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DALD’s work on Postmodernism: Style & Subversion at the V&A

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Floodlight Lighting the UK Havells-Sylvania’s Matt Carpenter has announced ambitious growth plans and significant financial investment for the Lumiance brand in the UK. Built on the transition to solid state technology, Lumiance is bringing to market a range of new LED solutions with the stated aim of doubling the turnover for this business segment, while expanding the Lumiance brand beyond its core base. ‘At a time when many in the lighting industry are cutting back,’ says Carpenter, ‘it is with great pride that I can announce not only our financial investment in Lumiance, but also a great range of new LED products. These products build on the traditional strengths associated with the Lumiance brand – ease-of-installation, build quality and reliability – while harnessing the power and scope of solid state technology to set the bench mark for affordable lighting solutions in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Messe Frankfurt partners with Light India Messe Frankfurt is partnering with the Electric Lamps & Components Manufacturers’ Association of India (ELCOMA) for the 2012 edition of Light India. 5 – 8 October 2012 at Pragati Madian, New Delhi Light India is recognised as India’s largest lighting exhibition in terms of exhibitor and visitor numbers, and according to Shyam Sujan, secretary general of ELCOMA, the 2012 show will be: ‘an even larger exhibitor and visitor scale, never seen before in India, supporting the local lighting industry which is seeing an incredible To find technological advancement in products and services.’ all the latest Light India will host a three-day technical seminar focusing on news and emerging technologies and applications, such as energy-saving and diary dates, visit green lighting. Some of the world’s leading experts and specialists TL magazine will deliver technical papers on subjects most relevant to India and recommendations made during the seminar will form a white paper online which will be submitted to the government for decision making and future policy guidelines.

IT’S A DATE... Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 6-9 April 2012 Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

Light + Building 2012 15-20 April 2012 Messe Frankfurt, Germany www.light-building.

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 9–12 June 2012 Guangzhou, China

EuroLED 13-14 June 2012 NEC, Birmingham

Plasa 2012 9-12 September 2012 Earls Court, London

The Professional Lighting Summit 3-4 October 2012 The Grand Hotel, Brighton events/the-professionallighting-summit-2012/

Light India 2012

5-8 October 2012 Pragati Madian, New Delhi

NEWS IN BRIEF New best friends Tridonic and US manufacturer, Universal Lighting Technologies (ULT) have signed a licence agreement that allows ULT to use patented technologies to manufacture DALI control gear. In 1991 Tridonic was the first manufacturer to launch digital dimmable electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps. In doing so, the company laid the foundation for the development of the DALI standard, which is now valid throughout the

world. Numerous products and basic patents for this standard, such as digital addressing and the digital interface with potential separation, are part of the Tridonic portfolio.

An aquisitive nature? Scolmore continues to expand its business with the acquisition of ESP - a specialist supplier of security, fire and intruder protection products - by way of a joint venture between Scolmore

International and Andy Clements, the current ESP managing director. Whilst the acquisition means ESP will now be part of the Scolmore Group, the company will continue to trade as an independent entity, but will seek to create strong growth over the coming years by utilising the experience and support of Scolmore. Clements will remain as managing director to a recently created board, alongside Gary Mordue, managing director of Scolmore.

Celebrating 25 years Contrac Lighting is celebrating 25 years in the design & manufacture of lighting systems for retail, commercial and leisure industries. ‘Providing exceptional products and expert advice is at the heart of everything we do. Our company culture is built around core values that set us apart from our competition, and this has laid the foundation for our solid relationship with our clients,’ explained MD, Anne Shone.

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Brompton Barracks


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April 2012

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A FINE EXAMPLE Toshiba’s history in lighting goes right back to 1890, when one of the company’s founders - Ichisuke Fujioka – produced Japan’s very first electric light bulb. After more than a century of manufacturing incandescent lamps, Toshiba has evolved with the times and is now focusing on its LED business. Leading the way for environmental responsibility, we caught up with Toshiba’s product manager for NLSD UK & Nordics, Edward Lees to discuss the company’s vision


How did you become involved in the lighting industry? Lighting has always been a big part of my life, ever since I was a child. My father built his career in the lighting industry and was a great role model. He was involved internationally with developing light sources and regulations, such as BL365 Fly-killer lamps, T8 Activa SAD Lamps and Version 1 of the EST Specifications, so he both inspired and educated me.

What was your first job? I started at Sylvania in 2002, doing work experience as a packaging designer for CFLs, in Shipley, West Yorkshire. This then turned into a job and I quickly got to grips with the lighting industry. Everything I’d subconsciously picked up from my father just started falling into place, and I began to really work towards becoming a lighting industry marketeer.

How are you finding your new role? I genuinely enjoy every aspect of it. It’s particularly rewarding to be able to educate people on how they can use lighting to enrich their lives. So many people take it for granted, but it’s incredibly important, both at work and at home, and watching people using lighting to make their lives better is very fulfilling. I really enjoy seeing LED lighting come to the fore, particularly as Toshiba becomes a part of projects such as the LED retrofit at the Louvre - it was fantastic to be involved in the illumination of such a historic landmark.

Toshiba is now LED focused. What impact has this had on the business? The European lighting business was launched as LED only, which means that all of our development and marketing resources go into one technology. And this is brilliant, as it’s the technology of the future.

What’s the latest LED development ? New formats, such as socketable LightEngines are being developed, which place the LED at the core of the product’s development. This means that products are being created that are more efficient, future-proof and offer higher light quality and flexibility to the user.

Will LEDs eventually take over the market completely? By 2016, it’s predicted that there will be an LED replacement for every type of conventional lamp. By 2020, it’s estimated that over 50 per cent of the market share by value will belong to LEDs. I think that LEDs will eventually take over the general lighting market, but there will always be uses for other formats.

Can you tell us more about Toshiba’s Environmental Vision 2050? Simply put, Toshiba’s Environmental Vision 2050 is for people to live rich lifestyles in harmony with the earth. This means that the company ensures that its products, processes, technology and management are as ‘green’ as possible. Innovation sits at the heart of the vision, and Toshiba is constantly working to improve energy savings and lower CO2 emissions. LEDs are a key product for this, and the company is always exploring LEDs with greater and greater energy efficiency, smart lighting controls, smart grids and OLED.

How do you see energy efficient lighting management progressing? Hopefully in leaps and bounds! The UK and EU are currently trying to push legislation promoting the use of lighting controls, and to me they just make sense. Presence/absence detectors, for example, are a simple yet brilliant piece of technology – if there’s

April 2012

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no one in the room then the lights shouldn’t be on, so having a sensor, which knows to turn them off is perfect. If you think of how often people leave the lights on in rooms with no one in, then you can imagine how huge the energy savings would be if every building had absence detectors installed. Daylight linking is another technology that is not well implemented. The sun is a free lighting resource, so why not dim the lights when the sun is shining and reduce unnecessary use? It’s estimated that through the use of appropriate lighting controls, a user could save up to 75 per cent more energy.

Last year, Toshiba started working with the Louvre to reduce its energy consumption. Can you tell us more about the project? This is a particularly grand and exciting project, and helping to illuminate such a majestic building is a real privilege. The old xenon lighting is being replaced with bespoke Toshiba LED fittings, and the first stage has already been completed - the Pavilion Corbert and the museum’s famous pyramids are now bathed with LED light. The rest of the Napoléon Cour will be fitted with LED lighting in April 2012, followed by the Cour Carrée in 2013. I’m really looking forward to seeing the end result.

educating people, particularly the end-user, and we should do more. If we don’t educate our customers about the benefits of energy-efficient lighting, how can we expect them to start using it - and using it well? Consumer organisations and NGOs need to reach out and engage people. In the professional world, industry bodies are being proactive, but more needs to be done to try to engage key segments. It’s not a matter of whether education would be a good idea; it’s a necessity.

What’s the biggest career challenge you have come across to date? I would have to say implementing the CERT (Carbon Emissions Reduction Targets) scheme for Havells Sylvania. The technical aspects, logistics, ESTR certification process and customer education were hard work, but it was definitely worth it.

How do you see advancing technology impacting on lighting design and the product market? Lighting design is changing rapidly. Different light sources are being added to existing fittings, but LEDs are opening up the field for new designs and ways to cater to the needs of users. The limitations of previous technologies can be avoided using LEDs, which gives designers much greater freedom and scope for what they can create. The next few years will be a very exciting time for lighting design.

How has the industry changed since you started out?

Good lighting design should make you feel something amazing about the space or object being lit Are there any lighting designs that you would have liked to be involved with? The Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan Mosque and The Yas Marina Circuit. Both these projects have such grandeur and scale, amazing attention to detail, incredible use of lighting controls and deliver an impressive visual impact. They demonstrate that when lighting is designed well, it can really enhance the look of a space or building, without you necessarily knowing where the light source is.

What specific areas do you prefer to work on? I used to work with some stage and studio lighting, which was a lot of fun, but right now I’d definitely say LED lighting for museums is my personal favourite.


What does lighting design mean to you? Lighting design is crucial, but I think the very best lighting design should be subtle. It should contribute to the atmosphere of a space, but not dominate it. A good lighting dewsign should make you feel something amazing about the space or object being lit.

What is the future of lighting? LED and OLED will be the dominant light sources, but there is still room for metal halide and other conventional light source types. In the next two decades, a new generation will come through and they’ll laugh at how we used to waste energy with little glowing glass bottles that, for all intents and purposes, are better radiators than light sources!

Do you believe that people should be better educated about the lighting we use every day?

_____________________________________ Contact:

Absolutely! As an industry, I feel we’re not very good at


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The general trend towards sustainability, reducing energy and maintenance costs, has really driven business in recent years, and the lighting industry in particular. Energy Related Products directives, such as the one that has banned the bulb, have been the single biggest influence on the lighting market. It has completely reshaped the way we work in the industry and how people use lighting, and will continue to. Moving towards energy efficient lighting has driven LEDs to the forefront, and that’s definitely where the future of the industry lies.

April 2012

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is a long established lighting provider, specialising in neon, cold cathode & LED creations. Whether your project is a major art commission or a personal one-off piece we can assist you from concept & design through to manufacture & installation. We create bespoke software and sensors to allow an interactive element through movement, noise, light, temperature, air quality and more..... We provide a complete design, fabrication and installation package in-house. Wrights Yard, Top Road, Wimbish Green, CB10 2XJ t: 01799 598080 e: visit our website - you’d be amazed what we can do 1

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EXPERIENCE THE WORLD OF LEDS: • Network with global decision makers from the LED industry C





• Discover the whole LED supply chain on the exhibition floor • Gain insight from international market leaders including Nichia, Philips, Osram, GE Lighting at the technical conference


Register Now For euroLED 2012:



Contact Us: Twitter: @euroLED LinkedIn: euroLED2012 T: +44 (0) 121 250 3515 E:

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Barrisol速 Lumi竪re速 Acoustics速 by Zaha Hadid 2

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These exceptional projects have one thing in common

Barrisol® Acoustics® Queen Mary University London arch. : Alessandra Foderaro

Barrisol® Lumière Color® O2 Arena Lounge London arch. : Populous Architects







Barrisol® 3D TATE Britain Gallery London design : Kit Grover

Barrisol® Print Cool Britanica London arch. : Wren Architecture

www. ba r r is ol. c o m 05/03/2012 11:09 6

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SELUX速 offers a comprehensive range of premium-quality interior and exterior luminaires. We support the creative design of living and workspaces with innovative products.

INTERIOR I neo is a new generation of luminaires constructed of glass and polished aluminum. The design provides freedom with style and flexibility with application. The utilization of all visible light is the key to the neo luminaire philosophy _ pure aesthetics in design, material, and technology.

Untitled-2 1

SELUX UK Ltd. No 10 Spartan Close Royal Leamington Spa Warwickshire CV34 6RR Tel: +44 (0)1926 833455 Email: Web:

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11 COMMENT Editor, Gill Anderson looks at events affecting the industry


FOCUS ON NEWS 13 FLOODLIGHT News and appointments together with a handy events diary

FOCUS ON PEOPLE 14 Q&A – A FINE EXAMPLE Toshiba’s Edward Lees discusses the past, the future, LEDs and more 18 OPINION – PRESERVING THE FUTURE? Megaman’s Adrian Kitching warns of unsustainability for the industry. Distributors take note 82 THE LAST WORD - Hugh King looks back to the ‘50s



22 EYE ON THE FUTURE An update on the LED 29 PROJECT – LIGHTING THE WAY St Mary’s Church, Ashford gets a makeover for the 21st Century 32 FROM FLOOD TO SPOT Optotune’s new lens technology comes under the spotlight

FOCUS ON COMMERCIAL LIGHTING 35 NEWS 37 ON DISPLAY Are retailers maximising their sales potential by using the latest lighting technology?



43 PROJECT – RESTAURANT DELIGHT Paul Nulty takes the challenge to reinvent the lighting at the Montcalm, Marble Arch

FOCUS ON SPECIALIST LIGHTING 49 NEWS 51 DOMESTIC GODDESS The latest offerings for domestic interiors 56 NEWS PROJECT – PAST TIMES DALD’s illuminating work at the V&A

FOCUS ON LIGHT & BUILD 61 INTRODUCTION 67 CITY OF LIGHT The not-to-be missed event for the European lighting industry is about to put up camp in Frankfurt 70 WHO TO SEE… And where to see them. A quick guide to exhibitors

67 April 2012

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does watt it says... Pierlite offers superior, innovative lighting products and are one of the leading lighting manufacturers in the world. Established in the 1930’s, Pierlite is part of the Gerard Lighting Corporation, employing 3,000 people worldwide, with manufacturing plants in four continents, producing over 3,000 product lines. In the U.K., Pierlite has become recognised as a manufacturer and supplier of quality lighting products and of producing lighting design schemes. Based in Reading, Berkshire, Pierlite UK Ltd has a support team which includes a dedicated lighting design team with the very latest software and industry knowledge to produce bespoke schemes.

DOT92 A NEW AND UNIQUE ENERGY EFFICIENT DOWNLIGHT Pierlite, one of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers has developed and patented a truly unique new energy saving LED downlight. The DOT92 benefits from LED technology with energy efficiencies and cost-savings, delivering excellent performance from the 9W LED lamp, with a high light output of 800lm for the warm white and 900lm from the white and daylight lamps. Total circuit watts are just 15.2W for all versions. Lamp life is also excellent at 35,000 hours, with the unit guaranteed for five years. The energy efficient lamps and luminaires from Pierlite “do watt they say” and provide the user with a significant energy saving when compared to traditional downlights. Developed using the patented Pierlite AXLOCK system, DOT92 offers versatility like no other downlight system currently on the market. With a wide selection of options and accessories, DOT 92 allows the specifier or installer to “mix and match” different finishes and styles to suit specific needs, whilst using the same core product. All accessories are fully interchangeable and include options around bezels, reflectors and lenses. This allows an installer to carry the core product knowing that a range of accessories for different applications will always fit.

Pierlite, one of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers has recently launched its latest DOT catalogue featuring a comprehensive range of decorative and architectural designed energy saving high performing downlight systems. The 148 page catalogue features the largest range of downlights now available in the UK from one manufacturer. The Pierlite DOT range has evolved primarily in response to feedback from customers and provides a choice of efficient light sources, high quality control gear and effective light control all with market leading performance.


The DOT range has been developed using the patented Pierlite DOT AXLock system, which allows owners to significantly alter lighting by simply changing accessories rather than replacing the complete lighting unit. A comprehensive selection of accessories offers flexibility and includes: cross vane and turbo louvers; recessed and flush mounted lenses. Quick and easy to install all AXLock accessories are installed with a simple twist and lock movement, the same movement removes accessories for cleaning or re-lamping. Downlight reflectors, accessories and ceiling plates can be fitted or exchanged after installation. The DOT catalogue allows lighting designers and installers to choose from a large selection of attractive modern downlights with a variety of light sources and three reflector finishes. Decorative glass, a variety of lenses and trim colours provide greater flexibility to customise installations. There are three electronic control gear dimming options available with compact fluorescent models and an energy efficient, high performing LED range. Because the AXLock

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DOT 92 is available with either a round or square ceiling plate, flush or dropped down glass, in a narrow or wide beam, all in either silver or white trim finishes. Various lenses are available including clear, soft diffusion and washlight in either round or square versions, the flexibility is endless. The clever lens design with DOT 92 provides a number of advantages including the controlled beam angle which allows for simultaneous “wall wash” lighting and traditional spot downlighting. The design has also been optimised to minimise glare, which notoriously many other downlights suffer from, while offering a wide beam angle. The product is suitable for various applications for residential and commercial properties where a stylish, flexible, energy efficient, downlight is required. It is the ideal choice to replace old light fittings, which are not energy efficient. The installer will appreciate how easy it is to install DOT92. A simple cut out of 92mm is all that is required. Typically DOT92 can be used domestically in kitchens and living rooms and commercially in boardrooms, reception areas, restaurants, clubs hotels and bars. Pierlite products are available in most trade counters or by contacting

system uses the same core product, distributors and installers do not need to carry large stock levels of different core products. Neil Spurling, Managing Director of Pierlite UK comments, “I am delighted with the products available in our new DOT catalogue. I believe this is the largest, most significant range of downlights to be introduced into the UK market for over 20 years. The range offers so much versatility with different finishes designed for different applications, and the new DOT 92 LED downlight offers superb energy efficiency, without compromising lighting performance. I am sure clients in the UK will welcome the DOT range and I urge everyone involved in either designing, specifying or installing lighting systems to obtain a copy of the catalogue to see the comprehensive options available”. Pierlite products have been developed to deliver “watt it says” and the DOT range is no different. All components within the DOT range have been designed and developed to provide optimum lighting performance and energy efficiency. The raw materials used are the highest quality available and the heat retention within each downlight is minimised to ensure component longevity and extended lamp life. Now constructed in the EU, the DOT range complies with all relevant standards and carries a 5 year warranty. The DOT catalogue provides a large range of products suitable across various applications in domestic and commercial properties including kitchens, hallways, reception areas, bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants. The catalogue can be obtained by downloading it at or by contacting

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IN TRODUCTION DRIVING IN THE DARK Think about it – we get in our cars in pitch darkness, turn on the lights and hurtle blindly down unlit roads being unable to see more than 20m or so in front of us. Hang on, isn’t the stopping distance much more than that, even at a relatively sedate speed?



Gill Anderson Design/production

Heather Rugeley Production co-ordinator

An Truong Web development manager

Mitchell Finlay Advertising manager

Andrew Stratton Financial director

Stephen Jones Commercial director

Scott English Managing director

Jay Boisvert

As drivers, we desperately need someone in the lighting department to get onside, and it seems that’s just what Philips is doing. The company has cited a study by Germany’s TUV Rheinland that suggests 18 per cent of fatalities from road traffic accidents in the country could be avoided, if all cars had Xenon headlights. That makes perfect sense, and one assumes the numbers would be similar across the rest of Europe at least. That’s a lot of potential lives saved. However, according to the European Commission, it’s not just at night that better car lights would stop us ploughing into one another. It figures that an additional 2,000 lives could be saved if daylight headlight use was made compulsory across Europe, as is already the case in Scandinavia. For some unknown reason, the UK was a dissenting voice in the Europe-wide call, citing the greed of lamp producers (can they really be serious?), and the fact that motorcyclists tend to use headlights during the day so would no longer benefit. In truth, I can’t see the relevance of the latter point and am almost too disgusted with the former to comment further on it as reason not to jump at the chance. Thankfully, on this occasion, Europe steamrollered the dissenters and made it compulsory for all new cars from February 2011 to be fitted with daytime running lights. New trucks will follow suit in August this year. Living in the back of beyond, where streetlights are something they have ‘in the town’, I decided to investigate an upgrade to Xenon headlamps, after reading they could be purchased for around £85 each – not cheap but better than hitting a fallen tree – or worse - in the dark. For some reason, I was quoted a staggeringly hefty £1850 by my garage, which told me the Xenon lamps needed their own water supply. To this day, I have no idea what they were talking about, but eventually decided it may just be simpler to change the car to one that had Xenon headlamps as standard. Alternatively, LEDs are getting cheaper – and better – as time goes on, and for some time, a number of high-end car manufacturers have utilised them across their model ranges. The blue light given off is known to aid driving in the dark. Perhaps we can hope that in the not-too-distant future, car manufacturers will get on board and ask for help from lighting designers to come up with affordable – and highly visible lights for cars. In the meantime, well done to Philips.

Gill Anderson Editor

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Cords and Cables Ltd - Taking the Lead Importers, Distributors & Manufacturers Unit Q1, Hawthorn Industrial Estate, Middlemore Road, Birmingham B21 0BH Fax: 0121 523 9531 Tel: 0121 523 2574



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Discharge Lamp Holders The Full Range Ex-stock -



E14 PGJ5


GX8.5 10mm. E27 ES

E27 ES


FC2 GU6.5

G12 GX16d Par 64/56 4.136 Schuko





E27 B22

Low Voltage

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HALL 4.2 / STAND G10


In 1875, one of our founders,

Over the years, lighting has seen

Hisashige Tanaka invented a lamp

many developments until the LED.

which gave ten times more light than a candle. Since then, Toshiba has always used its knowledge to achieve one ideal: produce more We will listen to your needs and propose you the best solution.

L&B Advert April 2012 - EJAL.indd 3

light and consume less.

Up to 80%; this is what you can save and what you consume less with a Toshiba LED.

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If distributors continue to undercut established manufacturers, they could end up shooting themselves in the foot, suggests Adrian Kitching, sales director at Megaman


here is a great deal of talk about sustainability these days, particularly in relation to use of fossil fuels and raw materials. But how many people think about the sustainability of the supply chain and whether the growing practice of undercutting established manufacturers is truly sustainable? The answer to that is ‘too few’, because there’s so much focus on making a fast buck that many distributors are failing to see the bigger picture and play the longer game. This is something that should be a real concern for the entire lighting industry, as most of the innovation in lighting that has driven improvement has come from manufacturers investing in research and development. Without those pioneering manufacturers, there will be no innovation and the industry will stagnate. To put the situation in perspective, consider the traditional route to market for lighting products. Typically, the manufacturer sells to a distributor who, in turn, sells to a contractor at the trade

There’s so much focus on making a fast buck that many distributors are failing to see the bigger picture

18 18

counter – and the contractor then installs the product to meet the end customer’s requirements. In many cases, this process is preceded by the manufacturer working closely with a specifier in order to ensure its product meets design requirements. The manufacturer will only then introduce that product to the distributor. In this scenario there is good communication between all parties. The distributor receives feedback from contractors about what they and their customers want. This information, along with feedback from the specifier, is fed back to the manufacturer, who takes it on board and invests in design changes that fine-tune the products to the benefit of those who use them. So the benefits are spread throughout the supply chain and each link of the chain supports the others. A tried, tested and sustainable procurement model, that has stood the industry in good stead for many years. Indeed, the model prevailed through the early years of the Internet when people were getting to grips with the role that this technology plays in the supply chain. So when the Internet first came along there were very few real changes and most of them were beneficial. Websites made it easier for contractors to find out about products and where they could source them, and distributors were able to showcase their products and special offers. The traditional model was retained and enhanced. In recent years, though, it has become much more than an information tool. It has become a marketplace that drives constant change and where

everything has to be immediate. Consequently, product life cycles have been dramatically shortened so that manufacturers have had to invest as much into research and development in the last two years as they did in the previous 10. If they don’t, they simply can’t compete with the never-ending procession of brand entrants, most of which have copied existing products, scrimped on quality of design and materials and do not hold the required test or safety certificates. So what’s wrong with that, you may ask. The answer is that this model of procurement is not sustainable because it lacks the infrastructure that supported the traditional method for so many years. Distributors and contractors still need technical support, but where are they going to get that from if the manufacturers have had to strip such resources from their businesses to compete in a cut-throat market. You can bet your life that the ‘cheap and cheerful’ brigade won’t have the resources – many even lack legible or understandable technical documentation – let alone a helpline. So, as an old school manufacturer, I would ask those distributors that are going for the fast buck to think about who has brought them the specifications and business opportunities in the past, and recognise the inherent value of that relationship. If we fail to make the supply chain sustainable, we will all suffer in the end.

___________________________ Contacts: Megaman

April 2012

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the largest range of

energy saving lighting solutions universal LED Optimised Multi-Lamp Fire Insulation

“Complete lamp compatibility”

see us at

ELEX2012 Stand H17 26th & 27th April, Westpoint Arena, Exeter VIEW ALL OUR CATALOGUES ONLINE!

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EVERLED is the proud sponsor of...




news Cones have height advantage

STEP-UP TOPOLOGY ZMD AG, supplier of analog and mixed-signal solutions for automotive, industrial, and medical applications, is introducing its first step-up converter with integrated 35 V power switch for high brightness LEDs. It is optimal for driving multiple white LEDs connected in series from a low voltage supply. The ZLED7015 can also drive devices that require a constant voltage, and the wide input voltage range of 6V - 30V supports applications with input voltage from multi-cell batteries or regulated 12V and 24V power rails. A low voltage feedback mechanism helps maximize the operating efficiency and the device’s soft-start function and open circuit detection protects the application circuit and extends the LED life. ‘The step-up topology enables applications using multiple high brightness LEDs strings, while being driven from a low voltage source,’ explained Andy Smith, product manager at ZMDI. ‘This is particularly attractive for designers of low voltage, high brightness lighting products. Other benefits include simplified manufacturing, lower cost, higher efficiency and greater reliability.’

Pixled & Radiant join forces Pixled has been appointed as the official distributor for LED display manufacturer, Radiant’s Linx range in key European countries. For almost two years, Pixled and Radiant have been involved in an on-going co-development agreement, with Pixled selling Radiant’s L-Series’Linx products. Pixled general manager Bart Van der Beken said: ‘We’re delighted with this official appointment which recognises Pixled has the right contacts, resources, infrastructure and mindset to take the Linx brand forward.’

A new sales manager – Roel Peeters – has been added to the team in anticipation of the increased business that the Radiant dealership will generate. Jason Lu, general manager of Radiant commented: ‘Pixled has always been a loyal partner, and the location in Belgium is perfect. The company also has a great reputation throughout Europe and is well equipped with available demo systems for customer tests and evaluations.’

Havells-Sylvania has launched a range of very high output LED downlights for use in large, high ceilinged spaces, such as airport terminals, museums, galleries and retail outlets. The fittings can achieve a 2000 lumen package from a 50W LED lamp – an output that is equivalent to a 100W low voltage capsule lamp. The performance cones employ a highly engineered choice of reflector to ensure minimum light loss within the luminaire and maximum light output for large spaces: wide (49 degree) beam; narrow 14 degree beam; single wall washer and double wall washer. Kuldeep Vali, strategic business unit director Concord, at Havells-Sylvania commented: ‘This is going to transform the market in the large space sector, where occupiers are looking for more energy efficient solutions.’ The lamps have a minimum colour rendering index of 85.

EXPLOSIVE DEVELOPMENT OCG Lighting has launched NeoBulb Escort ATEX, which is designed specifically for hazardous and explosive environments. The high-power LEDs are suitable for environments with flammable vapours, ignitable dusts, corrosive, wet, dusty, and extremely hot or cold conditions. Simon Leggett, OCG managing director said: ‘From factories using dangerous explosives, to pharmaceutical facilities with harmful materials or bakeries with flour-filled air, the range has considerable potential in a range of industries’.

April 2012 21


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An LED is an electronic semiconductor device of particular material composition which, when a current passes through it, emits light. Within the past decade, LEDs have gone from being simple red status indicators on electrical equipment to brilliant white light sources capable of illuminating colossal spaces, or lighting the road ahead. Verbatim’s Jeanine Chrobak discusses where the LED lamp industry is today, and where it’s heading Trends, issues and challenges LED lamps currently account for less than four per cent of the lighting market. The small market share is down to price differences against traditional lamps. The price of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) is around £1.281.70, but the price of LED light bulbs is about £12.75. Market penetration is expected to rise dramatically to 10 per cent when the price difference narrows to less than tenfold. When the price difference narrows to less than fivefold, we estimate that the penetration rate will increase to 25 per cent. Pricing is still the biggest challenge for LED lighting to become fully commercialised. For a given product, prices from reputable suppliers will be found to be within a range of perhaps plus or minus 20 per cent. Products from lesser-known brands, or even those of unbranded LED lamps, may at first appear to be significantly lower. However, to be able to sell at these lower prices, compromises will have been made

22 22

in the quality of materials and components employed – it is unlikely that significant cost advantages in manufacturing can be realised. However, the pace and performance of LED lighting advances is accelerating and surpassing expectations. The market is growing beyond single colour and colourchanging applications into general illumination applications, such as residential, commercial and off-grid use, and into outdoor applications. According to Strategies Unlimited, the LED market is forecast to exceed £3.2bn in 2012, which equates to a compound annual growth rate of 28 per cent from 2008 to 2012. Government subsidies may fuel reduction Significant investment poured into R&D enables major global brands to develop technology that lowers prices without compromising the quality of their products. International LED firms believe there will be fivefold reduction in the price of LEDs that are used to replace the traditional 60W lamp by 2015. Cost efficiencies achieved by Taiwan-based

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c ry s t a l

l i g h t i n g 1

Nick Mailer has a wide experience of specialist lighting and crystal installations having completed many projects in the uk, europe, and throughout the world.

T: 01403 713670

Finest Lighting

M: 0788 9594343

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Japan has become the world´s fastest growing market for LED lighting, with a massive surge in sales after the earthquake in March 2011 caused power shortages energy consumption in commercial buildings is dedicated to lighting. Only space heating, at 32 per cent, consumes more energy. With respect to power savings, today´s best LED lamps offer energy savings of up to 80 per cent compared with incandescent lamps.

What to look for

firms may allow them to hit this target as early as 2013-2014. Another driver of LED growth may be the subsidies that some governments can offer consumers for buying LEDs, and the decreasing weight of 800 lumen LED lamps, which are designed to replace traditional 60W bulbs.

Areas of growth Japan has become the world´s fastest growing market for LED lighting, with a massive surge in sales after the earthquake in March 2011 caused power shortages. Industry sources indicate that many countries within Europe are also witnessing significant growth in LEDs. The need to decrease energy consumption is the major driver of technology development. In Europe, approximately 19 per cent of

A very important characteristic to take into account when selecting an LED lamp is its colour rendering index (CRI). The CRI describes how accurately the light from a lamp reproduces colours of various objects compared with an ideal or natural light source. In practice, a tungsten halogen lamp is considered to have a CRI of 100. LED lamps based on blue chips plus phosphors achieve a CRI of around 80. Anything lower than 80 is likely to give a distorted view of the world with respect to colour. Within a couple of years, LED lamps with a CRI up to 98 are going to be available. The colour rendering performance of these lamps will be virtually indistinguishable from natural daylight - achieved through the use of violet chip technology developed by companies such as Mitsubishi, under the Verbatim brand. The situation is similar regarding operating life. Claims of operating life can be exaggerated. Unlike conventional lamps, which fail suddenly and totally, potential failure modes of LED lamps may involve a reduction in output, rather than the lamp failing totally. For this reason, the operating life of LED lamps is sometimes stated with respect to the time until the light output has dropped below a certain level, perhaps 70 per cent or even 50 per cent of its original output. This is designated by L70 or L50 in the data sheet. It’s important to compare like-for-like specifications.

The growing choice The choice of LED lamps will develop rapidly over the next couple of years. Most major vendors are producing products for the retrofit market and are launching products with the most common fittings first. Luminous efficacy has reached the point where replacements

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The colour rendering performance of these lamps will be virtually indistinguishable from natural daylight - achieved through the use of violet chip technology

for traditional 40W lamps are now available and replacements for incandescent bulbs rated at up to 100W should be on the market before the September 2012 deadline, when all incandescent lamps will be banned by EU legislation. Early LED lamps were not dimmable but products recently introduced into the market can now be dimmed using standard dimmers designed for use with incandescent lamps.

The importance of OLEDs for indoor lighting

ABOVE: Verbatim atmospheric lighting

OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes) are not yet ready to replace general indoor lighting, as has been suggested by some enthusiasts. However, their development has reached the stage where they complement both ambient and task lighting to produce beautifully balanced schemes both in places of work and at home. Their potential in retail environments and other public spaces is unlimited, and their low power requirements meet the demands of the most ardent environmentalists. Using a simple 3-channel electronic controller located on the back of each panel, the colour can be tuned virtually instantaneously. Using this feature, together with dimming, the emotional impact of a lighting scheme based on OLED panels can be changed to reflect the mood required for the environment. For example, bright, white light may be desirable in the morning but more subdued, relaxing lighting with muted colours may be preferable towards the end of the day. The technical protocols for RGB colour tuning and dimming, DMX and DALI are well established and low-cost controllers are widely available. Panels are easily calibrated and matched using the controllers to compensate for differences between panels caused by manufacturing process variations. In the near future, there is an expectation that the DALI protocol will be extended to include all aspects of colour control, as well as dimming functions.

________________________________ Contacts: For more information, visit

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Unrivalled service, knowledge and choice

the LAMP company

We stock over 30,000 different types of lamps, batteries and control gear including our own range of Casell brand products.

The Casell range includes:  LED PARs

 Reflectors


 Energy saving candle, GLS,  Halogens  Fluorescents Spiral and PAR lamps 1

Tel: 01462 490066

Fax: 01462 491166

Email: Twitter: @thelampcompany

Facebook: @thelampcompany

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LIGHTING THE WAY Churches across the country are finding innovative new ways to adapt to the modern world, and St Mary’s in Ashford, Kent is a fine example of what can be done to keep these historic buildings alive


aving recently undergone a major refurbishment to upgrade its interior, the church of St Mary the Virgin in Ashford is boasting a creative lighting design by Havells-Sylvania, to accentuate its iconic detailing. Arts at St Mary’s Church is a major cultural project for the town of Ashford, to both refurbish one of its best-loved historic landmarks and to boost the borough’s arts offer. Mentioned in the Doomsday Book, the church now functions as both a place of worship in the town centre and a community arts venue, hosting performances each year from local and international artists. The refurbishment took inspiration from Union Chapel in Islington and St George’s Church in Brighton. The church  was reordered to create a more flexible space for religious sermons and ceremonies, as well as music, drama, and arts events. Lighting design played a key role in updating the interior. The brief for the lighting design, which was undertaken by local company, MLM, was to use as much low energy lighting as possible and improve illumination in a very poorly lit area. As a result, CFL and LED lighting was selected with Havells-Sylvania providing its Concord Tec Spot 42w CFL and the Concord Stadium PRO LED for spotlighting effects. The project was awarded European Union funding, through the Green Renovation Cluster programme (Greenov), to install a rainwater harvesting system and a ground source heat pump, which aimed to substantially reduce the building’s energy consumption and carbon emissions. The £1.7m project was also awarded £1.2m of Growth Area Funding by Ashford’s Future. ‘The lighting needed to be sympathetic to the church interior, so a close working partnership with the architect, Lee Evans Partnership, was essential. In most areas

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The lighting needed to be sympathetic to the church interior, so a close working partnership with the architect was essential of the interior, white fixtures could be used but where there was a lot of mahogany, black fixtures were used. Havells-Sylvania was able to offer its products in both finishes to ensure a seamless blend with the interior,’ explained James Mayland, of MLM. The Concord Stadium range is an innovative low energy LED spotlight, which is ideal for spaces such as St Mary’s due to its colour rendering and low running temperature. This ensures very long lamp life and reduced maintenance costs as well as energy efficiency and low power consumption. The Stadium PRO LED is ideal for these sensitive environments, as it won’t cause damage to the interior or precious objects with ultraviolet and infrared light. The PRO provides a safe, economical and functional lighting solution and introduces individual dimmable control from an on-board potentiometer, which was key to enabling the staff to set the scene when holding performances. This dimmable function introduces contrast and effect through varying light levels. MLM selected a version with a colour temperature of neutral white 4000k with a colour-rendering index of 93 to give a bright light throughout the interior. The main area uses a larger 42W TC-T compact fluorescent spotlight. The TeQ Spot offers a 360-degree horizontal rotation and 90-degree vertical tilt-lock mechanism, to guarantee complete stability. Mayland added: ‘The client is extremely impressed with the new lighting design. It fulfills all their objectives and has cut the cost of lighting bills. Due to the change in function, the church really needed a change of lighting scheme as well as a general update to its interior. The work has been a huge success and the church is looking forward to the future.’ Further Improvements included more toilets, underfloor heating, glazed doors to the north entrance, more comfortable and moveable seating for up to 350 people, as well as improved disabled access. Arts at St Mary’s is promoted and supported by the church congregation, Ashford Borough Council, the Parochial Church Council, The Bishop of Dover,  Town Centre Partnership and statutory agencies such as the DAC, English Heritage, Arts Council England, and Historic Churches Trust.

_____________________________________ Contacts: Havells-Sylvania Concord

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GIOTTO LED Versatile, energy efficient and low maintenance

Giotto 235/335

Giotto 200

HS_Giotto_ad_07_grad.indd 1

Giotto 200 Numberlight

Our successful Giotto wall and ceiling luminaire range has been updated with LED and lighting control technology to reduce energy and maintenance costs even more. Available in five versions, differentiated by size, performance and shape, the products offer application versatility while maintaining design consistency. The top of the range 335 model features optional microwave presence detection and integral emergency lighting. The combinations available provide an attractive, “complete” approach to low energy lighting for new build or refurbishment projects.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Giotto 305 Microwave

Saves up to 40% in energy consumption compared to CFL Microwave presence detector versions available 3 hour integral emergency lighting options (335 model) House number variant 50,000 hours life expectancy – ideal for corridors and public areas Choice of LEDs in warm white (3000K) or neutral white (4000K) Instant start and high switching cycle Excellent light distribution Tool-less connection IP44 and IK10

Tel: 0870 606 2030

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FROM FLOOD TO SPOT The Swiss high-tech start-up, Optotune has used innovative tunable lens technology to create new LED lighting applications. Thanks to a variable lens shape, the beam angle of a spotlight can be flexibly adjusted. While being very efficient, this technology offers a compact solution to combine a flood- and a spotlight in one product, hence reducing complexity and offering new possibilities


hen designing a spotlight, there are components available for many different beam angles. As they are fixed, the customer has to decide in the design phase, which angles to use for an installation. Sometimes it’s possible to exchange optics for different beam angles. However, this is time consuming and cumbersome, especially as lamps are often hard to access after installation. There are solutions available to vary the beam angle without exchanging components, but they are not efficient and can be complex. Indeed, it’s possible to shift a lens away from an LED to focus the beam - up to a certain point. However, rings and shadows typically appear in the spot, and with increasing distance from the LED, a lot of light is lost. On the other hand, large show lights or even some museum lights are equipped with a zoom lens for the adjustment of the spot size. While requiring lots of space and not being particularly efficient, zoom lens are expensive in development and manufacturing, making them unsuitable for mass lighting applications. The new tunable lens technology allows the beam angle to be set on site and to adjust it whenever necessary. There is even a possibility to motorize the tuning process for remote controlled adjustments. While lowering complexity costs by having just one product from flood to spot, it also offers new opportunities with changing beam angles for different settings, for example in a museum with changing exhibitions.

THE CLEVER PART As shown in left, a ring or ‘lens shaper’ is pressed into a polycarbonate container filled with an optical liquid and sealed with a thin polymer membrane. This causes a spherical lens to form, which changes the focal length proportionally with the liquid pressure. The clear aperture remains constant throughout the whole tuning range. While being both efficient and compact, this technology allows a flexible adjustment of the beam angle when implemented in a spot light. Turning a ring controls the movement of the lens shaper into the liquid filled container, and therefore the shape of the lens. A cogwheel in the housing offers the possibility to motorise this process, allowing to remote control the beam angle When designing a spotlight with a tunable lens, the optical design is outlined. The LED and the secondary optics define the maximum beam angle. It’s important to use secondary optics with an even light distribution for a good tuning result. The tunable lens is then used to focus the beam from the wide flood angle to a small spot. For the spotlight design presented in this article, the range goes from 40° down to 10°. It varies depending on the design and optical components used. While being a very new technology, these tunable lenses have been extensively tested in various environments. Based on the results, the expected lifetime of the tunable lens is over 10 years in constant operating temperatures of -20°C to +85°C. The lenses are built in a dust-free environment and have a well protective housing to keep them clean. However, the current products on the market do not have waterproof housings, hence, the lens can only be used indoors.


The largest lens currently available has a clear aperture of 55mm, designed for large LED spotlights with lighting power of 2000 – 4000 lumen. From the technology perspective, it would be possible to build even larger versions or lenses as small as 2mm in a clear aperture.

32 32

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C103-V3_SAFT 20/04/11 14:24 Page1

© Saft - N° RBS 003-2-0411 - © Photos : Legrand - Schneider - Cooper Menvier - Fotolia – C103

the durable choice

For many years, Saft has been designing, producing and marketing a complete range of both nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries which are specially designed to fit the specific requirements of emergency lighting units and self-contained emergency luminaires. These cells typically accept a permanent overcharge (C/20 to C/15) for a minimum of 4 years in a high-temperature environment (up to + 55°C). Saft proposes an efficient and advanced rechargeable product range from 0.6 Ah to 10.0 Ah (IEC minimum capacity), in compliance with the International Standards (IEC 61951), US standards (UL 924) and Japanese standards (JISC 8705). An industry pioneer in eco-designed products, all of Saft's batteries are built for sustainable development. 26.indd 1

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Painting by light HAGAR IS WIRED FOR LEARNING AT HALESOWEN COLLEGE Hager has announced a contract with Halesowen College to supply its Sollysta white moulded range of wiring accessories for installation throughout the campus. Halesowen College is a high achieving educational institution providing higher education to 16-19 year olds. Mitchell James, contract manager at IMS Electrical commented: ‘We have historically used a competitor’s product, but were attracted to Hager. I am pleased with Hager’s Sollysta white moulded range and especially think that the Neutral loop terminal is a good idea.’

Most London Councils operate a rolling urban regeneration programme. One such scheme for Kensington and Chelsea has been the Westway project to regenerate the concrete bridges around the areas of Ladbroke Grove and Portobello Road. Working in conjunction with Transport for London, Kensington & Chelsea Council, the Westway Development Trust and visual consultant, Urban Eye, Light Projects has supplied and focussed lighting fittings to complement the artwork and transform the grey, oppressive concrete into a light and bright canvas. A clever mix of lighting was used for downlighting and to cross-graze the underside of the bridges and road structures. This included 70w / 150w 4° metal halide projectors, 36w RGB colour changing DMX controlled projectors and festoon lighting. The combined effect has dramatically enhanced the area both by day and at night using illuminations, improving pedestrian health and safety and breathing life into previously dark and foreboding spaces. The area has now been adopted by the local community and remains almost wholly graffiti and vandal-free.

White Light has announced its appointment as an authorised Philips Vari-Lite service centre The company now offers service and support of all Vari-Lite automated fixtures, meaning its technicians can now carry out routine maintenance and servicing or repair work, including warranty repairs, for owners across the UK and Europe. ‘We are delighted by this appointment,’ comments Dave Isherwood, White Light technical director, ‘since to be chosen by one of the pioneering companies in automated lighting to be one of their very few service centres in Europe provides clear recognition of the skills and talents of White Light’s team of service engineers.

Lutterworth Ecolighting is helping Carlsberg to cut energy costs by 70% following the installation of state-of-the-art lighting at the brewer’s national and regional distribution centres. As part of its drive for greater energy efficiency across its estate, the beer manufacturer brought in consultant, EHS Projects to source a cost-effective alternative to its current lighting arrangements in six centres across the UK. EHS recommended m Lutterworth Ecolighting’s Ecolite range to meet the need for improved efficiency, enhanced working conditions and to assist Carlsberg in its on-going commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. The traditional sodium and metal halide units were replaced with 1044 Ecolite units. Each unit utilises T5 photocell and passive infrared (PIR) tracking technology, meaning the lights only operate when required. In addition to the energy savings the technology facilitates, the warehouses will benefit from improved light quality and to reduce health and safety issues. By working closely with warehouse managers, the installation was coordinated to ensure minimal disruption to the day-to-day operation of the sites. Steve Powers, director at EHS Projects said: ‘The installation of Ecolite technology into the national network of distribution centres will help Carlsberg with this commitment, but will also improve the working environment for the employees and generate significant cost savings for the business.’

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Easi 4‌ The Easi 4 spotlight extends the Easi range to include LV Capsule and CMH-TC lamps in 20, 35 and 70W making it ideal for retail spaces with ceiling heights of up to 3.5M.

Microlights at Light+Building

15-20.04.2012 Messe Frankfurt, Germany See us at D71, Hall 4.2 For more information or light planning advice, please contact: UK +44 (0) 1793 467201 International +44 (0) 1793 467201

France +33(0)0 23 55 97 87 Middle East +971 (0)4 328 5488

Spain +34 93 741 60 94 Lebanon +961 (0)1 319099




DISPLAY Are retailers using display lighting to show their goods in the best light and taking the opportunity to maximise their selling potential?


ith further increased energy costs and tighter budgets, it’s no surprise that retailers need to be at the top of their game. Detailed fit outs, a perfect layout and quality products mean nothing if the way in which they are illuminated fails to allure. Recent years have seen significant improvements in the quality of display lighting, colour rendition and longer lamp life options have allowed the opportunity to be creative but as the pennies are pinched, retailers are opting for the source that provides maximum creativity and draws the shopper in - but could they really be waving goodbye to the LED already?

April 2012 37


28/03/2012 09:36



David Griffins, national retail development manager at iGuzzini explains why all lighting sources should be considered: ‘LED is the buzzword and we should certainly not discount its use for certain applications. It will without doubt become the source of choice over the coming years and can be used to great effect. However in many instances it does not have the punch that is required for display lighting. In most cases metal halide is King. ‘Once the most appropriate light source has been selected, the next stage is luminaire selection. This can either be hidden as much as possible, such as recessed gimbles. These offer really economic solutions with multiple accent lighting from one position, saving on installation as you only have one hole to cut, and easy to adjust with only one trip up the ladder to move multiple lights. Alternatively, the fitting can become part of the detailed design with statement fittings selected as an integral part of the fit out.’ Griffins indicated that Arcadia’s recent Topshop and Topman displays at Westfield Stratford had used this to great effect. ‘Chrome fittings really create an impact, drawing attention to the catwalk display with the addition of barn doors really adding to the theatre recreation. Whatever solution is selected it must offer versatility. Without doubt over the course of a month, even a day, mid floor displays will get altered and

Chrome fittings really create impact, drawing attention to the catwalk display with the addition of barn doors really adding to the theatre recreation

38 38

moved around. It is imperative that the lighting layout and the fitting selected can be adjusted to pick out the display and not simply light the floor. ‘To continue the theme, the same lighting was used in the windows. As they were glazed full height to maximise impact, the fittings were mounted on raising and lowering systems to simplify adjustment and maintenance. Adopting different approaches can create further impact: for example, to add a different dimension why not uplight rather than just downlight? Topshop used fittings mounted into the verticals of the shop windows to provide localised lighting and to really catch the eye of customers approaching the store from any direction. In this particular instance it is possible for members of the public to get access to the fittings, and as such LED was selected to avoid the risk of burning.’ ‘With energy costs only going one way, gone are the days of simply making a store brighter to stand out from a competitor or the shop next door,’ claims Griffins. Across the board, retailers are realising it’s not the amount of light used but the way it’s used. Using display illumination effectively can increase the drama of a product, immediately catching the attention of the passer by, resulting in higher sales. The LED has encouraged display lighting’s main advancement over recent years: the demand for low energy solutions. Ultimately resulting in lower energy costs, these products have dominated the market for some time. Duncan Hill, managing director at HL PPE spoke of the impact: ‘This has made it more cost effective to implement, and in turn more accessible to retailers of all sizes. Consequently we have also seen the use of display lighting spread from its traditional premium and health and beauty sectors to other product segments.

April 2012

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Fluorel Advert A4 New_Layout 1 20/10/2011 09:34 Page 1

The New Breed from Fluorel.


Announcing the launch of our new range of innovative energy efficient lighting








Fluorel Lighting Limited Tel +44 (0)8458 643 643 Fax +44 (0)20 8506 1792 Unit 3, 2-8 Roebuck Road, Hainault, Essex IG6 3UE

flourel.dec.indd 1

Fluorel Lighting is a leading supplier of innovative energy efficient lighting

21/12/2011 09:59



In most cases, metal halide is king ‘Strategic use of display lighting is extremely effective at drawing attention to specific product ranges and at the same time it gives the impression that those ranges are good quality and in some way special. There has been a natural affinity between display lighting and premium products, such as high-end skincare, cosmetics and jewellery. What we are seeing now though is retailers using shelf lighting to give a premium feel to standard ranges. While shoppers are on tight budgets, they are no longer purchasing based solely on price, they want good quality and value for money.’ Though high-end boutiques and now some high street stores are using low ambient lighting levels with discreet understated accent lighting for a dramatic approach, others are turning to the use of colour as an eye-catching method. Hill said: ‘The type of PoP mentioned previously can be used to achieve clear product segmentation through the use of coloured lighting. Use of colour coding is widespread in other areas, such as packaging and also aisle and shelf edge signage, so this is a mechanic that consumers are very familiar with. When considering using display lighting, retailers should choose their system carefully. There can still be issues around the effectiveness of many environmentally friendly lighting solutions. Some are simply not bright enough, and dull lighting can have the opposite effect to that which is intended, making displays appear unappealing.’ One retailer to embrace sustainable lighting solutions is the Carphone Warehouse. Illuminated PoS units have been key to its recent European-wide roll out as well as that of its sister business in mainland Europe, The Phone House. A modular range of display easels has been developed that offer highly effective merchandising display for smart phones and tablets.

40 40

The brand turned to Lumenal for its display lighting needs. Using a specifically designed and manufactured version of its Corona edge lit LED panel, which are CNC machined, it accommodated various merchandising and security devices utilised within the easels. Linear LED luminaries were used to illuminate the graphic displays, while Lumenal offered specific colour temperature that met with the display requirements. Speaking of the choice of LED, Nick Wraith, managing director of Unibox said: ‘LED lighting in the display industry can be split into two main categories; while it is quite common for many display fixtures to be simply and effectively re-lamped using LED replacement lamps, the real developments are being seen where LED fittings are designed from the ground up to gain the maximum benefits from the increasingly popular trend towards LEDs. Fixtures can be designed to be more effective, less obtrusive, compact and durable. ‘The advances in LED technology combined with a greater understanding of how to design effectively using solid state lighting is allowing retailers and designers to take maximum advantage when designing display equipment and store interiors. Advances in optics and diffusers also permit LED fittings to be designed without spotting. This technology allows light sources to be placed very close to products, in order to offer a continuous linear light ensuring optimum merchandising.’ The retail display lighting market is bursting with innovative solutions, and with retailers using their budgets carefully and creatively, they will have us parting with our cash in no time.

_____________________________________ Contacts: iGuzzini HL Display Unibox Lumenal

April 2012

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RESTAURANT DELIGHT The Montcalm Restaurant has a little more to boast about than just good food, as diners are wowed by the venue’s latest lighting concept ocated in the Montcalm Hotel, Marble Arch, London, the grill restaurant has recently undergone a complete refurbishment. Paul Nulty Lighting Design was called upon to provide architectural lighting design services, including a full review, finessing of the existing lighting systems and designing a new feature lighting sculpture. In just 10 short weeks, the restaurant underwent a lighting design overhaul. Working alongside interior designer, Tonik Associates, the team worked to a fast programme but ensured that the space would be lit to their best ability. Paul Nulty, head of practice at Paul Nulty Lighting Design said: ‘The restaurant owners wanted to retain as much as possible of the distinguished structure by replacing the original centre sculpture. The whole place was rather gloomy; the idea of the lighting concept was to lift the space and create a visual statement.’ In order to keep within the theme of the restaurant, a chandelier reminiscent of embers from a fire was designed and hung as the centrepiece. The sculpture features 600 points of light yet uses just 600W of energy.

April 2012 43


28/03/2012 09:54



Designs are now about energy efficiency and longer life. I believe we have created a stunning and sustainable solution for years to come

The design team at Paul Nulty firstly worked with the interior designers to produce CAD models in order to provide an understanding of how the sculpture might look. Nulty said: ‘We developed the product by looking at different mock ups and scale models.’ Different materials were explored before settling on a polished brass solid finish, providing contrast and sparkle while shielding the lamp. CAD drawings of the individual luminaries were produced to ensure each was accessible and maintainable. Straw models were produced to define the dimension of each drop and the form of each wave. Mock-ups of the luminaries allowed a review of brightness and to determine the lamp source – fibre optics and LED were explored before deciding on the latter. The final sculpture was manufactured by Iberian Lighting. Nulty added: ‘We wanted to create a statement piece that was a talking and focal point while being useful light.’ The energy efficiency aspects of the design ensure that the restaurant can benefit from reduced energy costs – the 600W of energy used amounts to just half the energy used to boil a kettle. The LEDs will also allow longer lamp life and easier maintenance. Speaking of the energy efficient elements, Nulty said: ‘Energy efficiency is synthetic of the industry. It’s not just about lighting design anymore. Designs are now about energy efficiency and longer life. I believe we have created a stunning and sustainable solution for years to come.’

44 44

_______________________________________________ Contacts: Paul Nulty Lighting Design Iberian Lighting Tonik Associates

April 2012

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Designers of bespoke interiors and lighting.

208 Bermondsey St, London SE1 3TQ , +44 (0)20 7378 9670,,

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01403786601 | LD-SM-NM3 Surface Mounted LED emergency lighting downlight The LDE3 range of recessed LED downlights have been very successful for Emergency Lighting Products Limited but customers have asked for a self-contained unit for surface mounting direct to ceilings. Therefore, ELP has launched the LD-SM range of surface mounted, non-maintained 3Watt LED downlight units with a choice of a wide angle symmetrical lens for open areas or the assymetric ‘Corridor’ lens for escape routes. The LD-SM units utilize a neat white steel box and facia plate fitted with a standard LDE 3Watt downlight and enclosing the LDCK700S emergency driver kit to provide a discrete and attractive self-contained, 3hour duration non-maintained emergency fitting. The 145mm square x 40mm high enclosure has a rear BESA entry and 20mm knock-outs on two sides for surface conduit entry and is very simple and quick to install. With over 100Lumens output and excellent performance the LD-SM units can typically be mounted at approximately 8metre centres for open areas and 11metre centres for escape routes ensuring a cost effective installation.


01403 713670 | Nick Mailer Lighting has a wide experience of specialist lighting and crystal installations having completed many projects in the uk, europe,and throughout the world. We would be delighted to discuss your project no matter how big or small! Windfalls: Founded just 5 years ago, Roel Haagmans and Clarissa Dorn have created and overseen the installation of some of the most inspired contemporary chandeliers ever seen. Their experience has been founded with some of the great classical chandelier manufacturers over the last 15 years. The collection is constantly evolving; working in close partnership with our clients creating bespoke designs nothing is ‘set in stone’.


01737 373483 | Filter sleeves for fluorescent tubes convert standard tubes into a rainbow of colours. The cost effective way to create the ideal environment, be it for decorative or protective purposes. Colorap filter sleeves are manufactured to fit T5, T8 or T12 sizes. T5 are 300mm and 600mm lengths while T8 and T12 are available in either 600mm or 900mm lengths. Now stocked in 20 colours plus clear ultra violet filter. Others to special order. A prompt service is our standard, not our objective.


Tel: +44 (0)20 88 63 45 15 |

Rail-DMX-DALI is a DMX to DALI converter designed for optimum control of DALI fixtures from a DMX controller. Taking into consideration the different rates of operation between DMX and DALI, Rail-DMX-DALI allows seamless integration between these two vastly different protocols. Rail-DMX-DALI’s 4 DALI bus outputs are each capable of controlling up to 64 ballasts. Rail-DMX-DALI gives the DMX lighting desk independent control over individual ballasts, yet allows the Groups and Scenes functions to control all fixtures and avoid potential speed issues. Rail-DMX-DALI will also change the DMX linear dimming curve to a DALI exponential curve to achieve a uniform result.

46 46

COOPER LIGHTING 01302 303106 | i-P65 is a weatherproof, high specification, competitively priced emergency LED bulkhead utilising the latest LED and optic technology. i-P65 can be used to provide emergency lighting, as a single sided exit sign or double sided exit sign with a common look and feel where aesthetics are a primary concern. i-P65 has been designed for ease of installation, reduced power consumption, minimal maintenance, reducing the TCO (total cost of ownership). Contact Details: Cooper Lighting and Safety Ltd Wheatley Hall Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN2 4NB Contact: Sales Tel: 01302 303106 E-Mail: james.

April 2012

28/03/2012 10:06


grid dimmer modules you can rely on DANLERS design and manufacture a range of trailing edge, quiet grid dimmer modules suitable for dimming LED lamps and fittings either directly or via a dimmable trailing edge transformer. They are available in versions suitable for: MK Grid Plus, Crabtree grid or Eurodata plates. All versions are also suitable for dimming mains halogen lamps (e.g. GU 10) without the need for derating. • Suitable for LED lamps & fittings • Suitable for mains halogen lamps • Trailing edge technology • Quiet operation • Soft start feature prolongs lamp life • Can dim lights from several locations (multi-point) using matching DANLERS slave grid modules • UK manufactured - 5 year warranty. For more information please contact: DANLERS Limited, Vincients Road, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 6NQ. Telephone: 01249 443377. Fax: 01249 443388. E:


w w w. d a n l e r s . c o . u k

Frankfurt Light +Building Hall 4.1 Stand D81

Lighting Not to your liking, too bright or do you need to bring some colour into your life?

TRANSFORMATION TUBES Filter sleeves for fluorescent tubes convert standard tubes into a rainbow of colours. The cost effective way to create the ideal environment, be it for decorative, protective and corrective purposes. Colorap filter sleeves are manufactured to fit T4, T5, T8, T12 and now compacts in various lengths. A prompt service is our standard, not our objective.

Tel: 01737 373483 Email: Web: 1

28/03/2012 10:13

The Pi (  ) Range of mains and emergency lighting signs

When your project environment demands creatively stylish emergency or directional signs that are guaranteed to guide to safety, look no further than P4’s new Pi range. The distinctively shaped oval body section, available in different colour finishes, is designed to complement any high specification environment where style and function is a ‘must have’. High intensity LED’s with proven long life, low running costs and consistent illumination combine with an elegance that is quite simply without equal. The range is available in wall mounted or suspended styles with a wide range of fire, safety and information legends in single or double sided formats. The high level of illumination and remarkable uniformity means that, unlike most alternatives, Pi signs fully comply with BSEN 1838:1999. To escape from the mundane make the innovative Pi range your preferred choice. Full details tails of the Pi range and other exclusive P4 products call us on 01328 850555

NEW signs brochure now available 1

P 4 Li m i t e d 1 W y m a ns Way Fake nh am Indust ri al E st ate , Fake nh am , N o r fo l k N R 21 8 N T

28/03/2012 10:21







Shout it out loud DMUK has come up with an interesting an eye-catching way to illuminate the most relevant information in a display. The Highlighter does exactly what the name suggests in that it highlights a particular area of a display, whether it’s a logo, a marketing message, a strapline or an image, the Highlighter gives prominence to a particular area of a poster either by adding a block of colour or different flashing colours, instantly drawing the eye and commanding attention. LED illuminated displays are recognised marketing tools used in a range of entertainment, leisure, hospitality, travel and commercial environments. This environmentally friendly display solution drives footfall, raises awareness of a brand or product, and stimulate impulse sales within a variety of retail environments.

The London broadcast studio for the Rugby World Cup was brought to vivid, dynamic life by Shock Solutions, making use of some of the very latest lighting and media server technology from ArKaos, Christie and LSC - all supplied by White Light. To provide a punchy yet versatile background to proceedings, the set design for the broadcasts replaced a conventional printed, brightly lit backdrop with a 20m wide rear-projection screen. It was lit using four Christie L2K1500, 15,000 lumen projectors, soft-edge blended together to create a 180-degree digital canvas, which was wrapped around the rostra that housed the presenters and pundit team. ‘The projectors provided a lot of punch and incredibly vibrant colours, really bringing the background to life and ensuring that Stuart Gain, the lighting designer, didn’t have to compromise his lighting in order to make the background visible,’ comments Andy Hook of Shock Solutions. ‘Combined with the 300m of scenic LEDs, the result was a fresh, exciting, warm look.’

LOVE IN LIGHTS Samsung Electronics ran a novel digital and online competition offering people the opportunity to see their love story in lights on the Samsung screen at Piccadilly Circus during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. Samsung encouraged its fans to share their love stories on Facebook, where the best each day was chosen to take pride of place on the homepage of the Samsung UK Facebook tab and be seen in lights on Samsung’s iconic advertising screen in London’s Piccadilly Circus. Simon Stanford, UK & IRE telecommunications & networks division said: ‘What better time to demonstrate the power of sharing via our mobile devices than on Valentine’s Day. We have a great asset in our site at Piccadilly Circus and wanted to share it with our fans in a fun and interactive way.’

WHEN YOU GET LEMONS... The children’s cancer charity, Alex’s Lemonade Stand recently hosted an evening event for some of America’s top celebrity chefs, who were able to utilise their culinary talents to the delight of a broad spectrum of 250 diners. The event was lit using only bright Core Point 20 battery uplighter fixtures from Nice Uplights. Luminescence’s NiceUplights division was contracted to illuminate the building using 48 of the uplighting fixtures, which were set to a pastel lemon colour. Master chef, Jonathan Waxman assembled a team of more than 30 culinary greats from across the US at the Industria Super Studio. The great and the good of Manhattan were treated to stunning edible creations as well as a performance of The Nutcracker, featuring Erica Pereira from the New York City Ballet. It was the attractiveness of the white covered fixtures, self-power, pastel shades and setup speed that rubber-stamped Luminescence’s decision to use the Cope Point 20. Being completely wire-free and extremely bright, they could be discretely placed and set up without the hazards and unsightliness of traditional cable-based fixtures. Having used them to light other large events over the season, such as NBC Universal’s New York treelighting ceremony above Rockefeller Center, Luminescence was confident in the inventory to provide illumination for the evening. Owner Dennis Finnegan commented on the new fixtures: ‘What impressed us most was the power and flexibility of the system. It’s possible to change the mood of a building to a particular pastel shade with extreme brightness, and to do this very easily using the on-board wireless DMX control system. Being lightweight makes setup so much easier, whereby charging flight cases can easily be transported, unloaded and configured in just a few minutes. And the brightness and long lasting battery life allows us to illuminate much larger areas for long periods.’

April 2012 49


30/03/2012 10:11

Stylish Solutions Solutions from Focus SB are designed specifically with the contractor in mind and include the Cheltenham, New Lincoln, Newbury and Worcester ranges all with Crabtree inserts.

New Lincoln


No minimum order

Bespoke service

Tel: 01424 858060

ELP—Advanced emergency lighting solutions

Style made practical! Luminaires  LED products  Central Systems  Test Systems Conversion Services  ISO9001-2008 & ICEL 1004 Registrations Emergency Lighting Products Limited Parbrook House, Gilmans Industrial Estate Billingshurst, West Sussex, RH14 9EZ Tel: +44 1403 786601 Fax: +44 1403 786602 1

28/03/2012 10:30




GODDESS Mark Hillsdon looks at the latest offerings for domestic interiors, from retrofit LEDs and snap-on kitchen track spots to iPad-controlled systems and high quality Spanish porcelain table fittings

April 2012 51


28/03/2012 10:37



This technique is great for building up layers of light, and with the reduction in cost and the greater availability of these light sources, it’s a trend that is likely to continue for 2012

BELOW: Atelier areti futuristic

LEFT: philips dimtone led lamp

ABOVE: lladro lithophane

52 52

Greater remote control, retro-fitting and the continued march of the LED look set to be the big influences on the domestic lighting market in the second half of 2012. With European legislation to phase out inefficient light sources now well under way (including a target to withdraw all halogen lamps by 2012), and the cost of electricity continuing to rise, the humble LED is now more attractive than ever, says Luke Locke-Wheaton, from independent lighting design consultancy, The Lighting Design Studio. ‘LEDs are here to stay,’ he says. ‘They are getting cheaper, and the quality is getting better year-on-year, and this now makes LEDs a good general lighting solution for residential interiors.’ The cost effectiveness of LEDs is well known, and with a lamp life of some 50,000 hours, LEDs can last for as long as 25 years. But now new developments mean they can be retrofitted too, enabling consumers to avoid the expense of replacing existing light fittings. Among the new products on the market is Philips’ Dim Tone, which mimics halogen and gets warmer in colour as it is dimmed down, something no other LED retro fit can currently offer. In competition, Sylvania has launched the new LED 350lm ES50, which is billed as a direct retrofit replacement for the 50W halogen flood. The unit has been designed to stay within the limits for maximum lamp dimensions specified by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), ensuring it can be fitted into all GU10 and GZ10-type luminaires. Locke-Wheaton has also noticed a growing trend for concealing the light source within a room design. In particular, this involves incorporating flexible linear LED light sources into shelving, furniture or alcoves around the home. ‘This technique is great for building up layers of light, and with the reduction in cost and the greater availability of these light sources, it’s a trend that is likely to continue for 2012,’ he says. Leading kitchen lighting manufacturer, Sensio Lighting has responded to the trend with the launch of HD LED 2020 linkable strip lights. Available in lengths of 400mm and 600mm, the strips can simply be connected together to create a continuous run of light, perfect for illuminating surfaces under kitchen cabinets. Also new from Sensio is Slideline, which lets homeowners customise their kitchen lighting by allowing them to snap lamp heads on and off a fixed track. Once fitted, the lamp heads can be moved along the track to allow precision positioning. Using the latest HD LED technology, Slideline gives intense light with no flicker, UV or noise. It is also

April 2012

28/03/2012 10:37

total lighting controls Mood lighting systems recalling a pre-programmed scene at the touch of a button offer sophistication, ease of use and energy saving benefits. Rako can control all light sources, curtains and blinds, including dimming of LEDs. With seamless integration to home cinema, multi-room audio, security systems and ‘holiday mode’ functions, the Smart Home dream becomes a reality. Retrofittable wireless modules allow systems to be installed with minimal fuss and expanded later, while CAT5 wired options cater for the largest of projects. With wireless/wired bridging even combined systems are possible. Controlled from stylish wall-pads, hand-held remotes and iPhone/ iPad apps, the user has the power of control.



Emergency lighting maintenance at your fingertips Online inspection and maintenance software for PC, tablet or smart-phone Quick & Easy - 80% inspection work done on screen New luminaire parts & articles automatically updated Preventative maintenance alerts improve building safety





For more information on Naveo, or for a demonstration, please call 0113 281 0600 or visit

for further information please call 01634 226666 or visit

5216 Rako 86x262 Ad.indd 1 1

Thomas & Betts Ltd, Emergi-Lite Bruntcliffe Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS27 9LL Tel 0113 281 0600 • Fax 0113 281 0601 • Email • Web

NAVEO FM World 262 x 86mm.indd 1 19/03/2012 16:25

8/3/12 09:18:22 28/03/2012 10:42



Designers can look at forms they couldn’t use before, and this is producing a whole new era of exciting light fittings eco-friendly, and alongside its low energy consumption, features a sensor operated on/off mechanism, which ensures it’s only lit when needed. However, despite the advance in new technology, LEDs aren’t necessarily the answer to all domestic lighting problems, with halogen still frequently specified when it comes to lighting artwork. This is mainly due to the fact that LED colour rendition can be poor, unless specifying a very high quality unit, which can be cost prohibitive for the domestic user. There’s also competition for the humble on/off switch, with control systems that can dim lights becoming more popular with consumers, especially now that an increasing number are on the market that can be controlled from iPads and iPhones. Companies such as Lutron, Rako and Crestron remain the market leaders in home lighting control systems, although JSJS Designs has launched a new budget control system available from B&Q. The LightwaveRF offers complete control of domestic lighting, with a broadband connection allowing the lighting systems to be remotely activated by a range of controllers. As well as retro-fitting, it’s becoming obvious that LEDs are also responsible for changing the way fittings are designed, explains Locke-Wheaton, especially when you see new products, such as the futuristic Copernico fitting from Artemide, and the irregular ellipse shape of the stunning Anisha from Foscarini. ‘Since LEDs are so small, manufacturers are not limited to conventional shapes and sizes for decorative fixtures,’ he says. ‘Designers can look at forms they couldn’t use before, and this is producing a whole new era of exciting light fittings. LED will really start to challenge what people think of as a light fitting.’ But despite what seems to be a hi-tech future, LockeWheaton is also confident there will always be a place for traditional craftsmanship. Designers such as Bocci and Atelier have produced a range of sumptuous crystal and metal luminaires, while Spanish porcelain specialist, Lladró has expanded its lighting collection with the addition of a new handcrafted table lamp called Treo, which features an intricately carved translucent porcelain shade - and absolutely no brushed aluminium!

ABOVE: Sensio Lighting - Slideline BELOW: Sensio Lighting - Glass Shelf Clip Lights

______________________________________ Contacts:

ABOVE: Sensio Lighting - Linkable Under Cabinet RIGHT: Trio lamp

54 54

LDS Philips Lighting Sylvania Sensio Lighting Lutron Rako Crestron JSJS Designs Artemide Foscarini Bocci Atelier Lladró www.lladro.comfoscarini

April 2012

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S Lilley Hpage April 11 FINAL.pdf





S Lilley is the leading UK manufacturer of lampholders and lighting components. Our large stocks ensure rapid deliveries of your requirements. We have a full manufacturing capability to produce custom designed components in both pressed and turned formats, which will give your luminaire that individual unique attraction. A friendly family business with a professional approach, where our quality is assured by both LA Code of Practice and BSI Quality accreditation. A copy of our 2011 catalogue can be downloaded from our web-site or a printed copy is available on request


Unrivalled, smooth dimming performance iDrive® DALI+ AC/DC LED Driver Single Channel DALI+ & 1 -10V ■ ■ ■ ■

Smooth dimming performance from 100% to 0.3% Dual DALI and 1-10V interfaces Typical 88% efficiency (PFC Typical 0.95 at full load) Optimised for different voltage/current configurations

iDrive® DALI+ Dimming Performance 1600



LED If (mA)



1000 800




400 5



LED Forward Current (mA)

LED Forward Voltage (V)

LED Vf (V) 25

0 243












8-bit DMX/DALI Value

Integrated System Technologies Ltd. T: +44 (0)1922 457712 E: 00061 Trinity IST 210 x 150mm Advert Mr12 1 1


28/03/2012 10:53



PAST TIMES David Atkinson Lighting Design has helped to create an incredible illuminated backdrop for the exhibition – Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970-1990 - at the V&A, London

56 56


itled ‘Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970-1990’, it is the first in-depth exhibition of art, design and architecture of the 1970s and 1980s, examining one of the most contentious phenomena in recent art and design history: Postmodernism. The exhibition shows how postmodernism evolved from a provocative architectural movement in the early 1970s and rapidly went on to influence all areas of popular culture, including art, film, music, graphics and fashion. Designed by architects, Carmody Groarke and APFEL (A Practice for Everyday Life), David Atkinson Lighting Design (DALD) was asked to create a lighting concept for the exhibition that was bold and dynamic, with good tonal contrasts. The installation is set out in three of the main temporary gallery spaces. The first gallery, and the opening section introduces the way in which postmodernist designers and architects like Aldo Rossi, Charles Moore and James Stirling combined motifs of the past with elements of the present. Designers of the time, including Ron Arad, Vivienne Westwood and Rei Kawakubo, assembled cultural fragments in an ad hoc manner, applying the technique of bricolage across many different disciplines. DALD used a combination of colour temperatures (daylight 4000 Kelvin & tungsten 2800 Kelvin) to delineate different areas within this section of the exhibition. The fixtures were positioned using both mid level tracks and high-level trusses. ETC HID Source Zoom profiles (150w CDM-T) and Philips Selecon Acclaim HID Fresnels (150w CDM-T) were used to reduce energy consumption. The centrepiece of the gallery is a full-scale reconstruction of an architectural façade by Hans Hollein from the 1980 Venice Architecture Biennale ‘Strada Novissima’. A theatrical approach was taken to lighting this piece with the use of soft dappled gobo projection from ETC metal halide fixtures, which were positioned at a fairly acute angle, to avoid light spill onto exhibits behind the reconstruction. On entering the second gallery space, a large blue light box sets off a dramatically lit Cinzia Ruggeri dress,

April 2012

28/03/2012 11:03





Carmody Groarke in collaboration with APFEL. AV DESIGN:


Lol Sargent Studio

with further exhibits predominately top lit by dimmed MR16 fixtures positioned above Simple AR111 eight-degree-based fixtures, dimmed to and behind the curved PVC wall, to add LIGHTING DESIGN: conservation levels. The second part of this gallery dramatic modeling light to the exhibits. David Atkinson consists of a large ‘Studio 54’ club-like space, In contrast to the black gallery, the final Lighting Design (DALD) which is constructed of black scaffolding backed section of the exhibition is effectively a white LIGHTING DESIGN ASSISTANT: with silver chainmail. The space features costumes space, which is predominantly lit by a series Stewart Parker belonging to famous performers and objects by of suspended fluorescent light boxes fitted LIGHTING SUPPLIERS: fashion photographers. with daylight-balanced lamps. Limited accent ETC, Light Projects, To help give the space a really dynamic immersive lighting comes from AR111 track fixtures. Enliten, Spotlight, UFO, quality, the use of high output RGB LED Multipars All of the tungsten-based lighting used MAIN CONTRACTOR: fixtures are positioned off the scaffolding at varying throughout the gallery was dimmed MDM heights, applying strong bold brush strokes of to below 50 per cent to achieve the colour across the structure. Costumes, exhibits and required conservation LUX levels. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR: information labels are lit by MR16 Pars, which are Graphics play a major part in the Reed Engineering dimmed and sequenced within the space. With exhibition with various materials utilised, three large projection screens showing original footage including Perspex. Extensive lighting trials from 1980’s videos of Grace Jones, David Byrne and Klaus Nomi, were performed at an early part of the design process to ascertain DALD worked closely with the AV designers, Studio Simple to potential positions and sources. Some of the graphic panels are add a further dimension with lighting, edge-lit using LED sources while others are externally illuminated by which in turn was programmed and synchronised with the videos. track-based fixtures fitted with diffusing lenses, which help to reduce Throughout the spaces, the 2D graphic designers, APFEL hot spotting and glare. The lighting design for ‘Postmodernism’ has introduced neon signage as way to delineate the various themes, added a further dimension to this intricately designed exhibition, which throws vibrant hues of colour into the exhibition spaces. which has been achieved through a relatively simple lighting pallet. The final gallery is dedicated to money and the commodity ______________________________________________ culture of the 1980s. The gallery features bold super graphics, with objects recessed in jewel-like showcases within an undulating, Contact: curved black PVC wall. DALD chose to light the showcases from DALD

April 2012 57


28/03/2012 11:03

Over 10,000 LEDs & LED lighting components and solutions available, including design resources, application notes and technical support. Farnell element14 is your single source solution for all your LEDs and LED Lighting component needs.




10 0



10K + LEDs























28/03/2012 11:07




59_61.light&build.indd 59

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For Further Information t: 0844 844 7600 f: 0844 844 7699 e: w:

59_61.light&build.indd 60

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antra is an internationally recognised manufacturer of designer lighting at affordable prices. With over 1000 products and every collection having a unique identity, there is never a shortfall of choice. In order to protect their designs and customers alike, all designs are registered throughout the world. All of our products have passed strict quality control checks throughout the production process, from the choice of materials to the final packaging. They also meet and comply with all the applicable regulations concerning safety and respect to the environment. We collaborate with independent laboratories in order to control and certify our quality. Extensive investment in research and development ensures that new designs are as innovative as possible. With the majority of ranges suitable for low energy lamps and new ranges for LED’s, Mantra are also leading the way in energy saving lighting. Mantra UK also offers a full range of merchandising items ranging from individual handout leaflets for the customer to view at their own leisure to high resolution images to help promote advertising campaigns. With extensive stocks and next day delivery, the superior designs are backed by an unrivalled service. A full range of unique designer exterior lighting has also been launched, taking the magic of mantra outdoors. To view the most exciting range of lighting available today, simply visit

We couldn’t pass up the chance to bring you a sneak preview of the biggest lighting event on the calendar this month. It’s been great to see what some of our European cousins are producing, but choosing what to include and what to leave out has been a real challenge this time. It’s definitely a Pandora’s box of delights on the domestic front, with my personal favourites including some of the Portuguese designs being showcased. Energy saving is, as you would expect, the hottest of hot topics, and from what we’ve seen so far, LEDs are going to be everywhere. I admit to having reservations about their blanket use 12 months ago (after I turned my perfectly lit kitchen into a dark and dangerous cave by installing them), but I have come to accept that some of the early models were less than perfect, and hopefully we’ll all get to see some new innovative uses for them. On the following pages, you’ll find information on ticket prices, event timings, how to get there – and where to park if you’re driving, as well, of course as information on the lighting aspects of the event. Not to be missed is the Luminale – an event that runs in conjunction with the Light+Building fair, and comprises more than 100 different lighting-led events around the city of Frankfurt. So if you’re staying over to make the most of the show, make sure you get out and see what’s going on. You may be surprised.

Gill Anderson editor April 2012

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28/03/2012 11:23

Franklite LED solutions:      

Chandeliers Pendant Shades Downlights Standard & Table lamps Ceiling / Wall Fittings Interior & Exterior RGB

The decorative LED luminaire company HALL 6.1 STAND B30 • • T: 01908 691818 1

28/03/2012 11:28


One Lux Advertising - September 2011.indd 1

05/09/2011 10:41

FE3711 - Light+Building Exhibition - 210x143.5:FORGE EUROPA




Page 1

Forge Europa offers a comprehensive portfolio of expert design, development and manufacturing capabilities, enabling the optimal development of reliable and ultra-efficient LED based lighting solutions. Speak to our experts at Light + Building, location 4.2 J15. Tel: +44 (0)1229 580000 Email: BENCHMARK TESTING


Glass diffusion filters available in custom shapes and sizes




Glass dichroic colour correction filters available in custom shapes and sizes

LEE Filters offer a wide range of products to help control and correct different light sources.

Warming filters for LED lamps

Visit our website for further details. Louvres available in custom shapes and sizes

5020 LF_Arch_Ad_CC_178x127.indd 1 64 +44 (0) 1264 366245

17/05/2011 14:16

28/03/2012 11:55

LED Lighting (IESB) Ltd awarded ‘BEST INNOVATIVE’ Category for 2012 by the ‘Lighting Design Association’

The amazing ultra slim DA LED 12 & 18watt A super bright light for all applications

IESB your first call if you are serious about energy reduction, modernisation and increasing profits. Applications that give your company massive savings •LED lighting •Air conditioning •Power optimisation •Office power saving equipment

IESB has probably the widest range available of energy reducing products in Europe. Thanks to The Carbon Trust, we can now offer full modernisation without your company requiring the finance to do so. All funding comes from the massive savings we introduce into your premises.

BAY lights

GU10 &MR16

Ext./Internal strip

Find out more: OR call David 07733 535956

ad.IESB.mar.indd 1

06/03/2012 10:10

NEW 18 000h average life time

The source of light. Made in Ger many


Low voltage dichroic lamps with the longest life on the market BLV Licht- und Vakuumtechnik, UK-Branch E-Mail: • Phone: 01 296 399 334 • Fax: 01 296 393 422 65

28/03/2012 11:55

High Lumen LED Downlight Family 2150/2650 lumens

• 30W Bridgelux RS Array • 3000ºK & 4100ºK • CRI Ra82 & Ra80 • Up to 88 lm/w • Adjustable Gimbal Design

2000 lumens

• Latest generation Fortimo LED DLM Module • 3000ºK & 4200ºK • CRI Ra80 • Up to 69 lm/w • Choice of Reflector finish

• Full range of LED Projectors & Pendants also available

Tel: +44 (0)1489 581002 Fax: +44 (0)1489 576262 Email:



CITY OF LIGHT Every two years, the German city of Frankfurt is host to Light+Building, the not-to-bemissed event for the lighting industry, and 2012 is set to be one of those years


link, and another year passes, and it’s once again time for Europe to congregate in Frankfurt for Light+Building 2012. Not surprisingly, this year the event focuses on energy efficiency and smart grids, so from the point of view of lighting specifiers and designers, there’s going to be so much to see and take in. According to president and CEO of Messe Franfurt, Wolfgang Marzin, the event will focus on making buildings into green power stations and, importantly for us, finding solutions for integrated building planning with the digitalisation of light in buildings. As well as a considerable reduction in energy usage, it creates new possibilities in terms of comfort, creativity and security for users. This comprehensive lighting offer makes Light+Building the largest stage worldwide. In halls 1 to 6 and 10, manufacturers will present their innovations in the field of technical luminaires and lamps, as well as outdoor lighting for public spaces The technical lamps and fittings cover a broad spectrum for every conceivable application. Together with technical design-oriented lamps, decorative versions for the home and contract market will also be on show. Visitors will find all of the latest technologies, such as LEDs and OLEDs as well as a good selection of components.

Highlighting trend setters A particular attraction is the ‘Trend Forum’, which will present trends in home décor for 2012/13. For outdoor lighting, ‘Public Places’ will present streetlights in surroundings that imitate the true urban environment. Another highlight is the ‘Luminale’ – the Lighting Culture Biennale in Frankfurt, which will be held alongside Light+Building. After the fair closes in the evenings, the Luminale offers a selection of fascinating lighting events in and around Frankfurt.

April 2012 67


28/03/2012 12:12



Who’s who When it comes to who’s likely to be there, there’s traditionally a solid mix of exhibitors and visitors from across Europe and beyond, with a ratio of just over 2:1 to the home crowd. Visitors descend on the city from as far afield as China and Russia as well as from across Europe, making for a truly cosmopolitan affair. According to the organisers, at the last event, visitor interest was nudging 60 per cent for technical lighting, lamps, components and accessories, with decorative lighting and accessories achieving a creditable 34 per cent, so if you’ve been put off by the building element in the past, it’s time to think again.

Energy efficient technology

Progress in the development of conventional lighting and control components has led to interesting and energy-efficient systems

The organisers say: ‘The increasing cost of energy and maintenance, together with more stringent lamps, reduction in energy consumption – and legal regulations in respect of climate protection, hence considerable savings in terms of cost – can are galvanising community consumers into action, be achieved by fitting intelligent control systems to obliging them to renew their lighting installations, existing equipment with various regulatory modes. which often date back as far as the 1960s. Because When linked to tele-management systems, controlled of the minimum energy efficiency requirements for by time switches and sensors with a pre-set dimming light sources, lamps and control units laid down in pattern, the level of illumination can simply be the key regulation ((EC) No. 245/2009), the inefficient reduced at times when there is little traffic. mercury vapour lamps that were usual at the time will ‘LED street lamps can reduce light pollution be outlawed in street lighting as from 2015. because of their directional radiation pattern. ‘There are already a large number of energy-efficient With a traditional design – mounted on the side or alternatives available, whose design will, at the same top of the lamp post, or suspended from it – they time, enhance any modern urban landscape. can blend harmoniously into any modern townscape. ‘Given the constant improvement in light yield, ‘In times of scarce financial resources, the LED technology is clearly set to determine the requirement to renew lighting equipment poses future of street lighting, but this does not mean a real challenge for local councils. With its that optimisation is currently synonymous broad spectrum of innovative lamps, with replacing all lamps with LED light IN OUR OPINION: light sources and control components sources. Progress in the development Well worth making a for contemporary and energyof conventional lighting and control beeline for this year is the efficient street lighting, Light + components has led to interesting LUZZA stand. The company promotes Portuguese lighting Building 2012 is set to provide an and energy-efficient systems, which, for both commercial and ideal platform for information on depending on the way they are domestic applications and which to base decisions. Solutions used in parks, residential streets or will feature stunning designs from renowned for all budgets point the way towards highways has often shown them to be lighting designers. greater climate protection as well as more cost-effective. ‘So, for instance, in attractive towns and cities that remain a street lighting with halogen metal vapour

68 68

_________________ Contacts:

Online tickets: Benefit from free travel using local transport to and from the fair, by purchasing advance tickets online at

April 2012

28/03/2012 12:12

Frankfurt am Main 15-20.4.2012 Hall 4.2 D50

Discover our bright new look at Light+Building For more information visit:

ACDC Total Lighting Full-Page.indd 1

Bringing light to life

05/03/2012 15:51




Public Places: Street lighting is increasingly important when it comes to saving energy and the Public Places exhibition in hall 3-5 will house the current ranges offered by a variety of manufacturers. The products will be shown in a realist urban setting to provide a source of inspiration and information for planners.


With more than 35 years experience, CC Castro Lighting offers a wide range of products from classic to contemporary, all designed to dominate the space and providing elements of elegance, luxury and fantasy. The company pays special attention to market trends and develops and creates products that combine modern technology with quality craftsmanship, which are exclusive and produced in limited series.

Young Designer Area: Undiluted inspiration will be offered from creative young luminaire designers. Sponsored by Messe Frankfurt, the Young Designer area in hall 1.1 presents a platform for newcomers who want to make contact with the industry, and provides trade visitors with an opportunity to discover tomorrow’s talents.


Crisbase creates light fixtures using decorative glass. All of its products are hand made by master glassblowers with a long family tradition of making glass. Located in Marinha Grande, a traditional glass making area for the last 250 years, Crisbase has a rich heritage, which it utilises to create bespoke pieces with grand character.


This innovative table fitting is built around a metal-coated polyester foil taken from a first aid-kit. The material is easily moulded, translucent, and extremely robust in spite of its thinness. The two LEDs are facing each other, projecting their light at one another instead of into the room. The foil is placed between the light sources and reflects the light into the room. Thefitting is controlled by a magnetic ball on the stainless steel base, allowing the two light sources to be used separately. The light output of the LED can be compared to that of a 50W halogen lamp.

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Luminale: Held parallel to Light+Building, the world-famous Luminale spectacular takes the subject of lighting into an urban setting. This blend of entertaining and entrancing lighting, avant-garde art and expert lectures appeals to all visitors. In 2010, more than 140,000 visitors witnessed the 100-plus shows and events. Location: Conveniently situated for easy access by road, rail and air; Frankfurt is serviced by both Europe’s largest railway station and airport. Direct worldwide flights allow ease of travel for exhibitors and visitors alike. The fairground is located close to the city centre and is around 15 minutes by suburban train, the S-Bahn, which runs direct from the airport to the central railway station, where four suburban trains depart at five-minute intervals for the Messe station inside the venue. There are also underground and tram stops at the city entrance. 3,500 parking spaces are provided on the exhibition grounds, while another 15,000 spaces are available at the nearby Rebstock site, and 5,400 in the Messe Frankfurt multi-storey car park, which is served by a free shuttle bus service to the exhibition grounds. There are currently around 110,000 hotel beds in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region, so plenty of space for anyone who intends to stay and make the most of the event.

April 2012

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We can do a lot for your light.

Impressive solutions for your LED products. The LED Solution Box from Tridonic is a versatile package that includes the light source and helps you find the solution you want – components, light modules, systems and renowned Tridonic service. With Tridonic, you have everything under control, whether you choose conventional or LED lighting. We devote all our energy to your light. Hall 2.0, Booth A30

LED Solution Box – All your LEDs under perfect control: components and systems for your product solution.

Perfect for a wide range of lighting tasks in general illumination.

vconverter For indoor and outdoor

vengine STARK DLE TWIST For luminaire installation

vengine STARK QLE und LLE For general illumination with integrated emergency lighting functionality




Paulo Coelho specialises in manufacturing and marketing in-house decorative designs. The company is renowned for innovation in both the domestic and contract market: integrating seasoned woods with metal tones, bringing together various shapes, sizes and fabrics for shades that are designed specifically to complement its fittings.


The latest energy-saving technology will be available on Toshiba’s stand. As the company that ‘lit the Louvre’ earlier this year, Toshiba has proved it’s at the forefront of the LED revolution, so it’s the place to go to see the latest innovations, including the DL 3000 and DL 6000 collections. Product manager, Edward Lees says: ‘We have a number of new products to announce, and will have exciting displays of indoor, domestic and commercial, industrial and outdoor lighting. While the event is obviously a great networking opportunity, it’s also the perfect platform to educate end-users on our history, pedigree and expertise in this field - and of course the benefits of LED lighting and promoting progress in this innovative lighting technology.’ newlighting

72 72


Megaman will be introducing a selection of LED products, including the LED G4 and G9 series of energy saving halogen alternatives for chandeliers and crystal fittings, which have been designed to replicate the sparkly effect of halogen. The company’s next generation LED AR111 lamps, which offer all round performance with a similar footprint to its forerunner, the halogen AR111, will also be highlighted at the event.


Taiwan-based Everlight will be showcasing its portfolio of LED products to the market. Working to the premise that an LED alternative is now available for almost every application. Much work has gone into its street lighting, and the Zenaro Dolphin, shown here is amongst the company’s new stars.


Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre, Germany DATES:

15-20 April 2012 TIMINGS:

0900 – 1800 daily (Fair closes at 1700 on final day) EXHIBITORS:

2,154 SIZE:

18 halls, covering 240,000sq m PRICES:

Advance day ticket €14 Day ticket on arrival €16 Season ticket €30 Concessions €9

April 2012

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Co Ligh Sta me t + nd and Bui K9 jo ldi 1 in ng Ha us ll 4 on .2 United Kingdom • USA • China • India • Czech Republic



28/03/2012 13:35

C r e a t i v e

L i g h t i n g

S o l u t i o n s

Lighting Design: MBLD Project: W Hotel Screening Room Product: Custom Linear LED Channel

Tel: +44 (0) 1322 527629 Email:

Architectural and Display Lighting

30 years of design and manufacturing in the UK 1

28/03/2012 13:39




01279 874430 |

ARTISTIC LICENCE ENGINEERING Tel: +44 (0)20 88 63 45 15 dVnet is a digital video to network converter designed for retail and architectural applications where a media facade or light sculpture is to be controlled by video, without a complex media server. Housed in a 19-inch rack case, dVnet converts video creations to light with less than ten mouse clicks required to render video to a media wall. Digital video inputs are provided in both DVI and HDMI formats. dVnet can playback video clips loaded onto its internal hard drive via a play list manager. Output is via a gigabit network connection with both Art-Net 3 and sACN protocol support.


76_77.products.indd 76

Built upon our innovative Crossover® LED platform, the XHB delivers the perfect combination of low energy consumption and high lumen output. Suited for a diverse range of applications this luminaire is as happy in a -18oC cold store as it is in an engineering workshop or a sports hall. The XHB3 offers you a luminaire that can deliver a whiter, brighter light that will increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs when compared to traditional high bay lighting. Available with 104 and 128 LEDs, the XHB has a number of features that cannot be found in any other luminaire of its type: Sensors in the driver and optical unit actively monitor the luminaires running temperature, reducing the drive current in 5% steps allowing the fitting to cool should heat begin to build above its design limit. The optic is sealed to IP67, yet an innovative Teflon® breather valve eliminates pressure build up within the optical unit, preventing damage to the seals and optical array. Our patented integral single air blade heat sink does not trap dirt or debris, ensuring the performance over the life time of the luminaire. The XHB is also available with 0-10v dimming, allowing it to be interfaced to virtually any BMS or lighting control system. We only drive the XHB3 at 450mA, helping keep energy consumption to a minimum and limit the build up of heat. The housing has been designed to discourage birds from roosting. With a full 5 year warranty the XHB3 delivers the perfect combination of low energy consumption and high lumen output without the need for costly maintenance. LSii Europe, the European division of LSi International offer complete design and after sales service. For further information please contact Brian Glynn.


+44 (0)1922 457712 | IST Ltd.’s new iDrive® DALI+ single channel LED driver boasts unrivalled smooth dimming performance from 100% down to 0.3% of the output current. The driver also incorporates a dual DALI and 1-10V interface, offering ultimate flexibility in lighting installations. Optimised for different voltage and current configurations, the DALI+ also overcomes potential health and LED flicker problems associated with driving LEDs using PWM drivers by employing a continuous analogue dimming current. This smooth operator is so much more than a standard DALI driver!

April 2012

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01923 495496 | Smart apps and Ethernet Gateway deliver new levels of hand held lighting control for iLight Cooper Controls has introduced new Ethernet Gateway devices alongside a range of smart phone applications for use with both wired and wireless network devices. Users can now select and operate lighting scenes, modify and save changes and even password protect areas from unauthorised access using a handheld device. The same access is also available from any PC connected to the EG2 allowing users to make selections and changes via a built in web server. Ethernet Gateway and iLight Remote iPhone® apps bring simple intuitive lighting control to both commercial and residential users alike.


+61 2 9794 9300 | Pierlite, one of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers has recently launched its latest DOT catalogue featuring a comprehensive range of decorative and architectural designed energy saving high performing downlight systems. The 148 page catalogue features the largest range of downlights now available in the UK from one manufacturer. The Pierlite DOT range has evolved primarily in response to feedback from customers and provides a choice of efficient light sources, high quality control gear and effective light control all with market leading performance. The DOT catalogue provides a large range of products suitable across various applications in domestic and commercial properties including kitchens, hallways, reception areas, bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants.s suitable across various applications in domestic and commercial properties including kitchens, hallways, reception areas, bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants.


+61 2 9794 9300 | DOT92 a New and Unique energy efficient downlight. Developed using the patented Pierlite AXLOCK system, DOT92 offers versatility like no other downlight system currently on the market. With a wide selection of options and accessories, DOT 92 allows the specifier or installer to “mix and match” different finishes and styles to suit specific needs, whilst using the same core product. The DOT92 benefits from LED technology with energy efficiencies and cost-savings, delivering excellent performance from the 9W LED lamp, with a high light output of 800lm for the warm white and 900lm from the white and daylight lamps. Total circuit watts are just 15.2W for all versions. Lamp life is also excellent at 35,000 hours, with the unit guaranteed for five years. The energy efficient lamps and luminaires from Pierlite “do watt they say” and provide the user with a significant energy saving when compared to traditional downlights.


+44 (0)20 88 63 45 15

Multi-Play is a lighting show record–playback unit with outstanding memory capacity and Ethernet protocol versatility. It will record up to twelve Universes from any lighting console running Art-Net while playback, uniquely, is supported through multiple protocols, including Art-Net, ShowNet, KiNet and sACN (E1.31). Offering advanced triggering functionality, with the option to set the time, day or date cue as a rolling parameter, Multi-Play is a highly sophisticated controller, yet its simple web browser configuration and compact 1U rack mount enclosure ensure that it remains user-friendly and practical, with great time-saving potential that makes it much in demand.

April 2012

76_77.products.indd 77


28/03/2012 13:43




01279 874430 | The XHB3 delivers the perfect combination of low energy consumption and high lumen output. Designed for industrial, retail, commercial interiors and engineering workshops, the XHB3 offers you a fixture that can deliver a whiter, brighter light that will increase energy efficiency and reduce monthly energy costs when compared to traditional high bay lighting. Available with 104 and 128 LEDs, the housing has been designed to discourage birds from roosting. The XHB3 includes a 5 year warranty and IP67 optical which virtual eliminates maintenance. For further information please contact Brian Glynn on 01279 874430 or email or visit our website


0044 01483 468000 Crown the new urban lighting system from iGuzzini. The positions of the arms which support the optical assembly distinguish the various versions of the system: central for the symmetrical optic and lateral for the asymmetrical and street optics. The luminaire design is flexible and manageable, perfect for integration into the most diverse of urban architectural contexts. The range comes with a wide range of light sources such as LED, Metal Halide, Cosmo White and High Pressure Sodium, along with a variety of professional optics including street optics that can be remotely managed or with “smart” electronics individually programmed. The symmetrical optic versions have a patented flux recuperater that ensures that the arms do not cause any shadowing on the ground.


0845 689 0043

Light Spark are very pleased to announce the introduction of their LED downlight range for 2012. The new UK designed range is IP65 rated so are suitable for zone one bathroom installations as well as standard applications and come with dimmable high power outputs at 9 and 12 watts giving a genuine greater than halogen 50 watt performance. They are professionally finished in chrome, stain nickel or matt white and have extremely positive feedback for build quality. They are priced at £29.99 for the 9 watt unit and £32.99 for the 12 watt unit (before trade discount).


0191 2809940 || NEW Integrated LED Range from Hacel Lighting Solara Miledo is the latest compact LED downlighter designed and manufactured by Hacel Lighting. As part of their new LED range, the Solara Miledo hosts a number of technical and aesthetic features including outstanding performance, choice of lumen outputs, colour temperatures, operating systems and 27 individual accessories. With a very low energy consumption and life expectancy in excess of 50,000 hours, the outstanding performance of the luminaire displays an impressive LOR of 0.92, high outputs of up to 2500 lumens and efficacies up to 90lm/W. The Hacel designed LED light engine, with its integral driver, is populated with CREE XP-G lighting class semi-conductors in a choice of Warm (3000K), Neutral (4000K) and Cool White (5000K) colour temperatures.


78_79.eeproduct.indd 78

April 2012

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Tel: +44 (0)20 88 63 45 15 |

Multichrome Flex is an IP 67 rated string of miniature self-contained LED colour pixels moulded onto a cable with each pixel measuring just 38mm. Its small size, low weight and low heat allow Multichrome Flex pixels to be push-fitted into almost any structure including sets, walls and other architectural features. Every pixel can be either individually addressed or controlled as a group and is encapsulated in a plastic housing to provide a durable, weather resistant solution for outside events, concerts and exterior architectural applications. Each pixel can be controlled at high speed for low-res video applications.


0121 457 6340 | NVC, the rapidly expanding supplier of commercial, industrial and exterior lighting to the professional sector, has just released issue 5 of its catalogue. The new catalogue is packed with NVC’s latest products, including a complete new section of LED lighting. New products include a range of LED track lighting, LED panels with DALI dimming and road lanterns with LED or Philips Cosmopolis light sources. Modular wiring has been added for the first time too, featuring a complete range of 3, 4, 5 and 6-pole systems. For your own copy, e-mail NVC on


Tel: +44 (0)20 88 63 45 15 |


Rail-DALI-DMX is used to bridge the gap between DALI and DMX by simulating DALI ballasts and then converting the values received into DMX. Rail-DALI-DMX has two modes of operation, ballast or trigger mode. In trigger mode all data is translated into DMX while in ballast mode only the data that corresponds to the virtual intensity is converted for the relevant DMX channel. Rail-DALI-DMX offers a choice of two fade times which can be employed to give a DMX fixture a smooth dimming curve without the need to send multiple DALI commands.

01635878888 This fibre optic projector uses the Philips 250W ELC tungsten halogen projector lamp which has a great performance, and gives a higher output in the fibre than a 150W HQI lamped unit. It is a particularly compact size for its output and is able to be dimmed using any type of leading edge dimming module. The projector is supplied with rubber feet for horizontal mounting and a bracket for wall mounting. Due to the small size of the unit and its thermal characteristics this unit is only suitable for glass fibre harnesses with a 30mm diameter port.


Tel: +44 (0)20 88 63 45 15

Multichrome Tube is a linear, double-sided LED fixture based on Artistic Licence’s renowned Multichrome Flex technology. Individual colour-changing RGB pixels are housed within a waterproof tube. Its compact size, clean lines and unique IP67 rating make it ideal for architectural, retail and decorative lighting, both indoors and out. Standard lengths and configurations are available along with custom solutions. Multichrome Tube can be supplied single or double sided, various pixel pitches, and custom lengths up to 1.5m. Features include up to 16 million high-purity colours, excellent white tracking, long lamp life, low beam temperature and low power consumption.

April 2012

78_79.eeproduct.indd 79


28/03/2012 13:49




Crystal Lighting, Chandeliers of distinction for private homes, offices, shops, bars, restaurants, hotels and places of worship. Consultancy service available.

The Emergi-Lite portfolio from Thomas & Betts delivers a highly versatile choice of emergency lighting and fire detection products and systems for a wide range of applications. Our aim is to enable customers to achieve the maximum benefit in investment, whilst keeping the protection and safety of human life paramount. TEL: +44 (0)113 281 0600 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Bruntcliffe Lane, Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9LL. UK

Pace Uk, LED Design and LED Manufacture with 10 years experience in designing LED products, we can offer our customers a fast turn around on prototype designs. We also have access to all key manufacturers of high flux LEDs. We specialise in producing cost effective design solutions, believing that price of product is always important. TEL: 01934 733121 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: The Rising, The Square, Axbridge, Somerset, BS26 2AP



A dynamic company based in Southern England and conveniently within easy reach of London. We take your bespoke lampshade designs from Iberian lighting Ltd, A dynamic company concept to a carefully designed ready tobased hang in Southern England and conveniently within easy reach of commercial finished product. London. We take your bespoke lampshade designs from concept to a carefully designed ready to hang commercial Iberian lighting Ltd. finished product. Tel. 01424 428 161 Fax. 01424 718 405 web: TEL: 01424& 428 161 Center Drury Lane St Leonards on Design Innovation WEB: Sea East Sussex TN38 9XP ADDRESS: Design & Innovation Center Drury Lane St Leonards on Sea East Sussex TN38 9XP

Recolight is a not-for-profit, producer-led compliance scheme. We specialise in the recycling all lamps covered by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations. Established by the by lighting industry in 2007, we now have over 90 producer members. Recolight offers specialist lamp recycling services, advice and support to help all parties in the supply chain recycle their lamps as simply and efficiently as possible. TEL: 0800 601 7749 EMAIL: WEB:

When it comes to lighting components, lighting management systems and LEDs, it’s not just luminaire manufacturers and lighting designers that rely on Tridonic’s expertise. Growing numbers of end users, designers, electricians and architects are realising that energy efficiency, reliability and quality also pay off when it comes to the individual components of their lighting installations. TEL: +43 5572 395-0 EMAIL: ADDRESS: Tridonic GmbH & Co KG, Färbergasse 15 6851 Dornbirn, Austria




Cooper Lighting and Safety manufacture a comprehensive range of mains and emergency lighting solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Based in Doncaster, UK, Cooper Lighting and Safety is an operating business of Cooper Safety, a division of Cooper Industries. We are able to provide a wide range of products, services and support to our customers. TEL: 01302 321541 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Wheatley Hall Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN2 4NB

For over twenty years, the Lamp Company has provided lighting from the smallest wire terminal to rare specialist lamps, plus batteries and control gear - with over 30,000 different product lines and all major brands, we offer unrivalled service, knowledge and choice.

The world’s leading power supplies for lighting. For 15 years, Lightech has supplied thousands of lighting manufacturers with over 15 million compact, energy-efficient, high quality, dimmable electronic power supplies. Your 1-stop shop • LED Drivers (Constant Voltage & Constant Current) • Transformers (AC & DC)




Emergency lighting products limited (elp) is a small and focused UK manufacturing company dedicated to providing superior service and products to all customers requiring Emergency Lighting Equipment and Emergency Lighting Conversion services.

Designers and manufacturers of modular intelligent Lighting & Home Control systems. Create the perfect environment with a touch of a button. Simultaneously control lights, curtains, blinds, projector screens and assisted living facilities.

LED Modules & Power Supplies Energy Saving Lamps Ballasts & Transformers Dimmers Switches & Accessories

TEL: 01276 600869 EMAIL: ADDRESS: 2, Burne-Jones Drive, College Town, Sandhurst, Berkshire GU47 0FS

iberian_Layout 1 08/10/2010 11:19 Page 1 DECORATIVE LIGHTING

bespoke lampshades

TEL: 01403 786601 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Unit 9 Gillmans Industrial Estate, Natts Lane, Billingshurst, West Sussex, RH14 9EZ

80 80

TEL: 01462 490066 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Unit 4 Ashville Trading Estate, Royston Road, Baldock, Hertfordshire SG7 6NN

ADDRESS:12 Ty Coch Way, Cwmbran, Gwent, NP44 7HB TEL: 01633 877997 EMAIL: WEB:

For all your Worldwide requirements

TEL: +44 (0) 20 8202 3357 EMAIL: WEB:

TEL: 01933 271472 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Unit 4, Stanton Close, Finedon Road Industrial Estate, Wellingborough, NN8 4HN

April 2012

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Glass diffusion filters available in custom shapes and sizes

Glass dichroic colour correction filters available in custom shapes and sizes



LEE Filters offer a wide range of products to help control and correct different light sources.


Visit our website for further details. Inlico are established distributors of lighting components and accessories. Our product range includes: lampholders, switches and dimmers, plugs, cable and cordsets, as well as plastic and metal parts and UL-approved components. We also operate a product labelling service for luminaires. TEL: 0121 359 8585 EMAIL: leefilters.dec.indd 1 WEB: 5020 LF_Arch_Ad_CC_178x127.indd 1 ADDRESS: 268-270 Hospital Street, Newtown, Birmingham, B19 2YF



Warming filters for LED lamps



Louvres available in custom

BEG Luxomat® is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of ocshapes sizes cupancy sensors, withand the largest range of products available in the UK. The products are easy to install, such as separate mounting plates for the surface products and with our remote control you can set the controls from the ground. With over 30 years in providing sensor solutions for saving energy and providing control, you can be confident that our products will provide the performance that you require.

LEE Filters, Building on our experience in film and television lighting, LEE Filters have introduced a range of lighting filter products specifically designed for use in the entertainment, sales@leefi leisure and architectural industries.

+44 (0) 1264 366245

TEL: 0870 850 5412, EMAIL:

TEL: 01264 366245 22/11/2011 11:00 WEB: 17/05/2011 14:16 ADDRESS: Central Way, Walworth Industrial Estate Andover, Hampshire, SP10 5AN




Simpson Springs produce various Light Strip Pressings, Contacts, Cleats, Washers, PCB Component Retaining Clips etc. manufactured in various materials and forms to customer requirements. Material thickness in volume quantities from 0.1625mm to 1.5mm thick; small batches quantities in up to 3.25mm thick material. TEL: +44 (0)118 978 6573 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Unit 1, Latimer Road Industrial Estate, Latimer Road, Wokingham, Berkshire. RG41 2YD

Display Lighting is a specialist UK manufacturer and supplier of LED, low voltage and mains voltage lighting systems for a wide variety of applications. Display Lighting is established as a key player within the UK display lighting industry, offering innovative, attractive, reliable lighting solutions to an array of discerning clients worldwide.

Delmatic are leading international suppliers of integrated lighting and energy management solutions and have been designing and manufacturing advanced systems since 1959.

TEL: 0161 207 3355 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Cedar Technology Centre, Atlantic Street Altrincham, Cheshire WA14 5DZ

TEL: 020 8987 5900 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: The Powerhouse, Power Road, Chiswick, London, W4 5PY




Ark Lighting ‘Delivers Lighting Solutions’. Our extensive range of cost effective, well designed lighting products include LED and HID lighting solutions for road and area, Architectural and Decorative, sports, traffic and Industrial applications. We can also assist with any bespoke lighting product requirements. TEL: 01226 320737 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: McGann House, Chesham Rd, Barnsley, South Yorkshire

At Saxby Lighting we pride ourselves on being one of the leading designers and manufacturers of commercial lighting for the trade. Our range focuses on solutions to suit the designer, architect, electrical contractor, as well as the private individual. Call to request your free catalogue or to find out more about opening an account.

Nu-era lighting is an independently owned and directed business, providing a comprehensive range of industrial and commercial luminaires to suit a variety of applications. This is complimented by a full in house emergency conversion facility led by our dedicated ICEL accredited specialists.

TEL: 0845 053 1190 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: 28 Airfield Way, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 3PE

TEL: 01376 515937 FAX: 01376 515926 EMAIL: ADDRESS: Unit A, Eastways, Witham, Essex, CM8 3YQ




Light Spark are competitive LED specialists, supplying high performance low wattage floodlights and downlights to the trade.

UK agents for Hagner lightmeters, our range of luxmeters can measure 0.01 – 199,900 lux. All detectors are Vλ filtered & cosine corrected, and the instrument is delivered fully calibrated. We also supply luminance meters, combination meters and special detectors.

Walter Logan’s Swivel joints manufactured by Meinzer Swivel Joints GmbH are well know to be the best quality swivel joints available to lighting manufacturers who prize quality and regularity above the cheapness of other swivel joint manufacture’s. Types available are raw brass swivel joints, silver swivel joints, chrome swivel joints, black swivel joints plus many more. TEL: 0208 446 0161 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: 3 Athenaeum Rd, Whetstone, London N20 9AA

TEL: 0845 689 0043 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: The Thorne, Ninfield Road, Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex TN39 5JG

TEL: 07900 571022 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: PO Box 210 Havant Hampshire PO9 9BT

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THE LAST WORD The gains made over 60 years have resulted in substantial improvements in the adequacy and quality of lighting hroughout its history, Britain has used chains of light to communicate and celebrate. On 4 June 2012, thousands of beacons will be lit across the land to mark The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Which got me thinking: has lighting in the UK improved or declined since Her Majesty came to the throne in 1952? At first glance, the case for improvement appears overwhelming. After all, at the start of the Queen’s reign, inefficient incandescent lamps represented 97 per cent of unit lamp sales. Fluorescent was only just starting to make a real impact, and many local authorities had yet to replace their ageing pre-war stock of gas lights with electric solutions. Today’s product offers tremendous improvements in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. For example, a basic 1500mm, sorry 5ft, fluorescent fitting in 1952 was packed with an 80W tube, which gave 4,000 lumens for 96 circuit watts. Today’s equivalent fitting uses a 58W tube which gives 5,200 lumens for 54 circuit watts. That’s a 44 per cent saving in energy consumption with a 30 per cent increase in light output. Today’s tubes also last four times longer.


BEACON FOR CHANGE Freelance wordsmith and regular columnist, Hugh King takes a nostalgic trip back to 1952 to find out whether lighting standards in the UK have improved...

82 82

In living colour Colour has also improved: no more so than with discharge lamps. The early blue-green mercury and stark yellow low-pressure sodium lamps did bizarre things to the colour of objects and people. It was said that ‘Mercury makes one look dead. Sodium, dead and dug up’! Today metal halide produces white light of excellent colour. Overall, the gains made over 60 years have resulted in substantial improvements in the adequacy and quality of lighting, while reducing the power demand by over 10 per cent. Lighting has added value and continues to do so. But in many ways, lighting in Britain has actually declined. When Her Majesty inherited the throne, the British lamp industry was still opening plants; now

there’s only a few left. Dozens have gone, from Merthyr to Buckie, and with them thousands of jobs. Indeed, ‘UK plc’ has lost 6.2 million manufacturing jobs since 1952 and seen the share of manufacturing jobs in total employment fall from over a third to 8 per cent*. These factories didn’t just make the products – they built the machines to make them too. Also missing is research, save for the odd project, such as Geoff Williams’ notable PLED efforts.

Out of our darkest hour Has the Queen’s reign improved lighting design? I can’t help feeling that those designers, engineers and architects of the 50s, many armed with a City & Guilds in illumination rather than a nebulous online software programme, achieved far more than today’s ‘creatives’. Then, as now, the nation was deep in debt and in need of vision and imagination. Light and colour led the way, best symbolised by the 1951 Festival of Britain. A book review in the Daily Mail noted how the dramatic use of light gave Britons a feeling of recovery and progress, ‘at night the place came alive with floodlighting … pavements twinkled with inset coloured lights, with the Skylon (lit from within) shining mesmerizingly overhead.’ And products? Back then, there was a closer relationship between art and industry with The Council of Industrial Design - now the Design Council – promoting possibilities and solutions. Numerous fluorescent fittings, like the exterior REVO with its vertically mounted tubes, inspired and stimulated, helping to change people’s minds about lighting. By contrast many of today’s LED products – retrofit LED tubes, downlights, troffers and floodlights – merely copy what went before. Let’s hope the 2012 celebrations, and this summer’s Olympic Games, will be accompanied by a new appreciation of lighting, and that this month’s L+B will finally see LEDs deliver a step change equal to the fluorescents of the 1950s.

April 2012

28/03/2012 13:51

Commercial, Industrial, Amenity and Emergency Lighting Solutions

nu-era lighting ltd. Units A and C, Eastways Industrial Estate Eastways, Witham, Essex CM8 3YQ

Tel: 01376 515 937 Fax: 01376 515 926 Email: Nuera.fp.jan.indd 1

27/01/2012 15:47



Total Lighting April 2012  
Total Lighting April 2012  

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