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Let’s stand up for Kashmir!

(Beauty of Kashmir Valley) Where rivers flow and never dry Where flowers bloom and never die Where fruits grow and no one buy Where beauties dwell and never feel shy

(Violence in Kashmir) Where blood drains and no one cry Where non-stop violence and hopes never die Where sparkling eyes are victims of spy Where military mess ups, never let them unify

(International response for Kashmir) Where thousands dead and statistics apply Where resolutions passed and applications fly Where bombs dropped and ambassadors tie Where protests pop up and always horrify

(Let’s knock of peace in Kashmir) This cause is real and need to be globally identify Come and Join its campaign, I strongly imply In-sha-Allah we shall successful in our little try It’s time to show the world, Kashmir is no more toy

Rahila Ghazal (Islamabad)

Let's stand up for Kashmir  
Let's stand up for Kashmir  

A poem for Kashmir