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Articles of Total Bounty How to Select the Best WordPress Theme 2011-06-16 01:06:05 Total Bounty

Your website theme is the window to its future and therefore determines its level of success in the world wide web and in your industry. If you think website content would always be an important part of SEO so does its theme. What you need is a theme that’s both SEO friendly and appropriate for your industry and services. You want to choose something that suits the market you’re in as well as the kind of products and services you offer. Let’s take a look at some of these and discuss them one by one. Industry-appropriate themes There are tons of free and paid themes online and each of them is built to serve certain groups. Some designs are appropriate for personal blogging, others for picture blogging, while others are optimized with other functionalities to support small to large social movement. It’s logical to say that if you’re writing short stories in your blog you don’t want a theme that’s built for business unless you intend to incorporate that early on. Simple designs We can’t stress enough how important it is to build a website with simple architecture. Because many new programmers learn many programming languages and design software quickly they’re thrilled to easily. The thrill is translated to adding unnecessary features on web design that makes it difficult for browser spiders to crawl the websites they create and index them more efficiently thereby losing some positive SEO points. At this point we would like you to know that we advise getting WordPress for your themes because they are easier to work with and are far more SEO friendly and easier to modify than any other themes. If you are someone who will use a site for business we suggest that you get a premium WordPress theme so you can modify stuff in the backed later on. Browser compatibility issues So you think no one uses Internet Explorer anymore? You might want to take a closer look at the latest statistics showing that quite a number of Internet users still make use of IE for browsing. If you are working with a WordPress theme designer make sure that he or she works to make your site compatible to virtually all major Internet browsers. You don’t want to leave a number of people behind simply because you didn’t make your site easy to navigate or even compatible with their preferred browser. Read Terms of Services Free and premium WordPress themes have terms of service so it’s wise to read through them to see if there’s anything that may sound suspicious. Although for this case the most notorious of all themes are the free ones it’s important to realize that there are free ones that were built by honest folks either as a hobby or as a means to promote themselves in their industry. Whether free or paid, check out if they require too much backlinks and run malicious scripts everytime someone visits your page. Go somewhere else if you’ve spotted any of these since you cannot sacrifice your credibility simply because you used a rogue theme. The Total Bounty marketplace will launch within the next 90 days, and our Theme Directory will showcase for sale some of the best premium WordPress themes online. Remember that the tips above are not written in stone so feel free to share thoughts on the comments section below. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Never make haphazard decisions in choosing your wordpress theme. Heed these simple tips before you pick your theme.

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