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López Derivate of pre name “Lope” that comes from Lupus that means “wolf” and “ez” that means “son of”. López means “son of wolf”. One of the best theories about the origin of “López” is that at the time of the Rome empire, there were a family called Lupos. They were linked to Queen Lupa, from Galicia.

Méndez This last name is means “son of Mendel” Mendel comes from a reduced medieval name “Menendo”, and Memendo comes from “Hermenegildo”, that means “Complete sacrifice” from the Germanic elements ermen, meaning “whole, entire” and gild, meaning “value, sacrifice”

Family tree

Gabriel López Méndez, Dulce López Méndez, Pablo López Méndez

Oswaldo López

Nancy Méndez

Aura Marina López Berbena

Luis Carlos Humberto López

Balbina de López

María Flora Torres

Rosa del Carmen Berbena

Leopoldo Berbena

Mercedes Lopez de Berbena

Eleodora Torres

Arturo Mejicanos

José Fernando Méndez

Victoria Monzón

Ramiro Méndez

Luis Carlos Humberto Lรณpez Truck driver, grandfather an admirable person.

Luis Carlos Lรณpez, He loved to drive and travel around the country

He drove loved the trucks and according to my father he was a great driver, and some times he asked the for the truck to the company so he can travel with the family with the trucks.

My father has 6 brothers, this are 4 of them.

My grandparents

My 5th Birtdhay

The house were I borned


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