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Developing a HACCP Plan & System Building on solid foundation of Prerequisite Programs to control food safety risks.


n the last couple of monthly columns we addressed risk-based systems and a general overview of what are Prerequisite Programs (PRPs). I wrote about the two major food safety systems for foodservice establishments, active managerial control and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP). In this column we will focus on the later. I have found in my years of consulting and operations, that HACCP

Wyman Philbrook

Owner of Philbrook Food & Beverage Consulting And Training

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is sometimes misunderstood in retail operations. In many cases it is a regulatory requirement due to risk level or a process that is used in a facility. As previously stated in past columns, the perception is that an operator only needs a written plan to turn into the regulatory department so that a variance or approval is issued to use a special process or deviate from existing guidelines i.e. FDA Food Code. Many operators will reach out to a consulting company like mine, which are specializing in HACCP and ask two questions- How quickly can you write a plan? - How much will it cost? HACCP is more than a stack of papers.

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