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September 2012

The Joyful Noise Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church

Adult Education This year’s Adult Enrichment series will touch on our four cornerstones of learning: Bible, Spirituality, Discipleship, and History and Theology. We hope that over the course of the year you will find sessions that meet your learning style and interest. Classes are held Sundays from 9:20-10:15 am in the Fellowship Hall. SEPT 9

Ministry Fair: Check out all the opportunities for fellowship, service, learning and outreach as we display the many features of WPC’s active congregation. Tables set up in Fellowship Hall welcome you to learn and get involved. Coffee served downstairs.


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Meeting Minutes


“Food Stamped” Part One—Join the learning as we watch a family attempt to cook creative, healthy food on the allotment afforded those on food stamps.


Upcoming Events


September Calendar


“Food Stamped” Part Two—We take the challenge one step further and not only talk about the impact of this fine movie, but also commit to a week of following suit, living on approximately one dollar per meal.


Notes from the Congregation Insert: Ministry Guide


“Violence and Non-Violence in the New Testament” What did Jesus mean when he said to "turn the other cheek" (Matthew 5:39)? And what about the image of Jesus with blood on his robe and a sharp sword coming out of his mouth (Revelation 19:13-15). Is Jesus advocating passivity or violence or something else? We'll explore the topic of violence and non-violent resistance in a few passages of the New Testament. Presenter: Professor Jim Grimshaw, Carroll University


“Who You Gonna Call? Committee Spending & Stories of Times Tosa Pres Touched Your Life” We can't REALLY call "Ghostbusters" when trouble or joy arrives, so many of us pray and call church friends and pastors. We also turn to our church for socializing, education, mission work, music, teams, and a place to gather with good people. Come ask how committees spend the money you pledge and share stories of things you want to see continue at Tosa Pres. Facilitator -- Heidi Sjostrom, Stewardship Chair

OCT 14 Seasons of the Spirit OCT 21

Tippecanoe Homeless Shelter: Legally called an “overnight prayer vigil”, the shelter in our sister Presbyterian Church offers meals and overnight accommodations for those in need. We hope to join in as volunteers during the winter months, so come and learn more about this vital ministry on Milwaukee’s South side.

OCT 28 Halloween/ A Mask of God NOV 4

Congregational Meeting

NOV 11

Welsh Hymnody For a glimpse into the history of the Welsh people in Wisconsin come hear Cathleen Morris recount how her grandmother's family came to the Waukesha area. The stories will give us some background before the Gymanfa Ganu (Welsh Hymn Sing ) to be held at WPC that afternoon at 2:30 pm. Presenter: Cathleen Morris Ph.D., Carroll University

NOV 18

Tales of the Kentucky Mission Trip John Bruenissen will share his video and experiences working alongside residents of Harlan, Kentucky during the Milwaukee Presbytery’s August Mission Trip.

NOV 25

Alternative Christmas Faire Sponsored by the Mission Committee, this event is a smorgasbord of organizations with whom WPC is involved in mission and outreach. From local literacy to worldwide hunger issues, these representatives offer you an alternative to shopping the malls!

The Joyful Noise

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PASTOR’S CORNER New Look for the Newsletter You may recall the story of the apostle, Philip, who in the Book of Acts encounters a stranger from another land reading aloud from the prophet Isaiah. When Philip asks him if he understands what he is reading, the visitor replies: “How can I, unless someone guides me?” We love to tell the story of the prophets, the stories of Jesus and the early church, and the stories of our church, the congregation of Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church. To more effectively guide you through the stories of our varied ministries, we convened a group called the Communications Task Force who worked over the summer to improve the flow of information in our faith community. Our thanks to Jeremy Keila, Bev Schwabe, Dee Krugler, Karen Jaeckels, Scott Terhune, Kathy Flanders, Hillary Townsend and Denise Fried for all their good suggestions. One result is evident in this new revised edition of The Joyful Noise. Our goal: to communicate more effectively. Our method: streamlining existing communication tools and offering timely updates. We’ll continue to offer the monthly newsletter both in paper and online. We will also send by email a midmonth abbreviated announcement page with updated information. Additionally, each month will feature a particular ministry of the church on the front page, with Jim and Laura’s entries on the inside. This month features Christian Education. This month, you will also find a pullout sheet of all the ministries in which you might participate. For your convenience, they are also listed on the church’s website:

Opportunities Ministry Fair In keeping with the flow-of-information theme, we invite everybody to browse through the Opportunities for Ministry Fair on Sunday, Sept. 9th during the Adult Enrichment time between worship services (9:20-10:15). Information tables, coffee and snacks will be set up in Fellowship Hall downstairs (accessible by stairs or elevator) were you may learn about the groups, sign up to volunteer, think about joining a musical ensemble, offer to knit or read or study with the organized groups that form the faith community here at WPC. This fair represents the breadth of spiritual growth opportunities. Join us!

Church Website and Facebook Take a moment and browse the church website ( There is a wealth of information including the text version of every Sunday’s sermon, bulletin & announcement information, and spiritual information. The main page of the website also contains a link to the church calendar (as seen below). This is your best source of up-to-date information with regards to church happenings.

Another great source of information is the church Facebook page ( Wauwatosa-Presbyterian-Church). The Facebook page is updated almost daily with lectionary posts from the Mission Yearbook, event announcements, as well as a number of photos from church outings.

The Joyful Noise

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SPIRITUAL FORMATION CORNER Piloted Programs Continue Over the summer, we piloted a few programs to enhance spiritual growth and learning. Both the Pastors’ Pub (Third Thursday at 5 pm at Juniper 61) and Morning Prayer (First Friday at 9:00 am in the sanctuary) will continue into the program year. September Morning Prayer will meet on Friday the 7th at 9:00 am; September Pastor’s Pub is scheduled for Sept. 20th at 5:00 pm. Joins us for different ways of encountering Scripture.

Library News Keep up with literature about prayer, politics, theology, parenting, Biblical studies and modern life. The library has recently been relocated to the bookshelves in the Meeting Room along the office corridor. You will also find the library kiosk in the Gathering Space. Continue your Christian formation at home by checking out our resources.

Women’s Retreat: A Time for Spiritual Formation Women of the Church! Take time off to celebrate! We’re heading up to Green Lake to make retreat at the Pilgrim Center on Friday evening, Oct. 19 and returning late Saturday afternoon. Sign up in the church office or in the Gathering Space. We have room for 30 women, so be sure to mark your spot. The cost for three meals and overnight is $72.50. Please either bring your own linens or bring $4.25 for linen fees. Some scholarship money is available—please speak with Laura Loving if that will help you attend. We will share stories, study Scripture, express ourselves in music, art, laughter, silence, prayer, communion and walking in the great outdoors. Come Celebrate—all ages of women. Please RSVP by September 28th.

CCNS September Update As I am writing this update for the newsletter, I am filled with excitement and anticipation for September to begin so we can meet the new group of preschoolers and their families who are enrolled at CCNS for the 2012-13 school year. Beginning school is such a big milestone in the children’s lives and I am honored CCNS will be their first school experience! I would like to thank all of you from WPC who have talked up CCNS to friends, neighbors and coworkers! Your word of mouth endorsement is our best form of advertising. I am personally eager to get back into the school routine. This will be a very big year for CCNS as we go through the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) Accreditation process. I am highly confident we will be awarded this honor, and it will be totally worth the extra work! We will have the results of this process after the site visit in spring. The staff and I are looking forward to attending the WECA Conference in Pewaukee in October. We are always excited to connect with others in our field and attend some interesting workshops to gain new ideas and a fresh perspective in our field of work. Wish us well as we begin the new school year!

The Joyful Noise

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EDUCATION Christian Education Rocks! I love the beginning of the school year. I’ll miss summer, but I enjoy the opportunity to begin again. Our first course of action is to get the Sunday School classes up and running on September 9. Many teachers are returning from last year, and we’ll begin our second year using the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum. Last spring the teachers confirmed that they enjoyed the structure of the lectionary-based curriculum. All of the kids from Pre-K through middle school encountered the same, albeit age-adjusted, material each Sunday. It was particularly engaging on those occasions when we combined classes for a multi-age Sunday School experience. We’ll certainly arrange those again a few times this program year.

Where is My Class? Pre-K – 5K: Sun Room 1st – 2nd Grade: Knox Hall Stage 3rd – 5th Grade: Witherspoon Middle School: Sarah Dickson Room High School: Calvin Room

What Time?

9:20 – 10:20am The lesson plans from now until the beginning of Advent take the children on a journey with Jesus and the disciples as told in several chapters from the book of Mark. On September 9, Jesus encounters a Gentile woman whose daughter has an unclean spirit in Mark 7:24-37. The woman asks for Jesus to cast out the spirit, but he is not receptive to her request. The woman challenges his denial. It’s incredible that a Gentile woman would challenge him, but it works! How might our children respond to her example of advocacy for “outsiders?” The next week the disciples are struggling to understand Jesus. In Mark 8:27-38 he asks them very directly “Who do people say that I am?” and then, he asks “But, who do you say that I am?” What a great discussion for the kids. On September 23 the journey continues in Mark 9:30-37. Poor disciples. Their weariness and confusion is almost palpable. Jesus catches them arguing like kids in the back of the van about which of them is the greatest. Their squabbling sets the stage for Jesus to explain that whoever wants to be first must be last, and must be servant to all. The last Sunday of September finds Jesus again teaching the disciples. This time in Mark 9:38-50 the disciples are concerned about someone from outside their group who is driving out demons invoking Jesus’ name. They had told this outsider to stop, but they came to Jesus for confirmation on their action. Once again, he gave them a new perspective, 40 “whoever is not against us is for us.” The disciples, and our children, have another opportunity to understand the limitless inclusivity of a strong faith community.

Youth Council After months of research and conversation with the pastors, the teachers, the CE Committee, parents and anyone else I could snag, we have decided to develop a youth council model. Teens, teachers, parents and other advisors will plan a program that balances study, worship, service and recreation. This isn’t an earth-shattering new idea and we don’t have a lot of details yet, but we know that we are going to plan and run the teen program as a community. Stay tuned. VBS 2012

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EDUCATION CONT. Scholarships Available WPC has two scholarships that are available for students pursuing post secondary education. The Yoder Scholarship Fund - The purpose of this fund is to provide financial assistance for post secondary education to student members of Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church who are at least 2nd year students at a college/university or trade/technical school. The Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church Scholarship Fund is for post secondary education for members of WPC or members of other churches whom the Session deems part of our church community. This scholarship is available to high school graduates who have been accepted by a post secondary institution. This includes, but not limited to, college/university, trade/technical schools, and graduate studies. Scholarship application forms are available on the church website ( The deadline for receipt of these applications is September 15, 2012. For further information, call the church office or Rose Mary Muller 414-289-9992.

MUSIC Welcome Back The Chancel Choir begins the 2012-13 season with the Welcome Back Pot Luck at Jean Miller’s Estate on Lake Pewaukee. The get together is on Thursday, August 30 (so we can watch the water skiing). Beginning at 6:00, bring your own meat to grill, a chair to sit in and a dish to pass. For more information contact Martha Stoner at Rehearsals begin on Wednesday, September 5, at 7:30 p.m. in the choir room (Knox Hall). New and returning members are encouraged to join!

was singing at a reformed church in Erd, outside of Budapest. Despite the congregation mostly speaking only Hungarian, they seemed to understand the sense and feeling of our music and were very appreciative. We ended our concert by singing the Hungarian National Anthem, for which they stood and joined us, and then sharing a bountiful dinner of sandwiches and desserts and conversation. The cities were beautiful, the countryside was gorgeous and the people were friendly and generous. Pictures from the trip can be viewed at

We will be singing for the Presbytery meeting on September 25th and the Gymanfa Ganu on November 11th.

Choir Tour Update The Choir Tour to Prague and Budapest was FABULOUS! As the leader I’m pleased to say that no one got lost, all sang lustily, no luggage was lost, and no one was arrested! Yeah! The highlight of the tour

Choir tour members boarding the bus at WPC

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MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE Picture Directory Corrections Due to the length of time it took to complete the picture directory, a number of errors have been brought to the attention of the Membership Committee. Below are corrections to the errors that we are aware of:


STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE Peacemaking Offering World Communion Sunday – Oct. 7 SOME of the Peacemaking Offering’s many priorities: End bullying Promote civil political discourse End human trafficking Support community anti-violence programs Finance anger management classes Sponsor International Peacemakers Program Support family and prisoner programs Maintain a presence in regions of conflict across the globe “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God” (Matthew 5:9) 25% retained by congregations for a local peacekeeping mission 25% used in presbyteries and synods 50% allocated to General Assembly peacemaking ministries

Thank you, Wauwatosa Presbyterian! Total Current Pledges for 2012 – $477,854.36 Current pledges received by mid-August (63% of the year) – $316,546.52 (66% of pledges)

The Joyful Noise

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MISSION COMMITTEE Save the Date - Gymanfa Ganu WPC will host the State Welsh Hymn Sing on Sunday, November 11 from 2:30 to 4:30. More details will follow.

Mission Trip - Harlan, KY The five mission trippers have returned! They brought with them a number of photographs taken during their mission experience. Take a moment and browse them at

MEETING MINUTES Session Minutes - June 25, 2012 Submitted by Kevin Sjostrom, Temporary Clerk The Session of Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church met for its regular meeting on June 25, 2012 at 7:00 PM. After worship, led by elder Lee Alzalde, the Session examined and welcomed Glenn and Elizabeth Russell as members. They were recognized as new members on Sunday, July 8, 2012, during worship. Jim Badciong reported on the nominating committee's work. The committee continued to search for persons to serve as ruling Elders and Deacons throughout the month of July. A survey distributed earlier this spring helped to identify several people who are willing to serve as deacons. Bonnie Strigenz reminded Elders that the next Presbytery meeting will be September 25 at Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church. Bonnie also stated that Presbytery meetings are already benefiting from reinvigorated worship, and plans are being made for excit-

ing guest speakers and music for future presbytery meetings. Pastor Rand noted that the treasurer's report showed that, as of the end of May, we had received $226,470.83 in pledge income, or 53% of the $465,585.00 budget for 2012. Announcements: Pastor Rand noted that a Gymanfa Ganu is planned for November 11 at Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church and that there will be requests for assistance from the congregation for both the September 25 meeting of the Presbytery and for the Gymanfa Ganu. Bonnie Strigenz announced that the membership committee has started a program in which experienced church members will connect with new members. The committee held a special coffee hour for the participants in late July.

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UPCOMING EVENTS Session & Deacon Retreat - Sept. 8th from 8:45 am - 12:00 pm This Annual meeting of the ordained leaders of the church will offer tips on leading meetings, spiritual nurture, organizing principles for a unified year of ministry and opportunity to grow in faith and effectiveness as disciples. We plan to integrate calendars and provide a cohesive program for the congregation. TGIF - Sept. 14th @ 6:30 pm Please join Laura Loving and Bill Humphreys at the Cobblers' Loft, their condo in Brewer's Hill, for the September TGIF. Located on the ground level, their place will be open to all who want to socialize. Bring an appetizer to share. Once you arrive, call 414562-4862 to get in the building. If the weather cooperates, we will head up to the rooftop deck for a view of the skyline and a rooftop party! Location is 234 East Reservoir Avenue, Unit 101--the NW corner of Hubbard and Reservoir. Call a newer member, carpool with friends, come for the first time or renew your acquaintances! Encore Over 55s - Sept. 13th @ 1:30 pm We are again fortunate to have Mrs. Jessica Michna as our guest to present her riveting portrayal of Dolley Madison, “the lady who saved Washington.” You may recall some of the other programs Mrs. Michna has done at WPC. We have seen her portray Mary Todd Lincoln, Abigail Adams, and Eleanor Roosevelt. Plan to join us for dessert at 1:30 pm followed by the program at 2 pm. Friends are always welcome. It’s a great way to kick off our 2012-13 calendar of Over 55 events. Sign up in the Gathering Space. Tosa Pres Young Adults - Sept. 23rd @ 4 pm Tosa Pres Young Adults is looking for those who are interested in Salsa, Guacamole, and Margaritas. Prepare your best recipe of any of those and

bring them to the Tasting being held at the Virlee's on September 23. Starts at 4 pm. Talk to or email Beth Virlee ( or Chris Bauer ( for more information! Fall Golf Outing - Sept. 23rd @ 2 pm Please join us for the WPC Fall Golf Outing, Sunday, Sept. 23, 2 pm, Brookfield Hills Golf Course! Anyone is welcome to play. We have participants from all levels of skill--pros as well as beginners! We play mixed team scramble, in which we mix beginners with skilled golfers and everyone gets a chance at play. Call or email Lauran Rea (414-774-7154 or for details and to sign up. Mission Blitz’n - Oct. 6th @ 8 am Live your faith through actions that benefit our friends and neighbors. Come to Fellowship Hall for breakfast at 8:00 am. Afterward, choose from the following sites: Hunger Task Force Warehouse - Pack and sort stock boxes to be given to the elderly Voces de la Frontera - Tutor for the citizenship exam Repairers of the Breach - Pack lunches at WPC for the shelter that focuses on helping the homeless during the day Hunger Task Force Farm - Chores either inside or outdoors Lastly, gather for lunch at the new Urban Ecology Center and evaluate the day’s activities. Sign up in the Gathering Space! Encore Over 55s - Oct. 24th @ 11:30 am On Wednesday, October 24th, we will enjoy an early lunch together at 11:30 am followed by a presentation by our own WPC office person, Hillary Townsend. Hillary will teach us how to utilize the church website and Facebook. Hillary is an experienced technology teacher, so don’t miss this chance to have your computer questions answered. Watch for the sign up sheet in the Gathering Space in late September.



10 CCNS Classes Begin 8:00 AM Gray Panthers 1:00 PM Steering Committee Meeting for Over 55s 7:00 PM Committee Meetings

8:15 AM Contemporary Worship 9:20 AM Opportunities for Ministry Fair 10:30 AM Traditional Worship 7:00 PM Monarch Wind Quartet Rehearsal

Labor Day Church Office Closed for Labor Day


27 8:00 AM Gray Panthers 7:00 PM Session

9 Dedication of CE Ministries

9:30 AM Worship 10:45 AM Lunch & Discussion with the Ghanaian Delegation 7:00 PM Monarch Wind Quartet Rehearsal

2 EXTENDING THE TABLE Ghanaian Preacher & Co-Celebrant for Communion

9:30 AM Worship 3:30 PM Creative Pathways Meeting 7:00 PM Monarch Wind Quartet Rehearsal

26 Fall Flower Sale - Orders Due

6:30 PM Master Singers 7:00 PM B&G Committee 7:00 PM Lydia Circle Meeting Room 7:00 PM Narcotics Anon 7:00 PM Hands of Praise Choir Rehearsal

11 CCNS Classes Begin Patriot Day

6:30 PM Master Singers 7:00 PM Narcotics Anon 7:00 PM Hands of Praise Choir Rehearsal


7:00 PM Narcotics Anon

28 *SPECIAL NOTE: NO Checks written week of September 1st, please submit all requests by today.



12 6:30 PM Handbell Choir Heaven 7:30 PM Chancel Choir Knox Hall

5 6:30 PM Handbell Choir Heaven 7:30 PM Chancel Choir Knox Hall



13 10:00 AM Quilters' Quest 1:30 PM Over 55s Dessert & Dolly Madison Program

6 6:00 PM CCNS Parent Orientation 7:00 PM Worship Committee Meeting

30 6:00 PM Chancel Choir Kick-Off Potluck

September 2012 Friday

14 6:30 PM TGIF - Laura Loving & Bill Humphreys Home

7 9:00 AM CCNS Sneak a Peek Day 9:00 AM First Fridays For Prayer



10:00 AM Prayer Shawl Group - Sit’n & Knit’n 2:00 PM Wedding

15 Scholarship Applications Due

8 8:45 AM Deacon & Elder Retreat


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24 8:00 AM Gray Panthers

1 8:00 AM Gray Panthers Men's Breakfast

30 Commission Music Ministries

8:15 AM Contemporary Worship 9:20 AM Christian Education 10:30 AM Traditional Worship 7:00 PM Monarch Wind Quartet Rehearsal


2 6:30 PM Hands of Praise Choir Rehearsal 6:30 PM Master Singers 7:00 PM Narcotics Anon

25 4:00 PM Presbytery of Milwaukee meets at WPC

17 18 Newsletter Articles DUE! 9:30 AM Ruth Circle @ Carol Klewin's Home 8:00 AM Gray Panthers 6:30 PM Master Singers 7:00 PM Session 7:00 PM Narcotics Anon 7:00 PM Hands of Praise Choir Rehearsal

23 8:15 AM Contemporary Worship 9:20 AM Christian Education 10:30 AM Traditional Worship 2:00 PM WPC's Fall Golf Outing 4:00 PM Tosa Pres Young Adults: Salsa and Guacamole Tasting 7:00 PM Monarch Wind Quartet Rehearsal

8:15 AM Contemporary Worship 9:00 AM Greater Tosa Interfaith - Mum Sale - Pick-up between services 9:20 AM Christian Education 10:30 AM Traditional Worship 11:30 AM WPC Book Club - The Paris Wife 3:30 PM Creative Pathways Meeting 7:00 PM Monarch Wind Quartet Rehearsal

16 Teens Bring Fruit for St Bens

3 6:30 PM Handbell Choir Heaven 7:30 PM Chancel Choir Knox Hall

26 9:00 AM Newsletter Collation 7:30 PM Chancel Choir Knox Hall

19 7:00 AM Men's Conversation @ One Way Cafe, Tosa 7:30 PM Chancel Choir Knox Hall




27 10:00 AM Quilters' Quest

20 1:00 PM Rachel Circle @ Lucile Dexter's Home 5:00 PM Pastors’ Pub @ Juniper 61

September 2012






6 8:00 AM Men's Conversation 8:30 AM Mission Blitz'n Day

29 9:00 AM Archive Meeting

22 First Day of Autumn

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The Joyful Noise

The Joyful Noise

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NOTES FROM THE CONGREGATION Thank you for your gift of $956.00 to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering. When you give, you are making the conscious decision to bring the joy and love of Christ to some of the most vulnerable and desperate places and people around the world. - Samuel Locke, PCUSA My sincere thanks to the church and Jim & Petra Kolo for sharing their anniversary flowers with me. Also, thank you to Will & Traci Niss for delivering them. My heart is always warmed by the thoughtfulness of Jim Rand. Mere words cannot thank him for his visit on 6/26 which was the 18th anniversary of my precious husband’s death. Also, a very special thank you to Jim for his beautiful prayer at the close of his visit. - Audree Gronback Thanks to all of the members who volunteered special music this summer. Your gifts are so appreciated by all your church family! - Martha Stoner

Many thanks to all who have helped and supported me as I recover from shoulder replacement surgery. Your prayers, cards, meals, rides, and visits have been greatly appreciated. I hope to be back to “normal” soon. - Cathy Caughey About one half of the Wauwatosa 4th of July parade disbands in front of our church or in our parking lot. Yearly we provide free water and some air conditioning to people and animals who need it. Our clientele varies from camels to people and llamas to dogs. This year we served over 900 cups of water and had two people, who had collapsed outside, in our Gathering Space to cool off. Many thanks to Brian Smith and Eric Vis of the West Allis Central High School wrestling team and Don Gunderson and Ed Stech who manned the “Ole Water’n Hole” here on the 4th of July. - Gray Panthers Thank you for your donation of $100 to the Foster Family Gardening Pilot Project. - Nicole Carver

My family and I want to thank the warm fellowship of our church members for their prayers and expressions of thoughtful support during Bob’s recent unexpected illness and death and during the time when we feel so saddened because of the loss. The visits by Pastor Jim Rand and his prayers were very important and meaningful sustaining us during this difficult time. - Jane Lawrence and Family

Congratulations to Proud Grandmother Jean Brammer!

Congratulations to Proud Grandparents Brian & Diane Luckecart!

Parents Jon & Kristen Winski welcome David Winski on July 15th at 7:58 PM

Parents Nathan & Melissa Lukecart welcome Carolyn Marjorie Lukecart on July 22nd

David weighed 7lbs 7oz and was 20 inches long

Carolyn weighed 8lbs and was 21 inches long

Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church 2366 North 80th Street Wauwatosa, WI 53213 Phone: 414-774-5005 ● Fax: 414-774-5320 Website:

September 2012


For a full staff directory please visit our website or call the church office

Church Office Hours: Monday -Thursday: 8 am - 4 pm Fridays: 8 am - 12 pm Sunday Schedule: (School Year)

8:15 am 9:20 am 10:30 am

We are accessible


Contemporary Worship Service Education for all Ages Traditional Worship Service Listening System Available

Sign Language Interpreter (1st Sun. of each month) The Joyful Noise is published 11 times a year by Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church. Articles for the October 2012 issue are due by Monday, September 17th.

Statement of Welcome We open our doors to all persons to join in worship, fellowship, educational programs, and service. We welcome into membership all who profess faith in Jesus Christ, without regard to gender, race, ethnic origin, worldly condition, sexual orientation, disability, or any other human condition. We elect and ordain persons who are called by God and committed to serving the Lord Jesus Christ in the Church.

WPC means so much at all the times of our lives. Prayerfully consider how your pledge can help grow our mission & the meaning in your life of our church. Commitment Sunday–November 11

September 2012 - Joyful Noise  

Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church's September 2012 edition of the Joyful Noise Newsletter