commitment of ÂŁ30 or more to help us continue to take the anointing of Total Restoration and Total Life to all mankind.

i have prayerfully placed this book in your hands to help you achieve multiple financial breakthroughs in every area of your life. Your faithful monthly gift of ÂŁ30 or more will be appreciated, celebrated and treasured today.

Broken lives are healed and broken dreams are restored every day thanks to faithful donations to To become a partner today log on to www. the work of god. Truly god is blessing our assignment in unprecedented ways, but at the same time the needs of people all over the world are growing,

Thank you. 9



iS SKin deeP


good marriage is not based on physical appearance. if it were, marriages that are 30 years old and over, if based on physical appearance, would prefer to remarry to a younger person every 10 years. Differences in physical appearances are based on race, genetics, and environment. Physical appearance can change. Moreover, different people have different genetic makeups that allows them to look a certain way. This could range from skin colour, hair type and colour, height, weight, scars, marks, and body shapes. The human body goes through different processes of changes, and so, no one is guaranteed of having the same looks forever.

Extract from

10 MAJOR MISTAKES SINGLES MAKE BEFORE MARRIAGE. To obtain a copy of this book please visit:


Aging also refers to changes on the human body, which could affect dress sense in many ways but aging does not have any negative connotation on a beautiful character. Our physical appearance are not who we are. Our physical appearance does not define us. when two people fall in love and want to get married, it is true that there will be some level of physical attraction. This kind of attraction should not be the foundation for getting married. Marriage needs to be between two people who love each other.

“Marriage needs to be between two people who love each other.� They need to be able to develop a friendship. Marriage is based on commitment and the ability to remain faithful to each other for a lifetime. This means that when you choose to marry someone, as we have discussed in the previous chapter, it must be based on something that will last. Looks are also temporary; the same way money is temporary. we cannot base our choice to marry on looks.

10 10


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Join the revolution that is sweeping the world today. The Internet TV’s congregation is bigger than anything you could ever imagine and you can access it from the comfort of your home, or anywhere that’s convenient to you. For your free subscription, log onto: 11


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a new SeaSOn iS here fOr the ChurCh: PART 1


t is the dawning of a new day and a brand new season has come to the body of Christ worldwide. god is presenting a new syllabus to a new generation of believers facing a deferent kind of challenge. A new wind of change is blowing and it will only get the attention of those whose heart is only after god. This is a season for the remnants of god’s house. The season will draw a line between those who are after god and those who are chasing after the things of this world. The following are some of the prevailing signs that will show in the life of any child of god in this new season of blessings.

that everybody belongs somewhere and not every place. This new season requires every child of god to know the land where they belong. And I will bring you to the land I swore with uplifted hand to give to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob. I will give it to you as a possession. I am the LORD. Exodus 6:8.

From genesis 15 god promised Father Abraham a land for his seed israel the same was re-echoed to Moses in his encounters with the Lord. The Land can also be symbolic of the local church. i believe in this new season that every believer must identify and be committed to the local church where god has established for you. There are certain blessings Know your land that can only be found in certain lands just as there in this new season, it is important to locate the are some plants that only grow in some places. land where you belong. it is common knowledge 14

A New Season Is Here For The Church

Happiness is not in every church. Some churches are known for prayer, care, teaching, warfare or deliverance. The question is what are looking for in a church? it is also important to help you know that every church has what i call the redemptive anointing. it is the unique anointing upon a church that makes the difference from others. The redemptive anointing is the power and the grace god places upon a ministry to redeem and build people in Christ. The family you come from and the level of satanic opposition against your life can determine which land you must belong. if you also want to serve god beyond deliverance service, teaching of the word, prayer warfare or friendly sensitive atmosphere, the redemptive anointing of the church matters. The church is also like the twelve tribes of israel. Every tribe was blessed with specific land and peculiar blessings. That means the blessings of the tribe of Asher is not the major blessings for the tribe of Judah. Read genesis 49 about the blessings that came upon the twelve tribes. Some believers go to church because of music, social class, race and much more. You must check your motives to know why you go to that Church and not the other one. when you find the land where you must belong the following signs will be seen.

You may not have all this happening at a time in your life, but there will always be signs that you are on your way to having all these qualities of being in the land ordained for your spiritual development. when you come to Restoration Chapel, we don’t only teach you the word of god. we also train you to develop and pray with you to grow in Christ. The redemptive anointing upon the church is total restoration for total life. i believe the message of restoration is the greatest cry of all humanity. Come and visit us in any of our services anytime you have the chance. To be continued in the next issue.

• You will grow in the spirit • You will focus on both here and here after • You will grow in your soul • You will hate sin • You will be born again • Your family will be strengthened • Your children will learn of the Lord • You will have divine protection • You will be an extension of the saving power of Jesus • You will be anointed • You will be prayerful • You will be a giver • You will be convicted always by the preaching and teaching of the word 15

This article is based on the book: A NEW SEASON IS HERE FOR YOU, to obtain a copy of this book please visit:

Kingdom Finance

Prosperity is Yours DR JAMES NANJO

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 2


plan for you is total prosperity on every side of your life. Total prosperity is a proof that God is on your side and that His word is making a difference in your life to establish you in His will. The present financial crisis that has struck the world is an agenda of Satan to shift the attention of the church from what God has already made us. You are bigger than prosperity and that is why prosperity has no choice than to come to you and serve your interests on the earth. I see prosperity coming with speed into your life to serve your purpose in life.

You have to believe that God’s abundant blessing is designed with your name on it. Believe that God’s

Holiness for prosperity

n 3 John 2, it is clear that God wants all of His children to prosper in every ways. Financial prosperity is God’s desire for you in this season of global economic crisis. Poverty is a destroyer of destiny, but financial prosperity is designed in God’s way to break financial hardships. You may not have all the money and resources you need to make life easy, but following God’s way of prosperity will help you escape the clutches of poverty and scarcity in this world.

One of the timeless secrets for lasting prosperity 16

Prosperity is Yours

in times of financial famine is holiness unto God. The devil’s agenda is to use lack and financial insufficiency to drag the church from the position of living right for God to living astray from His will. Satan has an agenda to see you run everywhere in search of money at the expense of your faith in Christ. Reading the story of King Solomon in the bible, I noticed that though He was prosperous, God was not happy with him because he did not pass the test of holiness unto God. Women came into his life because of his money and not because of his God. Solomon was soon corrupted by his God-giving wealth because the women turned his heart away from God unto strange devils. To long for prosperity and not desire to live a pure and sanctified life will financially make you a victim of poverty, scarcity and shortage. When purity is not your key to plenty, God will soon withdraw His hand from your life and the money you have will only be used to destroy you. Solomon’s wealth was void of the spirit of holiness unto God. In your search of financial freedom, I pray that your heart will not turn away from God.

lifetime. Your significance in life is not in how much money you have, but in how you love God and give to His work in humility and thanksgiving with a pure heart. Your tithing and other offerings is a sign that you are ready for God’s kind of prosperity. It is my prayer that, as you walk into your season of unlimited abundance, your heart will not turn away from God.

When you wake up in the morning don’t allow money to make your profession or your salarybased job the first thing that takes hold of your life. Always put God first from morning to evening and in everything. I have observed that people do not give out what they so much love. Always remember that there is nothing you should love so much beyond your love for God. I pray for you that greed will not deny you a prosperous future by refusing to give to God. Always stay blessed in His ever-increasing love that provokes unlimited access into financial abundance. When you increase your love for God and also walk in total consecration, you will soon see yourself soaring on eagle wings for all round A wise man said, “Your life doesn’t consist in the abundance. abundance of things that you possess, but in your heart and longing for God.” Love for the things of Speak the blessing of life this world has left many children of God outside Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and the gates of prosperity. Love God with your money, those who love it will eat its fruit. Proverbs 18:21 love God with your life and He will make you a master over things regarding your prosperity. Prosperity is yours, but it is not so automatic that

Increase your Love for God But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good. 2 Timothy 3:2 2 Timothy 3:2-9 teaches that in the last days there shall be lovers of money. The trick of the devil in times of financial problems is to deceive Christians to love money more than God. Anywhere you find the love of money, their love of everything that is not godly is there. Another timeless secret for financial elevation is to love God more than anything in your

you will see it manifest in your life. Another timeless secret of manifesting prosperity in financial drought is in your ability to speak the blessing of life into your finances. Your mouth is a mystery miracle bank and the words that you speak can determine how much you receive or loose. Being financially blessed must not be left to the systems that fail here on earth; rather, you must log into the system of God’s economy that never fails by the power of your words. Whenever you open your mouth to speak the blessings of life over your finances, you activate heaven’s financial reservoir to work for you and manifest into the natural.



What does the Bible say

about being overweight?

Dr. Taffy Anderson


hat does God think a b o u t us being

responsibilities. Taking care of our physical bodies is a part of fulfilling God’s will as it pertains to us. Our response to God should be to obey Him in completing the tasks overweight and obese? In Jesus’ He gives us, and to approach time, women were in charge these tasks with reverence and of daily chores. This included deference to His will. fetching water, gathering and preparing food. To accomplish Though the Bible may not directly these tasks, they may have had mention being overweight, it does to walk several miles per day. address the importance of caring Since fulfilling their duties involved for our bodies. The Apostle Paul strenuous exercise, obesity was addressed the Corinthian church probably not a major problem for concerning the reverence they should have for their bodies them. because they belonged to God. He asked them, “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?” (1 Corinthians 6:19). Here Paul was talking to a group of believers who were recently saved but were still sleeping with temple Today, women also play many prostitutes, which was a pagan roles in life. We are Christians religious custom of that day. He who love the Lord and serve tells them they should flee such Him in various capacities; we sexual immorality because it is a are wives, mothers, and career sin against God. women. Since God has entrusted us with many gifts and talents, it Paul had to remind the Corinthians stands to reason that He wants that they now belonged to us to live healthy lives so we can Christ and should not defile their effectively carry out our duties and bodies by uniting themselves with prostitutes. He continued


to correct them by saying, “You are not your own you were bought with a price. Therefore honor God with your body” (1 Corinthians 6:19,20). The man of God explained to them that whoever slept with a prostitute was, in effect, also uniting Christ with a prostitute. What a horrible, degrading thought! But he needed to make them understand the spiritual reality that was taking place when they indulged their bodies in sin. If we follow Paul’s teaching, we can conclude that God does care what we do with our bodies. We, too, should flee sexual immorality because we are not our own. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we must honor God because we belong to Him. With regard to obesity and being overweight, this means we should stay as healthy as we can by eating the right foods in the proper portions, exercising regularly, and keeping our stress levels down. These practices are a good routine that will enable us to live healthier lives for the time God has given us on earth to carry out His will.


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fter prayerfully reading John g. Lake’s book in 1995, Dr James O.nanjo received a prophetic word to join the book publishing revolution of the Spirit and spread the word to a new generation. in 1999 he wrote his first book entitled Breakthrough Prayers, followed by Prayer Revolution and The Dynamics of Moral integrity. Dr nanjo’s ministry has now published over 35 books and preached almost 1000 messages with many new books coming out every month.

testimonies have since followed. A woman from Manchester UK, testified about how she listened to the ‘Receive Your Deliverance’ and was delivered from demonic attacks. Another woman testified that she became pregnant after reading Breakthrough Prayers. Several testimonies have also emerged from people whose lives have been changed by reading and practising the financial revelations explained in the bestselling book The Economic Messiah. Dr nanjo is now pursuing his vision of creating a wiSDOM BAnK of information and revelation that will continue to provoke revolution in the body of Christ and the world at large. we invite you to join this revolution of the remnant voice of a prophet sent by god for global impact.

The wisdom of god has also enabled him to create products and research materials for Christians and everyone. These products cover topics such as Christian life and being single, leadership, personal development, prayer, family, spiritual warfare, total Our books, audio messages and the packs are prosperity, kingdom economy and church life. now touching the nations to the glory of god. At the 2010 Morris Cerullo European Conference Change your life now by ordering these products at London’s Earl’s Court, his ministry product online through Amazon, the ministry website and stand attracted a lot of attention and many positive all bookshops. 20


Apostle nanjo has impacted my life personally, spiritually and mentally. He has encouraged me as a Pastor and also as a presiding prelate of the Kingdom


Life Fellowship international inC. Please know that,

Over the last 20 years, Dr James O. nanjo has travelled

the words that the he speaks are truth and they come

crusades, revivals and local congregations. Dr nanjo’s

his ministry both abroad and within the U.S.A.

extensively speaking and ministering in village missions,

from god. we have seen miracles taken place through

passion is to serve local churches by establishing, Bishop Harris Clark K.L.F.I.I (Senior Presiding Bishop) equipping and rooting its members for ministry work. Starr South Carolina, U.S.A His travelling ministry centres on prayer, word, prophetic directions, biblical miracles church building, personal developemet and kingdom economy.





LEADERS WHO HAVE BEEN BLESSED BY HIS DYNAMIC MINISTRY Prophet nanjo spoke life to my Church and it began to thrive. we saw firsthand miracles of legs growing out, kidneys being functioning after five years, deaf ears and blind eyes opened. in this day and time everyone needs to see this first hand. Pastor Roger D. Eiland Prayer Tower C.O.G.I.C Grand Praire Texas, U.S.


THE MAN OF GOD IS COMING TO YOUR CITY SOON Dr nanjo is available for itinerant ministry in local churches, revivals and conventions. if you are interested in having him minister in your church, ministries please email to: drnanjo@ or info@restorationchapel. com and we will be pleased to discuss the matter further.

Books from RESTORTATION PUBLISHING Dr Nanjo’s Books are reaching many nations and transforming lives to the glory of God. He has authored over 35 inspirational books covering different aspect of life.


mations in this book will enrich your desires come to you in multiple ways. It is time nd start attracting unusual prosperity. In mes O. Nanjo will take you through thirtyity prayer and affirmation to enrich your word for total prosperity. This book is a o magnetise you to big money, riches and

10 Major Blessings is a promise for 2010 and beyond. In this amazing book, which will be your first step on the road to major blessings, Dr Nanjo examines the factors that lead to blessings. He looks at 10 Major Blessings that will make you everything you were created to be. Reading these prophetic pages will give you the divine understanding that you are a huge part of the solution to all the limitations you have experienced in life. The release of the 10 Major Blessings is in large part going to be a function of how willing you are to follow the principles in this book. Dr Nanjo says this is God’s action plan for every blessing you need in 2010 and beyond. By the time you are done reading this book, you will not just be challenged but you shall emerge as a carrier of uncommon blessings.

mes O. Nanjo is the pastor of Restoration el International in London, England. His me apostolic priesthood style of ministry ought healing and deliverance to multitudes ople around the world. His weekly TV ndreds of millions of people around the ing of salvation, healing and deliverance to watch him online on the 24/7 Restoration at PROSPERITY/PRAYER

Dr James O Nanjo is the pastor of Restoration Chapel International in London, England. His end-time apostolic priesthood style of ministry has brought healing and deliverance to multitudes of people around the world. His weekly TV ministry reaches hundreds of millions of people around the world with the teaching of salvation, healing and deliverance to the hurting. You can watch him online on the 24/7 Restoration Television Network at inspirational/prayer

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u power to get wealth, you receive unlimited access bundance. The working power in the covenant is or you when you give to God. Moreover, God’s al abundance is the currency machine of His The more you serve God in your praise, giving re you provoke the timeless secret of the covenant or you to bring increase to you. This mini book ith for victory in these changing and challenging omic crisis.

When you look around the world, you will see that it is occupied by many people bound with lack, shortage and scarcity. You will observe that poverty and financial insufficiency have power to humiliate anybody regardless of gender, race or educational background. You will also discover that the wealthy have more money to buy their dream cars, live in the houses they want and live the lifestyle of abundance that money can buy. It is common knowledge that financial hardship has denied several thousands of people from achieving their life’s dreams.

Dr James O Nanjo is the pastor of Restoration Chapel International in London, England. His end-time apostolic priesthood style of ministry has brought healing and deliverance to multitudes of people around the world. His weekly TV ministry reaches hundreds of millions of people around the hing of salvation, healing and deliverance to the tch him online on the 24/7 Restoration Television

In this destiny moulding book, Dr James O. Nanjo will help you discover the prosperity driven keys to usher you into lasting wealth. This book will establish and reinforce your prosperity consciousness, and increase your financial dominion. Dr James O. Nanjo is the pastor of Restoration Chapel International in London, England. His end-time apostolic priesthood style of ministry has brought healing and deliverance to multitudes of people around the world. His weekly TV ministry reaches hundreds of million homes around the world with the teaching of salvation, healing and deliverance to the hurting. You can watch him online on the 24/7 Restoration Television Network at



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VENUE: ODEOn Surrey Quays, Redriff Road, Surrey Quays, London SE16 7LL


TRANSPORTATION: TRAin: DLR TUBE: Jubilee Line to Canada waters

VENUE: BiLT MAnSiOnS 4-16 DEPTFORD BRiDgE LOnDOn SE8 4HH TRAnSPORTATiOn: TRAin:DLR TUBE: Jubilee Line to Canada waters BUSES: 53, 177, 453

BUSES: 53, 177, 453

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