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Digital Garage Sale for Freelancers Announced By JTPratt Media Dated: Mar 16, 2012

Total Bounty has announced a Digital Garage Sale™ for freelancers, designers, developers, artists, programmers, coders, and creatives Detroit, MI - Total Bounty has announced a "Digital Garage Sale™" for freelancers and virtual workers. Are you a web developer or designer that does freelance work? Why only be as good as your next billable hour? Clean out your hard drive and re-mix and re-use digital assets you've created in the past for passive income! Think of Total Bounty as your "digital garage sale™"! Upload your assets you've created such as images, ebooks, PSD files, templates, logos, illustrations, etc. You could be making as much or more than you make in billable hours per month in no time. Total Bounty is a digital marketplace where you can sell psd files, sell templates, upload themes, and content like stock photos, fonts, audio, video, etc. Many times as a designer or developer you create assets for mockups and presentations that never get used. Some projects never see the light of day- or maybe you just created something one day - and never got around to using it for a project. What do you do with all these digital assets that just sit there cluttering up your hard drive? Become part of our digital garage sale™ and clean out that hard drive! Unlike a regular garage sale, you can sell the same thing over and over again. And the more you upload, the more you can make. Use, reuse, remix, and redo those assets to get profits from them again and again. Read more about our digital garage sale™ here: Category Tags Email Country Link

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Digital Garage Sale for Freelancers Announced