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Welcome to a fun and educational experience! Museums of Sogn og Fjordane comprises a total of 13 different sites, spread across the entire county. At our museums you’ll learn about the lives of the people in Sogn og Fjordane through history, enjoy works of art by well-known local artists, and learn about Norwegian history of tourism at our museum in Balestrand. The museums offer a variety of activities and events for the whole family. 2 | Museums of Sogn og Fjordane

You can learn about the way the local people lived at different points in history, meet the animals, bake your own bread, make your own jewellery, go on guided tours with our talented guides or just enjoy some peace and quiet at our facilities. For more information, please visit our website or contact us directly. We hope you’ll enjoy your visit.

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Vågsberget Anders Svor Museum Nordfjord Folk Museum The Eikaas Gallery Astruptunet Sunnfjord Museum Sogn og Fjordane Museum of Modern Art The Coastal Museum in Sogn og Fjordane Millstone Park Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism Sogn Folk Museum Sogn Fjord Museum Sogn Art Centre

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Contact information Address: Gota 16, 6823 Sandane Telephone: (+47) 990 94 777 Email: Website:


Hornindal Måløy




Olden Sandane E39


Jostedalsbreen Jotunheimen Nasjonalpark



Førde 5 55







Lærdal E16


57 E39



Flåm 50

Museums of Sogn og Fjordane | 3

Opening hours 23.06 – 20.08 (Thurs-Sun)


Groups may also arrange guided tours of the Coastal Museum in the off-season. Ticket prices Adults Children (0-18 years)

NOK 50 Free

The ticket to Vågsberget includes the exhibition and a guided tour of the area.

Vågsberget Vågsberget in the municipality of Vågsøy (near Måløy), was one of many trading posts and guest houses along the Norwegian coast. Today, Vågsberget is one of the best preserved trading posts in Norway. The buildings at the site are from about 1800, but the trading post's history goes all the way back to the 1600s. The Coastal Museum is open during the summer season, featuring 4 | Museums of Sogn og Fjordane

/vaagsberget guided tours of the historic buildings. The main building has an exhibition and a café. The owner of Vågsberget was granted trading privileges by the king, including exclusive trading rights for a wide range of goods. The local people would often find themselves in debt to the merchant, until these privileges were revoked in 1814.

Contact information Address: Vågsvåg, 6700 Vågsøy Telephone: (+47) 982 69 854 Email: Website:

Opening hours 17.06 - 30.06 (Sat-Sun) 01.06 - 31.07 (Tues-Sun) 01.08 - 18.08 (Sat-Sun) Ticket prices Adults Groups (3+) Children (0-18 years) Guided tour

09-16 09-16 09-16

NOK 50 NOK 35 Free NOK 75

Contact information Address: Grodås, 6761 Hornindal Telephone: (+47) 951 05 176 / (+47) 974 21 565 Email: Website:

Anders Svor Museum The Anders Svor Museum is an urban attraction in the small village of Hornindal. Renowned sculptor, Anders Svor (1864-1929), was born there. He was commissioned for several public assignments and many of his works are displayed in Oslo and elsewhere. Anders Svor's artworks are characterised by

the simple, clean and natural. Svor was a natural realist, heavily influenced by neo-romanticism. The gallery features sculptures in plaster, clay and bronze. In Hornindal, Anders Svor grew up as a farmer’s son, and even as a child he displayed exceptional wood carving skills. At 17, he

worked as a wood carver at Brødrane Hals piano factory in Christiania, while studying at The Royal School of Art and Design. He made his artistic breakthrough in 1891, winning the gold medal for his sculpture ”David” at the International Art Exhibition in Berlin. Museums of Sogn og Fjordane | 5

Opening hours 15.06 - 15.09 (every day) Rest of the year (Mon-Fri, Sun) Ticket prices Adults Children (7-18 years) Family

11-17 11-15

NOK 70 NOK 40 NOK 200

A guided tour of the open-air museum at 13.00 is included in the ticket price. Group tours must be arranged with the museum in advance.

/nordfjordfolkemuseum #nordfjordfolkemuseum

Nordfjord Folk Museum Nordfjord Folk Museum is situated in Sandane. Here, you’ll learn about the local history of the region, with emphasis on the role of hydropower in daily life. The open-air museum features old buildings and stories about life in Nordfjord from the 1600s onwards. Several of the houses are 6 | Museums of Sogn og Fjordane

furnished. On the outskirts of Sandane, you’ll find Holvikejekta, an old marine vessel built in 1881. The 20m long boat is the last remaining preserved example of the sail boats that transported goods between Nordfjord and Bergen. There is also a gift shop and a café.

Contact information Address: Gota 16, 6823 Sandane Telephone: (+47) 57 88 45 40 Email: Website:

Opening hours 01.04 - 02.06 (Wed, Sat, Sun) kl. 11-16 03.06 - 15.08 (every day) kl. 11-17 16.08 - 15.10 (Wed, Sat, Sun) kl. 11-16 Ticket prices Adults Children (0-18 years) Guided tour

NOK 50 Free NOK 75

Contact information Address: Ålhus, 6847 Jølster Telephone: (+47) 992 02 676 Email: Website:

The Eikaas Gallery The Eikaas Gallery is a modern art gallery situated at Ålhus in Jølster, by the E39. Ludvig Eikaas (1920-2010) was an abstract art pioneer, and his artworks are displayed in multiple museums in Norway and abroad. The graphic artist, painter, illustrator, sculptor and art professor is perhaps best known

for his distinctive portraits and self-portraits, which often feature surprising and humorous elements. Ludvig Eikaas’ style was experimental and spontaneous, never settling on one specific technique or form of expression. He was the first sculptor to make use of rigid plastics.

He is represented at ten Norwegian art museums, in addition to museums in Copenhagen, New York, Paris and Florence. The Eikaas collection comprises over 850 works created using a variety of techniques. A selection from the collection will be exhibited for the 2016 season. Café and beach. Museums of Sogn og Fjordane | 7

Opening hours 20.05 – 15.06 and 16.08 - 17.09 Saturday and Sunday


Wednesday 17-20 16.06 – 15.08 (every day)


Ticket prices 1 Ticket/Tour

NOK 100

Children (0-18 years)


Tours outside opening hours: please call (+47) 474 76 581 / (+47) 992 02 676 (Min. price outside opening hours: NOK 400)

Astruptunet Astruptunet is situated in idyllic surroundings on the south side of Jølstravatnet. This is the home of the painter, illustrator and graphic artist, Nikolai Astrup (1880-1928), one of Norway's most acclaimed artists. Astrup experimented with woodcutting, making him something of an innovator in graphical art techniques. He often varied his appro8 | Museums of Sogn og Fjordane

ach, sometimes working on the woodcuts as he went along, and sometimes coloring the print by hand after printing. After completing his studies, he moved back home in order to portray the nature and people of Jølster. Astruptunet is more than just the artist’s home, it’s also an important part of his life’s work. In Astrup’s surroundings at the

Contact information Address: Sandal, 6847 Vassenden Telephone: (+47) 992 02 676 Email: Website:

farm, as well as in his paintings, we can clearly detect his love for the local landscape. The Astrup collection contains most of the woodcuts and prints he used, and a number of paintings. Astrup's art was launched internationally in 2016.

Opening hours 01.06 – 30.06 and 16.08 – 31.08 Monday – Friday Saturday – Sunday 01.07 – 15.08 Monday – Friday Saturday – Sunday 01.09 – 31.05 Monday – Friday Ticket prices Adults Children (0-18 years)

10-18 12-17 10-15

NOK 60 Free


Sunnfjord Museum Driving eastwards along the E39 from Førde, you will find Sunnfjord Museum on the banks of Movatnet. This museum of cultural history features collections and exhibitions reflecting the daily lives of ordinary people in Sunnfjord through the years. The open-air museum consists of an original smallholding and a reconstructed cluster of farm buildings comprising a herb garden, a mountain farm and a cultivated landscape.

10-16 12-17

#sunnfjordmuseum The buildings in the museum come from all over Sunnfjord, representing architectural traditions spanning from 1500 to around 1900. The museum is surrounded by beautiful nature. There are several walking paths with information boards containing details about the local nature and cultural history. We offer guided tours for all guests at the open-air museum. Gift shop and kiosk.

Contact information Address: Movika, 6819 Førde Telephone: (+47) 57 72 12 20 Email: Website:

Museums of Sogn og Fjordane | 9

Opening hours Open year-round (Tues-Sun)


Ticket prices excluding guide Adults Children (0-18 years)

NOK 50 Free

Ticket prices including guide Adults NOK 75 Children (0-18 years) Free Family NOK 170

/sognogfjordanekunstmuseum #sognogfjordanekunstmuseum

Sogn og Fjordane Museum of Modern Art Sogn og Fjordane Museum of Modern Art is situated in Førde town centre, in a building that won an international award for its distinctive architecture. This museum of art features basic exhibitions from its collections, as well as temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. The collections consist of more than 1000 10 | Museums of Sogn og Fjordane

works, including regional and national artworks and handicrafts from the 1900s to the present, with emphasis on the period after 1970. On warm summer days you can enjoy life on the roof terrace on the fourth floor. Browse the art shop, which has a wide range of items on offer, or visit the café with its selection of hot and cold homemade dishes.

Contact information Address: Storehagen 1, 6800 Førde Telephone: +47 974 21 565 E-mail: Website:


2 1 and 2. Astruptunet 3 and 4. Sogn og Fjordane Museum of Modern Art


4 Museums of Sogn og Fjordane | 11

Opening hours 19.06 – 20.08 (Mon-Fri) (Sat-Sun) Rest of the year (Mon-Fri) Rest of the year (Sun) January

Ticket prices Adults Children (0-18 years)

11-18 12-16 10-15 12-15 Closed

NOK 70 Free


The Coastal Museum of Sogn og Fjordane At the Coastal Museum you can enjoy exhibitions presenting the natural and cultural history of Sogn og Fjordane’s coastline – from the Stone Age to the Oil Age. You’ll see a large collection of boats, artefacts from coastal villages and towns, and one of the largest permanent oil exhibitions in the country. The Coastal Museum boasts three exhibition 12 | Museums of Sogn og Fjordane

buildings and a large outdoor area featuring beautiful nature and old houses. In the exhibition halls, you’ll get a glimpse of the daily coast life and a selection of local boats and fishing equipment. Or you can get a guided tour of the oil exhibition. The museum is in a coastal area interconnected through a network of walking paths and bridges. You can explore old

Contact information Address: Brendøyvegen, 6900 Florø Telephone: (+47) 57 74 22 33 Email: Website: farmsteads and boathouses. The Coastal Museum offers activities for both adults and children. In the summer, sheep and goats are grazing in the pastures and rowing boats are available to rent. Café and shop. Guided tours for groups upon request.

Opening hours 17.06 - 27.08 (Tues-Sun) Ticket prices Adults Children (7-15 years) Children (0-6 years)


NOK 60 NOK 30 Free

#kvernsteinsparken /kvernsteinsparken

Contact information Address: 6957 Hyllestad Telephone: +47 458 71 940 Email: Website:

Millstone Park At Millstone Park in Hyllestad you can travel back in time to the Middle Ages – and meet the Vikings, who were skilled craftsmen and motivated traders. In Hyllestad, stone was a vital commodity. Stonemasons worked at hundreds of

quarries, producing a large number of millstones to be shipped out into the world. The quarries were absolutely essential for the local people: No millstone, no food! At Millstone Park we will guide you through the stone quarries, where the Vikings toiled

a thousand years ago. After the tour of the quarries, you can try your hand at various activities – grinding grain, baking bread, making soapstone jewellery, weaving on a loom – or relax by the fire while enjoying the local cuisine. Museums of Sogn og Fjordane | 13

Opening hours May and September (Tues-Fri) June, July & August (every day) October - March (Mon-Fri)

10-16 10-18 10-15

Ticket prices Adults NOK 80 Children (7-18 years) NOK 30 Family NOK 170 /norskreiselivsmuseum #norskreiselivsmuseum

The Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism The Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism is found in the town of Balestrand, next door to the historic Kviknes Hotel. The museum opened in the spring of 2016. The remarkable building is carved out of the bedrock. The architecture is an attraction in its 14 | Museums of Sogn og Fjordane

own right and gives the exhibition a spectacular backdrop. Juxtaposing old and new, the museum presents the development of tourism from the 19th century until today using digital exhibition technology. The main exhibition is �Tourism in Nor-

Contact information Address: Holmen 12, 6899 Balestrand Telephone: (+47) 474 53 053 Email: Website:

way�. One of the smaller exhibitions presents the history of local tourism, while another is dedicated to the many local artists who were inspired by national romanticism. A temporary exhibition displays a national road project, the National Tourist Routes in Norway.

Opening hours May and September (every day) June, July and August (every day)

10-15 10-17

Ticket prices Adults NOK 80 Children (7-18 years) NOK 30 Family NOK170

/ #sognfolkemuseum

The Heiberg Collections – Sogn Folk Museum At Kaupanger in Sogndal municipality you will find the Heiberg Collections – Sogn Folk Museum. The museum was founded in 1909 by Gert Falch Heiberg, one of Norway's museum pioneers, and is one of the country's largest and oldest museums of cultural history. The open-air museum features over 30 buildings, which span from Middle Age cottages to the prefabricated homes of the 1980s,

situated in a vibrant cultural landscape. In the summer season, the farm is full of animals, and you can feed the animals at 14.00 (Mon-Fri) in June, July and August. The main building contains a permanent exhibition on agriculture and food, handicrafts and agricultural art, clothing and textiles, the church and religion, small coastal villages, vil�lage stores and childhood.

Contact information Address: Vestreim, 6854 Kaupanger Telephone: (+47) 57 67 82 06 Email: Website: Experience playgrounds, historical walks and the vibrant museum with houses filled with handicrafts and occupants. Farming activities every Wednesday at 12.00-15.00 during the summer season. Café and gift shop. Daily guided tours in June, July and August, or upon request. Museums of Sogn og Fjordane | 15



5 1. Holvikejekta at Nordfjord Folk Museum 2. Anders Svor Museum 3. Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism 4. The Heiberg Collections – Sogn Folk Museum 5. Sunnfjord Museum

2 16 | Museums of Sogn og Fjordane


Opening hours June, July and August (every day)


Ticket prices Free entry

Contact information Address: 6854 Kaupanger Telephone: (+47) 474 52 933 Email: Website:

Sogn Fjord Museum Sogn Fjord Museum is situated by Kaupanger ferry quay by Sognefjord – Norway's longest and deepest fjord. The museum is a subdivision of the Heiberg Collections and is just a five-minute drive from the main site. Here, you’ll learn more about the fjord’s influence on the way of life in the old days. The

fjord was essential for the surrounding villages, both as a source for food and a traffic artery. Sogn Fjord Museum offers a fantastic experience of the fjord culture, including an exceptional collection of boats from Sogn. There is also a reconstructed boat-building workshop, and a selection of boat-building equipment.

You can also study other traditional fishing equipment and tools associated with the old fjord culture. Glaværstova is also found here – an old tavern from Glavær in Gulen, featuring Sogn's oldest bar. Museum café and shop.

Museums of Sogn og Fjordane | 17

Opening hours 17.06 - 25.06 (Sat-Sun) 01.07 - 30.07 (Tues-Sun) 05.08 - 13.08 (Sat-Sun)

10-16 11-16 10-16

Ticket prices Ticket Children (0-18 years) Guided tour

NOK 50 Free NOK 75

Contact information Address: 6887 Lærdal Telephone: (+47) 482 75 726 E-mail: Website:

Sogn Art Centre Sogn Art Centre is located in Lærdal Cultural Centre at Lærdalsøyri, alongside the Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre and the Salmon Café. The painter Hans Gjesme (1904-1994) was born and grew up in Lærdal. As a 16-year-old he became an apprentice to Pola Gaugin in 18 | Museums of Sogn og Fjordane

Christiania. Later, he spent some months in Paris as a student of André Lhote. Gjesme was a natural realist and used the local landscapes and people of Lærdal as his main subjects. He lived in Lærdal for most of his life, and donated over 1,500 works to the municipality of Lærdal.

This year, the permanent exhibition will be ”Hans Gjesme and the Seasons”, focusing on the underlying theme in many of Hans Gjesme’s paintings, regardless of motif: namely, the seasons.

Museums of Sogn og Fjordane | 19

/museaisognogfjordane #museaisognogfjordane


Graphic design: Innholdspartner. Photography: Espen Mills.

Museums of Sogn og Fjordane  

Museums of Sogn og Fjordane comprises a total of 13 different sites, spread across the entire county. For more information, please visit our...

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