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How to Create a Custom WordPress Theme By JTPratt Media Dated: Apr 14, 2012

New Video Tutorial course announced by Total Bounty: How to Create a Custom WordPress theme from PSD to code Detroit, MI - Total Bounty has announced today it's newest marketplace release "How to Create a Custom WordPress Theme", by Ten Ton Books. This video tutorial series includes more than 13 hours of on screen training, and includes supporting materials. Do you know your way around Photoshop? Do you know just enough HTML and CSS code to be able to create basic web pages? This WordPress video course show you how to create a web PSD design template in Photoshop using a grid based system. You'll learn things like how to add and style navigation elements, comment areas, blog post pages, photo galleries, and featured content slider sections. That part of this training course is worth the prices of admission alone. Where this course really shines are the steps beyond that. There are lots of Photoshop tutorials and websites to help you create and showcase website designs. There are also lots of blog posts and tutorial websites on how to create, edit, hack, and maintain WordPress themes. What you almost never see is how to take that graphic design out of Photoshop in PSD form and translate it to actual PHP, HTML, and CSS code creating an installable, working WordPress custom theme of your own. Also (at times) designers tend to me a little less technical than programmers, so the tutorials that you can find are sometimes hard to follow. From the very first introductory video, Geoff talks to you in a style that's easy to understand, and very, very easy to follow. You will fine the following 11 chapters within the "Scratch Building WordPress Themes with Photoshop": Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Setting Up Photoshop for Web Layout! Chapter 3: Getting Set Up for User Interface Design! Chapter 4: Developing A Wireframe UI in Photoshop! Chapter 5: Finishing Up the Wireframe! Chapter 6: From Wireframe to Design! Chapter 7: Applying Photography and Textures! Chapter 8: Preparing A Blank WordPress Theme for Design! Chapter 9: Building The WordPress Theme From Complete Scratch! Chapter 10: Pushing the Theme Design Further! Chapter 11: Wrapping Things Up! This course is for intermediate to advanced levels, and the initial feedback has been incredible. Click here to view 4 sample videos directly from the course: Category Tags Email Country

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

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How to Create a Custom WordPress Theme  

The "How to Create a Custom WordPress Theme" by Ten Ton Books contains video tutorial series includes more than 13 hours of on screen traini...