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Images Montalcino (Siena) Firenze Cortona (Arezzo) Castel Boccale, Livorno Abbazia di San Galgano, Chiusdino (Siena) Greve in Chianti (Firenze) Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa Terme Tettuccio, Montecatini Terme (Pistoia) Sorano (Grosseto) Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, Lucca Cave, Massa Carrara Ex Cementificio Marchino, Prato The images used belong to their respective authors or whoever owning the royalties. The use of such images is limited to illustrative purposes and does not intend to violate the legal rights of the owners or violate any copyright.

PRESS OFFICE Our press office is in contact with the local, national and international media to promote all our initiatives and Tuscany sets. 11

Speaking as a film maker and as a frequent visitor, I can say that the famed beauty of the city, its art, and the landscape around Florence, never disappoints�

James Ivory

LOCATION SCOUTING Support in location scouting through a first selection of possible sets. 10

Then I turned my eyes on Tuscany, on its land, its art, its colors, its trees, its stones. The light and shadows, here discovered, have enriched my imagination while I was writing the film. The welcome I have felt here made of warm simplicity and fair generosity, marked my status as a filmmaker and as a man�

Abbas Kiarostami

DATABASE OF LOCATIONS A rich database of images currently updated. Our online database includes about 1,200 location, 8,000 images, maps and information, divided by typology and location. 9

There are many Tuscanies. One Tuscany is all sweetness and light, hills dotted with the cypresses, vineyards and sunflowers. Then there is a dry and deserted Tuscany with the herds of buffaloes, shepherds on horseback and exiled intellectuals. Then there is also the Tuscany of luxury vacations, ample beaches, tennis, pine forests filled with nostalgia. There is an industrial Tuscany, populated by factory workers and Case del Popolo, discos with American names and the uneasiness of immigrants�

DATABASE OF AUDIOVISUAL COMPANIES AND PROFESSIONALS List of artistic/ technical personnel and services companies available in Toscana. The database is online with all contacts and curricula of professionals and companies classified by department, position categories and location to simplify the selection of professionals. 8

From the cinematographic point of view, Tuscany cannot be defined by a single image: we get lost in the blackhole of time, in the backdrops of our landscapes, our cities, suburbs and countryside. I would like to think that everyone who comes to shoot here considers Tuscany as an added value to the subject of their film. Not just an element that makes an appearance, but truely an integral part of the film�

Franco Zeffirelli

ACCOMODATION Reductions in the costs of accommodation and catering throughout the region. 7

Tuscany is really amazing and moreover here I found my favorite wine�

Spike Lee

PERMITS AND AUTHORIZATIONS Assistance for the obtaining of filming permits. Possibility of obtaining reductions or free authorization for filming in public spaces. 6

We have the feeling, or perhaps the illusion, that in Tuscany, nature and history have reached a point of balance. There is always conflict, almost always bitter, between man’s actions, his constructions and laws, and the inscrutable hand of nature. Certainly, this is also true in the Tuscan countryside, yet if we gaze at the landscape, our eyes move from hill to hill toward the horizon like a wave that caresses town, cities and farms�

Paolo e Vittorio Taviani

ITALIAN TAX CREDIT FOR FOREIGN FILMS The Italian Tax Credit can save you a 25% of the eligible executive production expenditures per each work. The eligible costs are any production expenses incurred and paid by the Italian executive producer. This amount of costs can be up to the 60% of the total budget of the film. The maximum tax credit amount for individual film is 5 million â‚Ź. In addition, production companies will enjoy a VAT-free status following international legislation which excludes VAT 21% for agreements between Italian executive producers and foreign producers. Find all information on: 5

Tuscany: its confine enclose so much complexity, wealth and diversity that it seemed to be conceived, almost drawn, for the unpredictable and often apparently contradictory demands of a film production�

Bernardo Bertolucci

INCOMING FUND This Fund is aimed at reducing the costs incurred in the territory: accommodation, catering, space rental, cars rental etc. The maximum amount of financing for films and fiction Tv is 50,000 euro. The maximum amount of financing for documentaries and short film is 25,000 euro. 4

Shooting in Tuscany was a pleasure from start to finish. The landscape is breathtaking, the light is magical, the people are kind and welcoming. Italian crews are talented and collaborative, and at the end of a working day, the food and wine are divine�

Kenneth Branagh

TOSCANA Since the beginning of cinematography Toscana has been choosen as a special location. Director such as Visconti, Fellini, Bertolucci, Benigni, Spike Lee, Ridley Scott and many others decided to set their stories here amazed by our beautiful views such as cities of art, seasides, mountains, hills, countryside, beaches. 3

I am Tuscan and I know this region very well, its landscapes, inhabitants, dry and rational humor and its clear and essential dialect. All of these reasons have ispired me to set many films here�

Mario Monicelli



Incoming Fund


Italian Tax Credit for Foreign Films


Permits and Authorizations




Database of Audiovisual Companies and Professionals


Database of Locations


Location Scouting


Press Office


TFC supports and assists all production companies interested in shooting in Toscana Via San Gallo, 25 - 50129 Firenze, Italy Tel. +39 055 2719035 / Fax +39 055 2719027

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TFC supports and assists all production companies interested in shooting in Toscana

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