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P E O P L E 09 Comment

Editor, Gill Anderson discusses lighting, and more…

11 News and diary

News, appointments & diary dates for the month ahead

12 Interview – Through the

Kevan Shaw shares his thoughts on lighting design Kerry Sheehan, head of Mitie’s national mobile services

E N E R G Y E F F I C I E N T 19 News 21 A sporting chance

Taking action to reduce the cost of lighting sport

25 Case study – Upstage upgrade

41 News 43 Supermarket sweep

Upgrading a Norwegian theatre


For every in-store department, there’s a light source that just works

47 Case study – Convenient journey

looking glass

69 10 minutes with ….


A retrofit Led project for Spar stores in NI and Scotland

SPECIALIST 51 News 53 Building blocks

Light+Building 2014

Manchester’s new apart-hotel

56 Case study – Break away

EVENT 61 News 63 Bright sparks

Prolight + Sound 2014

The Cheapside Hoard on display at the Museum of London

66 Case study – All that glisters

29 News 31 One foot in the past

Old buildings in new clothes

A local authority moves to all-LED street lighting

35 Case study – Social savings | M A R C H 2 0 1 4 9

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Can you believe it’s officially – almost - spring? It seems a mere blink of an eye since we were bemoaning the coming of long nights, the need for more and more lights to be switched on earlier and earlier in the day, and living life in perpetual gloom (OK, I concede that may just have been me).

Cover image: Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford, courtesy of Hoare Lea Lighting


Gillian Anderson Design/production

Heather Rugeley Web development manager

Mitchell Finlay Sales manager

Damien Ward Managing director

Stuart McCreery

Well, this month sees the clocks changing as we metaphorically leap forward into the new season, with the promise of renewal (and hopefully some warmer,dryer days and lighter nights) ahead. The casual observer may be forgiven for thinking that means a downturn up ahead for the lighting world, but if the news arriving at TL is any indicator, the industry is forging ahead with more and more exciting projects, both here in the UK and of course, overseas. And long may it continue! We understand how difficult it is for those courageous types who agree to open their diaries, lives and often, their innermost thoughts and secrets to us, and yet again, we’re grateful to them all. In particular, this month, we’re delighted that Kevan Shaw C.Eng MILP, lighting design director of KSLD, and current holder of the Lighting Designer of the Year Award, has agreed to take time out of his extremely busy schedule to share some of his thoughts on the lit environment, and how we can make it better. In addition to Kevan’s interview, in this issue we’re going to be looking at lighting historic buildings – always a sensitive job, but when it’s done well, it can really breathe new life into a stately pile, as Hoare Lea Lighting’s Simon Dove explains on p31. For anyone who’s time-poor at the moment, a round up of what to see – or what you’ll miss – at this month’s Prolight + Sound (yes, it’s being held a month earlier than usual this year!), and Light + Building exhibitions. Two very different event certainly, but both well worth a visit. Until next month … Gillian Anderson | editor

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IT’S A DATE... Ecobuild 4-6 March 2014, ExCeL, London


Prolight+Sound 12-15 March 2014, Exhibition Centre, Frankfurt, Germany

Light+Building 30th March - 4th April 2014 Exhibition Centre, Frankfurt, Germany www.light-building.

Hong Kong International Lighting Fair - Spring 6-9 April 2014, HK Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

May Design Series/ The ARC Show 18-20 May 2014, ExCeL, London

Index 19-22 May 2014 Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 9-12 June 2014, Pazhou Complex, Guanghou, China www.light-building.

WHEN SPEED COUNTS National Lighting, which offers lighting products to the trade, has launched a new website – - with a ‘click and collect’ option on more than 4,000 lighting and electrical products. The company believes its new site is faster, easier to navigate, and provides a better and quicker shopping service for its customers. The site offers an advanced search system, with one-click access to specific product categories with full technical details, images and specifications. A quick view capability gives swift access to product detail.

From left to right; Anne Johnston, Tony Smith, Alison Preston, Stewart Langdown

Industry veteran, Anne Johnston has joined Pete’s Big TVs. Based in the New York/TriState area, Johnston will serve the company’s equipment rental clients in the concert touring, TV and special/ corporate events market. Johnston had worked in a similar role as VP of marketing at Production Resource Group (PRG), where she looked after lighting, video, audio, LEDs, rigging and automation. For Johnston, the move takes her full circle back to her early days in projection, when friendships were formed with Peter Daniel and Guy Benjamin, she said. ‘I’ve known both Pete and Guy since we worked together on the Rolling Stones’ Steel Wheels tour in 1989 and then Guy and I worked together for several years at Production Arts. I’ve always admired the way Pete ran his business and it is great to be working with friends,’ she said. Company president, Peter Daniel commented: ‘We have a long history of working with Anne on many projects while she was with Production Arts, and later PRG. That history,

along with her reputation in the industry, made this opportunity an easy choice. We definitely need the help and are thrilled to have her as an integral part of our team.’ Zeta Specialist Lighting has appointed Tony Smith as account manager and Alison Preston as marketing assistant, signalling its commitment to invest in sales and marketing as part of an aggressive three-year growth plan. Both Smith and Preston will report directly to sales and marketing director, Adrian Dennis, who joined the Bicester-based developer and manufacturer of LED and solar powered lighting solutions in December. His brief was to build and lead the sales and marketing teams, leverage the brand equity and accelerate sales growth. Smith has 30 years’ experience in the lighting industry, having worked with Thorlux, Cooper Lighting and more recently, DFX Technology. Commenting on his appointment, he said: ‘I believe Zeta Specialist Lighting has

one of the most innovative and compelling offerings within this industry and with growth firmly on the agenda, it’s an exciting time to join the team.’ Preston makes the move from marketing and PR agency, Manor Marketing. She said: ‘We have an exciting 12 months ahead and I look forward to shaping and driving marketing strategy to support our growth plans.’ Mackwell has announced the appointment of Stewart Langdown as business development manager. With more than 20 years’ experience in the lighting industry working with control systems, components and luminaires, Langdown is expected to help the company fulfil its desire to attract new markets. Known for his work with various committees, Langdown commented on the post, saying: ‘The next few years will represent a new horizon in the products offered by Mackwell, and my wealth of knowledge and expertise will assist in delivering exciting new products and ventures.’

CHARITABLE THOUGHTS Rosco CEO, Mark Engel has presented Light Relief with a cheque from the proceeds of the company’s 313 Light Relief Yellow colour filter. The cheque for $3,026, was presented to Light Relief co-founder, Rick Fisher, and brings the total raised by the company to more than $31,000 to date. Engel had this to

say about Rosco’s continuing support of the organisation established to support entertainment technicians in times of hardship: ‘When we introduced Rosco’s Supergel 313 Light Relief Yellow in 2004, you were quoted as saying “I wanted the Light Relief Yellow to be a warm, late afternoon, sunny colour,” which seems to me the

perfect sentiment for this colour and this charity – a comforting ray of light when it’s needed most. ‘Thank you to every designer who uses Supergel 313 on stage for helping us help our community offstage. Light Relief Yellow 313 was created by Fisher on behalf of the charity; the objective being threefold - to offer

additional exposure to the endeavour, to provide a revenue stream for it, and to offer a useful yellow colour filter for designers. He explained: ‘Knowing that we have regular donations, such as this from Rosco, enables Light Relief to respond swiftly to those who need our help - and sometimes our help is needed extremely quickly.’ | M A R C H 2 0 1 4 11

25/02/2014 17:51


Through the looking glass TL welcomes the very talented Kevan Shaw C.Eng MILP, lighting design director of award-winning KSLD, to share his thoughts on the lit environment

M A R C H 2 014

| 12

26/02/2014 11:43


Kevan Shaw is very much a self-starter with a brilliant talent for lighting design, who seems to know how to light a subject by instinct. Growing up in an artistic home has obviously affected the way he sees light and colour, and how it transforms everyday materials – and he has honed his natural flair and skills to become one of the most respected and admired lighting designers in the UK today. Shaw’s father was an artist, working in (amongst other mediums) stained glass, and he agrees he ‘definitely assimilated some knowledge of light and colour through seeing him working in the studio, which was in the house we lived in.’ Studying light through photography, both practically and reading, culminated in a Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society. Shaw said: ‘Photography provided me with a good discipline in understanding relative quantities of light, contrast and composition all things that have informed my architectural design practice’. What was your first job? KS: Do you mean working in a toyshop at age of 17 or the first lighting job? The latter was working on a show called Microcosm, which was live performance painting on a water table by one of my father’s colleagues, John Kingsley Cook, at the Edinburgh College of Art. That was when I was still at school, so I guess around 1970.

So how did you first become interested in lighting design, and what was the overriding factor that drew you to it? KS: I became involved with stage lighting at university, where we used to light the bands who played on Saturday night, a couple of discos each week, and anything else that required stage lighting. When I graduated, the band that played the graduation ball offered me a gig as a roadie doing lighting and drum tech. I think the emerging art of rock and roll lighting was what drew me in. It was a real performance art in those days!

When and why did you decide to launch KSLD? Has it been easier to create what you want working for yourself, or can running the business mean you wouldn’t necessarily take chances? KS: I finally decided to set up KSLD in 1988 for a number of reasons. Firstly,

I really believed that independent professional lighting design was important, and wanted to be very clear that I was separate from any supply or manufacturing. I also wanted to return home to Edinburgh after about 17 years away. Being the business owner allows me to take risks in design and to do jobs that are appealing but may not really have sufficient return for the amount of work required. Generally things have worked out pretty well, I have had some really fun jobs, and some very challenging ones but none that I hide from or have walked away from.

Your work goes way beyond just lighting spaces for utilitarian reasons. What is the most fascinating aspect of designing with light for you? KS: The interesting things are how light reveals form, texture and colour, and how people respond to welllit space. The former is a personal experience, the latter is what we should all aim for; that is spaces that make you feel good even though most people won’t realise why.

Left: Kipco Tower, above: Amat

I have had some really fun jobs, and some very challenging ones - but none that I hide from or have walked away from’

How important is the architecture you’re working with, when you accept a commission? Could you, for instance, light a space that you weren’t comfortable with? | M A R C H 2 0 1 4 13

26/02/2014 11:43

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What is your favourite light source? And why? KS: A roaring bonfire or a nice real fire in an open grate - or even a stove. The dynamic and colour of open flame is really magical, and allows my imagination free reign to see things. The dynamic also adds life to any space where flames are.

What upcoming lighting technology excites you? KS: I would like to see better and more intuitive lighting controls that normal people can understand without reading a manual!

Which lighting project you’ve undertaken has given you the most satisfaction? KS: I hate this question! Every project provides its own rewards, and it is getting those rewards that keeps me wanting to do more. If there ever was a single project that was such a highlight, I guess the impetus to carry on would be distinctly diminished!

If you could choose to light any building, anywhere, which would it be, and why? KS: The process of lighting is, and should be, collaborative. Rather than any specific building, I would have liked to work with some of the great 20th Century architects, such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Corbusier, or Frank Lloyd Wright – all, incidentally consummate lighting designers in their own right. Alternatively working on one of the great atmospheric cinemas of the late 1920s and early 1930s would have been really great.

Who’s your ‘one to watch’ of up-andcoming lighting designers? What makes them stand out from the crowd for you? Above: The Ashmolean, below: Amat

We may end up getting a blanket ban from planners if the current craziness continues’

KS: Generally, good architecture is easy to light, it has a clear form and story that makes it obvious how it needs to be lit to reveal and reinforce its form. Spaces that are uncomfortable can sometimes be made better by a careful lighting approach. There are many jobs I have looked at, and initially struggled to see the best way to respond to them; however this is an important part of the design process. Being able to internally visualise how different lighting solutions will affect the space is a key skill in lighting design.

KS: I think this is an impossible question. Sadly, it is very difficult for individual young designers to make any kind of mark for themselves. By the time people can set out their own stall, they are really already established to a significant degree.

What about art? Is there a particular artist, whose work you admire? KS: Again, a difficult question! Turell has to be admired for an ability to create wonders at the edge of vision and really push perception to an incredible degree. However Jan and Tim Edler of realities:united have really made architectural lighting into a proper art form. | M A R C H 2 0 1 4 15

26/02/2014 11:46


its use, too easy - and definitely not appropriate in many places. Really, there needs to be some restraint from somewhere, however there are few people who can really pass judgement reliably, so we may end up getting a blanket ban from planners if the current craziness continues.

Is there such a thing as an average working day for you, and can you provide an insight into your work life? KS: Again, if there was an average day, I would be in an average job. Maybe my boredom threshold is pretty low, but I would not be happy. I do find that, as time has gone on, we have increasing amounts of process in project work, so the real creative elements are a smaller proportion of the time spent. However, I am also involved in a lot of other things, like lighting education research and even politics, so there is a lot of variety in my work life.

You’ve been extremely successful during your career, with a string of awards for your work, but does being named Lighting Designer of the Year top the list of achievements? KS: It is really good to get the recognition this signifies. It certainly is a great achievement - and probably one of the best so far.

What’s on the agenda for 2014?

Spaces that are uncomfortable can sometimes be made better by a careful lighting approach’ As Independent lighting designers, it is our responsibility to properly advise and educate our clients, and provide them with both the best scheme and the understanding of why it is the most appropriate for their project.

What was the most difficult or challenging project you’ve undertaken, and why was that the case?

Some LDs feel they’re under pressure from their clients to use LEDs for every application, regardless of whether it’s the most suitable option. Do you feel LEDs can be used to replace every light source, or should we still be choosing the source depending on the job it has to do, regardless of ‘green’ credentials? LEDs are over-hyped, and are still a long way off being the appropriate light source for every application and I doubt that they ever will be.

M A R C H 2 014

KS: Again, difficult to answer. Difficult often relates to process, dealing with contractors and manufacturers, and challenging is usually a good thing and rewarding to surmount!

How do you feel about the increased use of colour in architectural lighting – both inside and out, it appears that buildings are currently being lit using colour almost as a matter of course? KS: Colour can be a useful element in design, and can be applied to great effect. Colour for the sake of it is generally a very bad thing. It is now easy to apply colour - judging by

KS: More of the same! I am hopeful of winning one or two big projects with plenty of scope for innovative lighting, otherwise we have a couple of projects that should complete and a few that are just starting. Oh, and we vote for Scottish independence in September!

Without the aid of a crystal ball, what do you see as the future for you, and for KSLD over the next five years? Please give me a crystal ball! It really depends on the global economic situation; if things recover, then we will grow again to be a bigger practice.

What do you do for fun? KS: All sorts of weird and wonderful things! Currently I’m devising mechanical stage effects for a physical theatre show, and then developing a pedal-powered projector for a touring exhibition.

When are you happiest? KS: Many times. When a concept gels; when a scheme is switched on and matches what I have had in my minds eye; when I am on a ladder and I focus a light that, just at the right point suddenly reveals the form and materiality of the object I am lighting; when an audience reacts in appreciation of a lighting cue or effect…that’s why I do lighting!

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24/02/2014 11:54


ANOTHER MILESTONE GAINED Royal Philips has announced the introduction of a new instant fit LED replacement tube that reduces the cost for facility managers replacing fluorescent tube lighting with energy efficient LED technology. Philips has designed an instant ‘click-to-fit’ LED replacement alternative for linear High Frequency (HF) fluorescent tube lighting with electronic drivers. Until now, installers have needed to re-wire the driver to replace linear fluorescent tubes with LED tubes. The InstantFit replacement tube requires no re-wiring as it includes a smart electronic design that is compatible with existing drivers, ballasts and sockets. The result is a dramatic reduction in the time it takes to change from fluorescent to LED tube lighting - from 20 minutes per fixture to a matter of seconds. ‘We studied the process for replacing fluorescent

tubes with LED technology step-by-step, to tackle those issues that dissuade facility managers and installers from making the switch,’ explained Rene van Schooten, CEO light sources and electronics at Philips Lighting. ‘We found speed and simplicity were key.’ Philips estimates that the installed base for fluorescent tube lighting today amounts to 12 billion (lamp) sockets globally. The company believes linear fluorescent HF tube lighting with electronic drivers is one of the most common types of general lighting used in shops, offices and industrial spaces. The opportunity for energy and cost savings is huge. If current fluorescent lighting was replaced by LED tube lamps it would result in savings of 42bn euros in energy costs, or the equivalent of energy generated by 210 mediumsized power plants.

WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE LED luminaires have transformed Severn Trent Water’s engineering waste workshops and offices. The new lighting has played a key role in upgrading the space, with the project successfully demonstrating the significant financial savings that can be made by replacing T5 fluorescent fittings with high-performing LED equivalents. Dextra Lighting’s extensive LED range was utilised, which included LED recessed lighting in the form of the MODLED luminaire. It is suitable for receptions, commercial applications, corridors and is an ideal LED office lighting solution. Designed to offer a wide range of outputs and aesthetics, the LED panel light can be offered with emergency and dimming options.The Hydra LED was also used within the refurbishment project.

LSE backs LED An LED lighting business has been named as one of the 1,000 Companies to inspire Britain, in a national report. Digiland, which sells LED lighting and electronic equipment, has been hailed as an ‘innovator of tomorrow’ by the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in a report to find the thousand most exciting SMEs in the UK. Company director, Jaydee Park said he was honoured by the accolade, which he dedicated to the hard work of staff at the company. Park established the Telford-based company nine years ago, and has seen it grow to a turnover of £19m with a workforce of 70. He added: ‘Everyone at Digiland has worked incredibly hard to get to the position we are in now. To be named as one of the most exciting companies in the UK by an organisation as prestigious as the London Stock Exchange is a great honour, and a wonderful confidence boost for all of our staff. ‘I believe the energy-saving benefits of LED lighting are really significant, and I am passionate about helping businesses and public sector organisations make savings by using LED lighting.’ The report, published by the LSE, is described as a celebration of some of the fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK. To be considered for inclusion, companies had to meet criteria, including being UK based, having a turnover of £6m to £250m in the last 12 months, and a minimum of three years in operation. Xavier Rolet, LSE Group chief executive said: ‘The UK has some of the most inspiring growth businesses in the world. Our report showcases some of these fast-growing and dynamic companies; the type of companies we believe will help fuel the long-term growth of the UK economy.’

BON CHANCE Just a year after being elected The Most Innovative Cleantech Company in Europe, French LED manufacturer, Lucibel has again received an award, this time as the Fastest Growing Company in Europe. Elected by a jury of European business leaders specialising

in sustainable development and finance, Lucibel won the award thanks to its increased annual turnover and sustained growth, with an increase of 285 per cent for the first half of 2013. ‘We are extremely proud to receive this new award, which confirms the unique

opportunities created by the explosion of LED technology in the global lighting market,’ said Frédéric Granotier, founder and CEO of Lucibel. ‘This recognition confirms the relevance our development strategy, which combines the sustained organic growth of our activities with

continued targeted dynamic acquisitions.’ André Shorthell, associate of investment bank, GP Bullhound, commented: ‘This year’s award winners represent eco-responsible and pioneering technological companies who are passionate about their work.

On behalf of GP Bullhound, I would like to congratulate all the award-winning companies, and wish them all Lucibel designs its LED lighting products and solutions in France and assembles them in its own factory in China, in order to guarantee quality and longevity. | M A R C H 2 0 1 4 19

26/02/2014 11:50


WEEE Scheme



Member 2014






Recolight members have recycled more lamps and luminaires than any other UK scheme – over 30,000 tonnes since 2007. Average annual membership growth of 16% from 2009 to 2014, proof that we’re the lighting industry’s scheme of choice. We have a dedicated customer service team managing over 550 waste lamp and luminaire collections per month. UK wide network of over 2300 collection points giving our members and their customers access to FREE recycling.

Committed to maximising the recycling of all lighting in scope of the WEEE regulations. Accredited by the Environment Agency for B2B and B2C. Not for profit - maximising funds available to provide free recycling. Set up by the lighting industry, working for the lighting industry, and a member of the LIA.

Recolight operates the UK’s most comprehensive network for recycling lamps and luminaires, taking away the burden of compliance from our members. Recolight is not for profit and leads the way in lamp recycling with continual investment in initiatives to make lamp recycling as easy and efficient as possible for all. To date, Recolight have funded the recycling of over 194 million lamps.


D | 0845 601 7749 |

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Sports facilities can be expensive to run, so all the more reason to reduce their lighting energy costs, and at the same time improve vision for the people who use them

is set to be another big year on the UK sporting front, as we head towards July, and the Commonwealth Games. When it comes to showcasing sporting talent, Glasgow 2014 seems to be planning an event to rival London 2012, with 13 different venues around the city, and another in Edinburgh, ready for action. AsTL reported last month, Philips, working with consulting engineer, Arup has been heavily involved with lighting and controls for one of the event’s biggest stages - the Emirates Arena, which comprises the National Indoor Sports Arena and the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome. ‘We engaged with Philips early in the design stages of the project so that we could share their experience of lighting many sporting venues, including many of those used for the London and Beijing Olympic Games,’ recalled Arup’s Tom Pheely. ‘To that end, we evaluated the ArenaVision fittings and worked with Philips on lighting calculations and control strategy. ‘As well as meeting all sports lighting criteria, it was important that the system could be controlled in an energy-efficient way,’ he added. The arena has a 7,000 capacity and features a 200m, six-lane running track, which can be hydraulically operated to allow for other events, such as the badminton to be hosted during the Games. In addition, the venue regularly hosts tennis, table tennis, judo, boxing and many other sports – all with different lighting requirements. And that’s the problem facing most sports centres, both here and abroad. Very few areas can provide dedicated | M A R C H 2 0 1 4 21

26/02/2014 12:16

22 • E N E R G Y E F F I C I E N T

Energy and carbon savings are a key challenge for any business, and efficient lighting is an obvious and rewarding place to start’

M A R C H 2 014 22

facilities for each sport, so there’s more usually a multi-use indoor sports hall and one or more outdoor pitches available. As each sport has very specific lighting needs, there’s a potential problem for local authorities and sports centre managers. So what’s the answer – and importantly, how can it be achieved efficiently? Open Technology’s managing director, Chris Bedford said: ‘Intelligent lighting control, such as our LiGO system, is increasingly being used in sports and leisure complexes to create highly efficient, responsive and enjoyable environments.’ At Luton Sports Village, Open Technology has been instrumental in supporting the centre’s business objectives. The £26m sports and leisure complex offers state-of-the-art facilities for the local community, including an eight-lane swimming and diving pool, a multi-purpose sports hall, and a gym. Proper control of the lighting, via Open Technology’s LiGO system, allows the centre to achieve impressive energy savings, while at the same time providing first-class facilities. ‘LiGO was introduced to us via the electrical contractor, as a cost saving alternative for the central lighting control system,’ explained Philip Fenton of Van Zyl & de Villiers, consulting engineer on the project. ‘Luton Sports Village is a “wet and dry” leisure centre with many multi-


26/02/2014 12:16


use spaces; a lighting control system was required that could meet the wide variety of control scenarios for the users, and make full use of the energy saving features available through intelligent lighting control. This functionality needed to be brought together by a simple head end user interface [touchscreen]. ‘We were particularly impressed during the commissioning stage with the ease at which refinements could be made to the virtual lighting groups, through a laptop wirelessly connected to LiGO’, he added. A similar system has been installed at Worthing Leisure’s new sports centre and pool complex, Splashpoint. In this instance, the control system is able to respond to the needs of a complex and varied design. A single controller manages the system, and connects to the local Council’s building management system, allowing LiGO to create the right ambience for each area, while keeping the lighting energy costs down. Open Technology has already delivered similar projects for Brentford Fountains Leisure Centre and Northolt Leisure Centre and Swimming Pool. Bedford continued: ‘Energy and carbon savings are a key challenge for any business, and efficient lighting is an obvious and rewarding place to start. However, if we want to drive the highest possible savings whilst creating effective and responsive environments, we have to control lighting - and control it correctly. Proper control of lighting will achieve additional savings of up to 40 per cent.

Previous page and main picture: Emirates, Glasgow Far left inset: Luton Sports Village, Bedfordshire Below inset: Multisport City Hall, Barcelona

‘In the leisure centre sector, controls also contribute to an enhanced user experience, whilst responding to the changing needs of the environment.’ In Barcelona, Cree provided LED replacement lighting for the Multisport City Hall – a combined gym and social space for the local population. Cree’s 304 Series canopy luminaire was selected for the task. It can be configured to achieve 100+ lumen-per-watt performance, and with the use of optional integrated, multi-level sensors, can provide timed reduction of lighting levels for periods when the space is unoccupied. Since the installation, the residents of Barcelona may well have noticed a marked improvement in their sporting prowess – and the local authority will have certainly seen smaller energy bills, as lighting energy usage has fallen by a very creditable 71 per cent. Cost savings don’t begin and end with LED replacements and control systems though. The final link in the chain has to be safe containment and recycling, once upgrading works have been carried out, as Earle Simpson, general manager at St Paul’s Community Academy, in Bristol found. St. Paul’s houses a number of facilities, including a large gym, dance studio, sports hall and secure, floodlit outdoor pitches for hire. One of Simpson’s duties is to oversee the proper recycling of lamps from St Paul’s and other centres in the Bristol area. Before partnering with Recolight, St. Paul’s used to render the crushing and disposal of its lamps through a periodic collection, which was an inconsistent and unreliable service. Every year, the Academy undergoes an inspection by Quest for Facility Management. Using Recolight’s service has allowed it to display a higher level of quality in waste management on this inspection, reducing environmental impact and associated costs. CON TACT Philips Lighting Arup Open Technology Van Zyl & de Villiers Recolight | M A R C H 2 0 1 4 23

26/02/2014 12:17

Established ICEL accredited emergency lighting specialists, COCO Lighting provides effective solutions with outstanding service. At COCO Lighting our emergency luminaires are converted to exceptional standards and supported by comprehensive electrical and thermal testing. We convert customers own luminaires with rapid turn around and certificated quality assurances. In addition, our extensive range of emergency and mains-only luminaires provides a stylish solution for all types of applications. Our expertise includes the very latest in LED technology. 30 years of experience puts us at the forefront of emergency lighting.

COCO Lighting, safe hands for your emergency lighting needs. 01376 331515


coco.hp.indd 1 1

1004-2003 Accredited

20/02/2014 16:59

27/02/2014 11:23



A Norwegian theatre gets a lighting upgrade


There are a lot of touring productions going in, and so there has been plenty of feedback from incoming lighting operators

hen it was time for the Ibsenhuset Theatre in Skien, Norway to undergo a complete refurbishment programme, the technical team wanted to look for lighting fixtures and controls that could take the theatre well into the 21st Century. After some deliberation, they specified more than 100 ETC Selador Desire LED luminaires together with two different, but connected, ETC Unison control systems. The installation was complicated by the existing mix of DMX and DALI systems already in use at the theatre, according to Benjamin Reinhoff, project manager at Elektrik Solutions, who supplied the products and helped with specification. ‘We installed two Unison Paradigm systems to control the new Selador LED lighting in the auditorium and around the stage area, as well as in nearby rehearsal and side rooms. There’s also a new Mosaic processor for controlling the 600 DALI lights in the foyer, which is used as a performance area,’ he explains. The systems are designed to allow the lighting to be set by untrained personnel, such as bar staff, cleaners and security, who can adjust the lighting as they need to, however: ‘This can always be overridden by the main lighting controller,’ explained Reinhoff, ‘who can prevent accidental triggering of the auditorium fixtures during a concert, for example.’ Eight push-button panels will be installed in the foyer and the surrounding areas, and two more LCD panels in the stage area to control the fixtures, as part of the second stage of the project. ‘We will also soon be installing six ETC Net3 One Port DMX Gateways in the area around the stage,’ added Reinhoff, ‘so that staff can connect a simple desk and take control of the DALI lamps, via Unison.’ The lighting specification called for 80 Selador D40 Lustr+ LED fixtures for the 800-

seat auditorium, house and working areas, along with 35 of the new Selador Desire D22. Reinhoff said: ‘There are areas in which we needed low-profile fixtures, which made the D22 perfect – such as in parts of the auditorium with relatively low headroom, where they replaced downlights.’ While aware of the fixtures’ energy efficiency, the management team also realised that LED lighting would require much lower maintenance than any other type of fixture. They were also impressed with the colour capabilities, and their ability to provide smooth, flicker-free dimming. Reinhoff concluded: ‘The managers have told us how happy they are with the system. There are a lot of touring productions going in, and so there has been plenty of feedback from incoming lighting operators that have used the venue. They’ve all told us how great the new lighting looks.’ CON TACT ETC | M A R C H 2 0 1 4 25

26/02/2014 12:25

Lighting without limits. Pulsar is a UK manufacturer of LED lighting solutions. The ChromaRange series of LED lighting fixtures deliver smooth, continuous light and are engineer calibrated to provide consistent and accurate intensity control. Our products are weather-proof to IP66 and range from bright decorative point sources to powerful 400W wash and feature lights with many colour and white light options. Find out how we can make your lighting concept a reality, and enable you to design without limits.

+44 (0) 1223 403 500 26

26/02/2014 17:20

Find us at: Pulsar Project: Bahrain World Trade Centre Products in use: ChromaFlood 50 27

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1.6 Metre LED Engines

lighting solutions

NEW! 8000lm


• 8000lm Output • High Energy Efficiency greater than 120lm per watt • Excellent Colour Rendering • 90° Vertical Rotation • Specifically Designed Optics wide uniform beam for optimum light output • Universal Mounting Options Available For more information

YEG Opto can now design and build LED Engines up to 1.6 metres long. Our capabilities in that length include: High Power and Mid Power LEDs Single and multiple rows of LEDs FR4 and IMS PCB materials CRI from 70 to 95 3 step MacAdam colour binning Proven design and verification capabilities Top quality and economical UK manufacturing


an acal group company

Call today for a quotation: 01494 753500 +44 (0)1332 818 200 1

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GOVERNMENT FOR GROWTH? A partnership has been forged between UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) and Ecobuild to attract inward investment and drive export for the UK green construction sector. Supporting Government’s Construction 2025 aims to ensure the UK thrives in the face of global competition, UKTI will bring senior international buyers from the sustainable built environment to meet with the UK industry’s leading suppliers at the 2014 event this month at ExCeL London. Nick Baird, chief executive of UKTI, commented: ‘With the global construction market forecast to grow by 70 per cent by 2025, it is UKTI’s mission to pursue high value opportunities for UK green construction companies internationally. We want to showcase the UK industry to as many parts of the world as possible, and Ecobuild provides an outstanding opportunity for investors to see all that the UK has to offer in one place.’

POISED FOR GROWTH Lynk Labs has been granted a key patent by the US Patent Office covering vertical market segments of AC LED technology from the core AC LED circuits and powering methods to system level. The patent, AC Light Emitting Diode And AC LED Drive Method And Apparatus, adds to a family of 12 patents in a similar field of AC LEDs and lighting systems that use high frequency AC to drive AC LEDs directly or with rectified AC in LED lighting systems. ‘We’re at a major turning point and facing accelerated demand and acceptance for AC LED technology globally now, said Mike Miskin, CEO at Lynk Labs. ‘Our AC LED technology and product offering is now supported by a solid and established infrastructure, that includes AC LED chip and package manufacturing to rapid delivery and design of integrated AC LED total solutions for OEMs, with our key strategic partners.’

Funding the future Funding of £50m, made available to private and public sector companies seeking to install energy saving solutions in the last quarter of 2013 has been completely allocated. The funds were made available for EMSc (UK) to administer to companies implementing efficient, effective and reliable technologies that are proven to deliver a return on investment within a five-year period. More than 1,300 applications were received for the funding. LED lighting was one of three technologies identified, together with voltage optimisation and Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), that have been proven to provide the highest energy savings and payback, as identified in reports prepared by the NHS Sustainable Development Unit and St Georges University. Key analysis from both reports is outlined in a document prepared by McKinsey & Company - version 2.1 of the Global greenhouse gas abatement cost curve. The document pinpoints the top three technologies best capable of reducing carbon emissions across a range of different sized sites. Dr Alex Mardapittas, managing director EMSc (UK) commented: ‘As a company that manufactures all its products in the UK, we place great emphasis on supporting UK businesses. The publication of these prestigious reports was an ideal opportunity to secure the interest-free funding. It provided UK organisations with the opportunity to take advantage of the three technologies, during tough economic times. It will allow their projects to become cash positive from the outset. We will be seeking more funds to continue with the scheme in 2014.’

COOL PARTNERS With the launch of Philips Lumileds’ Luxeon Chip-OnBoard (COB) LED modules, a wide range of standard LED coolers was required. Working with MechaTronix, Philips found a practical way to launch a wide range, fitting mechanically with the dimensions of the Luxeon COBs and matching the cooling capacities needed.

Six passive coolers, ranging from 50mm to 99mm will work with COB models 1203 to 1208. With this passive LED cooler range, MechaTronix aimed to create spot-, track- and down-light designs from 600 to 4,500 lumen, in a small profile. The coolers create optimal balance between cooling surfaces and leaving enough

intermediate space for free air convection. In this way, they reach a cooling performance of 1.02°C/W. A major improvement, according to Koen Vangorp, MechaTronix GM, is the extreme low internal thermal resistance of the COBs. ‘Philips Lumileds clearly understood the mission of developing high lumen

packages in combination with a low thermal resistance,’ he explained. ‘Maybe it is not so obvious to understand what this means, because most LED manufacturers offer an external thermal measurement point and all publish similar numbers for these, but the consequences are enormous. With these low thermal resistances from

junction to case, Philips is able to keep the junctions easily 10-15-degrees Kelvin lower than most COB modules on the market. And that immediately affects the lifetime of the LED dies in a very positive way. Designers can take advantage by using smaller LED coolers, or just use the same LED coolers, but gain on life time.’ | M A R C H 2 0 1 4 29

26/02/2014 12:29

Transforming Solid-State Lighting—Five Years Out Where ever you are in the design process, we can help you access the world’s leading SSL technology, select and source the best materials, design and engineer for speed to market produce the modules you need, and manage your supply chain. Our engineers, designers, and innovators are working to help make the world of Five Years Out brighter than ever before. Are you Five Years Out? Then you’re probably working with us.


The Ashmolean Museum


A change of use for old buildings shouldn’t condemn them to Ugly Street. Sympathetic lighting schemes can add positive impact to the night environment

e’ve become very good at recycling, and not just plastics and old newspapers. Many of the buildings in use today as shops, offices and apartments were originally designed and built for a variety of very different purposes – from chapels and churches to schools, community centres, even defunct theatres and cinemas. The interiors are often simply adapted to their new use rather than being completely gutted, following the trend towards retaining and utilising as much of the original interior fabric as possible, which is great from an environmental viewpoint, but it does mean the lighting has to fulfil a very different function too. So, what steps need to be taken in order to light old buildings sympathetically, and do we need to treat them differently from their modern counterparts? Simon Dove, associate at Hoare Lea Lighting thinks so. ‘The majority of historic buildings have been in existence long before Edison ever thought about his lamp,’ Dove said. ‘Yet, of course, people are re-using these buildings, introducing artificial lighting to create environments appropriate for today’s uses and so, in effect, imposing 21st Century standards on buildings that may have been designed for daylight and candles. ‘Any lighting design in a heritage building requires creative solutions, to ensure the building is fit for purpose, and that the scheme impacts positively on the historic environment. One of the key challenges is the balance of the existing architecture with the introduction of a modern lighting system. How the lighting will render the architecture, both in terms of lighting effect and equipment, is central to the success of any scheme - both must work in harmony. | M A R C H 2 0 1 4 31

26/02/2014 14:45

The majority of historic buildings have been in existence long before Edison ever thought about his lamp’ ‘The style of luminaire and how this will sit in the historical context must be carefully considered,’ continued Dove. ‘Traditional designs can be used successfully, but there is a danger of such fittings creating a feeling of pastiche. We also need to consider if we are designing to replicate the past or bring a new visual enjoyment to the building? ‘Specifying a luminaire that is in keeping with the building but is functional and efficient is, of course, the aim.’ At St George’s Church in Bloomsbury, London, Hoare Lea Lighting worked with the World Monument Fund on the interior and exterior lighting of the Nicholas Hawksmoor Church. The nave includes a bespoke high-level lighting element - the Corona. It is suspended above the newly introduced 18th Century brass chandelier, on long-term loan from the Victoria & Albert Museum. The result is a perfect marriage between the traditional and the contemporary, providing up- and down-lighting that is easy to maintain, due to a winching system that allows the chandelier to be lowered and the Corona to pass over it to a maintainable height.

M A R C H 2 014

In some instances, concealing the fittings is important, as Dove pointed out: ‘The Randolph Sculpture Gallery is situated next to the grand entrance of the original 1845 Grade I listed Cockerell Building at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. ‘The Gallery houses the Arundel Collection - Greek and Roman sculptures and inscriptions, formed in the 17th Century by Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel. ‘Hoare Lea worked with Rick Mather Architects to integrate the lighting in a way that was sympathetic to the Grade I listed building, while causing minimal visual impact to the space. ‘This was achieved using track-mounted LED spotlights. The track coordinates with decorative ceiling cornice straps to minimise impact. Special brackets developed for the remote control lighting ensure close co-ordination with the cornice straps and the track system, allowing for a neat and minimal installation.’ Integration was also vital at The Sheldonian Theatre Oxford, one of Sir Christopher Wren’s most celebrated buildings. Hoare Lea Lighting was

| 32

26/02/2014 14:45


commissioned to design a scheme that would improve the quality of the lighting, bring equipment up to date, while remaining sympathetic to the historic surroundings. Carefully located linear fluorescent Optelma Quad luminaires utilise an asymmetric optic. Concealed within the windowsills, they provide wonderful washes of light to the window reveals and vaulted ceilings in the Upper and Lower Galleries. ‘This,’ explained Dove ‘allows users to enjoy the volume of the space as originally intended. The lighting mimics daylight and throws light across the painted ceiling so that it can be appreciated at night. The effect is captivating and has greatly improved the building’s street presence.’ Waanders bookstore in Broerenkerk Zwolle is a case in point. The traditional bookshop format is struggling, as e-books and alternative sales channels impact on the printed book world. With the writing on the wall, a new direction was needed if the company was to thrive. So owner, Wim Waanders called in Utrecht-based BK Architects to help turn the business around. The company created an inspiring interior décor for the store, which is housed in the 15th Century Broeren Church in Zwolle, turning it into a multi-functional space offering books, lectures, exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events. Since its launch, the bookstore has attracted thousands of visitors. Jos Burger and Wouter Keijzer, from BK Architects, were responsible for the interior design. Burger commented: ‘When designing the interior of the bookstore, we need to consider the historical value of the building very carefully, and areas such as the height of the church, the long axis, high arches, huge stained-glass windows and ceiling paintings. ‘Our task was to add 7,500 sq ft of space to the existing building while maintaining its historic character. Therefore, we created three retail floors to one side of the church and ensured the space felt like the original for visitors, with an organ to one side and a modern stained-glass window to the other. Only wood and white plaster was used for the building refurbishment to ensure the original architecture stood out in contrast to the books.’ Waanders, Broeren needed to sell other products as well as books in order to be profitable, and that meant the architects needed to provide an innovative shopping concept with logical routes and attractive product presentations. Lighting played a crucial role as Keijzer explained: ‘There were several challenges when it came to the lighting design. The space is high, wide and long, and since it is an historic building, you should never drill holes to hang fixtures, so you are very dependent on the existing lights. Furthermore, you have to deal with changing facilities and the movement of books, so you have to be flexible. ‘After consultation with the installer, we chose a mounted rail system from Havells Sylvania, which was incorporated into a selfdesigned rail system and large parts were

constructed in the church. In this way we could keep the whole nave completely open, so that the architecture was coming into its own and the lighting was purposeful and appealing with subtle highlights.’ Keijzer explained that BK Architects’ had to undertake a comprehensive search for the right solution. ‘The whole lighting design was a tough job due to the specifics of the building and our goal of creating a nondisruptive lighting system,’ he continued. ‘The scheme uses Havells Sylvania’s LS3 Lytespan rail system, equipped with high performance, energy efficient Concord Beacon CMI-T mini rail 20W spotlights. ‘The lighting is a very flexible solution and is suitable for the retail, exhibition and catering functions required by the owners. An historic building, such as the Broerenkerk, does not lend itself to frequent changes, so the current lighting solution was made sufficiently durable and should the church’s use ever change, no adjustments will be required to the lighting.’ So, how does the planning and location of fittings need to be approached? ‘It is often important to limit locations, in order to minimise the impact on the fabric, such as The King’s Bath, which lies at the heart of the Roman Baths and Pump Room complex in Bath.’ explained Simon Dove. ‘Due to the historical significance of the site, the location of luminaires was dictated by existing fixing positions, and existing wiring was used wherever possible.’ Projectors are fixed with a bespoke bracket that allows them to be easily accessed for maintenance, while the clamping method used to attach the projectors prevents damage to the structure. The scheme complements the natural colours present, with 4000oK colour temperature lamps emphasising the green of the algae-rich water. In this project, as in many heritage schemes, LEDs allow for a miniaturisation of the luminaire, reducing its physical impact, while providing low running costs and long lamp life. Hoare Lea was a trailblazer in this respect, working with architect, Jaques Muir & Partners to specify LEDs at the Apollo Victoria Theatre, London, more than ten years ago in order to create a range of colours to light the exquisite detail of the 1920s auditorium. ‘The original building used 3500 GLS lamps to create an underwater palace; the use of modern technology provided an opportunity to retain the splendour, while improving flexibility, maintenance and energy use,’ explained Dove. Looking to the future, can we protect our historic buildings from inappropriate lighting? Dove said: ‘Historic buildings are generally well protected, for example, any listed building needs consent to make changes, and there is a thorough approval process. Such restraints, combined with discerning stakeholders, serve to protect sites from inappropriate lighting.’

Left, main picture and inset: Sheldonian Theatre Above top: Column close up Above: Boekhandel Waanders Bookstore

CON TACT Hoare Lea Havells- Sylvania Concord | M A R C H 2 0 1 4 33

26/02/2014 14:45 1

27/02/2014 11:44


Social A west country authority leads the way with cost saving

Council’s electricity load by 1.5m kWh of energy, equivalent to 786 tonnes of CO2 – or three per cent of its total energy consumption. The reduction in CO2 emissions has put the Council in a strong position to offset significant carbon tax payments due from April 2014.


FAST FACTS Bath and North East Somerset Council LOCATION: Keynsham PRODUCT SPEC: Philips Iridium2 LED with Xitanium programmable driver and integral 


ath and North East Somerset is the first local authority to convert all of its main road lighting to LED. The Council worked very closely on the project with Philips Lighting, in order to achieve the required performance levels. Back in 2011, Bath and North East Somerset was the first Council to use LED lighting on a major traffic route. Rolling out LED lighting to all main roads across the area has followed the initial trial, which exceeded expectations in terms of lighting performance and energy savings. Lighting on zebra crossings has also been included in the upgrade to LED sources. The recently completed upgrade is predicted to save more than £200,000 a year in energy costs, with a further £50,000 annual savings on maintenance. The net effect of the project has been to reduce the

For the main road lighting, 3,500 Iridium2 LED luminaires have been installed to replace a mix of 100W and 150W high pressure sodium (SON) luminaires with 61W and 68W LED sources. The luminaires have been provided with 4000K neutral white light sources, to improve visibility for drivers and pedestrians. They are fitted with Xitanium programmable drivers and integral DynaDimmer to provide five lighting and power levels. This control functionality enables the lighting to be aligned to road usage, saving energy by dimming the lighting at times of low traffic volumes using a strategy that has been approved by Elexon. When the regulations for lighting pedestrian crossings (ILP TR12) were updated, Keith Showering, team leader highway electrical and ITS, saw an opportunity to reduce energy costs even further by using Iridium2 with asymmetric optics to upgrade crossing lighting. Previously, the crossings were lit using 250W metal halide lamps with total circuit watts of 275W. The new lighting uses Philips Eco 121 LED light sources, rated at 105W. They have a colour temperature of 5700K to provide a strong contrast with general road lighting and a colour rendering index of 68. As with the main road lighting, the lanterns

are also fitted with multi-level static dimming so light levels can be reduced during times of low traffic volumes to maximise energy savings. ‘Upgrading the crossing lighting will save the Council over 71,000kWh per annum, based on current burning hours, with a reduction in annual CO2 emissions of over 38,000 tons’, Showering noted. To achieve optimum light distribution, the lanterns are fitted with asymmetric optics so the light levels on the crossings comply with TR12, with the added benefit of improving the lighting on the approaches. The sharp cut-off provided by the optics also reduces light spill to adjacent properties, which had been a problem in some locations.


In addition to reduced energy, the Council will see a significant reduction in re-lamping costs due to the Iridium2’s projected 100,000-hour lamp life. Electrical testing and cleaning will go from three to six-year intervals, with no lamp replacement. The cost of disposal in compliance with the WEEE Directive will also be reduced. A further benefit is that Iridium2 uses Philips’ LEDGINE technology, which will enable the Council to upgrade the LED modules and drivers without changing the luminaire housings in future, as LED lighting technologies advance and the business case objectives are achieved. This ability to future-proof the lighting was a key consideration in the specification of Philips lanterns for the project. CON TACT Philips Lighting | M A R C H 2 0 1 4 35

26/02/2014 14:56







27/02/2014 11:56

V-TAC Led Bayonet Bulbs-The most eco-friendly and cost effective replacement for traditional bulbs. Now cut your power consumption by up to V-TAC THEincandescent MOST ECO-FRIENDLY AND COST 85%LED by BAYONET replacing BULBS your 40W LED Bulb with 5WEFFECTIVE or 7W LED, 60W REPLACEMENT FOR TRADITIONAL CHOOSE CANDLE,with GOLF BALL, incandescent with 10W orBULBS.NOW 12W LED and 120W FROM incandescent 20W LED THERMOPLASTIC, ALUMINIUM GLOBE RIGHT FROM 3 WATTS TOand 15 WATTS, Bulb!!Choose from AND candle, golf BULBS, ball, thermoplastic, aluminium globe IN 3 COLOUR TEMPERATUREWHITE,and WARM WHITE AND 4500K bulbs. Available in Dimmable Non-dimmable options. ANDspoil DIM-ABLE ANDwith NON-DIM-ABLE OPTIONS!! Go ahead yourself V-TAC’s large range of B22 and B15! GO AHEAD SPOIL YOURSELFGet WITH V-TAC’S LARGE now!!! RANGE OF B22 AND B15 yourself a V-TAC






+44(20 )72991212

For more details log on to 37 27/02/2014 11:56 38

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Radiant Architectural Lighting is set to launch a new spotlight collection at Frankfurt’s Light + Building event this month. The Radiant Aleta was designed by David Morgan, who commented on its potential uses: ‘The product

will be a perfect solution for high-end residential, retail and hospitality applications. This new Aleta product benefits from a very narrow beam and a range of glare control accessories.’ The MR16 luminaire, which will be supported by Radiant’s Micro Track system, has a new head, which is optimsed for use with the Sora LED MR16 retrofit lamp.Radiant and David Morgan will be launching a number of new LED lighting systems at Light + Building. Visitors to the show can see the full range on the stand (A16, Hall 4.2).

CUT COSTS, NOT CORNERS As lighting accounts for up to 40 per cent of a business’ electricity bill, it seems a sensible time to start making the switch to more energy efficient light sources. T8 fluorescent strip lighting is extremely inefficient and, with escalating energy bills and increased focus on environmental performance, that’s a waste businesses can’t afford. LUMiLife panel is an LED panel light from LED Hut Trade designed for use in shops, offices, schools, hospitals and public spaces as a replacement for outdated fluorescent tube systems, using up to 50 per cent less energy. At 36W, the panels offer a simple solution for businesses looking to cut both costs and carbon footprint, and can also assist in achieving BREEAM assessment ratings for buildings. ‘A simple switch to highly efficient, affordable lighting, like the LUMiLife panel can achieve considerable savings for businesses, and is a great demonstration of a strong commitment to the environment,’ suggests LED HUT Trade marketing manager, Keith Scott. ‘What’s more, the high quality light output of LEDs offers a much more enjoyable experience for staff and customers.’

Vroom, vroom BMW’s flagship Park Lane store has a handover bay sited in the basement, so creating a space to complement customers’ new cars when they arrived to collect them was essential.

The company chose Fabrilite fabric-faced light boxes from W&Co to both brighten the space and cover the large expanses of plain white wall. A number of light boxes were custom built – the largest 8m wide – and then a range of graphics was produced, designed to give the impression that the cars are being driven straight out of the design.

PRECISE FROM PRECISION Precision Lighting’s Pico Zoom variable beam LED mini spotlight system has been shortlisted for the 2014 Lighting Design Awards this month. Precision’s Zoom optic allows beam widths between 12

and 30-degrees. The combination of adjustable optics and exceptionally smooth movement makes it possible to position and focus these discreet spotlights with pinpoint accuracy making them ideal for applications

such as retail outlets and gallery display. Pico has advanced technical features traditionally only seen on larger architectural luminaires, such as low-friction bearing-aided rotation and a constant

torque tilt mechanism. The range is lockable in pan and tilt to ensure that focusing remains precise. For delicate cabinets, cantilevered picture lighting and jewellery displays,

Pico S1, which weighs just 100g, is mounted on a slender stem and delivers a lumen package of 124lm at 1.9W, offering a colour temperature of 2950K and colour rendering of up to CRI92, with greater than 80 as standard. | MARCH 2 0 1 4 41

26/02/2014 15:03

Fluorel Advert A4 TQ_G5.qx8_Layout 1 29/01/2014 09:49 Page 1

More of the best in energy efficiency from Fluorel. N EW

Announcing the launch of our new range of innovative energy efficient lighting

Latest generation LED fittings now available

G5 T5 Louvre G5 T5 or LED Panel




More information: 08458 643 643




ighting a supermarket is a piece of cake, isn’t it? After all, it’s just a whopping great shed that needs a uniform blast of halogen from on high. Or is it? Consider the tall, light-blocking aisles of shelves, dark recesses that go back farther than the human arm can reach, stacks of glare-inducing plastic packaging – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Lighting designers must also consider the food displayed – fresh meat and fish counters that need specialist treatments to keep the produce cool and render the colours appealing, freezers and chilled cabinets all need to be lit appropriately, as does the bakery, fruit and vegetables, and delicatessen. Fred Bass, managing director of Neonlite International, brand owner of Megaman said: ‘Where LED retrofitting works particularly well in both existing and new-build supermarkets, is in the lighting of fresh produce, meat and fish. The advances in R9 LED lighting technology mean that the quality of light from R9 lamps, such as Megaman’s R9 LED PAR38, is second to none on fresh produce and meat.’ The lamp maximises the visual impact of meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, making them more appealing by increasing the red colour rendition of the product to consumers - and it is easier to control than its White SON equivalents. David Morgan, designer of Radiant Architectural Lighting’s new retrofit LED range, created the Aleta MR16 luminaire for Radiant’s Micro Track system specifically to utilise the Soar LED MR16 retrofit lamp, known for it’s high colour rendering. Morgan said: ‘We are taking advantage of the Sora LED MR16 qualities, which include high colour rendering. It is the closest retrofit LED to a halogen that we’ve seen so far; so the product will be a perfect solution for high-end residential, retail and hospitality applications’.


Treating each element of a supermarket individually is key to in-store harmony | M A R C H 2 0 1 4 43

26/02/2014 15:10


So that’s fresh food covered, but now there’s clothing and homewares to consider - sections that no self-respecting 21st Century purveyor of victuals would be without. And that’s before we throw energy efficiency into the mix. Getting the idea now? Bass doesn’t believe there’s a simple answer to lighting supermarkets. He commented: ‘Back in 2010, Mark Law of Tesco commented that following various trials of LEDs in lighting solutions, “There’s no viable LED solution yet for in-store lighting in terms of output or cost”, notwithstanding the company’s freezer lighting and signage. ‘Four years on, the gap is closing between the benefits of using fluorescents and LEDs as a supermarket’s main source of lighting. ‘However a one-sizefits-all approach to the viability of LEDs in supermarkets is not possible, as opening hours, the store’s footprint and a variety of other factors need to be taken into account to ascertain the total cost of ownership.’ Bass explained: ‘For new-build supermarkets, LEDs win hands down, when long term efficiencies and maintenance cost savings are taken into consideration; that they last up to 13 times longer and use 80 per cent less power than halogen equivalents, giving a retailer both economic and environmental peace of mind.’

M A R C H 2 014

There’s no viable LED solution yet for in-store lighting in terms of output or cost FUTURE STORE

Aldi claims the responsible handling of the environment as part of its corporate philosophy, and has initiated pilot projects to appraise activities for saving energy. A particularly impressive result has been achieved with the new Aldi Future Store in Rastatt, Germany. The concept, realised with the aid of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, is expected to reduce primary energy needs by 50 per cent compared to a standard retail outlet, through harnessing daylight and using intelligent controls for artificial lighting. For the retailer, energy is the third largest overhead, and according to, Germany’s statistics database for the retail trade, energy in the food sector is already costing 55 per sq m, with more increases expected, so it’s no wonder that energy efficiency is given high importance with retailers. With the Future Store, Aldi has optimised systems towards energy efficiency. Special

emphasis was placed on the two largest consumer factors, cold storage and lighting. The store achieves significant advantages by harnessing natural light. ‘We have a total of 28 skylights with dimensions of 2x2m, distributed over the complete roof surface,’ explained lighting planner, Ralph Kensmann from ‘Illuminance values of 600 to 850 lux are achieved with natural lighting depending on weather conditions. The ingress of daylight via the roof-lights ensures good general brightness in the sales area and reduces the need for artificial light. ‘At the same time, the visual and design-based attributes of daylight upgrade the space itself. The important connection with the outer world, essential for the feeling of wellbeing in indoor areas is maintained, and the natural daylight spectrum ensures authentic colour rendering of the goods on offer.’

 However, even daylight can cause problems. ‘The ingress of daylight needs to be controlled to protect sensitive foodstuffs from the direct entry of sunlight, and to avoid heating up and glare in the space,’ explained Kensmann, Siteco’s micro sun-shielding

| 44

26/02/2014 15:10


louvre takes on this task. Integrated into the roof-lights, lamella louvres allow diffuse daylight to penetrate the space. Their position within the insulated window pane protects the ultra-pure aluminium specular louvres from dust and humidity.

 Because of the skylights, the store has no suspended ceiling. Instead, the timbered roof supports offer solid fixing points for luminaire trunking. A challenge though was the 5.7m distance, as no standard trunking system can bridge such long gaps without unattractive curves. The lighting designers solved the problem with robust aluminium extruded profile. Siteco Modario reflectors were installed to these mounting rails, equipped with 54W fluorescent lamps and various reflectors depending on task. General lighting of the roof uses the Modario Shop reflector, specially modified with longitudinal glare elimination. Its fine perforations create indirect light to brighten the ceiling surface.
 Asymmetric reflectors at the peripheries of the space ensure that more light reaches the wall surfaces. This distribution makes sure that vertically mounted advertising banners remain visible. At the same time, the illuminated walls and ceiling give a bright, friendly feel to the space. The shelving is illuminated with asymmetric distribution shop reflectors, which guide the

light and the attention of shoppers onto them. Longitudinal glare elimination prevents a view of the lamps.
 Wide distribution Modario aluminium reflectors with CAT louvres ensure ergonomic visual conditions at the till points, while in the adjacent packing zones, the same luminaires, without louvres, are used. A lighting management system enables the artificial light to be dimmed according to the level of daylight. Selected goods are emphasised with spotlights installed in the trunking. 


According to estimates from the NRW energy agency website: “Lamps in cooling zones have a major disadvantage. About 30 per cent of cooling energy is lost to compensate for the heat given off by the light sources. This is why it is cheaper to mount the lighting units outside the cooled area.” At Rastatt, an efficient solution has been achieved: instead of relocating fittings, the designers have equipped chillers and freezers with Lumos LED luminaires from Siteco.
Lumos’ stream
lined housing helps the flow circulation and, thanks to the low power LEDs, very little heat is produced so no additional cooling is required. For the 22 chill cabinets at the Rastatt store, 88 Lumos fittings were installed. Each shelf has one head- and three shelf-luminaires.

This configuration gives homogeneous illumination of the complete shelf while avoiding reflection, glare and shadowing. The head luminaire floods the upper display with diffused light and emits a narrow beam along the shelf front down to the floor. The three shelf luminaires uniformly illuminate the individual units. The freezer units each have four head luminaires to create optimal conditions for viewing from above.
 LED fittings are used to illuminate the goods in the cosmetics and bread shelves too. While the bakery goods are lit with warm white light at 3000 Kelvin, 5000 Kelvin is used for the cosmetics and pharmacy products, corresponding to the colour temperature of the daylight from the roof lights above.

 Siteco Monsun damp-proof luminaires have been installed in the storerooms and cloakrooms, while for the parking areas, the company’s SQ 100 fittings were specified with convex diffusers. The luminaire heads fixed on eight-metre high masts are equipped with 140W Cosmopolis lamps, and, with their special reflector alignments, illuminate the parking areas uniformly at maximum mast distances. CON TACT Megaman Radiant Architectural Siteco | M A R C H 2 0 1 4 45

26/02/2014 15:10

Stylish and cost effective emergency lighting safety systems l Energy efficient LED downlighters, exit signs & luminaires

From stylish and cost efficient LED downlighters and exit signs, through to Central Power Supply Systems, Emergi-Lite provides a range of reliable high quality products that are easy to use, versatile and designed to meet safety standards and specifications.

l Central Battery Systems l Systems tests, maintenance & upgrades l Certified technical design, CPD seminars & training courses

EL Guide cover 2013 sep pages 08/08/2013 14:46 Page 1

For more information visit or call 0113 281 0600. BEG-Logo_LUXOMAT_CYMK_300_130608Page 1


Emergency Lighting Standards Guide available

Emergency Lighting Guide An authoritative guide to emergency lighting systems and design techniques


Thomas & Betts, Emergi-Lite, Bruntcliffe Lane, Morley, Leeds, LS27 9LL Tel 0113 281 0600 • Fax 0113 281 0601 Email • Web

Emergi-Lite Ad 178x127 Jan14.indd 1

13/01/2014 14:14









One corridor – one sensor!  Centrally mounted  Adjustable Lux and time controls  Surface or flush fitting  Up to 40 m coverage  Remote control versions also available





Indoor 180-R/2W-UK

PD4-GH 1

27/02/2014 12:13


Convenient journey

A retrofit LED lighting project rolling out across the convenience retail sector


n the first phase of an LED lighting project, fluorescent lighting in more than 130 Spar stores in Northern Ireland and Scotland is being replaced with Nualight’s Blaze fixtures. This is the first major LED retrofit seen in the European convenience sector. The project, seen as a turning point for the convenience retail industry in its journey to sustainability, is the result of a partnership between the Cross Group and Nualight. The deal was agreed with Henderson

Group and CJ Lang & Son Limited, which between them, own and operate the Spar franchises for Northern Ireland and Scotland. Nualight’s Blaze fitting was selected after a competitive tender process to source the best LED lighting system for the stores. Dr Glen Crumley, energy manager at Henderson Group, said the attractive lifetime cost and visual benefits of Blaze were key drivers in the agreement.  ‘We selected the Blaze fitting after a comprehensive investigation into the most appropriate LED lighting system for our Spar stores,’ he explained. ‘Blaze offers clear energy efficiency and cost benefits, as well as a soft, natural lighting that results in a very pleasant shopping experience for our customers,’ added John Rough, property controller at CJ Lang & Son. ‘The bottom line is we opted for the Cross Group/Nualight offering because it will help us meet both our business and environmental objectives.’ In England and Wales, A.F. Blakemore & Son, a family-owned group of 1100 Spar stores has also committed to rolling out the Blaze

solution across its store network following successful pilot trials. The maintenance-free Blaze 600 fitting is expected to deliver 67 per cent energy savings, a five-times longer lifetime than traditional store fluorescent lamps, superb colour vibrancy, and a bespoke optical design for a bright and natural ambience. For a typical Spar store, annual savings of approximately £3,500 can be achieved in energy, replacement lamps and maintenance, for each year of the 8.5-year average lifetime of the installation.  Upgrading old fluorescent fixtures to LED also gives each store an instant facelift, making interiors appear fresher, brighter and more modern. Joe Conway, commercial director, Cross Group, said: ‘In what is the first convenience store LED retrofit roll-out in Europe, we are extremely happy to have fought off very stiff competition to land this deal. CON TACT Nualight Cross Group Spar | M A R C H 2 0 1 4 47

26/02/2014 15:26


Simpson Springs & Pressings Ltd 0118 978 6573 | Springs & Pressings for the Lighting Industry from stock and custom made Simpson Springs & Pressings Ltd have been manufacturing components for the lighting industry for 40 years. In that time our knowledge and expertise has helped our customers from assisting with design and prototyping though to manufacture. Our continued investment in machinery enables us to produce a huge variety of Springs, Pressings and Wireforms for almost any lighting application. We pride ourselves in our commitment to the quality of our service and products and welcome the opportunity to help you realise your lighting solutions.

Mono LED +44 (0) 207 277 0426 | London, UK. – MONO launch MONOCOVE AC, a powerful and versatile main powered triac dimmable LED cove luminaire available with either 14 or 22 x Samsung LM561B LED per 305mm, with a wide beam distribution. MONOCOVE AC comes in 305mm, 610mm, and 1220mm nominal lengths and 2700K, 3000K, or 4000K colour temperatures. The housing is constructed from extruded aluminium with injection moulded transparent plastic end caps providing a seamless line of light. Integrated “Plug N’ Play” connectors enable quick and easy installation whilst the ratchet style moulded plastic mounting brackets enable the luminaire to be rotated -/+ 15°, for fine tuning of the aiming angle. Also available in IP65.

Danlers 01249 443377 | Smooth Operators – DANLERS Push & Rotary LED Dimmers DANLERS have extended their range of LED dimming solutions with a new range of Push and Rotary LED Dimmers (leading edge) available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 gang plated options - plus an additional module that is ideal for retrofitting onto many existing dimmer wall plates. These UK manufactured dimmers offer outstanding dimming at low levels, a smooth dimming cycle and are compatible with many dimmable (leading edge) LED lamps and fittings. A spindle on the back of the dimmers allows the minimum dimming level to be adjusted and therefore helps eliminate lamp instability. Meet the DANLERS team at ECOBUILD 2014, ExCeL, London, 04 to 06 March, Stand: S241 and view first-hand our full range of energy saving controls.

London, UK. – MONO launch the next generation MONOFLEX High performance flexible LED tape with the introduction of the S30 & S60 models, featuring 30 or 60 mid-powered Samsung (5.6mm x 3.0mm) SMD LED per meter. Coupled with on-board constant current Integrated Controller (IC), a 2-Oz flexible copper PCB and Graphite heat spread dissipation layer provides optimal and reliable performance throughout life. Available from stock in 2700K, with a 3-step MacAdam ellipse colour consistency, lumen output of 810 Lm/m (S30) or 1620 Lm/m (S60) and nominal power consumption of 10w (S30) or 20w (S60) per meter. Other colour temperatures available to order include 3000K, 4000K, 5000K & 6500K.

V-Tac 02072991212 | Candle Now your pendants and chandeliers can boast about the latest LED technology in decorative candle bulb! Be it opaque or crystal, standard candle or flame tip, dimmable or non-dimmable, white, warm white or natural white, 3 watts or 4 watts ---- V-TAC LED candle offers fantastic light output and lowest price guarantee. Now available in 2 holders E14 and B15! V-TAC provides energy saving, LED lighting solutions like Tube lights, Spotlights, Downlights, Led Panels, High Bay lights and LED street lights. Traders get special discount by registering on For further information, feel free to contact

M A R C H 2 014


48.mar.retail.products.indd 48

27/02/2014 13:11

Cords and Cables Ltd Tel:

0121 523

2 & 3 Core round fibre braided cable


March 2014

Importers, Distributors & Manufacturers Unit Q1, Hawthorn Industrial Estate, Middlemore Road, Birmingham B21 0BH 2574 Fax: 0121 523 9531 E: Web:

2 & 3 Core round PVC coloured cable

2 & 3 Twisted fibre braided cable

Pre-wired products E27 or B22 Pendants

E27, B22, E14 Pendants

Cord sets

Transparent cable - The full range

Cords and Cables Ltd

. Probably the

Largest Stockists

Of lighting components & specialist lighting cable in the UK. A vast product range all Ex-stock

Silicone & PTFE cable - The full range

Festoon cable

SPT2 UL Cable

IP68 Connectors 2 Core

3 & 5 Pole

3 & 5 Pole

IP20 1



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11/02/2014 09:51


WORKING FOR HEALTH The Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has launched a new collaborative initiative – the Light and Health Alliance – to bridge the science of light and health to practical applications, and to provide objective information on basic and applied research. The initiative is led by Dr Mariana Figueiro, LRC Light and Health Program director and associate professor at Rensselaer. The LRC is researching light as a treatment for a variety of conditions, including jet lag, Alzheimer’s disease, insomnia and other sleep disorders, seasonal affective disorder and depression.

‘Through this collaborative initiative, we will conduct evaluations, demonstrations, and research projects to develop practical devices and applications using light to improve people’s lives,’ said Figueiro. The Light and Health Alliance is a collaboration among manufacturers, government organisations and NGOs, codes and standards bodies, along with architects, specifiers, medical facility managers and physicians, working to enable the broad adoption of lighting for human health by producing factual information, based on basic and applied research and by visualising future applications.

SWITCHED ON FLOOR Lucem light transmitting concrete has been used in a floor application in the entrance lobby of a London office building. By embedding thousands of optical fibres in the concrete, daylight or artificial light can be made to pass easily through the concrete panels, whatever the thickness. Objects made with light transmitting concrete, which can include facades, furniture or interior walls and floors can be made to glow from within.

Ayrton’s magic win The success of Ayrton’s MagicPanel602 has been acknowledged in Las Vegas where it received the LDI Award for Best Debuting Product of the Year in the projection category. The moving head LED beam projector is equipped with thirty-six 15W Osram RGBW emitters in a 6 x 6 array. Each projects a tight, powerful 7.5 degree beam, which can be controlled individually or used collectively to produce a coherent 12,000 lumen shaft of light. The LDI Awards judges chose MagicPanel 602 because: ‘This array of 36 RGBW LEDs on a continuous moving yoke blurs the line between lighting and projection in what the judges feel is the future of combined light/fx/projection technology.’ Accepting the Award were Ayrton’s Valère Huart and Yvan Péard, and Morpheus Lights’ Mark Fetto and Paul Weller. Morpheus Lights is Ayrton’s US distributor. ‘It is an honour to receive this award that means a lot to us,’ said Ayrton’s Export Manager, Valère Huart. “We have been delighted by how quickly MagicPanel has been adopted by the major lighting designers from the moment it was launched. To receive the acknowledgement of the American market with the award for Best Debuting Product of the Year is extremely exciting.

ENERGY SAVING SOLUTION Amendments focusing on energy saving lighting have been published by the Dept for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). The revised versions of Part L Regulations alongside updated Domestic- and Non-Domestic Building Services Compliance guides confirm widely anticipated amendments, according to Dextra Group. The company says that Part L focuses on the conservation

of fuel and power, with changes implementation expected from April. As part of an earlier consultation, a new energy efficiency metric was also being deliberated and has been introduced as a way of demonstrating compliance with lighting standards when the new regulations are introduced. LENI (The Lighting Energy Number Indicator) is a measure of the performance of lighting in relation to

energy per square metre per year. It has received support from key lighting industry bodies, including the Society of Light and Lighting and the Lighting Industry Association. Non-domestic buildings have been in the spotlight, with the assumed luminaire efficacy rising from 55 to 60 lmr/lms/CW. The new documents also encourage the use of lighting controls and occupancy control.

The compliance guide states that lighting in both new and existing buildings ‘should meet the recommended minimum standards of efficacy’.This comes after the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Baroness Hanham announced the amendments would be enforced in April to allow the lighting industry the time required to prepare for the changes.

Non-domestic buildings will be influenced by regulation changes, with new-build homes having to be six per cent more efficient than outlined by current regulations. The energy efficiency standards in non-domestic buildings must increase to nine per cent under the changes, and will impact on energy efficient office lighting, industry lighting and energy efficient commercial lighting. | MARCH 2 0 1 4 51

26/02/2014 15:35

A UK lighting company with expertise and an emphasis on quality Integral LED product managers take great care in developing the right products for the right application in terms of function and reliability; we aim to be best in class. All our LED products are benchmarked by engineers in our cutting-edge Light Lab to guarantee specifications and quality.

Quality assured in our UK Light Lab

Scan the QR Code for more information


Smartphone optimised website

+44 (0) 208 451 8700

Email: Visit:

(Omni-Lamp A60)


BUILDING BLOCKS Light+Building 2014 preview 30 MARCH-4 APRIL


ot content with one Frankfurt-based lighting event this month, there’s another hot on the heels of Prolight + Sound, in the shape of Light+Building 2014. For 2014, Light+ Building has announced that its main theme will be Light and health. Recently, much more recognition has been given to the effects of light on people’s health and general

wellbeing, and the event’s new focus underlines the positive effects that current thinking is having in this area. A comprehensive complementary programme, Explore Technology for Life – the best energy is energy that isn’t consumed, will provide a platform for the 2,300 exhibitors to show visitors how they can reduce energy consumption at the same time as increasing comfort levels in new buildings. Energy saving is going to be big news with, according to the organiser, ‘a large number of international manufacturers of

house and building automation systems presenting their fullydeveloped technologies and software solutions in Hall 9.0’. Located in the foyer between halls 5.1 and 6.1, the Trend Forum presents home trends for 2014/15 and is definitely one not to be missed. Presented in a variety of room settings, products are carefully chosen, which focus on a range of different styles. The Trend Forum is the work of the international trend bureau, bora. herke.palmisano. Design Plus powered by Light + Building is an exciting competition, which will run for the duration of the show, involving the Rat für Formgebung (German Design Council). Innovative and future-oriented products submitted from the lighting, electrical engineering and house and building automation segments, as well as software for the building industry will be on show as part of a special exhibition. An international jury of experts will judge the entries in accordance with the competition criteria: technology, ecology and design.


An event highlight for lighting enthusiasts is Luminale. Held concurrently with the fair, the lighting biennale forms the evening entertainment programme for Light+Building visitors. After the fair closes, Frankfurt plays host to a wonderful lighting spectacle, which continues throughout the event. Installations by lighting artists and designers | M A R C H 2 0 1 4 53

26/02/2014 16:03


Everything is on show: from LED technology to intelligent electricity usage via smart metering and smart grids illuminate Frankfurt, its buildings, squares and parks, as well as other towns and cities in the region. In addition to aesthetic considerations, sustainability and energy efficiency are important criteria for the implementation of these projects. For young lighting artists in particular, the Biennale of Lighting Culture represents a launch pad to worldwide renown. Many of the projects to be seen for the first time during Luminale have won awards. In May 2013, for example, Philipp Geist was presented with the German Lighting Design Award for Time Drifts, his installation at Luminale 2012. According to the organiser: ‘The spectrum of products at Light+Building is distinguished by solutions and technologies that not only reduce the energy consumption of a building, but also increase the comfort level. ‘Everything is on show: from LED technology to intelligent electricity usage via smart metering and smart grids.‘With its extensive range of lighting products, Light+Building is the world’s biggest platform for the lighting market – a market characterised by rapid change and new sources of light. Thanks to the combination of lighting and networked building technology, the industry is able to present integrated solutions that make a decisive contribution to exploiting the energy-saving potential of buildings to the full.’ With a staggering 85 per cent of exhibition space booked a full year ahead of this year’s show, Light + Building 2014 promises to be a spectacular fair in the grand traditions of European lighting events. Whatever you do, don’t miss it!


Harvard Engineering is again exhibiting. The company’s stand (D21) can be found in Hall 4, and will provide Harvard with a platform to showcase its energy saving lighting solutions, including EyeNut, which will be launched into the European market at the exhibition. EyeNut is the ingenious new wireless management and monitoring system for indoor lighting, which Harvard believes is set to revolutionise the market. The solution gives users the freedom to commission, configure and completely control their own lighting to maximise energy savings and reduce carbon emissions. James Osborne, marketing manager at Harvard Engineering, commented on the company’s

M A R C H 2 014

decision to exhibit at the event: ‘Light + Building is the largest lighting show in the world, and it provides us not only with the chance to meet new potential customers, but to maintain and build on existing customer relationships. ‘Our growth strategy is to increase export sales to 50 per cent of the business by the end of 2015, from 25 per cent in 2011, and Light + Build will provide us with a platform to do this. ‘Anyone who is anyone in the lighting industry will be there,’ he added. Havells Sylvania will be exhibiting in Hall 6.2. Stand C04 will feature its latest innovations, spanning the company’s extensive range of both lamps and luminaires. Jennifer Sinclair, senior manager, marketing communications for the company, said: ‘As a company, we’re extremely excited to be attending Light + Building 2014. Its return to our exhibition roster cements our commitment to our customers as Light + Building is the perfect platform to display our brands: Concord, Lumiance and Sylvania, due to the diversity of visitors that attend the show, from the lighting designer to the electrical contractor.’ Hall 4.2 will host Radiant Architectural Lighting and David Morgan Associates on stand A16. The two companies will show a number of new products on their joint stand, including the Radiant 3D LED Flex 25 IP 68, an innovative underwater, three-dimensionally flexible LED linear lighting system, developed for the refurbishment of the swimming pool in an iconic Paris hotel. Additions to the Radiant Aleta spotlight collection will also be shown for the first time, including an MR 16 luminaire for the Radiant Micro Track system. This new head has been optimised for use with the Sora LED MR16 retrofit lamp. David Morgan, designer of the range, commented: ‘We are taking advantage of the Sora LED MR16 qualities, which include high colour rendering. It is the closest retrofit LED to a halogen that we’ve seen so far; so the product will be a perfect solution for high-end residential, retail and hospitality applications. This new Aleta product benefits from a very narrow beam and a range of glare control accessories.’ CON TACT Light + Building Harvard Engineering Havells Sylvania Radiant Lighting

| 54

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30/01/2014 18:14


Break away

Choosing the right fitting for a new apart-hotel in Manchester meant quick installation and testing, and lower lifetime costs


erviced apartments are big news in the UK’s hospitality sector. Designed to provide a home-fromhome environment for both business guests and those looking to experience a city’s leisure facilities, shopping and dynamic nightlife, they provide more space and freedom that a traditional hotel. Following Manchester City Council’s decision to approve the change of use of the old

M A R C H 2 014 56

Abacus Court office building in the centre of the fashionable Piccadilly area, it has been transformed by SACO Hotels to accommodate the city’s latest European-style apart-hotel. The re-named SACO House can offer its guests a 24-hour reception, an onsite fitness suite, and even a breakfast hamper and bathrobe, as well as the traditional hotel services we’ve all come to expect.


Scolmore’s Inceptor LED downlights are providing a low energy lighting solution for the new £3.5m apart-hotel. The Inceptor fitting was chosen to provide a solution to the restrictive ceiling voids in the ex-office building. Inceptor is a high light output, high performance product that can be used with a recess depth of just 60mm – making it ideal for this particular project. The fitting uses Scolmore’s flow connector in order to provide a quick and easy install process, and to make it simple to remove and replace the fittings for the purpose of circuit testing. Paul Coffey from William Dyer Electrical Contractors was responsible for the installation of the products and commented: ‘We chose to use Inceptor LED downlights in the apartments because of their performance and build quality against price. We found them to be very competitive. ‘They also offer other benefits - we were able to use them in

the bathrooms because of their IP rating and we had a limited space in many of the ceiling voids, so the ability to reduce the fitting depth was critical. ‘Another advantage for us as a contractor is the installation method, where we can wire to the flow connectors and test the installation then simply click the fittings into place for the final commissioning. This offers the advantage of the fitting not being in place during the construction phase, thereby totally reducing the chance of damage and extra costs’. Coffey also believes warranty plays a part in the specification process. He said: ‘A major deciding factor for the client was the warranty offered by Scolmore, where they will attend to any faults within a five-year period. This benefits us also because we have no call-out costs. ‘Upon completion the ongoing maintenance is also easier for the client. Because of the flow connector system, an electrician is not required to change a fitting; you would simply plug a new one in. This has major benefits for our clients. ‘It looks as though the Inceptor fitting is a simple downlight, but it is much more than that with some very clever design features and excellent manufacturer backup.’ CON TACT SACO House www.sacoapartments .com/manchester Scolmore William Dyer


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27/02/2014 13:38


Event Concept


020 7740 3988 |

+44 (0) 1420 82377 |

Event Concept continues to concrete its place as one of the industry's leading lighting suppliers with an investment of over £150,000 in new equipment. Originating in 1994 as an event lighting specialist, Event Concept is now a full service production agency that offers lighting, audio, video, set staging, styling, floral design and furniture all under the one roof. Event Concept's lighting department is delighted with the arrival of the new equipment which includes the Robe 100 LEDBeam, Pointe, Washbeam and the SGM P5 LED floodlight. These additions augment their existing intelligent lighting stock which already includes Robe 1200s, 700s and Robin 600 LED washes. The new lighting equipment boasts unrivalled versatility and will allow designers to provide a greater variety of effects. The 100 LED Beam offers incredibly fast movement for band and dance floor lighting, the Pointe is renowned for 1ts extremely high Intensity beam light capabilities, and the Washbeam has a huge range of attributes which make it a multi-purpose fixture. Brand new to the market, the SGM P5 finally offers a compact, high power, energy efficient, LED solution when flood lighting the exterior and interior of venues. For further information or to hire, contact Stephen McGuiness at Event Concept on 020 7064 3545.

Norlys is a Norwegian company that specialises in the manufacture of high quality exterior lighting. Featured is the new Arendal bollard (Art.1565) with tempered glass top which is available in black, graphite or galvanised steel finish. It has an E27 (max. 60W) lamp source and is available in 3 sizes: 85cm, 49cm and 26cm. The products are designed to withstand tough climatic conditions and come with a 15 year anti-corrosion warranty. This range is in the new Norlys 2014 catalogue available from Elstead Lighting. Visit our new showroom in Alton (GU34 2QJ) where all Norlys models are on permanent display or

focus SB 01424 858060 Focus SB Provide Stylish Alternative to Standard Power Outlets The electrical Floor Sockets manufactured by Focus SB can be installed in the floor and the wall. They provide an accessible power point, which can safely be placed anywhere in the room. The spring loaded flip lid sits into a flush box so when the Floor Sockets are primed and painted to match the surface they are fixed to, they can be hidden from view. Focus SB’s Floor Sockets are available in any of their beautiful finishes, except from Polished or Satin Stainless. For more information on Focus SB’s Floor Socket range and the finishes they are available in call: Barry Partridge 07710 088912 Visit our website: Or email:

Danlers 01249 443377 | Danlers extend range of Energy Saving Batten Mount controls Danlers Batten Mount PIR controls are the ideal quick fix, low cost, energy saving solution for organisations demanding a reduction in their rising energy costs. They are ideal for switching lights off when not required and with energy savings of up to 50% the payback period is kept to a minimum. These UK manufactured, IP53 rated controls switch lighting loads of up to 10 amps and are simply fixed to the end of a lighting batten. New to the range are two Spot Detection controls; featuring a narrow (1.5m) zone of detection ideal for access points into storage aisles. One is available with a passive photocell (BMPIRSP) the other with DANLERS one touch ‘Intelligent’ photocell (BMINTPIRSP). Also new are two Batten Mount PIRs offering a reduced range of detection, ideal for environments with open grid flooring where false triggering can occur from other levels. The first variant has a ‘Passive’ photocell (BMPIRRH) the other offers DANLERS one touch ‘Intelligent’ photocell (BMINTPIRRH). Danlers one touch ‘Intelligent’ calibration process distinguishes the difference between artificial light and the natural ambient light delivered to the photocell, resulting in enhanced energy savings and minimising the risk of false triggering or ‘hunting.’ GB patent pending No. 1219746.3.

M A R C H 2 014

58.spec.products.indd 58

V-Tac 020 7299 1212 | V-TAC’s T8 LED tubes are perfect replacement for T8 fluorescent tubes. V-Tac offers a vast collection of T8 led tubes in 600mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm or 2400mm at unbeatable prices! V-TAC LED Tubes have no mercury, UV/IR rays, and emit less CO2. They save up to 80% energy and last up to 30 times longer than fluorescent tubes. They are available in dimmable and non–dimmable options and in colour temperatures 4500k and 6000k. In addition V-TAC also boasts of its Waterproof LED Fitting in T8 LED Tubes available in 1200mm and 1500mm. Visit for more details.


27/02/2014 13:45

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27/02/2014 14:00

EVENT • 61

NEW YEAR FIRESTARTER The Prodigy celebrated the New Year at London’s O2 Arena, with lighting and LED screens supplied by HSL and production design by Andy Hurst. Hurst, the band’s show designer for five years, was asked to come up with something fitting for the occasion. He took a photographic backdrop of a Harrier Jump Jet as his creative starting point, and designed the lighting rig - both over the stage and above the audience - to transform the arena into a giant aircraft hangar. On the night, 60 sections of pre-rigged truss were flown over the audience. Each of the sections was loaded with a Clay Paky Sharpie, a PixelLine 1044 LED batten, an Atomic strobe with a colour changer, and a Robe LEDBeam 100. The lines of truss had the look and feel of industrial-style lighting characteristic of aircraft hangars. Onstage, an imposing 20m arch provided lighting positions in exactly the right places for batteries of 32 Robe Pointes and 16, 2-lite Moles. More rear lighting was provided by fixtures

rigged on ten vertical trussing towers, which continued the arch theme. Each tower was topped with a Patten 2013 reflector light, and a total of 18 Robe LEDBeam 100s were attached to outriggers on alternative towers, joined by 18 Atomics with colour changers and Sharpies on eight of the ten towers. On the floor were another 10 Robe LEDWash 1200s for the backdrop, 25 Robe LEDWash 600s, and 10 Omni floods on floor stands. Along the front of the stage were another six Atomics with colour changers, 12 Robe LEDWash 600s, and five Chroma-Q Color Force 12 LED bricks used for band key lighting. Color Blocks were focused on the Patten 2013s so Hurst could change the colour of the reflectors. He summed up the event: ‘It was a massive achievement, loading in a show of this scale in one day with no production rehearsals, and being ready for sound check at 5pm. Everyone worked extremely hard to make it happen and we had an amazing show.’

Phoenix in the lights The internationally acclaimed Life In Color tour, which features some of the biggest stars in US dance music, bills itself as ‘the world’s largest paint party,’ and is a festival of sights and colors with carnival rides, dancing robots and, of course, an intensely bright, colourful and unforgettable lightshow. The MVP 18 LED video wall panel from Chauvet Professional has been an ‘indispensable part of this lightshow throughout the Life In Color Rebirth Tour,’ according to designer, Collyns Stenzel, lighting director since 2010. This was very much in evidence during the tour’s final 2013 stop at a packed Sun Life Stadium in Miami at the end of December, where 189 panels captivated the crowd with Stenzel’s eye-popping Rebirth design, which drew on two more of Chauvet’s lighting products: the COLORado Batten 144 Tour and the Legend Wash 1200E. The inspiration for Stenzel’s design came from the name of the tour – Rebirth. ‘I associated rebirth with the phoenix rising, and created the stage lighting design around this image,’ explained the LD. ‘In the middle area of the stage is a circle symbolising the head of the phoenix. The body is the upstage wall; the wings emanate from there; and the talons are the DJ booth.’

INVESTING IN THE FUTURE XL Video has announced investment of $15m in a range of new LED products and accessories to support its plans for growth in 2014. The LED investment has been made with a range of suppliers, including Shenzhen-based Unilumin

Group and its subsidiary, Radiant Opto-Elec Technology, to purchase a series of LED products, including 2.5mm high contrast LED, super lightweight 3.9mm Utile LED, 18mm Magic Cube outdoor and indoor LED, 7mm blackface Magic Cube outdoor

and indoor LED, and 18mm Hybrid LED, which combines LED screen with LED spotlights in the same panel. This invention has been designed by XL’s R&D team and provides one solution for both video and lighting. This investment is the largest in

the company’s history, and supports its growth strategy for 2014 onwards. XL’s chief technology officer, Kristof Soreyn commented: ‘We are pleased to make this LED investment with Unilumin - a long-standing partner with whom we co-develop the

latest, state of the art LED technologies for the LED rental market. These products represent the best available technology in each market segment, and underline our strategy to provide the best visual experience for our customers. | M A R C H 2 0 1 4 61

26/02/2014 16:29

TL_MLA_MARCH_PRINT_Layout 1 18/02/2014 12:19 Page 1


r li ll you

an ghting

d wirin

ssori g acce



We are proud to introduce over 200 new products into the new catalogue, showcasing the latest in technological developments within lighting and wiring accessories.


To request your FREE copy please call our friendly sales team on 01582 88 77 60





e at: r onlin rie ccesso


A U5 5T


4 catalogue can be A copy of our 2014 downloaded from our web-site or a printed copy is available on request

S.Lilley.new2014.indd 1 1

21/01/2014 16:44

27/02/2014 14:07

EVENT • 63


ithout doubt, Prolight + Sound is an experience not to be missed. During the four days of the event, Messe Frankfurt becomes a meeting hub for exhibitors and trade visitors from across the world. According to the organisers: ‘Prolight + Sound stands out because of the high levels of international participation amongst exhibitors and visitors alike. ‘The trade and professional visitors, who include event venue operators, planners, retailers, wholesalers, sound experts, lighting designers, stage designers, studio technicians, events service providers and exhibition stand builders, come to Prolight + Sound to find out about the latest technical developments and products and the complete range of services.’



Prolight + Sound is taking place a month early this year, so make sure you don’t miss the chance to attend

Different products are divided into related groups so there’s no need to trudge through every hall and visit every stand. The groups include audio technology, lighting technology, communications technology, theatre and stage technology, media technology, visual communication and systems integration, so there’s plenty to interest everyone. The lighting and stage section will be housed in halls 9.0, 9.1 and 11.0: halls 9.0 and 9.1 will contain theatre and studio lighting, display, video, stages and lighting gantries, while hall 11.0 will be home to show and stage lighting, public installations, laser and lighting effects.

...A N D E V E R Y T H I N G I N I T S P L A C E

During the event, the Prolight + Sound Conference will take place in halls 9.1 and the Cosmopolitan Lounge, hall 9.T. The information and training events will be subdivided into three main sections: event technology, media systems and VDT Academy. Through a range of lectures and presentations, speakers in the mediatechnology field will pass on knowledge gained from practical experience, and present product solutions and services from the fields of AV media technology and systems integration. In the event-technology section, speakers will discuss security in the event sector, legal issues, regulations and training options. The VDT Academy is an information event organised by

W H E R E, W H E N & W H A T ... WHERE: Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany WHEN : 12-15 March 2014 WHAT: Prolight + Sound – billed as ‘the leading international trade fair for the event technology sector’ | M A R C H 2 0 1 4 63

26/02/2014 16:24

64 • EVENT

Prolight + Sound stands out because of the high levels of international participation amongst exhibitors and visitors alike the Association of German Sound Engineers (Verband Deutscher Tonmeister – VDT). Additionally, there will be two award ceremonies taking place – Opus and Sinus. Sinus is given for pioneering technical and design achievements in the field of systems integration, while the Opus award honours an innovative and artistic approach to technology for stage productions. Opus is awarded for the best stage productions at theatres, festivals, rock concerts or special occasions, such as corporate events. A jury of experts, journalists and representatives of the associations makes its selection from the nominated projects throughout the year.


Among the show’s 900-plus exhibitors, Sylvania’s stand (F21, hall 9), will feature the benefits of its SPG lamp products and BriteArc range. Sylvania is using the show to launch a new member of the BriteArc family, in the form of a Tungsten 3200K discharge lamp. The colour temperature makes the lamp suitable as a halogen replacement in portable outdoor filming equipment, where the increased efficiency gives a longer battery life. The 3200K discharge lamp has a dimmable function, which enables it to be used at various power ratings and in a number of different pieces of equipment. Lieven Maes, international director of the Special Product Group at Sylvania, commented: ‘As one of the largest, international trade fairs, this is a great opportunity for Sylvania to not only show off the innovative BriteArc range, but to also continue its ninetieth anniversary celebrations. Prolight + Sound is the perfect venue to show industry professionals how Sylvania’s dedicated R&D programme and innovative product design pays off by creating high quality lighting solutions.’ On Stand D34, in Hall 11, visitors can get information about LED wash fixtures, powerful and versatile LED moving head lights and an easy-setup pixel mapping


All admission tickets (except complimentary tickets) include free travel using local public ONE-DAY TICKET
 transport services operated by the RMV public €29,00 in advance transport authority, throughout the entire area. €45,00 at the box office
 Tickets purchased at the box office only entitle €16,00 at the box office the user to travel back from the Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre, free of charge. Vouchers for apprentices

 must be exchanged for an admission ticket on SEASON TICKET the Internet to be able to use local public transport services operated by the RMV €46,00 in advance
 €69,00 at the box office authority to and from the fair.

Prolight + Sound tickets are also valid for Eventplaza Conference including I-ESC, and Musikmesse.

M A R C H 2 014

Only visitors who have exchanged their voucher for an admission ticket are entitled to use these local public transport services free of charge. Please note that online tickets are only valid for use on local public transport services operated by the RMV public transport authority in combination with a valid identity card or passport.

display system from Chauvet Professional. The company will be exhibiting an array of luminaires, including additions to the Nexus line, with the Aq 5X5 and Aw 7X7 narrow beam panels, ÉPIX Bar 2.0 and ÉPIX Strip 2.0 pixel-mapping fixtures, Legend 330SR Spot powerful moving yokes, and Legend 412Z moving head wash fixtures. Additionally, Chauvet introduces a new line, Rogue, which debuts with powerful and feature-packed spot and beam fixtures that bring great value and performance. The company’s expanded Parnelli award-winning Nexus LED display series now includes the Aq 5X5 (RGBW) and Aw 7X7 (WW) narrow beam panels. Ideal for creating large arrays on stage and in studio, these multi-function panels can be used for everything from generating high-impact aerial effects, to producing vibrant text and graphic displays, or serving as a wash or audience blinder. Other new models on show include the Legend 412Z, a powerful and versatile RGBW LED wash fixture with zone control, which takes the Legend 412 to new levels of brightness and functionality with twelve 10W quad-colour LEDs, a wider array of programming options, and an 8-33 degree zoom. Also new to the series is the Legend 330SR Spot, a compact moving head spot featuring a 330W Osram Sirius lamp and precision optics for extremely intense brightness and crisp gobo projection, plus a full complement of features, including a custom-designed CMY colour mixing system, 22 gobos, eight-facet prism and variable frostfilter for dual use as a wash-type fixture. ‘Lighting professionals today are looking for fixtures that can perform multi functions, and thus give them greater design flexibility and value,’ said Ford Sellers, Chauvet Professional senior product manager. ‘We are addressing this demand with versatile products like the new Strike LED strobes, which are much more than just strobe lights, and the Nexus Aq 5X5 and Nexus Aw 7X7 LED displays, which can instantly go from being a bright stage wash to generating electrifying eye candy and aerial effects. ‘Another demand we’re hearing from customers,’ added Sellers, ‘is that they want easier access to the latest industry technologies, such as pixel mapping. Here, we believe our ÉPIX Series, which has been designed for those with limited technical backgrounds, will set a new standard for simplicity in configuring pixel and video displays. ‘With products like these that meet today’s demands head-on, we’re very excited about this year’s PLS show, and we invite all attendees to stop by our booth to see these innovative new fixtures in action.’ CON TACT Prolight + Sound Sylvania Chauvet Professional

| 64

26/02/2014 16:25 1

30/01/2014 14:52

66 • EVENT

All that glisters...

A collection of priceless treasures at the Museum of London comes alive


Top: Briolette amethyst pendants Main picture: A brass gilt watch with maker’s mark ‘G Ferlite’

M A R C H 2 014

stunning display at the Museum of London, which forms the Cheapside Hoard, the world’s largest and finest collection of 16th and 17th Century jewels and gemstones, is being lit with Precision Lighting’s Pico 1 Surface LED spotlights. Studio ZNA chose Pico luminaires for the high security display cases housing priceless items from the collection, both for accuracy and light quality. The Hoard is on show at the museum until the end of April, where it forms the centrepiece of a major season on jewellery. It has not been viewed as a whole since it was discovered a little over a century ago. ‘At nearly 500 glittering pieces, the Cheapside Hoard includes delicate finger rings, cascading necklaces, Byzantine cameos, a beautiful jewelled scent bottle, and a unique Colombian emerald watch,’ commented exhibition curator, Hazel Forsyth. ‘This priceless collection of jewels is the City of London’s most exquisite stash of buried treasure, and it is the single most important source of our knowledge on early modern jewellery worldwide.’ Lighting designer, Zerlina Hughes of Studio ZNA worked with interior design practice, Ben Kelly Designs to modify the exhibition’s high security display cases. The addition of hoods to house 108 Pico down-lights and drivers helps draw visitors’ gaze below a horizontal line, focusing the eye away from the surrounding contemporary architecture. A further 28 surface-mounted Picos, also housed within the cases, provide up light for certain objects, such as hanging pendant jewellery. ‘The museum is designed for flexibility, and services in the ceiling, such as air-conditioning, are visible,’ explained Hughes. ‘This has advantages for the museum, but we needed to create a different aesthetic for this wonderful collection of tiny, glittering objects. ‘These little LED spots provide localised lighting that makes these artefacts sparkle, and reveals them in detail. They are designed to help you work fast and accurately.’

LED SPOTS COMPLEMENT EXISTING LIGHTING Studio ZNA’s lighting design incorporated the existing fixtures, including tungsten halogen fibre optic point sources used as a linear source to illuminate religious objects. Existing linear LEDs illuminate the exhibition’s title wall; Hughes lit the tabletop display cases and graphics with existing track-mounted beam shapers, wall washers and spotlights. She commented: ‘that a blend of warm LED and cooler tungsten halogen colour temperatures works particularly well in this context’. The Pico 1 is a small, discreet spotlight with a body machined from aerospace-grade 6063-T6 aluminium. It is designed with low-friction bearing rotation and a constant torque tilt mechanism, which are both lockable in pan and tilt, to help direct the light accurately and to ensure that it does not drift or get knocked out of position. Optics that can be changed on site without tools also make setting up and focusing easier. The Pico 1 is dimmable from 10V to 1V, delivers a lumen package of 125lm at 1.6W and offers a choice of 12- and 30-degree beam widths. ‘The Cheapside Hoard is an outstanding collection of 16th and early 17th Century jewellery with a fascinating treasure-trove story,’ said major exhibitions manager, Elpie Psalti. ‘The number, variety and exquisite quality of its pieces is difficult to imagine until you see it displayed in front of you in its entirety.’ CON TACT LPrecision Lighting The Museum of London Studio ZNA

| 66

26/02/2014 16:36

I am

Come and get Me Am

E RO P 0 U E I S E , H all 1 142 r y 4 - 6 P h t B o o Fe b r u a e r l a n d s N et h , m a ster d 1

20/02/2014 15:54


10 minutes with...

KERRY SHEEHAN What is your favourite light source, and why?

Kerry Sheehan oversees Mitie’s national mobile services business, encompassing maintenance, lighting, and fire security

That depends on the environment. LED is fast becoming the general light source, and for good reason as the cost comes down. But for commercial or industrial applications, T5 fluorescent is my favourite for its efficiency. In the retail environment, CDM Elite with its CRI of 90 takes some beating.

Should more be done to control light pollution, or is it not really a big issue for you? Light pollution is an issue, and it should be given due consideration on all lighting projects. Technological advancements are beginning to lessen its impact; for example the directional nature of LED lighting provides a natural solution.

Who is your favourite designer of anything that’s not lighting? Hugo Boss – made for the larger gentleman.

Which lighting project would you like to have worked on? The lighting on the Clifton Suspension Bridge, designed

by Pinniger, is fantastic. The design just emphasises the elegance of the structure with all its different textures and colours.

After the huge changes LED has brought to the industry, what do you think will be the next big advance? I think LED still has some way to go. Affordable, dimmable and easily controlled LED sources are the next logical step. Organic LED also looks very promising for the future.

Do you see a time when all lighting is sustainable? If so, how can we achieve it? Better use of daylight and solar chargeable LED or OLED sources are moving us in the right direction. Energy efficiency is high on everyone’s agenda, so we will have to wait and see what further technological advances are to come.

What trends do you forecast in domestic lighting? LED prices will reduce to an acceptable level for the domestic market as their use increases. These will prove more attractive to households than the current compact

fluorescents, which have such a poor reputation on the domestic front.

Why do you think the lighting industry is bucking the general trend and showing such strong growth? This is an exciting time for the lighting industry with all the technological advancements in LEDs. Lighting has great energy-savings potential, and it’s that drive for efficient technologies, which will continue to drive growth.

Chandelier or candle? Both. LED candles with a built-in sparkle can look highly effective in chandeliers!

Is there one declining light source that you’ll miss above all others? If so, which is it, and why? No, as long as the new technology continues to outperform what we have today, there is no reason to be sentimental, just optimistic. CON TACT For more information on Mitie’s products and services, visit | M A R C H 2 0 1 4 69

26/02/2014 16:42 1

27/02/2014 14:15

Anzeige_Total_Lighting_Satzspiegel_86x262_rz_BWF Profiles 20.02.14 14:05

Our highlights 2014 we will present to you at light+building. Visit us in hall 4.0, stand A81


Lighting Not to your liking, too bright or do you FED UP WITH YOUR FLOURESCENTS! need to bring some colour into your life?

NEED REDUCE GLARE! Lighting TO Not to your liking,THAT too bright or do you LOOKING TO CREATE MOOD LIGHTING! need to bring some colour into your life?

Then Transformation Tubes have the answer. We are able to supply filterTRANSFORMATION sleeves to fit T4, T5, T8 or T12 fluorescent TUBES TRANSFORMATION tubes and PL lamps. The sleeves areTUBES available in 20 stock Filter sleeves for for fluorescent tubes standard tubes colours and 100’s of other variations to special order. Filter sleeves fluorescent tubesconvert convert standard tubes into a rainbow of colours.

CORRECTIVE FILTERS: into a rainbow of colours. Transformation Tubes Many ourcost customers have installed new the filter sleeves are a cost The of cost effective way totocreate ideal environment, The effective way create the ideal environment, led lighting and found that they are too effective way in breathing be itdecorative, for decorative, protectiveand andcorrective corrective purposes. be it for protective purposes. bright and create a harsh white light or are new life into your existing unhappy with the Ultra violet emissions from lighting or creating that T12 Colorap sleeves manufactured to to fit fit T4, Colorap filterfilter sleeves areare manufactured T4,T5, T5,T8, T8, T12 fluorescent tubes. Transformation tubes ideal ambience. We are also and now compacts in various lengths. andare now lengths. corrective filters ablecompacts to reduce the in various able to supply the filter gel glare, brightness andservice if required either sheet or roll form A prompt is the ourultra standard,innot our objective. A prompt oura standard, not our violet emissions service helping to is create healthy allowing youobjective. to customise environment for both staff and customers. it to your own fittings.


Profile Ideas turn into profiles. A Company of BWF Group, Germany

Tel: 01737 373483

Tel:Email: 01737 373483 Email: Web: 1 1

03/05/2012 09:54

27/02/2014 14:34 72

27/02/2014 15:00 73

27/02/2014 15:01

00.jan.armadillo.indd 1

13/01/2014 09:50


MHA Lighting quadruples light levels for HellermannTyton Thanks to the innovative lighting provided by MHA Lighting, HellermannTyton has almost quadrupled the light levels in parts of its Manchester manufacturing site from an average of 90 lux to 400. Switching to LED lighting was part of the forward-thinking company’s strategy to improve light levels in former warehouse areas that are now being used for production, whilst ultimately reducing associated energy costs and CO2. With thousands of people depending on HellermannTyton’s products in a variety of environments, it was imperative that light output, light quality and uniformity were high quality so as to aid precision working and general inspection. With its low-energy luminaires and ability to design bespoke,

75.advertorial.MHA.indd 75

precision lighting solutions – MHA was chosen from four lighting companies who quoted for the work. Chris Brookes, HSE Officer at HellermannTyton, said: “We had looked to four well-known lighting companies to get different quotes for these projects, but only MHA actually surveyed the areas and discussed our specific lighting needs with us. “From the very beginning their attention to detail was amazing – nothing was too much trouble and everything was about us ultimately getting the right solution for the individual application. “We are absolutely delighted with the results and can honestly say that we got what we wanted. “Feedback from the team here has been really positive to the point I am being asked by employees if their area can be done next.” This project saw a total of 33 MHA Lighting TiLite luminaires installed with five daylight saving

sensors to maximise natural daylight from existing skylights. These fittings supply 75 CRI and 5700 kelvin colour temperature. Not only have the desired lux levels been achieved but the historic low-level task lighting in this production area is no longer necessary and has been switched off - thus providing additional energy savings. At the same time MHA Lighting replaced 75 72watt fluorescent fittings in the corridors surrounding the production areas with 75 of MHA’S award-wining TiLite 20/180 fittings, which are just 29watts including ballast. As a result lighting energy consumption in this area was reduced by 69%,

equating to a £2,700 saving in energy costs annually. These fittings also supply 75 CRI and 5700 kelvin colour temperature and will reduce CO2 emissions by 160 tonnes during the product’s eight year predicted lifetime. Chris added: “It is so refreshing to have absolute confidence in a supplier. MHA Lighting promised us a two week lead time for our production area and all work was done within that time frame. Nothing was too much trouble. They even fitted the lights at a higher height to accommodate the operation of a crane in that area. “I cannot praise MHA enough and only wish MHA had been around 20 years ago.”

For more information about MHA Lighting and its award-winning LED lighting solutions, please: Visit: Call: 01942 887400 Email:

27/02/2014 15:09 76

27/02/2014 15:51 77

27/02/2014 15:51 1

30/01/2014 18:42

T_Lighting_Manta_Ad.qxp_Layout 1 12/02/2014 13:05 Page 1

M a n t a : L E D Power Spot

w w w. h a c e l . c o. u k

Download our comprehensive catalogue showcasing the full product range




Cooper Lighting and Safety manufacture a comprehensive range of mains and emergency lighting solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Based in Doncaster, UK, Cooper Lighting and Safety is an operating business of Cooper Safety, a division of Cooper Industries. We are able to provide a wide range of products, services and support to our customers. TEL: 01302 321541 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Wheatley Hall Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN2 4NB

Timage (GB) LLP is renowned in the yacht industry for its beautifully crafted Italian LED and traditional bulb lighting. Timage specialises in nautically styled brass bulkhead lights, waterproof step and courtesy lights, reading lights and ceiling lights. Substantial stock holding for fast delivery.




• Kemps are the UK’s largest manufacturer of high quality Cold Cathode lighting • Temperatures range from 1800k to 8000k, plus various colours • Dimmable by Mains, 0-10v, DMX and Dali • Lamplife over 50,000hrs • Energy Efficient • UK and Global projects TEL: 0113 271 5777 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Unit 2, Matrix Court, Middleton Grove, Leeds LS11 5WB

Emergency lighting products limited (elp) is a small and focused UK manufacturing company dedicated to providing superior service and products to all customers requiring Emergency Lighting Equipment and Emergency Lighting Conversion services.

Custom size LED panels up to 2500m x 1800mm. Stunning illumination from the high brightness LED’s and graduated grid acrylic which produces totally even and shadow free illumination across the face. White and RGB LED are available.

TEL: 01403 786601 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Unit 9 Gillmans Industrial Estate, Natts Lane, Billingshurst, West Sussex, RH14 9EZ

TEL: 01604 678410 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Artillus Illuminating Solutions Ltd 5 Bellman Gate, Holcot Lane, Sywell Northants NN6 0BL




Iberian lighting Ltd, A dynamic company based in Southern England and conveniently within easy reach of London. We take your bespoke lampshade designs from concept to a carefully designed ready to hang commercial finished product.

The Light Corporation - Hand-built & Bespoke British Lighting “The Light Corporation is a Lighting Design and Manufacturing business located in the UK offering standard and bespoke LED lighting solutions to the high-end marketplace in the Residential, Marine, Restaurant & Bar and Retail sectors.”

TEL: 01424 428 161 WEB: ADDRESS: Design & Innovation Center Drury Lane St Leonards on Sea East Sussex TN38 9XP

The Emergi-Lite portfolio from Thomas & Betts delivers a highly versatile choice of emergency lighting and fire detection products and systems for a wide range of applications. Our aim is to enable customers to achieve the maximum benefit in investment, whilst keeping the protection and safety of human life paramount. TEL: +44 (0)113 281 0600 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Bruntcliffe Lane, Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9LL. UK




2012 has seen the official launch of our luminaire design department. We have 30 years experience within the emergency lighting industry, and with the vast advances in lighting design due to the growth in LED technologies, it has been a natural progression to utilise our experience and resources to now offer our clients a one stop solution for bespoke design and manufacture. TEL: 01376 331515 EMAIL: ADDRESS: The Old Power Station,Unit 5c, Enterprise Court, Lakes Road, Braintree, Essex, CM7 3QS

The leading UK manufacturers of brass lampholders and lighting components offering quality products for the Lighting Industry. Full catalogue available on request or on our web-site. We also offer a bespoke service for customers own component designs. A long established family business with a professional approach. Full ISO 9001:2008 and LIA Code of Practice Quality approvals.

Pace Uk, LED Design and LED Manufacture with 10 years experience in designing LED products, we can offer our customers a fast turn around on prototype designs. We also have access to all key manufacturers of high flux LEDs. We specialise in producing cost effective design solutions, believing that price of product is always important. TEL: 01934 733121 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: The Rising, The Square, Axbridge, Somerset, BS26 2AP


GM LIGHTING Full range of galvanised steel, aluminium, conical, octagonal columns, high masts and lattice towers, plus amenity lanterns and luminaires. Most ex-stock FOR PROMPT DELIVERY. TEL: 020 8688 2743 Mob : 07850 530 036 EMAIL: ADDRESS: 14 Tritton Avenue, Beddington, Surrey CRO 4SS

M A R C H 2 014

80_81.mardirectory.indd 80

TEL: 0121 622 2385 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: 80 Alcester Street, Birmingham B12 0QE

TEL: 01376 343087 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: PO Box 141, Lakes Road, Braintree, Essex. CM7 2SG

TEL: +44(0) 1442 216200 EMAIL: ADDRESS: Unit 3, North Bridge Road, Berkhamsted, Herts, HP4 1EF England


24/02/2014 10:07


To advertise here contact Damien Ward T.0203 617 4683 LIGHTING ACCESSORIES



The New ‘Penthouse Collection’, the latest in flat plate design, stylish and sleek with no visible fixings. From a British manufacturer and pioneer of flat plate design.

The leading UK manufacturers of brass lampholders and lighting components offering quality products for the Lighting Industry. Full catalogue available on request or on our website. We also offer a bespoke service for customers own component designs. A long established family business with a professional approach. Full ISO 9001:2008 and LIA Code of Practice Quality approvals.

Period Cast Iron Lamp Posts We’ve Created the UK’s largest stockholding of Lamp Posts & lanterns. For “lighting retailers” we provide free standing display units. For “Designers & Specifiers” we offer a unique design & development service. For “Architects & Councils” we offer a full commercial support, from supply to installation.

TEL: 01483 713400 EMAIL: WEB:



TEL: 0800 6888372     EMAIL:     WEB: ADDRESS: Whitehall, Aston, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 4JH



Simpson Springs manufacture springs, pressings and wireforms for the lighting industry. We produce bespoke parts to customers requirements as well as stock parts common to the industry

Nu-era lighting is an independently owned and directed business, providing a comprehensive range of industrial and commercial luminaires to suit a variety of applications. This is complimented by a full in house emergency conversion facility led by our dedicated ICEL accredited specialists.


BEG Luxomat® is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of occupancy sensors, with the largest range of products available in the UK. The products are easy to install, such as separate mounting plates for the surface products and with our remote control you can set the controls from the ground. With over 30 years in providing sensor solutions for saving energy and providing control, you can be confident that our products will provide the performance that you require.

TEL: 01189 786573 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Unit 1, Latimer Road Industrial Estate, Latimer Road, Wokingham, Berkshire. RG41 2YD

TEL: 01376 515937 FAX: 01376 515926 EMAIL: ADDRESS: Unit A, Eastways, Witham, Essex, CM8 3YQ




We are major importers and distributors of a full range of lighting components for the lighting and the electrical wholesale industry. Please visit our website to view our range.

We develop lighting products for all sectors and specialise in LED. Our sustainable and maintainable design does not compromise on innovation whilst maintaining the “wow factor”. I am level 4 qualified under the ILP competency framework. I have 22 years of experience and a team with 40 years between them. The ONLY accredited and approved SECURED BY DESIGN lighting consultancy in the UK.

UK agents for Hagner lightmeters, our range of luxmeters can measure 0.01 – 199,900 lux. All detectors are Vλ filtered & cosine corrected, and the instrument is delivered fully calibrated. We also supply luminance meters, combination meters and special detectors.

TEL: 0870 850 5412, EMAIL:

rs available nd sizes

TEL: 0121 622 2385 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: 80 Alcester Street, Birmingham B12 0QE

Glass dichroic colour correction filters shapes and sizes

WEB: available in custom TEL: 0121 523 2574 EMAIL:

TEL: 07990 962692 EMAIL: WEB:

r a wide ts to help ect urces.


Warming filters for LED lamps


TEL: 07900 571022 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: PO Box 210 Havant Hampshire PO9 9BT


further details.

dd 1

Louvres available in custom

Inlico are established distributors of lighting components shapes and sizes and accessories. Our product range includes: lampholders, switches and dimmers, plugs, cable and cordsets, as well as plastic and metal parts and UL-approved components. We also operate a product labelling service for luminaires. TEL: 0121 359 8585 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: 26-36 Frankfort Street, Newtown, Birmingham, B19 2YH

LEE Filters, Building on our experience in film and television lighting, LEE Filters have introduced a range of lighting filter products specifically designed for use in the entertainment, sales@leefi leisure and architectural industries.

+44 (0) 1264 366245

TEL: 01264 366245 22/11/2011 11:00 WEB: 17/05/2011 14:16 ADDRESS: Central Way, Walworth Industrial Estate Andover, Hampshire, SP10 5AN

Walter Logan’s Swivel joints manufactured by Meinzer Swivel Joints GmbH are well know to be the best quality swivel joints available to lighting manufacturers who prize quality and regularity above the cheapness of other swivel joint manufacture’s. Types available are raw brass swivel joints, silver swivel joints, chrome swivel joints, black swivel joints plus many more. TEL: 0208 446 0161 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: 3 Athenaeum Rd, Whetstone, London N20 9AA | M A R C H 2 0 1 4

80_81.mardirectory.indd 81

24/02/2014 10:07

New range for lighting


COLD CATHODE LIGHTING SPECIALISTS Whether you require an architectural lighting solution to accent ceiling features, external lines of a building, or something that can fade through a range of colours allowing you to set the mood. Cold cathode lighting is one of the most versatile lighting solutions around, providing flicker free, instant start with full dimming capabilities in a wide range of colours.

Our Glass shop uses the latest production equipment to manufacture high quality cold cathode tubes.

VN LED IP65 Range A choice of superbly efficient general purpose luminaires available in ‘single’ and ‘twin’ 1200mm and 1500mm lengths. l l l

Another in our range of off-the-shelf luminaires ...available only to OEMs!...

Contact Us: Tel No: 020 8646 9886 Fax No: 020 8646 9478 Email: Web: /A1deSIGNS 1

Polycarbonate construction sealed to IP65 High efficiency opal diffuser with stainless steel clips 22W (1650lumens) — 50W (3750lumens)


01268 415828

27/02/2014 15:59

onlinecoverfiles.indd 83

28/02/2014 11:17

onlinecoverfiles.indd 84

28/02/2014 11:16