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20/20: A Clear Vision for the Future Tortolita Presbyterian Church

Dear Tortolita Presbyterian Church Friends!

Since the cornerstone was laid in the mid-70’s, Tortolita Presbyterian Church has been positioned to be the Light of Christ in northwest Tucson. When the first parishioners gathered for worship in March, 1986 this church was a vibrant community of faith. For the past 31 years we have seen Tucson grow and the neighborhoods around Tortolita populate with families, retirees, schools, parks and businesses. We live in a thriving, growing area of Tucson. Tortolita Church remains faithful and determined to be a witness of the good news of Jesus and faithful to our call to “go and make disciples, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” (Matthew 28:18-20) In a recent Barna study we learned that Tucson is #12 of the top 100 cities in the country with the largest number of un-churched and de-churched people. In other words, Tucson is full of people who have yet to identify with a Christian community or make a church home and there are many who have become disenchanted with church, faith or God. We hope that Tortolita Presbyterian Church can be a place of welcome or re-welcome for those who need to know the reconciling love of God. We hope Tortolita would become a growing, thriving place of Christian community for those who are searching for the hope and love of Jesus Christ and Christian friendship. With this in mind, we have prayerfully considered how Tortolita can better reach out to the community and how we can better serve the folks who are already here. We have learned about some very real needs in our church and for our community which we think we can address so that both members and new friends feel well cared for and welcome at Tortolita. In this brochure you will read about these ministry opportunities and improvements we can accomplish as we move forward on Tortolita 20/20: A Clear Vision for the Future capital campaign. I want to be forthright! These ministry opportunities and efforts call us to hard work and sacrifice. I believe God is opening doors for greater ministry in northwest Tucson and in His faithfulness, the Holy Spirit will lead us through this challenge as we too are faithful. I trust that the LORD has lead us to this point to envision the future of ministry of Tortolita. I look forward to working in ministry together as we are blessed to be a blessing for years to come for God’s glory!

First, over the years we have become a congregation which enjoys ministering to lively and active seniors; however, often our older folks have trouble walking through the gravel and dirt parking lot or making it safely through the chipped asphalt parking area. There is not enough handicap accessible parking where those in wheelchairs and walkers can easily access the sanctuary and fellowship hall. Paving our parking lot will increase accessibility for our members and friends. • 

•  Secondly, in the past couple of years we learned from a group of moms meeting on our church

campus that they are looking for an affordable, Christian preschool for their children. With that we did some inquiring with the Pima County officials and learned if we want to provide a small, affordable Christian preschool, we would need to improve both our parking lot for the safety of the children and the playground area. This took us back to our original concerns with regard to the parking lot in general. •  Thirdly, we have come to realize that we could do better in helping people who visit Tortolita for

the first time, feel more welcome and at ease in our fellowship. The problem is, too often people are intimidated to meet a bunch of strangers in Ironwood Hall after worship. If we could create an easier way to “make friends” simply by offering our fellowship just outside our sanctuary rather than having to move into another room, we might be able to make friends and provide a sense of welcome and outreach which might be more inviting to those who have never before worshipped at Tortolita. •  Lastly, we know we want to be good stewards of that which the LORD has already

given. We need a solid savings account from which to draw when things age or break down! With daily ministry and facility use comes the challenge to maintain such things as our antiquated phone system, our 31 year-old air conditioning units and other “house-keeping” needs that arise from time-to-time. Every church needs to have a “savings account” for these kinds of expenses and within this new capital campaign, we would like to set aside funds in a reserve savings account in order to meet these on-going needs. I hope you will read this brochure and as you do, would you also pray for Tortolita and for yourself. I am convinced that the LORD has ministry and mission in Tortolita’s future as we prepare now for current and new ministry and mission opportunities. How is the LORD blessing you to be a blessing, as together, we participate financially in the Tortolita 20/20: A Clear Vision for the Future Capital Campaign? Let’s face it, this will require hard work and sacrifice on the part of all of us. I am up for it! I hope you are too! Let’s do this…together in Christ!

Pastor Jennifer

The 20/20 initiative has set a goal of $320,000 to achieve the following objectives:

• Improve our church home.

• Enlarge the reach of our welcoming presence in the community. • Launch new initiatives to enrich our mission and ministry. • Strengthen our capital reserves to provide sustainable care for our church home.

Improve Our Church Home.

Tortolita Presbyterian Church, 10710 N Thornydale Rd, is our church family’s gathering spot. Our church home is a place of worship, prayer, remembrance, fellowship and to be sent out from in mission and ministry. Our homes are our living spaces, but they require maintenance and modification as they age and our families change. Likewise, our church home requires maintenance and improvements as the property ages and the congregation changes. New programs are envisioned which will require improvements. A welcoming recognizable entrance and updated signage for more visible church recognition and access, a paved parking lot with an easy drop-off location, a canopy over the entry and fellowship area, an updated sound system, and safe playground for our children are all part of the vision. The planned projects will improve recognition, appearance, accessibility and usability, enabling us to move forward to better meet church missions, making way for growth and renewal.

Imagine The Possibilities if we restore and renew our church home. . .

•  What if we have an attractive Thornydale entrance with updated signage, and improved entrance

and exit to a newly paved parking lot? •  What if we have a welcoming church patio with a canopy for members and guests which gives

opportunity for seasonal outdoor fellowship and greater invitation and accessibility to the memorial garden? •  What if we construct a new playground adjacent to the church patio, with age appropriate

equipment and safe surfaces so parents can visit while watching over their children? •  What if we install acoustic panels in Ironwood Hall for improved hearing and sound quality during

fellowship and presentations? •  What if we added exit doors in each Ironwood Hall classroom for fire safety and playground access?

New Parking

 New Drop-off

New Playground New Patio and Canopy

Enlarge the reach of our welcoming presence in the community.

Tortolita Presbyterian Church is uniquely positioned in northwest Tucson where home growth is booming, new schools are being built and families and retirees are moving in by the thousands. We have an opportunity to become an intergenerational church community as we reach out and impact our new neighbors with the hope and love of Jesus Christ. Tortolita sets off Thornydale Road behind the paloverde and ironwood trees and yet not many people realize there is a church “back there.” Our Tortolita 20/20: A Clear Vision for the Future Capital Campaign is an exciting endeavor as we increase our outreach with several strategic improvements needed for ministry.

Imagine the possibilities if we make improvements and increase our community outreach… •  Tortolita’s Curb Appeal – What if we could provide much needed safety for our older congregation,

improved visual sight-lines from Thornydale and make for a more welcoming atmosphere for new friends who are looking for community at Tortolita? With improved, safe parking and drop-off access with plenty of handicap parking spaces, our seniors will be able to access the church grounds with greater ease and those passing by or looking for Tortolita will see our improved signage on Thornydale Road and an inviting entry to our church. •  Tortolita’s Welcoming Environment – What if we take advantage of the beautiful Tucson weather

and make a more welcoming outdoor entry and gathering place for fellowship and conversations before and after worship? With a new patio, canopy, outdoor seating, and a movable coffee bar the ease of conversations will naturally flow. •  Tortolita’s Outreach for Senior Population – What if Tortolita could be a place of Christian

friendship and care for those who are aging? This kind of ministry would also give much needed

support and respite for those who are caring for their elderly spouses and parents. With safe paved parking and drop-off for such people and volunteer help we would be on our way to hosting a valuable senior care ministry. •  Tortolita’s Christian Nurture for Children & Parents – What if we created a playground area for

children to have fun in a safe place while parents and grandparents enjoyed fellowship on that new patio? These are both much needed enhancements in our outreach to families. •  Tortolita’s Extended Ministry for Young Children & Families – What if Tortolita could help young

parents by offering an affordable Christian preschool education for 15 – 30 children in the northwest area? With an improved playground, a covered patio for parents to chat together while watching their children play in a wholesome environment, coupled with the required driveway safe drop-off and classroom fire-exits, the possibility of offering a weekday preschool could become a reality.

Launch New Initiatives to Enrich Our Mission and Ministry.

Our lives are busy. Our calendars are full. Our church building is busy. But does all this fulfill our ministry, our mission? As we strive to remain faithful witnesses of the good news of Jesus, and faithful to our call to “go and make disciples, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” (Matthew 28:18-20), we want to open our doors! We want to welcome new groups for ministry and outreach. We want to sustain and grow our ministry in northwest Tucson. Through the 20/20: A Clear Vision for the Future Capital Campaign we could extend our involvement with missions locally and around the globe.

Imagine the possibilities Of turning vision to action... •  If we could help address some of the issues in our community? •  if we could assist parents by offering a low cost Christian preschool? •  If we could offer seniors a safe, fun place to be with friends in a caring Christian environment? •  If we purchased a van that would allow us to provide transportation for those that don’t come to church because they don’t have a ride? •  If we extended our evangelism and mission engagement around the world? •  If we had more resources to aid our mission in the local community? •  If we partnered more closely with one of our neighborhood schools to provide support to the students and teachers?

Strengthen Our Church Home Via Capital Reserves.

Tortolita is our church home, and just as we encounter emergency maintenance needs at home, we do the same at church. Establishing and investing in a capital reserve fund for Tortolita Presbyterian Church, we can set resources aside to cover anticipated and unforeseen capital expenses. With these resources in place, we will be able to address needed projects without compromising our ongoing ministries and programs and without deferring emergent maintenance. A scheduled maintenance program will help us avoid more costly repairs down the road.

Imagine the possibilities Investing in capital reserves allows for . . . •  Funding without deferring

emergency maintenance. •  Maintaining all the facilities on a

designated schedule. •  Church mission and ministry

budgets will not have to be cut when maintenance needs arise. •  Those who come after us to

continue the legacy of faith, ministry, and mission of Tortolita Presbyterian Church in the years to come.

20/20 A Clear Vision for the Future Will you join us?

Matthew 5:14-15 reminds us of this…“You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid. No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house.” Tortolita is a beacon of light shining bright in Northwest Tucson and we are looking forward to many more years of shining brightly so that others will come to know Jesus and give glory to God. Through the Tortolita 20/20: A Clear Vision for the Future capital campaign we have a wonderful opportunity to “let our light shine” into more and more homes. We hope you will share in this vision as you consider your financial participation. There are many ways to make contributions…

Growing and giving together

Make a financial commitment over a three year period: giving weekly or monthly might allow you to give in a significant way over a longer period of time. There are several convenient ways for you to fulfill your pledge. Cash Gifts: This is the most common method of contributing. Make your checks payable to Tortolita Presbyterian Church. Please write 20/20 in the memo line. Estate Gifts: Have you remembered Tortolita Presbyterian Church in your will? You may direct this special legacy commitment to benefit the capital initiative. Gifts of Securities and Other Gift Vehicles: Please contact us for information about transfer of securities. We will also be happy to discuss other types of gifts to the initiative. Please contact Pastor Jennifer Cummins at pastorjentortolita@ gmail.com or Dave Mitchell at davitchell@gmail.com with any questions.

20/20: A Clear Vision for the Future Tortolita Presbyterian Church

Step 1 - Prayerfully consider your gift.

Step 2 - Make your commitment.

Step 3 - Choose your payment method.

3 Annual Payments

Total Gift $ ________________

$300,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $100,000 $30,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,000 $3,000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,000 $300. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $100

Enclosed $ ________________

( ) Personal Check (payble to Tortolita Presbyterian Church with 20/20 in the memo line)

Suggest Total Commitment

Balance $_________________

( ) Other - please visit with Pastor Jennifer Cummins or Elder Dave Mitchell


PHONE _____________

ADDRESS _____________________________________________________ EMAIL ______________ CITY ___________________________ STATE ___________ ZIP _________

Thank you for your tax-deductible contribution.


•  We encourage commitments over a period of three years. •  Fill out this form, then follow the cut and fold numbers, insert your check into the envelope and seal it. •  You will receive annual statements.

Mail to: Tortolita Presbyterian Church Attn: 20/20: A Clear Vision for the Future 10710 N Thornydale Rd. Tucson, AZ 85742

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20/20 A Clear Vision for the Future

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