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OMS creates innovation history at Light+Building 2012




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Barrisol速 Lumi竪re速 Acoustics速 by Zaha Hadid 2

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These exceptional projects have one thing in common

Barrisol® Acoustics® Queen Mary University London arch. : Alessandra Foderaro

Barrisol® Lumière Color® O2 Arena Lounge London arch. : Populous Architects







Barrisol® 3D TATE Britain Gallery London design : Kit Grover

Barrisol® Print Cool Britanica London arch. : Wren Architecture

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inside 09 Comment Editor, Gill Anderson looks at events affecting the industry FOCUS ON NEWS

11 Floodlight News and appointments together with a handy events diary FOCUS ON PEOPLE

13 Q&A – Crystal palaces Designer, Nick Mailer steps under the spotlight

16 Opinion: The best

33 21


route to market?

Paul Coggins on Thorn’s ‘State of the Nation’ research

82 The last word –

Electric wonderland Sally Storey looks at lighting the garden - tastefully



19 News 21 The energy debate:

Rethinking the future Is it time to shift the focus onto lighting?

24 An Italian passion The new Light Village outside Treviso

29 Eastern promise LED Expo and OLED Expo are on this month’s travel plan

33 Project – Kaiser Chiefs predict a riot

Lighting the indie rock band’s latest tour with LEDs FOCUS ON COMMERCIAL LIGHTING

41 News 43 All rights reserved The difficulty of enforcing copyright

46 Supermarket sweep Sainsbury’s chiller cabinets get the green light with LED upgrades

49 Art life Lighting that does more than just illuminate the subject

54 Project –

Lighting Lisbon Lightmotif Arquitectura and Hess AG light the Praça do Comércio


61 News 64 A light on the ocean wave

From cruise ships to super yachts – sailing into the light

69 Project – If you go down to the woods today... Phil Supple’s winter of electric forests

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Proud recipients of the Queens Award for Enterprise in International Trade 2012

Frankfurt am Main 15-20.4.2012 Hall 4.2 D50 Frankfurt am Main 15-20.4.2012 Hall 4.2 D50

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Bringing light to life

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Have you noticed

just how much news there is on the theatrical front these days – not so much who’s been cast in the role of Merlin, or who’re the latest Oscar nominees, but who’s lit the stage for Aerosmith’s latest tour, which fittings are top of the bill at the Royal Opera House, and who’s been nominated for the fifth Knight of Illumination award? (Well, what did you expect? You’re reading TL, not Hello, after all.)



Gill Anderson Design/production

Heather Rugeley Production co-ordinator

An Truong Web development manager

Mitchell Finlay Advertising manager

Andrew Stratton Financial director

Stephen Jones Commercial director

Scott English Managing director

Jay Boisvert

Well we have noticed, and it’s obviously a growing area for the industry and not one TL wants to ignore. So we’ve decided to include a regular section on event lighting. It’s very tempting to call it the Luvvies, but I suppose decorum should prevail, so from next month, look out for the new event lighting section in the magazine. Assuming everyone’s made it safely back from Frankfurt and hasn’t yet dashed off for a well-earned couple of weeks in the sun, it’s time to have a look at the month ahead. In this issue, we’ve tackled the thorny issue of copyright – a problem that most, if not all lighting designers have suffered from at some stage in their career, particularly with the growth in manufacturing in the Far East. The frustration of months and months of painstaking R&D, sourcing the perfect materials and manufacturing a quality product, only to see a cheap, badly made, and occasionally downright dangerous copy appear days after a product launch must be galling indeed. So can it be stopped, or at least curbed? Or is it better to work with the perpetrators for the benefit of both? We’ve also had a look at the interaction between lighting and art. Some of this year’s lighting installations are so incredibly exciting, we believe the distinction between the two disciplines is blurring. Whether it’s a forest or a city centre building, the public is being treated to some wonderfully artistic work. Finally, we’ve got into summer holiday mode a few weeks ahead of schedule (must be all this rain) with a feature on lighting ships – not those container-carrying monstrosities that bring to our shores everything our consumer-driven society desires, but the more genteel cruise ships. The level of elegance, luxury and class not often found on dry land needs specialist lighting treatments, so who does it, and what does it take to make it work? Gill Anderson Editor

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May 2012

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Focus on news


It’s a date...

Quicklight welcomes compliance report


As any lighting professional knows, you never have a light meter when you want one. You can now download a free Whitegoods Light Meter App by visiting the App Store and searching for Whitegoods. Designed by the helpful people at Whitegoods, this cool-looking light meter App is simple to use and extremely intuitive. The App can be set to display results as Lux or Foot-candles, depending on user preference. There is a timer function for those hard to reach spots where you can›t see the display, but you need a reading.

Quicklight is providing its customers with even more thorough electrical testing as a result of implementing the new Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), introduced by the IET on 1 January this year. Whether customers need a routine five-year inspection, or are considering altering or adding to electrical installations, the new EICR provides the most comprehensive evaluation of electrical conditions to date. Alastair Galbraith, technical director at Quicklight welcomes the new report. ‘The EICR, which replaced the Periodic Inspection Report, gives customers more information by making clear the failures or defects that need urgent remedial action, he explained. ‘Even though there was no requirement to use the new report straight away, our engineers have been using it since January, so that our customers comply with the new regulation.’


Lightfair International 9-11 May 2012 Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 9–12 June 2012 Guangzhou, China

EuroLED 13-14 June 2012 NEC, Birmingham

Plasa 2012 9-12 September 2012 Earls Court, London

In May 2011, four apprentices joined entertainment lighting specialist, White Light. All four joined on a two-year term as part of White Light’s The Professional Lighting Summit involvement with the National Skills Academy for Creative and 3-4 October 2012 Cultural Industries. The Grand Hotel, Brighton Natalie Brotherton, Gabrielle Felix-Daramy, Daniel Goodwin and Danielle Morris all took the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience in the the-professional-lightingworld of entertainment lighting. Starting with the basics, the apprentices summit-2012/ have been learning the ‘nuts and bolts’ of entertainment lighting. The plan, in time, is for them to work in every area of the company’s warehouse, Light India 2012 helping to prepare equipment for the more than three thousand projects 5-8 October 2012 White Light is involved with each year while learning from the company’s Pragati Madian, New Delhi highly experienced staff. All four have helped prepare shows, assisted with setting up the expansive White Light Zone at PLASA 2011, worked with the technical service team at London’s South Hong Kong International Bank Centre and have headed out to work on shows Lighting Fair 27-30 October 2012 including Love Never Dies and Dirty Dancing. To find Convention and Exhibition ‘White Light is a friendly place to work,’ says Daniel all the latest Centre, Hong Kong Goodwin. ‘I am allowed to make a mistake but then news and I learn from it. In some cases I already knew how to diary dates, visit do things, but now I know why I am doing them.’

Global switch on

TL magazine online

The global lighting industry has announced the formation of the Global Lighting Association (GLA). Billed as the voice of the lighting industry on a global basis, the Association represents more than 5,000 lighting manufacturers. The primary mission of the GLA is to share information, within the limits of competition law, on political, scientific, business, social and environmental issues of relevance to the lighting industry and to develop, implement and publish the position of the global lighting industry to relevant stakeholders in the international sphere. Originally founded in 2007 as the Global Lighting Forum, the GLA represents the same members—but with a renewed focus and a commitment to being active and influential participants in shaping how the world is illuminated. Jan Denneman, GLA President, stated: ‘The rejuvenation of the Global Lighting Association comes at a time when the lighting industry is undergoing massive transformation towards LEDs. This new technology provides tremendous new opportunities, and our mission is to promote the use of sustainable, energy efficient lighting solutions. We support a quick and smooth uptake of LEDs which will be beneficial for the industry, its customers, the consumers, and also the planet.’

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Product: LD151

L i g h t i n g

S o l u t i o n s

Lighting Design: Brilliant Lighting Project: Private Residence

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k u .

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Architectural and Display Lighting

30 years of design and manufacturing in the UK 1

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Focus on people


Crystal palaces This month, TL caught up with a lighting designer who’s passion for his craft shines through. Nick Mailer specialises in elegant and stunning crystal chandeliers Where did your interest start. Can you pin it down to a specific event or have you always been fascinated by light? I was very involved in drama studies and photography at school. I remember visiting the Roundhouse and being given a demonstration of theatre lighting. I can still visualise the wonderful colours and effects the lighting designers created, turning flat grey scenes into dramatic backdrops at the flick of a switch. How did you get started? I left school at 17 and worked for NCR Computers as a trainee programmer. It really wasn’t me at all. In those days the computer, which was the size of a bus, needed to be in an air-conditioned, hermetically sealed room I felt like I was in prison. The company was kind enough to transfer me to the sales team, which I really enjoyed. I love meeting people. Following a chance meeting, I left and joined a furniture retailer - World of Leather. They had four stores then. After running a store for a year, they promoted me to product and sales manager. It was a great role, I was responsible for store openings and in-store layout and displays, which gave me a great insight into retail lighting. We would exhibit at the Ideal Home Exhibition. In those days it was spread over a whole month, 10am till 8pm (anyone who finds a five-day trade show tiring should try it!). I worked for two of the nicest people for 15 years, seeing the company grow to 40 stores and a public listing.

lighting. I was ready for a new challenge and joined this amazing company and global brand leader.

What are your favourite projects to date? I really like being involved from an early stage, be it a new build or a renovation. It’s great to give interior designers new ideas to add the right amount of glamour to a project without taking anything away from other elements of the interior. To walk through an almost derelict building, and then return to dress the chandeliers as the crowning glory of the project takes some beating. I also love the challenges of supplying crystal lighting and fibre optic systems to yacht designers. We’ve worked on fantastic private and commercial vessels.

You seem to have a particular affinity with crystal and chandeliers. How did the link with Swarovski come about? My wife worked for Swarovski UK as PA to its French sales director. This was the fashion side, supplying crystal components to the fashion industry. It really was just like Absolutely Fabulous, an office full of beautifully dressed models, crazy deadlines and yes, the odd bottle of ‘Bolli’ The office had been given the responsibility to sell Swarovski’s new

May 2012

13_15-1.Q& 13


26/04/2012 16:34

Focus on people

‘To walk through an almost derelict building, and then return to dress the chandeliers as the crowning glory of the project takes some beating’ …The most prestigious? It was a real privilege to work on the Coda restaurant at The Royal Albert Hall. As a listed building, a World Heritage site, and one of my favourite buildings to be able to walk by and see the wonderful Balance chandeliers from Windfall glowing on a cold winter night is a great feeling. ... And what do you wish you’d worked on? Shortly after I joined Swarovski, it was proposed to clad a major London landmark building beside the Thames in crystal panels. We had just completed a Rhine cruise ship with them. Sadly, planning constraints and worries over aircraft approaching Heathrow being blinded by reflected sunlight meant plans were abandoned. Who, or what inspires you? On a professional level, I’m so lucky to work with creative people who, often working under great pressure, can produce designs and products and that will change people’s lives for many years to come. A few years ago, Swarovski acquired the American chandelier company, Schonbek. I spent some time with Andrew Schonbek, the great-grandson of the founder. His insight and understanding of the complex process of designing and building chandeliers was wonderful. The factory entrance is lined with patent certificates. One details the bow tie connector - a simple device that ensures each crystal sits correctly, maximising its exposure to the light source. Small things that we use everyday - rather like the safety pin - someone had the idea, maybe in the middle of the night, and their idea is used daily, without much thought for the design process. Again it comes back to people, I am so lucky that almost every day I am meeting talented individuals of all ages who are truly committed to delivering a well-engineered beautiful product. The LED – saviour of the 21st Century or a monstrosity? The LED clearly has its place, and technology is moving quickly to improve the quality of this light source. For sure though, the incandescent lamp does generate a light quality that, in my opinion, for decorative purposes is hard to beat. I am working with a wonderful German company called Occhio. Its modular lighting system means you can select a fitting design, then choose which light source is right for a certain area of a project - metal halide, low voltage, high voltage or LED - but keep the same look throughout a scheme. Its LED chip is easily removable, so as technology moves forward in years to come, so the fitting can be updated true sustainability.


What about the emphasis put on LEDs by the client? Do you have to convince them to use alternative light sources or are you happy to go along with whatever they want? Each individual has a preference, sees things in their own way. I am a great believer in demonstrating products to clients - preferably in the room where the fitting will be used. A client may want an LED because it’s the buzzword in the industry, but when they actually experience all the options, it may change their opinion. Crystal illuminated by a gentle warm lamp transmits a really emotional mood. I love blending fibre optic starry skies with chandeliers suspended beneath them with very low light levels, creating an effect of real depth - sometimes within quite confined spaces. What do you feel is the most important element of a design for a domestic interior, and is that the same for a commercial job? Again, I’m privileged to work with some very good lighting design practices. I think in some ways it is much more challenging to work on a domestic project rather than a large commercial scheme, where fixed criteria relating to light levels and quality need to be met. The more emotional discipline of listening to, and understanding the domestic client, translating their brief and delivering their wishes for their home is what the best people do. I must admit that sometimes you feel that a designer has simply tried to cram in as much technology as possible, which in my experience is often never used. What innovations excite you? Having just spent a week at Light+building, I must say that it is great to see young designers working with traditional materials and modern technology in a balanced way. I met a lovely couple from Spain, who are working with blown glass and LEDs to produce some great decorative fittings. I saw a lot of strong, vibrant colours inspired by nature; LED behind glass seems to work better than with crystal. What are you currently working on? With Occhio, we have just delivered the first fittings for the ground floor Rooms of Luxury at Harrods. The project called for a metal halide fitting to direct diffused light towards the (listed) ceiling and also from the other side to direct light onto the display counters. The fitting had to sit at the end of a delicate one-metre chrome rod. We have also been very involved with the mansion purchased by Tamara Ecclestone in Knightsbridge. It is very unusual to have a £50m house with a 27-year-old owner! Her designer has had the vision to incorporate some stunning ideas from a wide range of Swarovski elements, which I’m sure will feature in the press later this year. What’s the future for the UK lighting industry? As with many other fields, I think we are the best innovators in the world. We can’t compete with mass production of cheap products, but bespoke high quality items with a Made in Britain stamp are much sought after around the world. The rejuvenation of the May 2012

13_15-1.Q& 14

26/04/2012 16:34

Focus on people

car and motorcycle industries is a model the industry should follow. Perhaps a foreign investor with British expertise is the way to go. But at the heart of it must be true integrity of design and production.

If you had to change career now, what would you like to do? It would be great to work in the countryside - we live near the South Downs, which has just been designated a national park. I love cycling, so maybe a countryside ranger would be good. Where do you hope to be in 10 years’ time? I’m 52, and I must say travelling - especially in heavy London traffic - becomes more and more tedious. My best days are an early start, a lovely drive with the car full of samples to a great new project. I would really like to convert an old barn to a wonderful lighting showroom, showing the very best chandeliers - both modern and traditional. Perhaps a mini-version of Swarovski’s Crystal Palace events, but on a permanent basis? If anyone has a spare million pounds, do get in touch! Who’s your favourite designer? This is a bit like choosing your favourite Desert Island Discs - mine change every month as something new comes along! I do respect the long-term contribution Terrance Conran made to design in the UK; I often use a William Morris quote that I read in one of Conran’s books: “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Finally, describe Nick Mailer, the person? What you think you are, and how people perceive you are often very different. Honesty and integrity really matter to me, I think this came from my mother. She worked through the war in a factory fitting radios in tanks (the only thing she was licensed to drive), then as a nurse after my father died suddenly when I was five. I never knew she worked nights, leaving when I was asleep. I would wake her, thinking she had been in all night, although she had arrived home at 5.30am. She was then busy all day cleaning and cooking. I think this has engendered a strong work ethic in me; you only get out of life what you put into it. I love face-to-face meetings; e-mail is great but you need to look into the eyes of a designer or client to really understand their feelings. It’s great to shake the hands of the craftsmen and women making the lighting we sell. Without them we have nothing. I like to show them the chandeliers in place - to me it completes the circle. So Munich on Monday, Edinburgh on Wednesday and London on Friday is a regular occurrence, but I think back to that clinical computer room - same walls, same screen everyday. No thanks! I’ve realised what a gap in my life not having a father made, since I became a father. My son is now 13, and we share so many interests. I can give more to my work because it is balanced with a happy home life.


May 2012

13_15-1.Q& 15


26/04/2012 16:34

Focus on people


The best route to market? Paul Coggins, managing director of Thorn Lighting UK and Ireland, discusses the shifts and challenges in the lighting market following its ‘State of the Nation’ research


t’s no great secret that the Internet is at the heart of some of the biggest changes in business operations today. From better communication to changes in the way businesses interact with their customers, and perhaps most crucially, how they buy their products. The online world is even revolutionising traditional industries, such as the lighting market. Yet, as the Internet opens up new opportunities for customers to source products direct from new markets, the shift does raise some questions about what this means for the industry in the UK. Thorn recently launched a ‘State of the Nation’ survey, which sought to give a voice to the industry on the current issues of concern.The UK-wide survey of 225 wholesalers, contractors and installers highlighted that more than 63 per cent of respondents now see the Internet as a vital sales channel to purchase lighting products. Notably, more than half were concerned by the quality of cheap imports, and the impact on product returns and the total cost of ownership. While price surfaces as an important consideration, customer satisfaction and quality of installation must be factored into the cost. The emphasis on price is likely to have stemmed from the recent recession, which forced the market to evolve in order to survive. Low cost procurement is a risky strategy; a cheap product isn’t so cheap if it requires three site visits and a replacement for the customer. The research also indicated that for contractors and installers, reliability is


most important when considering a product purchase, with 26 per cent of respondents offering this as their highest priority. This statistic is twinned with 57 per cent of wholesalers considering price as their most important factor. This highlights further conflict in the market, for wholesalers in particular. In an effort to remain competitive, wholesalers are likely to be concerned first and foremost with price, but as customers are more concerned with reliability, they are being squeezed from both sides, trying to balance the requirements and needs of both manufacturer and customer. For those operating in this market, short-term cash flow predictions are a priority, as businesses look to secure their long-term future. This is a noteworthy shift in buying priorities. Thorn’s research indicates that wholesalers and installers are also following sustainability trends as they become increasingly concerned with the environmental aspects of products. As contractors and installers look for greener alternatives, be that of their own agenda or a specific customer request, being able to supply these alternatives is crucial to long-term success.  There are also wider concerns of using the Internet to source products. Managing stock levels, logistics and the ability to plan customer installations all add an extra element of complexity to the process. In addition to the above, ‘State of the Nation’ provided a unique insight into the thoughts, perceptions and concerns of lighting customers. Contractors and installers expressed concerns regarding how they are perceived by the public as well as how they perceive themselves. 38 per cent of respondents see themselves as engineers or consultants, with 28 per cent believing that the general public sees them as qualified

tradesmen, a significant disparity. This is important for lighting manufacturers, as it means professionalism is a key factor for our customers, something that must be reflected in the way we do business and through our product ranges. Many online activities, including social media, leave customers feeling that the personal element is being lost, especially in terms of the relationship between supplier and customer. Wholesalers face a real challenge to make sure they engage with both the

‘Low cost procurement is a risky strategy; a cheap product isn’t so cheap if it requires three repeat site visits and a replacement for the customer’ new breed of online customer, while also continuing to service traditional buyers. Much has been made of social networking sites and how these channels allow wholesalers to communicate and sell products. Twitter and Facebook provide good examples, with many contractors signing up for updates from wholesalers and receiving special offers online. Moving forwards, it is becoming increasingly important for those in the industry to quantify the total cost of ownership associated with products, monitor buying patterns, trends and priorities, and as the market develops, evaluate how social media and the Internet changes the way in which the market operates and evolves.

Contact Thorn Lighting UK May 2012 16

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connect online with us at these sites: search for ‘auroralighting’

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Focus on energy efficient lighting

EVERLED are the proud sponsors of...

news NEW M25 i-Pix has launched the first in a new line of LED Pixel Matrix fixtures – the M25 - a super high powered 5 x 5 LED unit that delivers real punch with a dynamic daylight visible array of colours and multiple other features. The M25 is a true multitasking light source. It can be highly effectively used as a low-resolution video wall or become a powerful, map-able array of LEDs in a wash device that is capable of arena scale illumination. It utilises homo-genized 8 degree optics spaced at 150 mm centres, coupled to 25 super-bright 40 Watt RGB and daylight white light engines – ensuring that users get the most out of their pixels. All this and it is also flexible enough to be used as a very smooth wash light source with no hotspots. The product has been developed in response to the growing demand by creative, visual and scenic designers to be able to integrate easily map-able digital light sources into their work that can be programmed to produce spectacular effects.

Changing rooms

Custom LED service Harvard Engineering has expanded its custom LED design and placement service. It was launched in 2010 and has proved to be so successful with customers that the company has invested in new technology and equipment to meet the growing demand. Recent expansion to a purpose-built facility ensures Harvard can provide reliable, high volume LED placement by combining the most advanced automated manufacturing processes. As part of the service, the highly skilled engineering team of LED specialists will work closely with customers to deliver a bespoke PCB layout and design service. Every project will have a dedicated engineering development manager, who will be intrinsically involved from the start of each project through its completion. Michael McDonnell commented: ‘It is an exciting time for the company. We have always had the inhouse capabilities to provide this customised service, but we have never really actively marketed it. We have now put together an experienced team specifically focused on identifying opportunities, delivering solutions and meeting customer requirements.’

A POSITIVE PICTURE Cree, Inc. and The Noun Project jointly sponsored an Iconathon at the Cree campus in Durham to create universally recognizable symbols for LED lighting and other energyefficient technologies. ‘We’re continuing to raise people’s awareness of the LED

lighting revolution, bringing together leading creative minds to help us establish a symbol to represent LED lighting,’ said Ginny Skalski, social media specialist, Cree. ‘The world will no longer be forced to use the inefficient, old-school incandescent light bulb to represent bright ideas or the toxic, mercury-

filled CFL to represent efficient lighting.’ The event included presentations from Edward Boatman, co-founder and creative director of The Noun Project, and Paul Pickard, a lighting revolutionary and systems architect at Cree. During the half-day design workshop, attendees

helped craft the basis of a new symbol for LED lighting and other important energysaving technologies, including solar panels, weatherized homes and wind turbines. The final symbols will be added to the public domain and available for anyone to download for free at

The new RefLED SA111 lamp from Havells-Sylvania has helped create an energy saving, low maintenance and high performance lighting scheme for the changing room area of the All Saints store at Westfield, London. Supplied in warm white, the RefLED SA111 is designed to be a direct replacement for its halogen equivalent and features excellent thermal management making it the perfect LED replacement for retail applications. Established in 1994, All Saints is a British brand, which has over 70 stores in the UK and abroad. The Westfield store has recently undergone a refurbishment, which included a revamp for the changing areas. iQ Lighting perform lighting maintenance for All Saints and a key consideration for the project was to create a scheme that could meet the exacting demands required for a changing area as well as save energy and reduce maintenance. The Sylvania RefLED SA111 stood out as the perfect choice as Brian Brooke of iQ Lighting relates: ‘All Saints has always tended to use halogen lamps for its store lighting schemes but it wanted to try something different with the Westfield store. The company had heard the buzz around LEDs and was keen to try out the technology. By using the Sylvania RefLED SA111 All Saints has been able to get all the benefits of LED lamps without fundamentally changing its approach to lighting design. In fact, All Saints has had some great feedback already on the new scheme and are looking forward to many years of maintenancefree high-performance use. The payback period is going to be approximately 10 months, which is very impressive.’

May 2012 19


11/05/2012 17:02

Franklite LED solutions:      

Chandeliers Pendant Shades Downlights Standard & Table lamps Ceiling / Wall Fittings Interior & Exterior RGB

The decorative LED luminaire company • • T: 01908 691818 1

26/01/2012 12:10

EVERLED are the proud sponsors of...

Focus on energy efficient lighting

The energy debate: Re-thinking the future

It’s time for the energy-efficiency debate to focus on lighting - not lamps, suggests Simon Leggett, managing director of OCG Lighting


ecent news of the European Commission’s draft proposals to ban poor-performing halogens from 2013 has understandably been met with both caution and concern. Lighting designers and manufacturers are wary of the restrictions the ban will impose, but it’s the end user who is most likely to express their opposition. The legislation targets 12V MR16 lamps that are widespread in retail, commercial and residential applications. Business owners and retailers have already expressed alarm at the perceived cost burden of replacing these lamps during difficult economic times. The low-voltage halogen ban is being proposed under the same Ecodesign legislation that led to the phasing out of incandescent lamps. During that process, prices escalated as people stockpiled the outgoing bulbs in defiance of the legislation. With initial reaction to these latest proposals demonstrating that product banning remains deeply unpopular, perhaps Government should have taken the opportunity to learn more from that experience. I would argue that successful policy must go hand-in-hand with clear guidance for users, and better understanding of the benefits of new technology. It is vital that Government and industry work together to help consumers move away from the concept of lighting as a cheap, throwaway consumable and put the focus on the benefits of longer-term solutions. The way to achieve this is through proper communication around the overall value of product lifetime and reliability. Until these benefits are understood, we cannot expect consumers to accept mandatory change that will involve them paying up to ten times more per lamp. As long as the debate centres on individual lamps rather than lighting solutions,

we are likely to see continued opposition to energy-efficiency measures. LEDs are more expensive as an initial purchase, but it would be a mistake to try to produce LED lamps at a similar price point to halogens, because the two technologies represent fundamentally different approaches to lighting. Price matching LED lamps would only result in poor quality light output and premature failure, which in turn would mean low levels of customer satisfaction and acceptance. Education is needed around the value of long-life, high efficiency solutions to avoid simple point-of-purchase, price-based decisions. As an alternative to the 12V, 50W, halogen MR16, LEDs offer the possibility to be directly retrofitted into the existing halogen fitting, operate at a low 7W and offer up to 30,000 hours of full-output operation. So the LED alternative uses less than a fifth of the energy consumed by halogens and boasts a product lifetime up to 10 times longer. These factors mean significant savings for consumers on both energy bills and maintenance costs. For larger businesses, the significant CO2 saving also helps reduce the high cost of penalties associated with carbon reduction commitments. There is a very good financial case for retrofitting with LEDs, but this case only emerges when consumers are encouraged to look at the cost of lighting in the longer term. Meaningful energy-efficiency measures are a vital component of meeting legally binding reduction targets and the transition to a lowcarbon future. Together, Government and the lighting industry have a real opportunity to encourage a shift in thinking towards long-terms solutions. Rather than attempting energy-efficient change one lamp at a time, we need to stand back and fundamentally re-think the way we value our lighting.

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The UK LED lighting industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, driven by the demands for new and innovative LED applications The LED is finding its way into a wide range of applications from street lighting, public information displays, transport and the home. With many years of experience developing device connection technology, Phoenix Contact is at the forefront of this LED revolution. Our range of 6A miniature plug connectors with fast connection technology has been designed specifically for LED lighting applications. In recent years the lighting industry has been going through a renaissance, driven

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primarily by that little maven of technology known as the LED (Light Emitting Diode). Of course the LED has been around for many years, initially finding its way into simple applications such as home electronic equipment and used to reassure the user that something was working. Today we find the LED in all manner of devices, and not just indicating that something switched on. The humble LED is in the process of making age old technologies extinct, from the filament lamp to the Catha ray tube. Environmental concerns and high energy costs are helping to propel the LED into a wide range of applications ranging from traffic lights on our streets, to television screens in our homes. In fact the LED is inventing products we did not realise we needed, such as the colour changing spot light for example. LED products have also become architecturally important in helping a space to look and feel as the designer intended. Mood lighting is no longer the preserve of fancy hotels but a critical part of spaces we work and live in. Environmental pressures are propelling the LED into applications where energy consumption can be dramatically reduced, resulting in enormous long term cost savings for consumers, local authorities and industry.

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Within the multitude of applications we see today, the LED light source is expected to operate in a wide range of environments such as outdoors, in retail displays, vehicles etc, and required to perform for many more hours than a conventional filament lamp. These requirements put tough demands on engineers and designers to integrate solutions into functional, reliable and compact products. The growth in infrastructure and industrial applications for LED lighting is driving the growth in new and improved power and control systems. Applications such as traffic information displays, stadium lighting, retail and commercial lighting for instance, require fast and reliable device connectivity to reduce installation times and maintenance intervals. The rapid growth seen today is not without its challenges. Component quality and poor overall performance are two key areas of concern. Affordability and reliability are obvious issues given the higher replacement costs when compared with more traditional, but less efficient, filament solutions. Of course the benefits are also clear. Greatly reduced power consumption together with less frequent maintenance intervals serve to offer better value over the longer term. In some cases, such as the vehicle industry, the LED products are expected to outlive the vehicle itself, and in doing so reduce maintenance costs for the consumer. Quality and reliability are therefore key market requirements given the higher initial cost and the need for the device to last many more hours than the product it replaced. Phoenix Contact is well placed to service this market when it comes to device connection technology. Phoenix Contact has a long history in designing and manufacturing device connection solutions aimed at specific market needs. Today we have an extensive range of products from terminal blocks to control and automation solutions. Phoenix Contact has a number of innovative solutions to suite the wide range of applications such as in electronic ballasts and LED drivers. The traditional screw terminal block is commonly used and is available from Phoenix Contact in a number of variants along with more innovative connection methods including push-in, spring cage and IDC technologies. The technical challenge for the connector has much to do with form as with function. An LED light source requires a reliable power supply and in some cases data communication in order to function. Space is often at a premium and durability is needed to cope with the often harsh environments into which the finished products are expected to operate. The reliability of the device connection is of critical importance given the many more hours of operation expected compared with filament solutions.

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Phoenix Contact has recognised the importance of form and function in the design of our COMBICON HD range of device connectors. At just 5mm in height, the PTSM connector terminals are designed specifically for low profile applications where space is at a premium and up to 6A current capability is required. They feature: spring cage plug-in technology with release button: strong mechanical bonding method with either solder anchors or double THR pins: supplied in tape-on-real for automatic mounting and suitable for SMT and THR soldering processes. The PTSM plugs and headers are available with up to 10 positions and offer options for vertical or horizontal PCB mounting. For applications where ease of final assembly are important, the PTQ two position terminal block features IDC conductor connection removing the need for cable pretreatment. The PTQ features: anti-rotation pins, secure locking mechanism, supplied in tapeon-real for automatic mounting and suitable for the THR soldering process. The PTSM and PTQ compact range comprises a number of different variants to suite most applications. The PTS series with direct plug-in connection method removes the need for tools during wiring and therefore saves time during installation. This is especially important for manufacturers and installers, where final assemble and field commissioning is an expensive overhead which if rationalised can result in considerable cost savings. Outdoor LED lighting is now a key consideration for architects and local authorities when planning new developments or improving existing lighting schemes. The return on investment for these schemes is often less than 2 years with the ongoing benefit of lower energy costs and reduced maintenance intervals. When it comes to power distribution for outdoor lighting, Phoenix Contact offer a range device connectors rated up to IP68. The QPD system features fast connection technology with the QUICKON insulation displacement method. The QPD system is easy to assemble and offers high reliability thanks to tried and tested connection contacts. The rugged housing provides protection up to IP68. The rapid growth in the LED lighting industry is set to continue for some time to come and Phoenix Contact is continually developing solutions to meet industry needs. Phoenix Contact’s position as global market leader in device connections, industrial control & automation is achieved by providing “Inspiring Innovations�. Our principal product ranges include: PCB & plugin connectors, modular terminal blocks; surge protection; interface and control modules.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT Duncan Nicol - Business Development Manager, Device Connections Tel: +44 (0) 7799 072 059

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Focus on energy efficient lighting


passion for innovation

In a small village outside Venice, a collaboration between the forward-thinking Linea Light Group and its clients has led to a dream come true for lighting designers everywhere – the Light Village

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Focus on energy efficient lighting

ust imagine if you would, that one of your suppliers is not only willing to go the extra mile to help you find the perfect fitting for a prestigious project you’re working on in the Middle East, but when it proves not to be available, he gets busy designing and manufacturing it to your exact specification, working with you to ensure that it’s not only bespoke, but is the perfect solution for the application you need. That’s service with a capital ‘S’, but one Italian lighting manufacturer has gone a step further still, by creating an entire ‘lighting playground’ where designers can interact with products, checking technical specifications and those all-important details, such as whether there’s enough space behind the wall to accommodate the control system they’ve specified. That’s exactly what Linea Light set out to do when it created the Light Village in Treviso, northern Italy. THE HISTORY

The Linea Light Group was established almost twenty years ago when Minulamp, Eva Stampaggi, and Linea Light merged to create what the company described as a ‘new reality’. Since then, the Group has made a point of not responding to market changes, but anticipating them and focusing on research and collaboration with planners and designers in order to develop an ever-greater product offering. This forward thinking mentality allowed it to recognise the extraordinary potential of LED technology, and its dedication, determination and passion to grow and invest in the ‘Made in Italy’ branding, both in terms of manufacturing and research, makes it easy to see why it’s been so successful. Laurence Titton of Visual Energy, is a regular customer of Linea Light. He says: ‘Currently, for most of us in the design process, customers are asking us what we can do to save money in this recession. Linealight shows the way out by investing in the future of best lighting practice.’ DEDICATED TO QUALITY

The Group’s continuous technological growth is the driving force behind all its activities. Nowhere is this more obvious than in its latest project – the creation of its very own space where designers can get hands on experience of the company’s entire product offering, in the Light Village. The incredible set up includes a bar; a trendy fashion outlet; fresh food stores; a hotel guestroom; even a working pool and spa area. Each section is lit with a selection of different products from Linea Light’s incredibly diverse range of LED fittings, many having a clever ‘plug-and-play’ option, which allows the designer to check their potential selection in-situ. The retail area features specific products and techniques to ensure perfect colour rendition for fresh foods, including the complete absence of the UV rays that speed up the deterioration of perishable foods. Cleverly, the fashion outlet can be lit with conventional light sources as well as with LEDs, giving a true comparison for the designer who’s perhaps still wary of getting it right with the new technology.

THE SET UP: Each studio area can be separated from the rest of the showroom, so a designer who needs help or inspiration lighting a new gallery or museum can work in complete privacy from the local university lighting design students who are learning about the ‘behind the wall’ technology of control systems. The vast space features the following studios: Showroom - boasting a large exhibition area for displaying traditional products Retail Showcase - with cuttingedge ambient lighting and product showcasing solutions Architectural wall - with settings for testing different lighting options Room installer - showing the latest developments in control boards Upstairs - an area dedicated to stair and route marker lights Museum room - displaying solutions guaranteeing optimum visual comfort for visitors and efficient lighting of artwork Underwater room - an area dedicated to putting underwater lighting applications into practice

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Focus on energy efficient lighting

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‘Linea Light intends to attract contractors, architects, designers and buyers from around the world’ LATERAL THINKING

The concept for the 1,400sq m space, which incorporates state-of-the-art design and lighting studios, as well as corporate facilities for guests, has been described by the company as ‘a physical space with the virtual boundaries of a blog’. Linea Light intends to attract contractors, architects, designers and buyers from around the world to this outstanding working showroom. The company obviously takes pride in its forward-thinking and proactive approach, and believes the new showroom will not only enhance sales but also help create and develop pioneering ideas for new projects and areas of application the world over. Titton agrees: ‘The Light Village is a place to experiment, not only for the current lighting designers of the world, but also the up-and-coming talent, and I hope we all use it as such. We have been working with the company for a number of years and the Light Village shows its commitment to the future of exciting light fittings and lighting design in general.’ At the recent opening event, a number of the company’s design customers happily travelled to Venice to not only see and explore the new resource, but to give their time freely to share information with visitors to the event, on the projects they’d been working on, each with the help and support of the team at Linea Light. What was most noticeable was the enthusiasm with which each designer spoke of the company, it’s support of their projects and the genuine affection in which they hold the staff. This sort of relationship is only achieved through hard work and ensuring that customers are given the very best of service. In this case, that service has been extended to create a fantastic space for designers, specifiers, and importantly, for the next generation of lighting professionals to learn and explore. Linea Light is already having talks with local universities, with a view to setting up training programmes to allow lighting design students to gain invaluable hands on experience during their studies. Without a doubt, Linea Light’s all-LED product range is innovative, well-designed and forward thinking, but the Light Village is in a class of its own. It would be great to think that countries around the world could produce a similar environment for training, exploration and interaction with light.

LINEA LIGHT GROUP The Linea Light Group was founded in 1985 in Italy, and now boasts a global presence. Through its four vast catalogues, Linea Light offers four million products, capable of meeting all lighting technology needs; whether for interiors and homes, gardens, swimming pools, workplaces, retail environments, or as part of an architectural plan to complement new building designs. The product ranges on offer include the i-LèD brand - offering the widest range of spotlights and


LED lamps in Europe; Tràddel, which provides architectural lighting technology solutions for industry, office, shops, exhibition areas and any public or working environment; and finally the Manàmanà range – an eco-friendly and energy-saving product designed to light both internal and external spaces. The product ranges on offer include the i-LèD brand - offering the widest range of spotlights and LED lamps in Europe, the Tràddel brand, which provides

architectural lighting technology solutions for industry, office, shops, exhibition areas and any public or working environment, and finally the Manàmanà range – an eco-friendly and energy-saving product designed to light both internal and external spaces. Linea Light oversees every phase of production and has 350 employees across 11 production facilities, which includes a 12,000sq m warehouse in Italy. Products are exported internationally, with maximum

availability, rapid and punctual delivery and efficient after-sales assistance throughout Europe. The Light Village, based at Via della Fornace 59, Castelminio di Resana, Treviso, has been created in conjunction with a number of marketing partners including: Martex; Appiani; Bticino; Oikos Fragrances; Vantage; Goppion; and IndelB.

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In 1875, one of our founders,

Over the years, lighting has seen

Hisashige Tanaka invented a lamp

many developments until the LED.

which gave ten times more light than a candle. Since then, Toshiba has always used its knowledge to We will listen to your needs and propose you the best solution.

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achieve one ideal: produce more light and consume less.

Up to 80%; this is what you can save and what you consume less with a Toshiba LED.

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f wanderlust, plain old curiosity or the desire to get the low down on the latest LED and OLED developments and product information has got the better of you, pack a bag and head of to KINTEX, where Korea plays host to the 10th edition of the biggest LED event in the Far East. Organised jointly by; the Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development; Korea LED Association; and the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency, the event is fully supported by the country’s Government as well as the China Association of Lighting Industry. The joint event will feature a vast range of LED projects and products from 800plus exhibitors from at least 15 different countries. Event president, Mr Ok-Hyun Mun is justifiably proud: ‘This year, LED Expo will celebrate its 10th anniversary. We’ve come a long way in 10 years and are proud of the recognition we have received, not only from the companies who come back to the show floor year after year, but also from industry associations and government agencies. ‘LED Expo is a UFI-approved event, has been noted as a “Promising Trade Show” by the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy for the past five years in a row, and this year was granted Certified Trade Show status by the US Department of Commerce - the first Korean trade exhibition to receive this recognition in 10 years.’ Sections will be dedicated to everything from indoor, outdoor and speciality lighting to specific products for landscape and architectural use, garden lighting and control systems.

Focus on energy efficient lighting

Eastern promise The twelfth edition of LED Expo and OLED Expo takes place in Korea this June. TL has packed its bags and jumped ship in order to find out what all the fuss is about

On the OLED front, products will be on offer for every application from mobile and display purposes to touch panels and clean room technology. The event draws top-tier companies to exhibit, allowing visitors to meet industry leaders from across Asia, Europe and the US under one enormous roof. Event president, Ok-Hyun Mun commented on the broad exhibitor profile: ‘LED Expo is an outstanding selling platform for LED/OLED companies across the industry spectrum. You can find the latest in component materials and chips, manufacturing and processing equipment, as well as LED applications and digital information displays. The show draws brand name players

LED Expo & OLED Expo 2012 26-29 June 2012 KINTEX 3 Hall, Daehwa-dong Ilsan-seogu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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Focus on energy efficient lighting

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‘Sections will be dedicated to everything from indoor, outdoor and speciality lighting to specific products for landscape and architectural use, garden lighting and control systems’

from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China and companies around the world to its exhibition hall. This year we are expecting 350 companies from 15 countries.’ A useful one-to-one business matchmaking service is available and can be pre-booked by attendees in order to maximise time on site. A wide range of seminars will run throughout the four days of the show, with keynote speakers discussing world market trends, the latest technologies and applications. There will also be technical seminars for specialist designers on everything from applications for carbon nanotubes to packaging and technology. As you may expect, the venue is well served by local transport links, being only a bus ride away from either Kimpo International Airport or the newly completed Incheon International, and having direct access from the local subway system. KINTEX has plenty of support for visitors too – a well-appointed business centre, travel agency and bank, as well as plentiful food and drink stops on each floors. Soeul hotels are many and varied, but the Milennium Seoul Hilton (40-minutes by free shuttle bus from KINTEX) makes a great base to visit the show and see something of the area while you’re there. Slightly closer is the Seoul Garden Hotel (a Best Western Premier), which is only 30 minutes away, also by free shuttle bus.


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NEW signs brochure now available

The Pi (  ) Range of mains and emergency lighting signs When your project environment demands creatively stylish emergency or directional signs that are guaranteed to guide to safety, look no further than P4’s new Pi range. The distinctively shaped oval body section, available in different colour finishes, is designed to complement any high specification environment where style and function is a ‘must have’. High intensity LED’s with proven long life, low running costs and consistent illumination combine with an elegance that is quite simply without equal. The range is available in wall mounted or suspended

styles with a wide range of fire, safety and information legends in single or double sided formats. The high level of illumination and remarkable uniformity means that, unlike most alternatives, Pi signs fully comply with BSEN 1838:1999. To escape from the mundane make the innovative Pi range your preferred choice. Full details tails of the Pi range and other exclusive P4 products call us on 01328

850555 P 4 L i m i te d 1 W y m a ns Way, Fa ke nham Industrial Estate, Fakenham, Nor folk NR21 8NT

Do You Have an LED Checklist? If not, here is ours to help get you started: 3 Year Product Guarantee ü Homogeneous TriColour RGB LEDs ü Static White & Variable White ü Custom Single Colour ü Fixtures From 1.5 to 400 Watts ü Factory Colour Calibrated ü Continuous Flicker Free Light (no PWM) ü Smooth Theatrical Grade Dimming ü Contributes to LEED Requirements ü DataSheets / IES Files Available ü ETL Listed to UL Standards ü Exterior and Underwater Fixtures ü No Fans for Silent Operation ü Advanced Thermal Management ü Manufactured in the United Kingdom ü LED Fail-safe Electronic Design ü To see our comprehensive ChromaRange of LED solutions visit

Chroma Flood 200 Chroma Point Chroma Pixel Strip 25

Sava Bridge Be lgra

de - project by Gulf Line

40 Years of Lighting PULSAR LED Checklist SAVA.indd 1


Chroma PowerLine

Chroma InGround 50




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KAISER CHIEFS PREDICT A RIOT UK indie rock band, The Kaiser Chiefs are back on the road again and right on form as among the country’s favourite live performers, with a characteristically boisterous set and a hard-working four week sold-out UK tour behind them

Focus on energy efficient lighting


ighting designer, Richard Larkum has worked with the band for the last seven years, and for this tour, he’s using Robe’s ROBIN 600 LEDWash fixtures as part of a lighting rig for the first time. Larkum describes the tour as ‘classic old skool’ in terms of the 21 dates being run almost back-to-back, taking in the intimate atmosphere of the UK theatre and concert hall circuit, with a few more offbeat venues thrown in.

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Focus on energy efficient lighting

The look and feel of the lighting for this leg of the tour was based on the slightly retro guise of 1990’s lighting rigs, and getting back to basics in terms of producing lots of big beamy looks and plenty of movement, flashing and strobing to keep pace with the maelstrom of energy exuded by the band. He also incorporated a few concepts that were ’under development’ during last summer’s festival tour, and with no video production or elaborate set for distraction, it was all down to imagination and the lighting to create a visual excitement and signature appearance. Eight of the 16 Robe LEDWash 600s used were on the front truss, washing the stage area. They were so efficient that nothing else was needed to flood the area and light the band from the front top angle. The other eight were upstage on the floor and used for a powerful array of low-level back-beams. Larkum wanted a bright, diffused light source for this very specific effect, and the LEDWash 600s delivered perfectly. Larkum has used the LEDWash 600s on a few shows and tours now, the first one being The Levellers in Spring 2011 and last year he also used them on the Vaccines as well as some shows for The Prodigy in South America. Having tried most Robe range moving lights over the last five years he comments that with the ROBIN series: ‘Robe has really got it right’. He’s impressed with the intensity and the zoom, especially the large areas that can be covered when it is zoomed right out in wide mode, and thinks the colours are great and the colour mixing smooth and streamlined. He also liked the strobing


EVERLED are the proud sponsors of...

‘The look and feel of the lighting for this leg of the tour was based on the slightly retro guise of 1990’s lighting rigs’

function – used intensively for the Kaiser Chief’s show. Larkum hasn’t yet lit an appropriate band with LEDWash 600s to be able to fully explore the individual LED ring control, but believes it’s a feature he’s looking forward to using as and when the time arises. The LEDWash 600s, together with other moving lights and a sprinkling of generics for the UK tour, were supplied by Lite Alternative of Blackburn. They were controlled by Larkum, from a Whole Hog Full Boar console. Chris Lundberg worked with Larkum as lighting technician for the tour.

Contact Robe Lighting May 2012 34

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LED solutions for lighting manufacturers . . .

Standard and Custom LED Light Engines



YEG Opto is a specialist distributor of optoelectronic components and electronics manufacturing services. We supply industry leading LED’s and associated components and can provide a board build service as required. We also provide a high level of support and design advice, offering a total solution to lighting companies involved in, or making the transition to LED based products - we can help you overcome any design problems including thermal management, optical effects and power management. Our design support to our customers comes free of charge. We have been providing our total solutions service to progressive lighting companies for the last 5 years, so why not use our knowledge and experience and give us a call.

Total LED Solutions Telephone: +44(0)1494 753500


Visit our web resource to see our range of products and capabilities:

Products l Energy efficient light & build

EX-OR 01942 719229


Ex-Or scoops top honour at Lighting Design Awards Lighting control specialists Ex-Or have carried off a major award in the annual Lighting Design Awards for its innovative range of batten-mounted sensors. The Ex-Or BattenFit range won the Lighting Controls category at the prestigious event. Introduced to the market just over a year ago, BattenFit has proved an instant success in the market. Ex-Or, part of Honeywell, reports sales far in excess of expectations both in the UK and overseas. The Ex-Or BattenFit offers advanced occupancy detection technology in a package which is quick and easy to fit to a batten-style luminaire. This purpose-designed detector family offers a range of functionality to suit all applications in an aesthetically pleasing design, and can deliver energy savings of up to 80 percent. Pictured at the Lighting Design Award ceremony receiving the award is Catherine Connolly, Honeywell ED&S business director UK and Ireland; along with Stephan Saremba, director of sales Europe and Africa at Lutron, the sponsor of the Lighting Controls category; and comedian Rob Deering who hosted the event.

LSII EUROPE 01279 874430 |

I LIGHT 01923 495496 | Smart apps and Ethernet Gateway deliver new levels of hand held lighting control for iLight Cooper Controls has introduced new Ethernet Gateway devices alongside a range of smart phone applications for use with both wired and wireless network devices. Users can now select and operate lighting scenes, modify and save changes and even password protect areas from unauthorised access using a handheld device. The same access is also available from any PC connected to the EG2 allowing users to make selections and changes via a built in web server. Ethernet Gateway and iLight Remote iPhone® apps bring simple intuitive lighting control to both commercial and residential users alike.

The XHB3 delivers the perfect combination of low energy consumption and high lumen output. Designed for industrial, retail, commercial interiors and engineering workshops, the XHB3 offers you a fixture that can deliver a whiter, brighter light that will increase energy efficiency and reduce monthly energy costs when compared to traditional high bay lighting. Available with 104 and 128 LEDs, the housing has been designed to discourage birds from roosting. The XHB3 includes a 5 year warranty and IP67 optical which virtual eliminates maintenance. For further information please contact Brian Glynn on 01279 874430 or email or visit our website

IGUZZINI 0044 01483 468000 | Crown the new urban lighting system from iGuzzini. The positions of the arms which support the optical assembly distinguish the various versions of the system: central for the symmetrical optic and lateral for the asymmetrical and street optics. The luminaire design is flexible and manageable, perfect for integration into the most diverse of urban architectural contexts. The range comes with a wide range of light sources such as LED, Metal Halide, Cosmo White and High Pressure Sodium, along with a variety of professional optics including street optics that can be remotely managed or with “smart” electronics individually programmed. The symmetrical optic versions have a patented flux recuperater that ensures that the arms do not cause any shadowing on the ground.


HACEL 0191 280 9911 | The new Quba range of exterior post luminaires from Hacel blends clean, sharp, contemporary styling with precision die cast and extruded aluminium manufacturing and commercial quality LED performance. The Hacel designed light engine and integral driver utilises CREE XP-G lighting semi-conductors for class-leading performance. Hosting a number of enhanced technical features including outstanding output, efficacies, and colour maintenance alongside a life expectancy in excess of 50,000hours. The Quba post range is available in 500mm and 1000mm heights in either Solo or Duet formats. Standard colours of White, Black and Graphite with alternative RAL colours available to special order. Suited to Architectural, Retail and Commercial Projects of the highest standard where style, performance and reduced energy and maintenance are key factors. May 2012 36

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New 628 page catalogue out now!

020 8542 1471 - - 2012 Cover1Advert.indd 1 p.39.indd

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Products l Energy efficient light & build



IBERIAN 01424 428161

Filter sleeves for fluorescent tubes convert standard tubes into a rainbow of colours. The cost effective way to create the ideal environment, be it for decorative or protective purposes. Colorap filter sleeves are manufactured to fit T5, T8 or T12 sizes. T5 are 300mm and 600mm lengths while T8 and T12 are available in either 600mm or 900mm lengths. Now stocked in 20 colours plus clear ultra violet filter. Others to special order. A prompt service is our standard, not our objective.

EXLED 01453 756361


Slimline LED Polo Always at the forefront of design and innovation Iberian has introduced a new addition to their comprehensive family of ‘Polo’ products. In response to the demand for thinner sections and the need for low energy use they have created the NEW “Slimline LED Polo” As its name suggests this stunningly minimalistic design incorporates the latest in LED technology and is highly efficient for example the 1300mm version uses only 108 watts. Using a specially designed internal heat sink to give a predicted lamp life of 50000 + hours - it is sure to become one of Iberians most popular products of 2012.


Office Lighting that doesn’t cost the earth - the Nova LED panel The Nova, Exled’s 39 Watt LED ceiling panel is quick and easy to install, has three independently controlled sections allowing it to be used with a variety of lighting controls creating a truly bespoke solution. The panel is 600x600 and is lightweight with a slim profile that can be recessed or surface mounted. Full illumination is instantaneous and comes in a choice of colour temperatures. Ask us about our full range of Commercial LED lighting designed for offices, corridors, canteens and meeting rooms.





Now you can quickly find the right LED light fitting by using this free to download app. It shows the complete Crescent Lighting LED product range in a simple and easy to navigate way. Features 1. Easy to use 2. Works with iPhone, iPod and iPad. 3. Works without internet connection 4. Full product catalogue 5. Email data sheets 6. Contact Crescent as well as UK and International distributors 7. Request a full hard copy or PDF catalogue 8. Up-to- date project information 9. Optional data update when online May 2012 38

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does watt it says… LED Downlights

D   T D O W N L I G H T S

Acoustic & Fire Rated LED Dimmable Downlight

Acoustic & Fire Rated (standard version available) Dimmable (with leading & trailing edge dimmers) 530/730 Lumens Warm White 55° Beam Angle 50,000 Hours Life Choice of Colour Finishes IP65 Option 5 Year Warranty

High Performance DOT 92 LED Downlight

Up to 900 Lumens Output Warm White & Daylight 9W Philips LED Module Choice of Clip-on Trims & Glasses 35,000 Hours Life 92mm ø Cut-out 105mm ø Overall 5 Year Warranty

…provides the real output you need Request the Pierlite catalogue today @pierliteukltd

To find out more, visit 1

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Focus on commercial lighting


ANOTHER YEAR WISER Quicklight founders, Andy Cole and Rob Moss are celebrating 20 years working together in the lighting business. Initially selling an energy-saving conversion service for fluorescent lighting, their partnership evolved into lighting maintenance with Quicklight, which employs more than 100 staff and services thousands of sites across the UK and Northern Ireland. Commenting on the milestone, Cole said: ‘We’ve come a long way in 20 years, but the principle core value of giving a first-class service to our customers, which was key to our success back then, still serves us well today. Quicklight has many long standing customers and I believe this is testament to our reputation as a quality service provider.’

LIGHT BY NATURE Xtralite Rooflights has launched a new website to showcase the versatility of its product and service offering. Information is backed by a design section for the company to share its technical expertise and insight into the principles of designing a daylight solution for different projects. MD, Bob Tweedy comments: ‘We are continuing to develop our offering in line with customer needs. The website reflects the diversity of our customer base, which ranges from hospitality and educational buildings to leisure and retail projects. ‘There are numerous images of projects within these sectors, so customers can see for themselves the difference it makes to a project when they choose daylight by design.’

Nualight has announced a $100m deal with Hussmann, manufacturer of refrigerated display merchandisers and refrigeration systems. The deal represents a new co-development alliance between Nualight, an Enterprise Ireland-supported company, and Hussmann to develop and provide visual merchandising solutions to food retailers. The collaboration will support Nualight’s ongoing expansion plans and enhances the company’s reach into the US, Central and South America. The combined strength of these two market leaders enables Hussmann and Nualight to target the rapidly growing market for refrigerated merchandisers and LED lighting in the US. CEO, Liam Kelly said ‘Digital lighting is not a commodity and its introduction into refrigerated display environments is not simply a matter of bulb replacement. Each display case presents a unique set of characteristics. The collaboration of our two companies and the convergence of case innovation with digital lighting are now setting the standard for food merchandising excellence.’

Entec struts its stuff Entec supplied lighting production for three high profile shows at London Fashion Week – Paul Smith, Mulberry and Moschino. A projection system and media server was also provided for Paul Smith, and all three projects were managed for Entec by Adam Stevenson. Paul Smith featured the largest lighting rig and was the biggest space, staged in the Lawrence Hall of the Royal Horticultural Halls in London Victoria. It also accommodated one of the largest audiences of the whole event. Entec has supplied lighting for Paul Smith’s LFW shows for the past eight years, working with several different lighting designers in the process – on this occasion, Lec Croft was Paul Smith’s LD for the season. The creative brief continued on from the summer collection last September. The show’s creative director Kamran Khavari and producer, Miller Khavari wanted to recreate the tone and feel of an intimate one-on-one small studio photo shoot – even though it was a massive space – and this required very precise lighting. A massive 21-leg, seven-arch ground support system was installed into the venue to get lighting positions in the required places, which Entec commissioned Actus Events to provide. A hundred and twenty Source Fours with 50 degree lenses were all tightly shuttered and focused down onto the catwalk, creating the perfect photographic lighting conditions all the way down the two 100 ft ‘long’ sides of the runway. These luminaires were all fitted with linear frost gel to stretch the light that bit extra. The profiles on the end banks ranged from 10 to 50 degree and these also had ¼ frost to provide a slight softening of the hard edges while still remaining focusable.

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N Nmac Lighting Limited Mayfield | 174a Cressex Road Introducing the new T5High fluorescent based Wycombe | Buckinghamshire 4UA mounted ‘MULTIPRO’ recessed,HP12 surface

and pendent extrudedE:aluminium profile from Tecnolight. W: T: 01494 452 255 F: 01494 860 019

When architecture not only calls for standard solutions. The Multipro recessed profile can be manufactured to allow for the architectural desire to continue the visible line of light around curves within the buildings spaces.

For more details contact:

nmac.dec.indd 1

02/05/2012 16:16

Registered in England No: 06976670 | Registered Office: The Old Studio, High Street, West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP14 3AB | VAT Registration No: 980005345

Focus on commercial lighting

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED? Enforcing copyright if your business creates bespoke lighting designs may not be as easy as you think, reports Dave Howell


ince the arrival of the Internet, one area of the law that has continuously been debated is copyright protection. Focusing on the lighting sector, a month doesn’t seem to go by without a slew of copies entering the market - usually from the Far East. Copyright and patent regulations are designed to protect designers and the companies they work for, but many have discovered that the practical application of copyright law is easier said than done. In his book, Free Ride, Robert Levine argues that copyright must change in the face of the digital revolution that is taking place all around us, but any area of creative endeavour must have a level of copyright protection.

Levine quotes Jim Griffin who was one of the first people to bring music to the Internet: ‘I increasingly think of copyright as copyrisk. I think with any creative person, we should address your risk and not your right. To the extent that you think it’s your right to stop someone from making a copy – and it may be a legal or a moral right – good luck enforcing it!’ Last year, copyright theft and the insurgence of cheap copies of lighting units was highlighted by a blog post on Elle Decoration’s website [ editors-blog/designer-deceit] that detailed how the wife of the UK Prime Minister – Samantha Cameron – had bought a copy of a well-known Arco lamp designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962.

May 2012 43


30/04/2012 11:52

Focus on commercial lighting

It is legal to sell copies of famous designs in the UK, but whether this practice should be allowed under copyright regulations is another matter entirely. Currently exclusive copyright protection only extends to 25 years for registered designs. The practice of lighting designs being copied is vitally important to address as soon as possible. Dids Macdonald, CEO of ACID has said: ‘We are no longer a nation of shopkeepers; we are a knowledge economy and, as such, intellectual property is the lifeblood of successful companies in the UK today. The creative industries (and the lighting industry is very much part of this) collectively contribute a significant 8.2 per cent, or nearly £120 billion, to the UK’s GDP.’ Macdonald continued: ‘The rest of the world looks to the UK lighting industry to lead in innovation, safety, technical expertise, standards, sustainability and best practice - and they have every reason to. One of the most difficult challenges facing those who bring new - and subsequently successful - ideas and products to market is the constant threat of them being copied. So key to success in the 21st Century will be to create an IP strategy to protect, exploit and commercialise your new products.’

‘We are protecting everything we can and registering our designs. If we see a blatant copy of one of our registered designs being offered, we don’t hesitate to take legal action’ NEW IPO INITIATIVES

Robert Levine’s Free Ride


Central Government has also been under pressure for several years to overhaul the intellectual property laws that so many businesses rely on to protect their lighting designs from unlawful copying. The Government has already published its Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth. Following the Hargreaves review, the Intellectual Property Office has instigated a number of measures that include a small claims process for cases under £5,000, which will be introduced at the Patents County Court for cases involving copyright, trade marks and designs. Additionally, Ipsum is an online patent service that could save UK business nearly £100,000 per year. It removes the cost to businesses of requesting patent documents. Instead they will now be available free online. These changes to how the UK protects the IP of its business owners is welcomed by Gary Martin, founder and managing director of

Table Art: ‘I do think that there should be a more cost effective way of taking legal action against importers and manufacturers of copied equipment,’ he said. ‘It should also be easier to find out exactly what your rights are, and how possible it is to protect your ideas. We have found this process expensive and laborious.’ The ease with which copies of new lighting designs can be made overseas and then sold in the UK is staggering. Asking Peter Hunt, joint chief executive, Lighting Industry Association whether lighting designers were powerless, he responded: ‘Not powerless, but increasingly frustrated that protecting design rights is an expensive business. Even if the UK rights are established and addressed, this does not stop Far East copies being sold elsewhere in the world. The biggest help would be a binding agreement between the UK and the Chinese Government to eradicate the practice and allow prosecution of offending manufacturers.’ Lighting designer, Gary Martin agrees, but sees a potential opportunity, commenting: ‘In our situation, we keep building our brand and reputation so that our clients don’t feel they need to take chances by using cheap products from abroad. We actually think that there is a market for our brand and products in places like China, as the UK has a great reputation now for quality. We are protecting everything we can and registering our designs. If we see a blatant copy of one of our registered designs being offered, we don’t hesitate to take legal action.’ The intellectual property that is a vital component of the lighting design industry must be protected from cheap knock-offs that can damage not only the commercial foundation of the enterprise, but also erode their reputation. Consumers of course are looking for bargains to stretch their budgets to the maximum. However, allowing cheap imports of what are clearly copies of protected designs can’t go on. The IPO has begun to make practical changes to the IP regulations in the UK. Whether these alleviate the problems of IP theft still facing the lighting industry remains to be seen.

Contacts ACID Hargreaves Review Ipsum Table Art Lighting Industry Association May 2012 44

30/04/2012 11:52

Untitled-5 1

28/11/2011 16:36

Focus on commercial lighting

Supermarket sweep Specialist supplier of lighting for food retailing, Nualight has been selected to provide a significant LED programme for Sainsbury’s stores across the UK


ainsbury’s is moving to low energy LED fittings for its refrigerated cabinets, and has partnered with Nualight for the programme. Its refrigerated cases are being updated to incorporate the technology across all of its new and refurbished stores.  Nualight will supply Sainsbury’s with LED lighting – including its cutting-edge Vivace and Perfino - for low-temperature, mediumtemperature and speciality refrigerated cases.  As well as enhancing the merchandising and providing impact to the food displays, the new lighting will support Sainsbury’s 20 by 20 Sustainability Plan, which includes a target to reduce operational carbon emissions by 30 per cent by 2020.  The LED lighting will reduce energy consumption by 70 per cent in low-temperature cases and by 40 per cent in its medium-temperature cases.   According to Dr. Liam Kelly, CEO Nualight, the firm had to meet very high standards to achieve the retailer’s lighting requirements: ‘Sainsbury’s is an iconic retailer with a worldwide reputation for the quality and provenance of its food. Working with the Sainsbury’s lighting specialist, Harold Allen and the merchandising team has been a


very rewarding experience for us, and we are proud to be contributing to its 20 by 20 Sustainability Plan. ‘As one would expect from a retailer with very high standards for food, the company requires an equally high standard of its lighting. We look forward to continuing to meet Sainsbury’s challenges with inventiveness, flexibility and technological innovation.’  New stores will feature the latest of Nualight’s LED innovations, many of which have been customised to create the best possible impact for its merchandising. For example, Vivace is a colour-boosting CRI technology specifically designed to solve the problem of dark spots and dullness (particularly of green, orange and red) in fresh food displays.  The retailer will use the Alto Vivace lighting in all meat, seafood and bakery serve-overs, with fixtures designed into the frame of the cases for a sleek finish.   Sainsbury’s is the first retailer to use Nualight’s Perfino technology, which tackles the challenges of reflective packaging and visibility in multi-deck displays. As well as providing more comfortable lighting levels for customers, Alto Perfino delivers smooth illumination all the way to the bottom of the

case and its high CRI design brings out the brightest colours in packaged food. In addition to the important contribution the new lighting will make to the 20 by 20 Sustainability Plan, Harold Allen from Sainsbury’s said that the LED lighting would help to bring the quality food proposition to life for its customers. ‘Nualight’s lighting was selected not only for its energy-efficiency, but also for its exceptional performance. Lighting is used strategically to create the Sainsbury’s store ambience, and to bring out the best qualities in the food on display in our stores.’

Contacts Sainsburys Nualight May 2012 46

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27/03/2012 17:32

168mmx240mm.pdf 1 03/02/2012 14:51:20


EXPERIENCE THE WORLD OF LEDS: • Network with global decision makers from the LED industry C





• Discover the whole LED supply chain on the exhibition floor • Gain insight from international market leaders including Nichia, Philips, Osram, GE Lighting at the technical conference


Register Now For euroLED 2012:



Contact Us: Twitter: @euroLED LinkedIn: euroLED2012 T: +44 (0) 121 250 3515 E:

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ighting is something we all take for granted: in truth it’s so much ingrained into our everyday lives that, here in the West at least, we simply couldn’t function without it. Often lighting is more than just functional – who hasn’t been stopped in their tracks by a beautiful chandelier glinting with soft, ethereal light in the foyer of a swanky hotel, or had their head turned by the view of a lit coastline at night from the air – twinkling like a pearl necklace? But once in a while, lighting designers go a step further, and that’s when the lines between lighting and art blur. Iluminarc, a US-based manufacturer of LEDs, recently created a fantastic 49

When does lighting become more than just an aid to seeing in the dark? lighting treatment for the historic art deco Marlin Hotel in South Beach, Miami that definitely goes a step beyond merely illuminating the building. Parked in front of the hotel, a vintage pink convertible waits, a permanent fixture providing a hint of what’s to come. The interior, which has been transformed into a sleek Miami modern-style resort, has been painted with colour using Iluminarc LED solutions, which were specified by Geoff Farrell of D’light Studios in Fort Lauderdale, and controlled by Iluminarc’s Logic system. Once inside the foyer, the eye is immediately drawn to a stunning custom chandelier, a rectangular-shaped mass of intertwined copper

May 2012


30/04/2012 12:22

Focus on commercial lighting

‘We selected Tri-4 wash fixtures because when you are dealing with colour changing lights, in other words an RGB fixture, the Tri-4 incorporates all of these colours in one optic’

The Marlin Hotel guest bedroom


wire mounted flush against the ceiling. Hanging from its centre is a large teardrop-shaped entanglement. Twentysix Ilumipod Logic Tri-4 wash lights are recess mounted in the ceiling behind the fitting; their colour changing effects on the chandelier structure mesmerising viewers. ‘We selected Tri-4 wash fixtures because when you are dealing with colour changing lights, in other words an RGB fixture, the Tri-4 incorporates all of these colours in one optic,’ explained Farrell. The lobby extends back towards a supper club-style seating area with a mezzanine stage and sunken bar. The same Tri-4 fixtures have been used to illuminate the seating area, together a set of Ilumipod Logic 6 to ‘frame’ the bar. There are eight pre-programmed scenes changing colours throughout the entire first floor— one moment awash in azure, the next bathed in a warm amber glow. Each guest room is fitted with four Ilumipod Logic 6 wash lights, in the corners, which wash the blank canvas created by the rooms’ white walls, drapes and bedding with colour. A frosted glass inset in the bathroom allows the coordinating colour wah from the shower to shine through into the bedroom. Issued at check-in, an iPad is supplied to guests, pre-programmed to control stereo, television, drapes and lights with just a touch. ‘Iluminarc’s Logic system is very simple to use and easy to install,’ Farrell said. ‘Everything is powered over Ethernet, which makes drawing up plans and designating which channels of the box go to which light easy to understand. When the integrators came in to do the system programming, they were able to tie them together quickly.’ Of course, artworks are often highlighted with the use of specialist lighting treatments - and a beautiful sixmetre high, triple helix glass sculpture created by artist Lyle London, which is suspended in the new Rotunda entrance of the Joyce Eichhorn Ames School of Art in Bloomingdale, Illinois, is no exception. Robe ROBIN 600 LEDWash and 300 Plasma Spot moving lights have been installed to illuminate the sculpture – an intricate work of extreme elegance inspired by nature’s recurring spiral forms. It is part of a series of helix works, conceived by London, and intended for public atriums. Having used Robe products to illuminate another in his helix series for the Tahoe Tower lobby at the Renown Healthcare campus in Reno, Nevada, London approached Robe’s Jerry Seay for advice on the latest technology for integrating with his installation. Seay, who loves lighting artworks, was hugely excited by the prospect, and together with London, came to the conclusion that the sculpture could be transformed into a living, breathing phenomenon to be enjoyed by all passing through the campus. Although the helix itself is static, the illusion of movement and kinetic energy is produced by a fusion of colour and animation created by subtly changing effects – both from the Robes, the natural light permeating the glass walls of the Rotunda, and the interaction between the two. The sculpture and its lighting can be appreciated and viewed from any number of angles and distances, May 2012 50

30/04/2012 12:22

Over 10,000 LEDs & LED lighting components and solutions available, including design resources, application notes and technical support. Farnell element14 is your single source solution for all your LEDs and LED Lighting component needs.






100 +



+ L E DS &


















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‘Northumberland Lights’ installation at the Cragside Estate. Photography ©John Williamson

‘Imagine sculptures punctuating a river’s edge that appear to whisper and glow as if they were trying to share their story’ and at all times of the day and night, and each time something special can be experienced. Another primary objective of the lighting was to reveal the dichroic colours of the glass and modify them with vibrant colour projections. London comments: ‘I knew from experience that the full dynamic colour qualities of the dichroic glass could only be unleashed by using dedicated lighting. The programmable features of the Robe fixtures and the true whites made them an ideal choice to light the sculpture’. Seay brought Darrell Barnes from Creative Stage Lighting into the equation, to install the system and take care of the programming, which he completed in close conjunction with London. The three LEDWash 600s are spaced evenly around the middle structural ring of the Rotunda, with two Plasma Spots on the lower ring. Both fixtures had to be reliable, long-lived and low maintenance as they are all in difficult-to-access positions. The US connection continues with an installation in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, where Iluminarc was again called on to provide a selection of its products for a public art installation. Imagine sculptures punctuating a river’s edge that appear to whisper and glow as if they were trying to share their story. Large plumes of steel shooting upward are illuminated by undulating coloured light, which has been programmed to give Mute Meadow the appearance of a living being. By night, it’s an organic, ever-changing entity, with coloured lights that mimic sounds. By day, the sculptures take their lighting cues from the sun, with shifting shadows cast by rolling overhead clouds.


The sculptures are scattered along the bank of the River Foyle - 80 in total, grouped in pairs with 40 Ilumipod Inground 36 IP fixtures nestled between each pair, comprising an environmental art installation entitled ‘Mute Meadow’. The piece, by London-based artists, Vong Phaophanit and Claire Oboussier, is the largest public artwork created in Ireland. It highlights a new regenerative turn for the city as it moves from conflict to City of Culture status in 2013. To light the pairs of reed-like steel structures, each LEDfitted Inground 36 IP wash light was encased in a custom structure and incorporated into the landscape. The fittings were designed to match the stained glass windows of the neighbouring Guildhall building. Each of the 12 windows was translated into a colour palette of five shades, creating a total of 60 colours lighting the entire piece. Specification of the in-ground fixtures, lighting design and programming, was performed by Essex-based Neon Circus. The company wrote software to collate the lights with the random sound bites that make up the ‘breathing pattern’ of the piece. Neon Circus worked long and hard on the project, staggering the dimming curves to accompany the right audio triggers, which mixed light from each colour palette. The goal was to achieve a look that was ‘unpredictable within reason.’ ‘Mute Meadow’ has been in development for six years. The artists collaborated with Verbal Arts Centre in order to capture sounds (both verbal and musical) from the people of Londonderry, with the core purpose to represent ‘the breath of the city, beyond narratives, translated into light.’

Contacts The Marlin Hotel Savant Iluminarc D’light Studios Robe Lyle London Neon Circus Mute Meadow Verbal Arts Centre May 2012 52

30/04/2012 12:24

is a long established lighting provider, specialising in neon, cold cathode & LED creations. Whether your project is a major art commission or a personal one-off piece we can assist you from concept & design through to manufacture & installation. We create bespoke software and sensors to allow an interactive element through movement, noise, light, temperature, air quality and more..... We provide a complete design, fabrication and installation package in-house. Wrights Yard, Top Road, Wimbish Green, CB10 2XJ t: 01799 598080 e: visit our website - you’d be amazed what we can do 1

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he Praça do Comércio is one of Lisbon’s most impressive sites since its recent refurbishment, it glows with freshness and exuberance. Thanks to the new lighting, the plaza’s character maintains its presence into the evening hours. To the south, the plaza opens to the river Tejo, which was the historic site where foreign dignitaries set foot on Portuguese soil. Arcaded Government buildings enclose the other three sides, and through a triumphal arch, embellished with statues of key figures from Portuguese history, pedestrians access one of the city’s most popular retail districts. Today, the plaza belongs to pedestrians. Where once vehicles travelled, there are now spacious pedestrian zones with space for outdoor cafes and restaurants. THE INITIATIVE

Architect and urban designer, Bruno Soares was entrusted with the refurbishment project, while Professor Pinto-Coelho of Lightmotif Arquitectura, created the lighting design. The designers and architect were tasked by the city council to emphasise the plaza’s character, while creating a contemporary, attractive urban space. Another key goal was the achievement of significant energy savings with the introduction


Lighting Lisbon

Hess AG illuminates the Praça do Comércio in Lisbon of energy efficient lighting. The plaza’s previous lighting consisted of period lanterns with sodium vapour lamps, which had been installed in the nineties. THE DESIGN

Key design elements lending structure and integrating the various other elements of the plaza are the pavement and the luminaires in the horizontal and vertical planes, respectively. In tribute to the nation’s proud history producing seafarers and discoverers, the pavement is designed with lines to suggest old nautical charts. At the centre of the plaza, ochre-coloured pavement limits the reflection of the sun. A walkway paved with lighter coloured stone intersects the ochre area, indicating the direct axis from the triumphal arch to the old stone stairs leading down to the river.


Hess AG’s 5.7m and 7.2m City Elements illuminating columns have been selected to illuminate the plaza, creating a very appealing atmosphere. Their multifunctionality and elegant design made them the ideal choice for the project. Positioned on the three sides of the plaza, where the historical buildings enclose the square, the City Elements columns uniformly illuminate the entire plaza with pleasant glare-free light. Additional floodlights integrated into the columns illuminate the building facades, transforming the space into a place of splendid magnificence as soon as dusk descends each evening. Precision-engineered by Hess, the high-efficiency reflectors together with the

HIT lamps deliver a noticeably improved quality of illumination, while requiring relatively fewer units. Moreover, the luminaires meet the project specification for energy-saving operation. Besides the 18 illuminating columns specified, Hess also provided lighting for the road, running along the bank of the river. Mounted at 9.8m and 10.6m above ground, two Tanella and six Vela luminaires were specially created for the specific requirements of the location, permitting increased between-unit spacing for an optimum view of the shore on the opposite side of the river.

Contacts Hess AG Lightmotif Arquitectura May 2012 54

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Products l commercial light & build

LSII EUROPE 01279 874430 |

Built upon our innovative Crossover® LED platform, the XHB delivers the perfect combination of low energy consumption and high lumen output. Suited for a diverse range of applications this luminaire is as happy in a -18oC cold store as it is in an engineering workshop or a sports hall. The XHB3 offers you a luminaire that can deliver a whiter, brighter light that will increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs when compared to traditional high bay lighting. Available with 104 and 128 LEDs, the XHB has a number of features that cannot be found in any other luminaire of its type: Sensors in the driver and optical unit actively monitor the luminaires running temperature, reducing the drive current in 5% steps allowing the fitting to cool should heat begin to build above its design limit. The optic is sealed to IP67, yet an innovative Teflon® breather valve eliminates pressure build up within the optical unit, preventing damage to the seals and optical array. Our patented integral single air blade heat sink does not trap dirt or debris, ensuring the performance over the life time of the luminaire. The XHB is also available with 0-10v dimming, allowing it to be interfaced to virtually any BMS or lighting control system. We only drive the XHB3 at 450mA, helping keep energy consumption to a minimum and limit the build up of heat. The housing has been designed to discourage birds from roosting. With a full 5 year warranty the XHB3 delivers the perfect combination of low energy consumption and high lumen output without the need for costly maintenance. LSii Europe, the European division of LSi International offer complete design and after sales service. For further information please contact Brian Glynn.


01403786601 | LD-SM-NM3 Surface Mounted LED emergency lighting downlight The LDE3 range of recessed LED downlights have been very successful for Emergency Lighting Products Limited but customers have asked for a self-contained unit for surface mounting direct to ceilings. Therefore, ELP has launched the LD-SM range of surface mounted, non-maintained 3Watt LED downlight units with a choice of a wide angle symmetrical lens for open areas or the assymetric ‘Corridor’ lens for escape routes. The LD-SM units utilize a neat white steel box and facia plate fitted with a standard LDE 3Watt downlight and enclosing the LDCK700S emergency driver kit to provide a discrete and attractive self-contained, 3hour duration non-maintained emergency fitting. The 145mm square x 40mm high enclosure has a rear BESA entry and 20mm knock-outs on two sides for surface conduit entry and is very simple and quick to install. With over 100Lumens output and excellent performance the LD-SM units can typically be mounted at approximately 8metre centres for open areas and 11metre centres for escape routes ensuring a cost effective installation.


LEE FILTERS +44 (0) 1264 366245

New LED Filter Range Have you ever tried using coloured lighting filter in front of a Cool White LED fitting? It ends up looking so completely different that if you did not know better you would think it was a totally different colour. The problem is made even worse when mixing Cool White LED and Tungsten sources together, trying to get a colour match from the two different sources is virtually impossible. To help fix this problem LEE Filters have launched a new range of LED Filters. These new filters when used on Cool White LED fittings (>6000K) have been specifically designed to give a visual colour match to existing LEE colours on Tungsten (3200K). Try to think of them as a range of colourcorrected colours as opposed to colours that are colour temperature corrected. To find out more about the new LEE LED Filters visit where you can see a video of lighting designer Declan Randall demonstrating them.

NVC LIGHTING 0121 457 6340 | NVC, the rapidly expanding supplier of commercial, industrial and exterior lighting to the professional sector, has just released issue 5 of its catalogue. The new catalogue is packed with NVC’s latest products, including a complete new section of LED lighting. New products include a range of LED track lighting, LED panels with DALI dimming and road lanterns with LED or Philips Cosmopolis light sources. Modular wiring has been added for the first time too, featuring a complete range of 3, 4, 5 and 6-pole systems. For your own copy, e-mail NVC on May 2012 56

11/05/2012 12:30

Full spectrum of lighting solutions. From connector to reflector, from product design to ready-to-assemble LED systems.

We offer the whole range of lighting solutions from one source. The unique Arrow line card includes both components and complete systems such as thermal management and power. We are here for you with in-depth technical knowledge and many years of experience: from lighting engineering support and product design to comprehensive systems integration services and interactive applications such as our Design Tool, which allows you to create customised LED lighting solutions. Arrow and lighting technology – simply brilliant.

You are welcome to visit us at:

13–14 June 2012 in Birmingham, Science Park Aston

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Products l commercial light & build

RIDI +44 1279 450882


Ridi makes the grade at UCL The refurbishment of the Darwin Lecture Theatre at UCL in London provides the perfect showcase for RIDI’s flagship LED downlight, the EBDTurbo. Providing general lighting in the theatre and adjacent corridors and toilets, the EBDTurbo delivers all the benefits of LED technology – durability, energy efficiency and low maintenance – alongside a high light output level and uniformity of colour to achieve a productive and sustainable environment. EBDTurbo LED incorporates an electromagnetic diaphragm that gently pulses, creating subtle air movement for a convection cooling effect. This ensures that full capacity performance is maintained, even in confined ceiling voids without natural air movement.


+44 (0) 1908 649292 | Holophane’s soak testing tackles early failure of LED light engines As part of its robust quality control procedures, Holophane subjects every LED light engine to stringent ‘soak testing’ to reduce the probability of early failure. As a result, users of Holophane LED lighting products can rely on long life with high performance and low cost of ownership. Crucially, the light engines are tested against a range of parameters addressing key performance characteristics. These include failure of LEDs or printed circuit boards, reduced lumen output and any shift in colour appearance. All electronic devices have a common failure profile whereby early failures, also known as ‘infant’ failures, can be identified and discarded. The devices that show a positive profile can then be relied upon to deliver many years of reliable performance. Holophane’s soak testing procedures subject each LED light engine to a predetermined power and ambient temperature test profile, emulating the ‘worst case’ conditions the engine will experience in a live environment. Each engine is tested over a 47 hour period, during which time it experiences the maximum ambient temperature of any product that it might be assembled into. Consequently, Holophane is able to offer its customers complete peace of mind that its LED light engines will deliver on life expectancy, light output and light quality.


01403 713670 | Nick Mailer Lighting has a wide experience of specialist lighting and crystal installations having completed many projects in the uk, europe,and throughout the world. We would be delighted to discuss your project no matter how big or small! Windfalls: Founded just 5 years ago, Roel Haagmans and Clarissa Dorn have created and overseen the installation of some of the most inspired contemporary chandeliers ever seen. Their experience has been founded with some of the great classical chandelier manufacturers over the last 15 years. The collection is constantly evolving; working in close partnership with our clients creating bespoke designs nothing is ‘set in stone’.

CC CASTRO LIGHTING Tel: +351 224 853 170

| With more than 35 years experience, CC Castro Lighting offers a wide range of products from classic to contemporary, all designed to dominate the space and providing elements of elegance, luxury and fantasy. The company pays special attention to market trends and develops and creates products that combine modern technology with quality craftsmanship, which are exclusive and produced in limited series.

58 May 2012 58

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Designers of bespoke interiors and lighting.

208 Bermondsey St, London SE1 3TQ , +44 (0)20 7378 9670,,

Tonik Advert March_to printer.in1 1

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Co Eur me oLE Sta an D 2 nd d jo 01 LE in 2 D1 us 03 on United Kingdom • USA • China • India • Czech Republic



Focus on specialist lighting


Smooth operator White Light supplied equipment to Swedish indie rock band, The Sounds’ European Tour. Lighting designer Jack Davis selected the award-winning Martin Mac Aura LED fixture, Martin Atomic strobes and an MA Lighting GrandMA2 Light console. Mac Aura, with its dual optical system formed the centrepiece of a compact, versatile rig. ‘I was trying to utilise a small amount of lights to achieve big looks,’ Davis explains. ‘The Auras more than met that goal - honestly, I never want to use another LED mover again.’ The designer praised White Light, on his first project with the company. ‘I really enjoyed White Light’s service. Everything went really smoothly, and I will definitely be giving the guys there a call in the future.’

Light as art

IN THE FOOTLIGHTS Knifedge has produced another set of dramatic theatrical projections to act as the backdrop to a major new production of Verdi’s Aida at The Royal Albert Hall. The visual effects paint evocative pictures of ancient Egypt onto huge curved gauzes, stretching around almost a quarter of the venue. The agency worked closely with set designer, Isabella Bywater and lighting designer Andrew Bridge to blend its imagery into the overall design of the show. From a technical standpoint, the rig consists of six 20K projections, driven by a Catalyst media server and run from a Hog lighting desk. Nina Dunn, lead projection designer for the show, comments: ‘From the outset, Isabella Bywater gave us a strong vision of what she was looking for from our projections, which provide half of the entire scenic design for this show. With the help of Louise Rhodes-Brown and Ilyas Khad, we’ve used a rich combination of photographic imagery, 3D renders, 2D drawings, animation and filmic effects to create the scene-setting projections.’ STRONG WORDS FROM ILP Local Authorities turning off streetlights are causing concern to the ILP. The ILP believes the cost and carbon emission reduction figures used are flawed. Authorities are required to advise energy suppliers of their load profile, which the energy tariff is based on. Where lighting is on all night, the overall tariff is low, offsetting consumption at peak hours. By changing their load profile, an authority’s average energy tariff will increase considerably, and

could negate any savings. But of greater concern is the approach adopted by authorities such as Milton Keynes, where ‘random’ switching off of lights results in highway lighting installations that conform to no recognisable standard and create potentially unsafe highways. Milton Keynes has already seen two pedestrian deaths in such poorly lit areas. These random switch-offs have caused angry residents’ demonstrations. For the first

time, affordable technology is available which allows authorities to offer variable lighting on our streets, so the ILP advises local authorities to consult with a competent lighting professional and provide lighting that meets the requirements. These flawed, short-term switch-off policies for public lighting are potentially dangerous and socially divisive and in many cases they won’t even succeed in their stated aim of saving money.

Dbn Lighting has supplied a custom LED and control solution to the Whitworth Art Gallery, for the ‘Cotton:Global Threads’ exhibition – a compelling story about the production, consumption and global trade in cotton. The work is designed by artist Liz Rideal, and involves the illumination of nine large windows on the top storey of the building, with video material from the film, Light Curtain played back via a media server, also supplied by dbn. Challenges include having to fit all the necessary LED equipment into a 30cm deep space. A number of options were explored, from which they chose the most practical and reliable, involving Chroma-Q DB4 LED battens and Chroma-Q ColorSplit fixtures – the latter offer a double bank of RGBA LEDs. There are four of each type of fixture per window. The ColorSplits are positioned on the ledge with diffuser lenses lighting the lower half of the surface area. They are focussed and angled to minimise any hot spot areas. The DB4s are rigged onto crucifix shaped pieces of scaffolding, and highlight the top half of the window. The metalwork is propped into the window area with scaffoldjacks and all contained within the 30 cm depth of the window frame.

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INTO LIGHTING WORLD Slovak producer of luminaries OMS has developed unique lighting quality standard that wants to change the way of illumination forever lars from the criteria well known in the lighting Close your eyes and imagine a system that is able to rate each and every lighting installation. world. The remaining two creates a roof, a powNow open the eyes. LQS is an acronym denoting erful superstructure to these pillars. Together brand new lighting quality standard using obthey create an inseparable complex. Because jectively quantifiable criteria. the parts of the whole canTheir unique combination can not be perceived separately, Because the parts of the assess the level of each and only in their context. That is whole cannot be perceived every lighting product or soluthe basic philosophy of LQS. separately, only in their tion. “You can live either in the context. world of chaos or in the world And what is the purpose of order and pattern. We like of the LQS? the second one much better,” Until now there was no unisays LQS’s co-author Martin Bílek from OMS, fying system to evaluate either luminaire or Slovak producer of high-class luminaires. lighting solution with every producer having its own. Consumer can be lost in the vast array How does LQS, the new lighting quality of criteria being used. We are bringing an order standard developed by you and your emto this chaos. We want LQS to become a uniployer OMS, works? fied standard used by the whole lighting sector. We have chosen more than twenty criteria and That’s quite a bold goal. we are using them to evaluate both individual luminaires and complete lighting solutions for You might say that and you would not be wrong. different types of spaces. The result of the criBut that is the kind of attitude OMS has in its teria is the LQS Index. The higher the index is, DNA. Decade and half ago we started out from the better the lighting device or solution is for scratch. Now OMS is one of the fastest growing using in a given space. companies on the market for illumination and lighting. We have strong Research & DevelopThe slogan of LQS is The Key is 6 E’s. What ment, excellent production facilities using the does it mean? latest technologies. We compete with the best in LQS is a six part program that includes chapthis game. LQS is simply a step to the next level. ters named Ergonomics, Emotion, Ecology, Efficiency, Esprit and Exceptionality. If you imagine Find out more about company and LQS: a house, the first four chapters are strong Martin Bílek (31) is Head of Lighting Division of Research and Development Department in OMS, Slovak producer of luminaries. Despite his young age he has an excellent track record. Alongside his work in OMS he is a member of several committees and working groups on national and European level. Graduate of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of Slovak University of Technology, he closely collaborates with his alma mater.


IS 6 E ’S


Lighting truck leads through the European countries. OMS.advertorial.indd 1

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Emergency lighting maintenance at your fingertips Online inspection and maintenance software for PC, tablet or smart-phone Quick & Easy - 80% inspection work done on screen New luminaire parts & articles automatically updated Preventative maintenance alerts improve building safety




For more information on Naveo, or for a demonstration, please call 0113 281 0600 or visit

Thomas & Betts Ltd, Emergi-Lite Bruntcliffe Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS27 9LL Tel 0113 281 0600 • Fax 0113 281 0601 • Email • Web

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Focus on specialist lighting


As a nation, we Brits love a good cruise, and apparently, along with the rest of the West, we’re queuing up to book our next fortnight on the high seas. Which is very good news for the luxury shipping industry, and of course, the designers and manufacturers who create those five-star interiors, including the specialist lighting element

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Focus on specialist lighting

o the uninitiated, lighting a cruise ship is surely no different to lighting any high-class hotel – or so you’d think if you’ve been taking any notice of the recent resurgence in interest in the doomed Titanic as we mark the 100th anniversary of it’s launch and subsequent sinking. Gas lamps and Tiffany glass shades were the order of the day, it appears. In fact, the principles of lighting a cruise liner are all about power supplies and the quality of the fixtures specified. The market may be growing for these high-end vessels, but lighting them requires specialised knowledge of both the marine environment and maritime demands, so it’s essentially a niche market. Building on its experience lighting premium hotels, Chelsom has become a leading light in the the international cruise market, with an enviable list of clients including P&O, NCL, Royal Caribbean, Cunard, Fred Olsen, Carnival, SAGA, AIDA, Windstar and Disney. NAUTICAL KNOW-HOW

Understanding the demands of the maritime industry is a vital element for any lighting manufacturer or designer who’s considering moving into the cruise ship market, and Chelsom is skilled at adapting standard products to suit the seafaring environment. Working with interior designers around the world, the team takes ideas from concept to completion, and with its in-house manufacturing facilities, can produce anything from a bespoke centrepiece for a main staircase or ballroom to a large production run of reading lamps for 1000 guest cabins. Working alongside cruise specialists, McVitty Interior Consultants of London and Southampton-based Trimline, Chelsom was appointed to manufacture and supply bespoke cabin lighting across the Windstar fleet, which comprises the Wind Surf, Wind Spirit and Wind Star. Additionally, as part of the refurbishment, the company is creating public area lighting for the luxurious fleet. The cabin lighting was designed with luxury in mind, enhancing the rich interior scheme created by McVitty. The bespoke combination wall brackets, which offer general bedside illumination, together with a directional flexi-arm LED reading light, have already been supplied for Wind Surf. The classic satin brass finish of the brackets is completed by silk pebble-coloured shades. CONTINUING THE THEME

For the lounge area, the designers specified heavily ribbed blown glass table lamps in smoked grey with matching silk shades. For stability, the lamp bases were adapted so they could be securely fitted to the cabin furniture. In the reception spaces, Chelsom is putting together prototype design proposals together with McVitty Interiors for large-scale central pendants. Will Chelsom, who heads up the company’s cruise division comments: ‘We are extremely happy with the lighting products we’re supplying to the Windstar projects. In my opinion, McVItty and Trimline have created the most striking and luxurious-looking cruise ship cabins I have ever seen. ‘I am so glad that Chelsom can claim to be a part of this superb trio of refurbishment projects!’

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Focus on specialist lighting

‘The yacht has been fitted throughout with a mix of LED’s, fibre optics and tungsten halogen lamps, all controlled by Lutron’s HomeWorks lighting control solution’ Other features include the open plan salon, the dining and cocktail bar areas and the impressive library and guest spaces. Using stunning alabaster lights and chandeliers as well as LED strips, shelf lighting and illuminated side glass panels, the interior lighting has been designed to include a high level of dimmable light sources to ensure any mood can be achieved. Even the colour temperature of the lighting has been chosen to draw out the warmth of the sumptuous Keech Green-designed marble, onyx, silk and cashmere interior. Outside, the Jacuzzi, outer cocktail area, stern spiral staircase and the dive platform have all been lit for maximum impact. From the recessed LED’s in the Jacuzzi, to the underwater night-time swimming lights embedded in the hull below the dive platform, all can be controlled via a series of Lutron keypads throughout the yacht.


When bespoke interiors specialist, Keech Green and award-winning Light and Design Associates brought their combined high-end residential design experience to play on their first ever super yacht project, the end results were stunning to say the least. In fact, the resulting Heesen yacht was picked up for this year’s World Super Yacht Awards. The 49m, 499-ton, ocean-going vessel was designed by naval architect, designer, and founder of Omega Architects, Frank Laupman. Keech Green and Light and Design Associates were commissioned early on in the project. Their remit was to work closely with the owners to translate their design dreams into reality. From the outset, the owners wanted to create a sumptuous, yet flexible interior that could be transformed, using light, to suit any mood - from a cocktail party for eighty to an intimate dinner for two. The yacht has been fitted throughout with a mix of LED’s, fibre optics and tungsten halogen lamps, all controlled by Lutron’s HomeWorks lighting control solution. The end result is a dramatic statement in light that can be altered to suit any mood. PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT

Lee Prince, managing director of Light and Design Associates, explains further: ‘Lighting a super yacht was a fabulous first for me and my colleague, Torunn Saksvikronning. We wanted to bring our experience of lighting awardwinning, high-end residential installations to this super yacht to create a signature look that other yachts of its calibre just don’t have.’ Some of the restrictions that Lee and Torunn encountered were ones not normally met in residential installations. Lee continues: ‘A key decision for choosing Lutron was that we wanted to ensure after-sales support for the technology from anywhere in the world that the yacht docked. With Lutron’s global reach, this made it the perfect choice. ‘Alongside meeting the owners’ design brief, we also had to take into account the limitations of energy consumption loads, so as not to overstress the yacht’s generators. In addition, the restricted ceiling voids and the weight of all the lamps, fixtures and controls had to be taken into consideration. This led to us using light with real creativity. The end result though is a highly integrated scheme



that offers the owners total control of a wide variety of lighting scenarios both inside and out, and there isn’t a MR16 downlight in sight!’ STATEMENTS IN LIGHT

An impressive four-storey spiral staircase clad in an innovative bronze liquid metal finish has been embedded with fibre optics. Four thousand 0.5mm strands have been fitted beneath the metal, so they can’t be seen or felt. However, once ‘party’ mode is selected on Lutron’s SeeTouch keypad, the fibre optics look like bubbles coming up through the embossed reeds on the metal. A multi-layer lighting scheme has been combined with complex control programming in the master suite to create a versatile, yet dramatic environment. Fibre optics have been fitted into marine finish ceiling panels to a pre-prescribed star chart layout, which together with LED strips under the cabinets, can be altered to reflect a required ambience. In addition, LED’s have been creatively used in the master bathroom to fire narrow beams of light onto Lalique glazed doors, bringing out the beautiful patterns in the glass.

Lutron’s HomeWorks software enabled the yacht’s lighting, AV and blinds to be linked with to ensure ultimate control from anywhere on board. By using Lutron’s Sivoia QED near-silent daylight control technology, it has been possible to programme the port and starboard blinds so that they can be altered individually. Not only does this ensure perfect interior light levels can be maintained wherever the sun is in the sky, but that privacy is possible wherever the yacht is docked. Prince concludes: ‘The end result is a statement in luxury and functionality. The owner has a scheme that, thanks to Lutron’s HomeWorks system, can be altered to suit any mood. In addition, our focus on creating signature lighting pieces throughout the super yacht has led to a highly unique scheme that gives it a lighting identity that sets it apart from the competition’.

Contacts Chelsom Lutron May 2012 66

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Focus on specialist lighting

If you go down to the woods today... Forests in the English counties of Kent, Suffolk and Dorset were brought to life during the recent winter with awe-inspiring displays from White Light


ntertainment lighting specialist, White Light has spent the winter helping lighting designer Phil Supple bring light to the dark winter nights in forests around the UK, as part of Culture Creative’s Electric Forest project. This saw the transformation of the Bedgebury Pinetum and forest in Kent during October, High Lodge at Thetford in Suffolk during December and the Moors Valley Country Park and forest in Dorset during February. The Electric Forest was born out of the Northumberland Lights project, with which White Light was closely involved. Lighting designer, Phil Supple explains: ‘In the winter of 2007, the Northumberland Lights production team staged an illuminated night-time walk through the beautiful landscaped woodland of The Cragside estate’s Victorian Pinetum. Ideas for a technologically and creatively enhanced forest experience were further developed in 2008 on the shores of Northumberland’s Kielder Water. By then the production team - myself, event producer, Zoe Bottrell and her team at Culture Creative, a core team of artists and outdoor specialist technicians with technical support from White Light - had the beginnings of a plan for an event that could be transferred to different locations.

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On when you need them, Off when you don’t. Simple. 1

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Focus on specialist lighting

Right and far right: Cragside Estate (photography © John Williamson) Below: Bedgebury (photography © Rikard Österlund)

‘Our event atmosphere is based around sensitive treatment of the environment, and the trees are quite theatrical in nature, so we try to hide lighting kit as much as possible’ ‘In its present form, Electric Forest consists of a series of interventions along an accessible route of between one- and twomiles that leaves from, and returns to visitor facilities in a public recreational forest, held early evening after dark.’ The project uses lighting and sound to create spectacular visual and audio treatments to transform the experience of passing through the forest. To create each scheme, Supple follows the same approach as would be used to create a lighting design in a more traditional venue, though on a much larger scale. ‘Each design is carefully planned, costed and equipped - there is no time to stand in the woods umming-and-arring during the fit up, so after a series of planning visits, I draw a scaled plan over an Ordnance Survey map of the area so that equipment and cable lists can be generated - this is just like a traditional lighting plan, only on a much bigger piece of paper!’ The design is then installed by Supple and a team lead by production manager, Jezz Hellens using a range of equipment that is both easy to carry to and install in remote locations, and able to survive for up to three weeks outside in a British winter. ‘The Par Can is our tool of choice in all its forms,’ Supple explains, ‘and we also use, among other things, Chroma-Q Color

Punches, IP65 Encapsulite fluorescents, Source Fours, and lots of LED fairy lights.’ The most unusual part of the rig is not in the equipment but in the infrastructure. ‘We do use a quite extraordinary amount of cable!’ says Supple. He aims to ensure that visitors get to see the forest lit without seeing the equipment required to light it. ‘Our event atmosphere is based around sensitive treatment of the environment, and the trees are quite theatrical in nature, so we try to hide lighting kit as much as possible. We also avoid floodlighting principles generally, and try to keep the light out of the public’s eyes.’ His working environment is also one that Supple strives to care for as much as possible. ‘I have always tried to find and use alternatives to diesel generator power, but sadly, the bulk of the work has to be powered from conventional, super-silent event specification generators for reasons of cost, capacity and reliability - though we use very little diesel and are always rigorous in the specification, balancing and loading of the generators to get the maximum work for the minimum fuel.’ More recently, he has started using White Light’s HyLight500 hydrogen fuel cells, finding them: ‘particularly useful for illuminated signage on approach drives and access paths some distance from power sources.’

With the latest event complete, Supple is pleased with his work as he reflects on the winter just passed. ‘The Electric Forest offers a uniquely sensitive experience - the lighting and sound elements sitting in context with the environment, allowing our audiences the experience the forest at night, between and as part of our interventions. We think our work can only be enhanced by the hooting of owls and a beautiful starlit sky above, so we specifically design to allow the public to see things in this way, with minimum glare, light pollution and sound bleed between pieces. The result is a seasonal experience - but one which offers an antidote to the excesses of the season.’ The result has been enjoyed by countless visitors across the three forests - and with planning already underway for next winter, seems certain to delight many more in the years ahead.

Contacts The Electric Forest Culture Creative Light Refreshment White Light

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Products l Specialist light & build

FOCUS SB Tel: 01424 858060 |

AURORA 01727 836611 | Aurora’s LED flat panels can be colour temperature adjusted Aurora’s wide range of edge-lit LED light panels are suitable for use in office and commercial ceilings and can now be colour temperature adjusted to range from 2700K (warm) to 6500K (cool). They can be surface mounted or suspended via an optional suspension kit. Manufactured using optical polycarbonate for even light distribution, recessed versions are back-lit for maximum lumen output while suspended versions, offering up and down lighting, are edge-lit allowing a lower profile. • Dimmable (1-10V), CTA and emergency versions are also available. • All products have a 50,000 hour lamp life and offer a 5 year guarantee. Aurora’s wide range of edge-lit LED light panels is suitable for use in recessed or suspended ceilings and can now be colour temperature adjusted.

Focus SB re-launches range designed for contractors Electrical accessories manufacturer Focus SB has re-launched its Solutions ranges of electrical accessories with Crabtree interiors. These are competitively priced to meet the day-to-day needs of electrical contractors. The UK-manufactured ranges offer an array of lighting and socket plate designs to complement the décor of modern stylish homes, elegant period properties and commercial interiors, and each product is supplied along with the necessary technical requirements and support to make installation an easy and straightforward process. Produced and hand finished to the same exacting standards as all of the Focus SB ranges, the Solutions collection also features alternative but equally reliable inserts, aimed at helping to keep costs down for contractors. Roger Kemp, Managing Director of Focus SB, explains that the company has been dedicated to the manufacture of electrical accessories for more than 30 years: “Manufactured in Sussex, our plates are hand-finished by our skilled craftspeople to ensure a product that is both functional and beautiful, as well as made to last a lifetime. “We are keen to work closely with contractors and to assist them with our product offering,” he continues, “and so we hope that the Cheltenham, New Lincoln, Newbury and Worcester ranges from the Solutions collection – designed with the contractor in mind – will demonstrate that commitment and build strong working relationships.” Furthermore, the Solutions range allows for the manufacture of bespoke products to meet contractors’ needs. There is no minimum order charge, no gaskets are required and delivery is free to mainland UK. For further information, please visit www.focus-sb. or telephone the sales office on 01424 858060 for a free brochure.


01462 490066 | Energy saving Casell spiral compact fluorescents Casell brand lamps are exclusively manufactured for The Lamp Company and offer excellent quality at affordable prices. Our Casell 240v 30w compact spiral energy saving lamp is the perfect replacement for a 150w incandescent lamp and could reduce your energy consumption by up to 30%. With a life span of approximately 8,000 hours and an output of 1,700 lumens these lamps combine both efficiency and high quality light output, making them ideal for home and business use. The lamps measure 60x151mm are cool daylight in colour and available as BC or ES.


0845 408 4625 | Megaman will be introducing a selection of LED products, including the LED G4 and G9 series of energy saving halogen alternatives for chandeliers and crystal fittings, which have been designed to replicate the sparkly effect of halogen. The company’s next generation LED AR111 lamps, which offer all round performance with a similar footprint to its forerunner, the halogen AR111, will also be highlighted at the event.

72 May 2012 72

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One corridor – one sensor!  Centrally mounted  Adjustable Lux and time controls  Surface or flush fitting  Up to 40 m coverage  Remote control versions also available





Indoor 180-R/2W-UK

PD4-GH 1

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Products l Specialist light & build



01926 833455 |

01932 841600

The Jessica Range from Selux: Adaptable and Sustainable Lighting for Roads, Streets and Car-Parks. The new Jessica collection of road and area lanterns from Selux offers a highly sustainable, efficient and versatile solution for all outdoor lighting applications, from car-parks and industrial areas and residential streets to trunk roads. All Jessica lanterns are ‘flat glass’ to avoid upwards light pollution and minimise light nuisance. Jessica is available in two sizes – the 600 and 800 – and comes with a range of light sources, including SON, metal halide, compact fluorescent, Cosmo and innovative, energy-saving LEDs. Made in highgrade aluminium, stainless steel and with toughened glass covers, all Jessica lanterns are IP65-rated and their simple one-handed toggle-clamp opening system makes for quick tool-less maintenance. The smaller Jessica 600 lantern, for mounting heights from four to ten metres, takes SON lamps from 70-150W, HIT-CE lamps from 35-150W and 45-140W Cosmo variants – all combined with Medio high performance mirror reflectors. It also has a high-power 84W LED option, which uses the Selux High Comfort Butterfly reflector system. All LED variants can be switched and dimmed using a 1-10V integral interface in the driver, to create various energy-saving, part-night lighting options. The larger Jessica 800 can be mounted at six, seven or eight metres and comes with 40, 55 and 80W linear TC-L light sources. The 80W option will replace the old twin 58W T5 configuration with no loss of illumination or uniformity. Jessica 800 also has a 105W high-power LED variant, which can again be dimmed or part-night switched, in line with contemporary public lighting regimes. In addition to the normal lateral mounting arm, Jessica 800 can also be mounted.

As the company that ‘lit the Louvre’ earlier this year, Toshiba has proved it’s at the forefront of the LED revolution, so it’s the place to go to see the latest innovations, including the DL 3000 and DL 6000 collections. Product manager, Edward Lees says: ‘We have a number of new products to announce, and will have exciting displays of indoor, domestic and commercial, industrial and outdoor lighting. While the event is obviously a great networking opportunity, it’s also the perfect platform to educate end-users on our history, pedigree and expertise in this field - and of course the benefits of LED lighting and promoting progress in this innovative lighting technology.’

ARTISTIC LICENCE ENGINEERING Tel: +44 (0)20 88 63 45 15

AURORA 01727 836611 | Aurora downlight with Colour Xchange alters an environment’s mood New from Aurora comes an integrated 10W LED luminaire with ‘Colour Xchange’ technology. This enables the downlight‘s colour temperature to be adjusted from 3000K (warm) through to 6400K (cool), allowing the user to completely change an environment’s mood. Aurora’s award-winning AU-DLED801 features a COB light engine and can be linked with the AU-DLED801C LED colour mixing controller, allowing up to 100 interconnected downlights to be controlled simultaneously – ideal for retail applications. Each luminaire comes with a 3 year guarantee or life to 70% lumen maintenance 30,000 hours. Available in matt white or satin silver.


dVnet is a digital video to network converter designed for retail and architectural applications where a media facade or light sculpture is to be controlled by video, without a complex media server. Housed in a 19-inch rack case, dVnet converts video creations to light with less than ten mouse clicks required to render video to a media wall. Digital video inputs are provided in both DVI and HDMI formats. dVnet can playback video clips loaded onto its internal hard drive via a play list manager. Output is via a gigabit network connection with both Art-Net 3 and sACN protocol support. May 2012 74

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Cords and Cables Ltd - Taking the Lead Importers, Distributors & Manufacturers Unit Q1, Hawthorn Industrial Estate, Middlemore Road, Birmingham B21 0BH Fax: 0121 523 9531 Tel: 0121 523 2574



Switches & Cord Sets


The Full Range Ex-stock.

Inline cord sets made to order. White, black, gold, transparent, green, yellow, red and more.

Plugleads & powercords made to order. White, black, gold, transparent, green, yellow, red and more.

Cord sets with

Euroleads - White, black, gold & transparent

Prewired inline foot switches made to order. White, black, gold & transparent

FIBRE BRAIDED cable 2 & 3 core

FIBRE BRAIDED cable 2 & 3 core - Twisted and Round

Inline switches - the full range 4.136 Schuko


Inline foot switches. White, black, gold & transparent

Push switch for


Printed circuit boards. 1

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Lighting controls you can rely on

Clearly Different

DANLERS high quality products are ideal for the automatic control of lighting, heating, ventilation or air conditioning loads. All products are easy to install using the existing wiring, so there is no need for a specialist installer - saving time and money. Special versions of products are available, on request, for integrating into BMS applications or for low voltage installations. All DANLERS products are UK manufactured, come with a 5 year warranty and are ideal for: • OFFICES • SCHOOLS & COLLEGES • HOTELS • HOSPITALS • FACTORIES • CORRIDORS • TOILETS • STUDENT ACCOMMODATION • STAIRWELLS • MANY OTHER APPLICATIONS

The Prism and Prism II (screwless) Clear Acrylic ranges from Focus SB allow your chosen finish to shine through giving a high class finish to your interior.

For information or a free catalogue please contact: DANLERS Limited, Vincients Road, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 6NQ. Telephone: 01249 443377. Fax: 01249 443388. E-mail: SEE US AT


No minimum order

Bespoke service

Tel: 01424 858060

w w w. d a n l e r s . c o . u k

GREENBUILD (Manchester) or NEMEX (Birmingham) in May 2012

Professional, quality lighting installations for the retail industry.

Lighting Not to your liking, too bright or do you FED UP WITH YOUR FLOURESCENTS! need to bring some colour into your life?

NEED REDUCE GLARE! Lighting TO Not to your liking,THAT too bright or do you LOOKING CREATE MOOD LIGHTING! need TO to bring some colour into your life?

One of the largest Cold Cathode manufacturers in the UK.

Hotels • Airports • Shopping complexes • Retail parks • Night clubs & Bars • Casinos Cinemas • Theatres • Restaurants • Cruise ships • Plus many more applications…

Then Transformation Tubes have the answer. We are able to supply filterTRANSFORMATION sleeves to fit T4, T5, T8 or T12 fluorescent TUBES TRANSFORMATION tubes and PL lamps. The sleeves areTUBES available in 20 stock Filter sleeves for for fluorescent tubes standard tubes colours and 100’s of other variations to special order. Filter sleeves fluorescent tubesconvert convert standard tubes into a rainbow of colours.

CORRECTIVE FILTERS: into a rainbow of colours. Transformation Tubes Many ourcost customers have installed new the filter sleeves are a cost The of cost effective way totocreate ideal environment, The effective way create the ideal environment, led lighting and found that they are too effective way in breathing be itdecorative, for decorative, protectiveand andcorrective corrective purposes. be it for protective purposes. bright and create a harsh white light or are new life into your existing unhappy withfilter the Ultra violet emissions from lighting orT4, creating that T12 Colorap sleeves are manufactured to fit Colorap filter sleeves are manufactured to fit T4,T5, T5,T8, T8, T12 fluorescent tubes. Transformation tubes ideal ambience. We are also and now compacts in various lengths. andare now lengths. corrective filters ablecompacts to reduce the in various able to supply the filter gel glare, brightness andservice if required either sheet or roll form A prompt is the ourultra standard,innot our objective. A prompt oura standard, not our violet emissions service helping to is create healthy allowing youobjective. to customise environment for both staff and customers. it to your own fittings.

We provide a nationwide service and carry out installations in Europe and the Middle East.

Tel: 01737 373483 Tel:Email: 01737 373483 Email:

Kemps Architectural Lighting Ltd Unit 2 Matrix Court, Middleton Grove, Leeds LS11 5WB tel +44(0)113 271 5777 fax +44(0)113 271 5666 email

Web: kemps_total_retail_PRESS.indd 1 1 76

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28/09/2007 16:26:32

28/10/2011 11:28 14/05/2012 10:39

Unrivalled service, knowledge and choice

the LAMP company

We stock over 30,000 different types of lamps, batteries and control gear including our own range of Casell brand products.

The Casell range includes:

 Reflectors



 Energy saving candle, GLS,  Halogens  Fluorescents Spiral and PAR lamps

Tel: 01462 490066

Fax: 01462 491166

Email: Twitter: @thelampcompany

Facebook: @thelampcompany

ELP — Maxim LED Exit Sign Luminaires

Seamless Recessed Professional Designed to fit within a ceiling or wall recess using the OSRAM LUMILUX® SEAMLESS HE or HO Lamps

Bright, efficient and neatly unobtrusive


 315mm  Manufactured in the UK using only quality materials

PJR Engineering Ltd. Collingbourne Ducis, Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 3EH Tel:01264 850763 77

wide ‘picture frame’ appearance

Miro Reflector ®

Low energy < 8watts


15 x High Intensity White LEDs

Long life — 50,000 hours

Emergency Lighting Products Limited Parbrook House, Gillmans Industrial Estate, Billingshurst, West Sussex, RH14 9EZ Tel: +44 1403 786601 Fax: +44 1403 786602

14/05/2012 10:39

The Gobo Collection

Steel Collection Gobos Project images and patterns onto walls, floors and ceilings with LEE Filters gobos. Great for creating both dramatic and subtle effects, the LEE range of steel gobos has over 1,000 different designs for you to choose from. Used by architects and lighting designers around the world in shopping malls, offices, restaurants, clubs, bars and hotel buildings, gobos allow you to add creativity to any internal or external lighting scheme.

Custom Gobos Project your own design, company logo, artwork or picture with LEE Filters Custom Gobos. Available in steel and glass.

To view the full range of LEE gobo designs visit For further details about LEE Filters Custom Gobos call +44 (0) 1264 366245 or email

5413 LF_GoboQR_178x127.indd 1

24/04/2012 16:37

Encouraging sustainable lighting design ■ High efficiency (70lm/W) in 4000, 5000

and daylight CCT options

■ Fits 15mm and 24mm T-bar installations ■ DALI+ and 1-10V dimming to 0.3% as


■ Very low glare to meet LG7 requirements ■ Unique, high quality homogenous light

distribution ■ Excellent ROI compared to other LED fixtures ■ Elumdat files available on request ■ Options include 30W, 35W, 40W and air-handling options

Suite 5, Birch House, Birch Lane Business Park, Birch Lane, Aldridge, West Midlands, WS9 0NF. T: +44 (0)1922 457712 F: +44 (0)1922 457056 E: W: 78

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

03/05/2012 16:02

FE3815 - Press Ads - 210x143.5:FORGE EUROPA



Page 2

Whatever your lighting requirements, Forge Europa deliver high quality, value for money, energy saving LED lighting solutions.To find out more, speak to our experts. CUSTOM LUMINAIRE DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE




Tel: +44 (0)1229 580000 S Lilley Hpage April 11 FINAL.pdf






S Lilley is the leading UK manufacturer of lampholders and lighting components. Our large stocks ensure rapid deliveries of your requirements. We have a full manufacturing capability to produce custom designed components in both pressed and turned formats, which will give your luminaire that individual unique attraction. A friendly family business with a professional approach, where our quality is assured by both LA Code of Practice and BSI Quality accreditation. A copy of our 2011 catalogue can be downloaded from our web-site or a printed copy is available on request 79

03/05/2012 16:02





Welcome to the Lilley website. S Lilley & Son were f ounded in circa 1840 manufacturing components for the then booming Railway industry.

The Emergi-Lite portfolio from Thomas & Betts delivers a highly versatile choice of emergency lighting and fire detection products and systems for a wide range of applications. Our aim is to enable customers to achieve the maximum benefit in investment, whilst keeping the protection and safety of human life paramount. TEL: +44 (0)113 281 0600 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Bruntcliffe Lane, Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9LL. UK

Pace Uk, LED Design and LED Manufacture with 10 years experience in designing LED products, we can offer our customers a fast turn around on prototype designs. We also have access to all key manufacturers of high flux LEDs. We specialise in producing cost effective design solutions, believing that price of product is always important. TEL: 01934 733121 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: The Rising, The Square, Axbridge, Somerset, BS26 2AP




Iberian lighting Ltd, A dynamic company based in Southern England and conveniently within easy reach of London. We take your bespoke lampshade designs from concept to a carefully designed ready to hang commercial finished product.

2012 has seen the official launch of our luminaire design department. We have 30 years experience within the emergency lighting industry, and with the vast advances in lighting design, due to the growth in LED technologies, it has been a natural progression to utilise our experience and resources to now offer our clients a one stop solution for bespoke design and manufacture. TEL: 01376 331515 WEB: EMAIL: ADDRESS: The Old Power Station, Lakes Road, Braintree, Essex, CM7 3QS

NVC Lighting Limited is the UK subsidiary of NVC Lighting Technology, the largest lighting manufacturer in China. We supply commercial, industrial, amenity and exterior lighting to electrical wholesalers across the UK and Ireland. NVC Lighting Ltd is based in Birmingham and employs about 70 staff. Full service: we have experienced sales engineers covering the entire country and we offer a free lighting design service. TEL: +44 (0)121 457 6340 WEB: EMAIL: ADDRESS: NVC Lighting Limited, NVC Park 201, Hollymoor Way, Rubery, Birmingham B31 5HE




Cooper Lighting and Safety manufacture a comprehensive range of mains and emergency lighting solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Based in Doncaster, UK, Cooper Lighting and Safety is an operating business of Cooper Safety, a division of Cooper Industries. We are able to provide a wide range of products, services and support to our customers. TEL: 01302 321541 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Wheatley Hall Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN2 4NB

Recolight is a not-for-profit, producer-led compliance scheme. We specialise in the recycling all lamps covered by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations. Established by the by lighting industry in 2007, we now have over 90 producer members. Recolight offers specialist lamp recycling services, advice and support to help all parties in the supply chain recycle their lamps as simply and efficiently as possible. TEL: 0800 601 7749 EMAIL: WEB:

When it comes to lighting components, lighting management systems and LEDs, it’s not just luminaire manufacturers and lighting designers that rely on Tridonic’s expertise. Growing numbers of end users, designers, electricians and architects are realising that energy efficiency, reliability and quality also pay off when it comes to the individual components of their lighting installations. TEL: +43 5572 395-0 EMAIL: ADDRESS: Tridonic GmbH & Co KG, Färbergasse 15 6851 Dornbirn, Austria




Emergency lighting products limited (elp) is a small and focused UK manufacturing company dedicated to providing superior service and products to all customers requiring Emergency Lighting Equipment and Emergency Lighting Conversion services.

For over twenty years, the Lamp Company has provided lighting from the smallest wire terminal to rare specialist lamps, plus batteries and control gear - with over 30,000 different product lines and all major brands, we offer unrivalled service, knowledge and choice.

LED Modules & Power Supplies Energy Saving Lamps Ballasts & Transformers Dimmers Switches & Accessories

TEL: 01403 786601 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Unit 9 Gillmans Industrial Estate, Natts Lane, Billingshurst, West Sussex, RH14 9EZ

TEL: 01462 490066 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Unit 4 Ashville Trading Estate, Royston Road, Baldock, Hertfordshire SG7 6NN

TEL: 01933 271472 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Unit 4, Stanton Close, Finedon Road Industrial Estate, Wellingborough, NN8 4HN

S Lilley & Sons TEL: 0121 622 2385 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: 80 Alcester Street, Birmingham B12 0QE

TEL: 01424 428 161 WEB: ADDRESS: Design & Innovation Center Drury Lane St Leonards on Sea East Sussex TN38 9XP

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Glass diffusion filters available in custom shapes and sizes

Glass dichroic colour correction filters available in custom shapes and sizes

To advertise here contact Andrew stratton

LEE Filters offer a wide LED LIGHTING range of products to help control and correct different light sources. Visit our website for further details. Inlico are established distributors of lighting components and accessories. Our product range includes: lampholders, switches and dimmers, plugs, cable and cordsets, as well as plastic and metal parts and UL-approved components. We also operate a product labelling service for luminaires. TEL: 0121 359 8585 EMAIL: leefilters.dec.indd 1 WEB: 5020 LF_Arch_Ad_CC_178x127.indd 1 ADDRESS: 268-270 Hospital Street, Newtown, Birmingham, B19 2YF



Warming filters for LED lamps



Louvres available in custom

BEG Luxomat® is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of ocshapes sizes cupancy sensors, withand the largest range of products available in the UK. The products are easy to install, such as separate mounting plates for the surface products and with our remote control you can set the controls from the ground. With over 30 years in providing sensor solutions for saving energy and providing control, you can be confident that our products will provide the performance that you require.

LEE Filters, Building on our experience in film and television lighting, LEE Filters have introduced a range of lighting filter products specifically designed for use in the entertainment, sales@leefi leisure and architectural industries.

+44 (0) 1264 366245

TEL: 0870 850 5412, EMAIL:

TEL: 01264 366245 22/11/2011 11:00 WEB: 17/05/2011 14:16 ADDRESS: Central Way, Walworth Industrial Estate Andover, Hampshire, SP10 5AN




Simpson Springs produce various Light Strip Pressings, Contacts, Cleats, Washers, PCB Component Retaining Clips etc. manufactured in various materials and forms to customer requirements. Material thickness in volume quantities from 0.1625mm to 1.5mm thick; small batches quantities in up to 3.25mm thick material. TEL: +44 (0)118 978 6573 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Unit 1, Latimer Road Industrial Estate, Latimer Road, Wokingham, Berkshire. RG41 2YD

Welcome to the Lilley website. S Lilley & Son were f ounded in circa 1840 manufacturing components for the then booming Railway industry.

Delmatic are leading international suppliers of integrated lighting and energy management solutions and have been designing and manufacturing advanced systems since 1959.




Ark Lighting ‘Delivers Lighting Solutions’. Our extensive range of cost effective, well designed lighting products include LED and HID lighting solutions for road and area, Architectural and Decorative, sports, traffic and Industrial applications. We can also assist with any bespoke lighting product requirements. TEL: 01226 320737 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: McGann House, Chesham Rd, Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Display Lighting is a specialist UK manufacturer and supplier of LED, low voltage and mains voltage lighting systems for a wide variety of applications. Display Lighting is established as a key player within the UK display lighting industry, offering innovative, attractive, reliable lighting solutions to an array of discerning clients worldwide.

Nu-era lighting is an independently owned and directed business, providing a comprehensive range of industrial and commercial luminaires to suit a variety of applications. This is complimented by a full in house emergency conversion facility led by our dedicated ICEL accredited specialists.

TEL: 0161 207 3355 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Cedar Technology Centre, Atlantic Street Altrincham, Cheshire WA14 5DZ

TEL: 01376 515937 FAX: 01376 515926 EMAIL: ADDRESS: Unit A, Eastways, Witham, Essex, CM8 3YQ




Light Spark are competitive LED specialists, supplying high performance low wattage floodlights and downlights to the trade.

UK agents for Hagner lightmeters, our range of luxmeters can measure 0.01 – 199,900 lux. All detectors are Vλ filtered & cosine corrected, and the instrument is delivered fully calibrated. We also supply luminance meters, combination meters and special detectors.

The ultimate in Quality Garden Lighting We pride ourselves on our stunning range of period Garden Lamp posts, Lanterns and matching accessories. Our range is vast, with fabulous collections and matching accessories to transform your garden or grounds. Strong, solid construction, high grade materials, and skilled craftsmen combine to give a lifelong, lasting product.

TEL: 07900 571022 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: PO Box 210 Havant Hampshire PO9 9BT

TEL: 0800 975 5717 WEB: ADDRESS: Whitehall, Aston, Oswestry, Shropshire SY11 4JH

TEL: 0845 689 0043 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: The Thorne, Ninfield Road, Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex TN39 5JG

S Lilley & Sons TEL: 0121 622 2385 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: 80 Alcester Street, Birmingham B12 0QE

TEL: 020 8987 5900 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: The Powerhouse, Power Road, Chiswick, London, W4 5PY

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Focus on specialist lighting

SIX OF THE BEST… John Cullen has developed a new range of products to take garden lighting to a new level, while making the most of the latest energy-saving technology. • The new LED fittings – Torino, Richmond, and Kensington – are the big brothers of Lucca, Hampton and Kew, producing up to eight times more light, making them ideal for larger, more established gardens. Recreating the warm white light of traditional halogen bulbs, they add an element of magic to any garden – turning it into a dramatic and attractive feature.

Electric wonderland

Outdoor lighting made easy, with tips from Sally Storey, design director of John Cullen Lighting ssuming this interminably cold spring weather ever loosens its grip, we’ll all be soaking up the warm evenings with impromptu barbeques and drinks parties that last long into the evening. All very well, but wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the evening with something more illuminating than a citronella candle, and possibly extend the season – even through glass - by lighting the garden all year? Sally Storey shows us how:

1. Remember that a little light goes a long way at night. Use lighting selectively and remember that darkness can be used to conceal less attractive areas. 2.The key to successful garden lighting is flexibility. Spiked fittings, which can be easily moved to suit the changing seasons and planting growth are ideal. A mini 1w LED spiked spotlight and a mini directional 1w spiked floodlight allow you to light your garden with as little as 60w of light in total – so you don’t need to feel guilty about energy consumption. For larger gardens the 8w versions are an ideal solution.


3. Lighting can turn steps into a feature and make them safer. A single watt LED external fitting recessed into the side of the step wall, is ideal. For a simple, yet contemporary solution, use rows of nightlights in small glass holders, which provide a pretty way to emphasise a staircase or low-level wall. 4. Consider using similar 1w LEDs to uplight a wall or the side of a single pot. Good lighting combines fixed lighting elements with flexible spiked lights that can be rearranged to light seasonal plants.

5. Most garden light fittings are black but olive green blends into the garden better. Copper fittings can also be good as they patinate to a neutral green colour with age. 6. When mounted high in a tree as a downlight to provide pools of light at the base, bronze fittings blend in well with the colour of most tree trunks.  For a pretty effect in your trees, grouped Starlighters suspended at random in groups of three or five create a twinkling effect. 7. Moving water is a wonderful medium to light, as the refraction

• The LED Richmond is a directional spiked floodlight, which also produces the equivalent of 50w using only 8w. It creates a wider wash of light and is particularly suitable for large scale planting features, and its olive green finish makes it blend in well with its surroundings. Richmond can be easily moved to suit the changing seasons and planting growth, ensuring that your garden lighting is perfect at any time of the year. • The LED Kensington is an 8w spiked spot, ideal for highlighting focal points in a garden, such as a statue or feature tree. It also has a flexible spiked fitting, making it easy to move around the garden. • Kensington and Richmond are designed to provide an ideal combination of tools to tackle most garden lighting needs. • The LED Torino comes with a choice of three beam widths (10°, 26° and 36°), allowing this recessed light to multi-task by sending a wash of light across steps, skimming up a wall or alternatively uplighting a single tree. At 8w to 12w, depending on the beam width, Torino comes in marine grade stainless steel and produces the same amount of light as a traditional 50w lamp.

creates patterns, which reflect on the surrounding area. For ease, use a simple underwater spotlight under a water flow. Alternatively, consider using fibre optics within water jets to create a magical candlelight effect or add fibres set into the base of a water feature at random – appearing as stars. 8. When lighting outside living spaces, make sure wall lights complement, rather than detract from lighting in the rest of the garden. Wall mounted up/downlights can be dramatic while LED wall lanterns will create a soft solution. May 2012 82

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Commercial, Industrial, Amenity and Emergency Lighting Solutions

nu-era lighting ltd. Units A and C, Eastways Industrial Estate Eastways, Witham, Essex CM8 3YQ

Tel: 01376 515 937 Fax: 01376 515 926 Email: Nuera.fp.jan.indd 1

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Total Lighting May 2012  

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Total Lighting May 2012  

May's issue of Total Lighting Magazine