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Paragon City...

once the birthplace of tommarow, the doorway to hope...

but that was before the rikti came back

and the home of heroes.


streets that once bustled with activity...


are now blasted, pathways that lead only to danger.

what was once a battle of supremacy...

was now a fight for survival.

Recluse disappeared into his cross-dimensional EXPERiments and hadn't been seen in over a year.

arachnos had fallen apart in the wake of his disappearence.

The leuitenants of the organization went their own ways, taking with them resources and personnel.

Long Bow and Freedom Corps continued to function,

where there had only been 1 or 2 large threats, with dozens of smaller ones before, now with Arachnoes broken, all the villains and groups it kept in check were now running amuck.

but they were out matched.

where there had only been 1 or 2 large threats, with dozens of smaller ones before, now with Arachnoes broken, all

many villains fared no better.

one by one, combat teams that had only months prior ruled the streets, were broken and split apart.

IN the sewers under paragon city, a group of survivors search for a missing member from their team.

She may have used it to gain entrance to the complex above.

There is another passage way ahead.

Alright. Go ahead and check it out,

but be careful CLoset! We're here to recover Wicked blue. We do not need two people to rescue!

your consern is appreciated, but unnessicary. i shall report shortly.

SHoot, I don't mind a second target. double the job, double the fee.

Listen to me, tri-volt and listen well. I will not repeat myself!

these people may just be targets for your next paycheck, but they are my allies, friends, and comrades.

if I so much as think you are intentionally holding us back for your own profit, i will kill you.




yeah, it's clear.


Torroes, there is an access tunnel to the lower level of the complex.

understood. we are moving to your position.

at least it's clear for now as long you're paying me bull man, it's clear. but sooner or later that will change.

Do you detect anything CLoset?

No, it appears to be unguarded.

Tri-volt, send up a microbot to check it out.

Roger that

commander bull!

Receiving images now.

show us.

roger. go get your horns shaved or something.

Alright then. Looks like the standard spider layout. 2 levels. second one is the big doozy.

What is that? Tri-volt, enlarge and enhance the image.

Arachnoes soldiers? What are they doing here? I thought this base had been taken over by the rikti.

they could be stragglers left behind and are hiding from the rikti. Might be a nice payout to get them out of there.

and I might pay you to make me the queen of england, Tri-volt. They're *. probably collaborators

if you think they're collaborators, why not just take 'em out and save us the trouble?

What do we do about them?

find out what side of which line they stand on.

many who found themselves under the guns of the Rikti choose to work alongside the Rikti rather then be killed. Some choose to willingly side with them. All of them are universally referred to as collaborators.

because, unlike you Tri-volt, I do not kill people who may prove to be allies. If those survivors chose to work with the Rikti for personal gain, then they are also our enemy. if they are working with simply so the rikti won't kill them, they may join us.

Now lets move out!

yeah, by all means. Let's move out bull-man.

stand ready. Remember, target Rikti first. We need to give humans a chance to not fight and join us.

yeah sure, i'll treat 'em real nice and friendly while they're trying to kill us!

friendly treatment is not nessicary, Tri-volt. Merely patience. torroes is quite capable of absorbing some damage prior to the establishment of the arachnoes solders' motives.

and with that in mind...

charge!!! charge!!!

next next issue: issue: WIcked WIcked Blue... Blue... Friend... Friend... foe... foe... or or worse? worse?

City of Heroes Invasion #1  
City of Heroes Invasion #1  

The Rikti attacked earth once before. It took everything the heroes had to beat them back. Then they returned and their initial invasion was...