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Improve your quality and flexibility Building offshore structures with robotic precision

���������� is the robot technology centre for non-repetitive production.

2 ���������� Smart robotics

Facing our global challenges together Ongoing growth in energy consumption puts pressure on existing oil and gas fields. It leads to developments in (ultra-)deep water and arctic explorations, but also to major offshore renewable energy projects. Construction companies have to cope with these new demands. It drives the need for reliable production systems and technological innovations.

Innovation is key to compete in a tough industry Stay competitive in a risky business Construction companies have to cope with the volatility of the offshore business. Sudden changes in oil demand or price drops can have a big impact. Also, operation risks and legal regulations can endanger construction companies in their daily business. It emphasizes the need for flexible production solutions and innovation in surrounding processes. Efficiency and flexibility are the major issues to compete in a risky business.

Ambitious goals for offshore renewable energy Investments in offshore wind farms The global demand for renewable energy is rapidly increasing. Governments are setting ambitious goals to embed renewable energy into their country's demand. Wind energy appears as a clean solution to cope with a great part of these ambitions. In Denmark for example, more than 20% of electricity is already produced from wind. Onshore space for the installation of wind turbines is becoming scarcer. Offshore wind farms are seen as a good alternative, and are planned at a growing pace.

Potential oil and gas reserves Known oil and gas reserves Potential locations for offshore wind energy

3 Offshore automation by ����������

Arctic conditions challenge constructions Arctic conditions give new challenges Enormous potential lies in arctic regions. These are estimated to hold 25% of the world’s undiscovered reserves. The arctic conditions are much different to what the industry is used to. It gives new requirements to materials, components and constructions. Robustness to meet impact toughness is the key. The search to meet the arctic demands continues.

Primary sources of energy consumption 10% Renewable


21% Coal


24% Natural gas


3% Liquid biofuels


33% Oil & other liquids


8% Nuclear

9% 1980



Ever growing energy consumption Energy consumption on the rise As there are still limited scalable alternatives to oil, the pressure on existing fields remains high. It results in high competition in the industry, which flows downwards to contractors and construction companies. It puts pressure on manufacturers to deliver challenging projects of high quality, within budget and planning.

Ultra-deep exploration leads to new concepts Deepwater demands innovations There is a strong growth in deepwater regions. Companies are purchasing deepwater pipelay and construction equipment. Deeper and deeper water brings specific challenges that have to be overcome. ‘The current (aged) vessels are unable to meet the requirements of today’s offshore industry’, according to Offshore Construction Market. It drives the need for sophisticated production systems and technology innovations.

4 ���������� Smart robotics

Cutting edge innovation The Robot Technology Centre ���������� is the robot technology centre for nonrepetitive production. We make robot systems suitable for non-repetitive tasks, by developing smart sensors and software. ���������� can maintain a Technology Centre position by simultaneously being an engineer, supplier, supporter and partner, and connecting to all stakeholders.



Technology Centre Engineer


Smart robotics Traditionally, industrial robots are used for repetitive tasks. We develop sensors and software that make our robots smarter. It means we can automate non-repetitive production processes. This unique competence opens a world of opportunities for manufacturers. We use our skills to build fully automated production shops, where all processes are integrated and aligned.

���������� and offshore construction Over the years, ���������� has developed offshore automation at the highest level. We were among the first companies to use robots for beam and tube cutting. In 1987, we supplied the first robotic H-beam cutting line, and improved the concept ever since. Currently, we are supplying the 3rd generation of our robot beam cutting line: the most advanced system available for offshore.

Cutting edge technology Our wide knowledge on robotic automation makes us excellent problem solvers. We assist you from an early stage, to create an optimal production flow for your facility. This way, we jointly create a tailored automation plan that raises productivity and saves costs. The culture for innovation within ���������� makes sure we always deliver cutting edge technology at the highest level.

Welding in offshore Welding in offshore is incredibly diverse and the quality demands are high. With our extensive robot welding experience, we have conducted many heavy welding projects. As a result, our engineers know the challenges in offshore welding. It gives us the position to develop customized robot welding solutions for offshore construction. These will make the difference in your facility.

‘Being fanatic in robot engineering’ ‘At ����������, we use clear methods when designing new robot applications. Whether it's a specialized welding tool or a software interface, our way of working is characterized by an approach we call Triple C. The first C is for Construction. Creating a rigid construction that handles a harsh production environment is the main requirement. Secondly, Calibration makes sure our systems are extremely accurate. By applying software corrections, we make a robot more accurate that it can physically be. Lastly, Controls are being developed. We use smart software to enable easy operation of the machines. In any new development process, we pay attention to every detail. You can call us fanatical about this.’ Evert Geurtsen Technical manager

6 ���������� Smart robotics

Getting a tight grip on the production process The versatility of offshore construction Sub-assemblies

Heavy welding (page 14)

Beams and tubes

Beam cutting (page 10) Tube cutting (page 12)

Input raw materials Steel plates, profiles and tubes

Pipe shop

Robotic pipe shop (page 15)

Plates and profiles

Profile cutting (page 10) Edge Preparation System (page 11) Plate beveling (page 13)

The production of offshore structures is incredibly diverse. Jackets, modules and many special structures are constructed with extreme precision. All production units need to deliver excellent quality, while remaining flexible. ���������� offers solutions to automate key parts of this process. Every facility is unique Every offshore construction company has a unique set of skills to compete on the global market. Jackets, tripods, top-sides and all kinds of specialized constructions are built within tight quality restrictions. The diversity of the structures that are build at an offshore yard is reflected in the production processes and the equipment. It requires flexible machines that deliver the quality to build safe and reliable offshore structures.

Your demand for quality No production step stands on its own. Every action influences the following steps, and ultimately the quality of the end product. And in offshore construction, these quality demand are high. Building safe offshore structures requires a tight grip on the complete production processes. ����������'s solutions are tailored to the demanding offshore construction processes. We have proven this for over 25 years.

7 Offshore automation by ����������

Cutting tubes and beams with one machine

Robot welding in the pipe shop

‘Keeping your flow running’ ‘As customer support manager, it is my goal to maintain the highest possible productivity of your ���������� equipment. We offer a full pack of services to do so. Our support engineers regularly visit your yard for inspections and performance tests. This way, we keep you productivity high and reduce downtime to a minimum. Also, we train your operators and maintenance crew. In this way, we improve your flow and keep it running.’ Werner Smeitink Manager Customer Support Helpdesk Holland +31 344 655 443 Japan +81 832 425 444

Smarter cutting methods to lower your total production costs

8 ���������� Smart robotics

9 Offshore automation by ����������

Building for extreme conditions Increasingly, oil and gas companies are working in areas that recently would have been considered impossible to explore. This includes operating in deep waters and moving into more remote and hostile environments, such as the Arctic. Construction companies are expected to meet the challenging offshore demands. Over the past decades, offshore activities have been stretching the limits of technology, and so have the production methods.

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10 ���������� Smart robotics

Raising quality with smarter cutting methods Accurate cutting improves your welding

High precision oxy-fuel cutting for all typical offshore shapes

Robotic beam cutting line CCS 1250

Over the past 25 years, we have built a strong reputation in offshore beam processing. ����������'s cutting systems are known for their high accuracy and reliability. Our machines have proven to be a secure investment for offshore facilities. Save costs by cutting extremely accurate Any offshore construction starts with the cutting of plates, profiles and tubes. Because of the high demands on welding quality, the cutting has to be done very accurately. A wrong cut will take up valuable welding time in a later stage. Thus, more accurate cutting saves time and money in the total production process. ���������� has the technology and the experience to excel in this field. Our ��� cutting system features high-tech components that result in unmatched accuracy.

Achieving perfectly fitting parts The ��� cutting system has three unique features. First, smart software is used that adapts the cutting path to deviations in the steel beams. It reduces the gaps when assembling and welding the parts. Secondly, an in-flow positioning system eliminates the need for a length measuring trolley or gripper. This speeds up the process and significantly reduces maintenance. Finally, the ��� cutting system is designed for reliability: all components, wiring and controls are integrated in a single base frame.

11 Offshore automation by ����������

Fitting starts with smart measuring methods You can save hours on assembly and welding time by cutting first-time-right. We offer a proven way to create perfectly fitting parts. By applying measuring methods, we take all profile deviations (tolerances) into account. On top of that, our cutting lines can take the deviations in connecting profiles into account. This means that your beams will fit well into the connecting parts, reducing the required assembly and welding time. Tight fits Perfect fits are realized by measuring both profiles

Accurate milling of plate edges

Edge Preparation System

Automatically preparing plates edges To improve the quality of coatings, plate edges have to be prepared (rounded). Automation of this process requires an adaptive machine that perfectly follows plate contours. The Edge Preparation System combines proven ��� technology with a state-of-the-art force controlled milling system. The system machines both sides without turning of the plate. Advanced software with a touch interface makes sure that operation is easy.

‘Delivering a 3rd generation cutting line’ ‘The success of our offshore cutting lines is based on our strong connection with the industry. Our current beam cutting line – ��� 1250 – is already our 3rd generation machine. It holds all the experience we have gained over the past decades. Smart features, like in-flow profile positioning, give you better cutting results in the demanding offshore construction business. The rigid design makes it a machine you can rely on.’ Jelle Janssen Sales manager

12 ���������� Smart robotics

Increasing the flexibility of your cutting shop One machine for tubes and beams

Cutting large tubes with robotic precision

Tube and Beam cutting system

The Tube and Beam cutting system processes beams as well as tubes with robotic precision. Complex bevels and end cuts are made with ease: no need for manual programming of the system. This machine offers real offshore flexibility. Cutting tubes and beams with one machine A combined Tube and Beam cutting system is the solution for flexible offshore construction. The floating chuck rotates small tubes, but also large ones up to 2.3 meters in diameter. Beams, profiles and even plates can be processed on the cutting bed, without any additional setup time. ����������'s sophisticated software gives easy operation with touch controls. Tube and beam deviations are taken into account.

Achieving perfectly fitting parts

13 Offshore automation by ����������

Adaptive beveling of plates Creating perfect weld preparations To create a perfect bevel, a high precision robot is not enough. Heat input from the flame will deform the material during the cutting process. ���������� solved this problem by developing a smart sensor: ���� (Dual Laser Height Control).

Adapting to the material with Dual Laser Height Control

Plate Beveling Cell

Following curved plates

Sensor: Dual Laser Height Control (����) Two laser beams close to the cutting torch continuously measure deformations (tolerances) in the material and adapt the cutting path in real time. The robot movements are changed within milliseconds. Our ���� technology creates the perfect bevel every time, which means that your products will fit exactly. It saves cost in welding and improves your production flow.

Razor-sharp weld preparations to all plates contours

14 ���������� Smart robotics

Securing your quality with robot welding Offshore welding solutions

Robotic subarc welding with integrated flux recovery

Submerged arc welding station

The versatility of offshore constructions is well reflected in the welding of assemblies. The quality demands are high, but all products are different and very large. This is where ���������� has a large experience: robot welding of nonrepetitive products of all dimensions.

Smart sensors systems for multi-pass and multi-session welding

Robot welding of large structures We have over 25 years of experience in heavy welding applications for all types of products in the offshore industry. With the flexibility of robotics we deliver customized welding solutions to automatically weld large structures. Our solutions are gantry or track supported robots and mobile robot welding systems. Mobile robot welding solutions A mobile robot can be positioned anywhere at the shopfloor, making it a very flexible production tool. Perfect for offshore welding. The mobile robot delivers a consistent quality, also with multi-layer welds. On top of this we offer the subarc welding process (SAW), which provides high quality heavy welding. Mobile robot performing heavy welding of parts

15 Offshore automation by ����������

Increasing productivity with the robotic pipe shop

Automatic assembly and welding of flanges to tubes

Flange assembly line

The world's first robotic pipe shop The production of pipe spools for outfitting of offshore modules is a true craftsman's job. Flanges have to be welded to the tubes within strict tolerances to cope with the high demands in offshore construction. The process is hard to automate, but we have developed a unique solution that does the job. All processes are integrated and centrally controlled, to create first robotic pipe shop in the world. From 4 hours to 8 minutes production time A robotic pipe shop is the result of a thorough analysis of the production of pipe spools. The robotic pipe shop brings the production time for a pipe spool back from 4 hours to 8 minutes. The central control system takes care of the production flow and monitors each tube individually.

Robotics for heavy offshore welding ‘Robot welding and offshore is a challenging combination. Welding in offshore is incredibly diverse. Full penetration welds, high quality demands and no repetition make it a tough job, but also a job where ���������� excels. We have a lot of experience with heavy welding automation, and have done various projects for welding in offshore. We continue to explore robot welding in offshore with new innovations and partnerships.’ Kevin Jongkind Area sales manager

���������� is the robot technology centre for non-repetitive production. By implementing intelligent robot technology, we enable manufacturers to produce more efficiently and effectively. We supply custom build solutions that are cleverly integrated into material and data flows. ���������� was founded in 1983. We started our company as a supplier of custom automation systems for industrial applications. Over the years we have specialized in advanced robotics for heavy steel applications. Today we offer an innovative approach that creates a range of automation opportunities for manufacturing companies. In the near future we see technological and macroeconomical developments putting pressure on the production process. Advanced automation is spreading into new areas. Integrated process and centralised operations are decisive factors in choosing the right equipment. ���������� will keep assisting companies in transforming their production processes to make them more efficient, flexible and ready for the future.


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