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Background Yes, we do all love Wikipedia. But the fewest of us find it in our hearts to donate a few. But our beloved encyclopedia desperately needs more cash flow, and now is the time to genuinely convince people to donate regularly. Info Why is nobody donating? Well, it’s easier to do good when we’re padded on the back for it. That’s why Wikipedia’s going to recognize the most generous of donors. How it works Every single article on the entire Wikipedia can be bought. Yes, bought. And the person or brand that pays the most to own the article, will get its name and image on it. Monday, Jeff is buying “badgers” for a buck. The next day, that cheeky Lissie is taking over by donating/purchasing it for $2.




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31. January



The independent Wiki will remain true to its core. We’re only showing a name and picture on an article. Effects People will be spending even more time on Wikipedia. Finding that one special article they badly want their name on. And just imagine the soft drink brands fighting to be the chief in charge on “Soda”, or the bands bidding for “Rock and ‘roll”. Best of all: Whilst you’re paying for fame and glory, you’re also supporting the free, independent, and ever-growing online encyclopedia.

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Wiki Donate  

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