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15 December 2010

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Post race report - Val D’Isere DEC 15, 2010 02:58P.M. Interesting race in Val D’Isere. Almost exactly as I had predicted, the challenging bellevard hill spit out a lot of the competition. I am happy with the race despite straddling. With the excellent start number in the second run, sunlight still hitting the hill which it didn’t for the final 20, I saw an excellent opportunity to make a big move up and try and crack the top 10. My time from the first run was still close to the leaders, and my conditions gave me an unfair advantage. The french skier was a perfect example (moving from 27th to 3rd) just how great an opportunity it was. Unfortunately when you risk a lot in slalom, you have a greater chance you won’t make it all the way to the bottom. I’m confident that if I keep pushing, the results will only continue to improve. Go Biggs or Go Home as they say.

Please, don’t let this happen. Our Olympic athletes gave Canadians plenty to celebrate in Vancouver. Maybe it’s time to return the favour. (Graham Hughes/Canadian Press) I’m not sure what the cure for an Olympic Hangover would look like. Especially when an entire nation is suffering from it.


Vancouver 2010 was the greatest red-and-white party Canada has ever experienced. Two weeks of excellence showcased our country as never before, both on and off the sporting field.

Fieldhockey Absolutely Everybody

The taste of gold proved to be addictive for our people. Who knew that this “nice” nation of ours loves not only to win, but to put a beatdown on the rest of the world! Showcasing the talents we have and dominating the winter wonderland we love brought this nation together on the streets and in spirit.

DEC 15, 2010 01:12P.M.


People who had fought the Olympic movement would stop me in the street to apologize, saying, “I just didn’t get it until I saw it.” That’s the power of the Olympics.

Cure for the Olympic hangover DEC 14, 2010 04:30P.M.

However, the gold rush didn’t happen by accident. It was the result of carefully directed efforts by our governing bodies in sport fighting for every penny to ensure success. And, amazingly, this funding only put our athletes on par with those from other competing nations. Still, it garnered a record 14 gold medals for Canada.

Vancouver 2010 was the greatest red-and-white party Canada has ever experienced, yet the athletes are quickly being forgotten. Corporations who cashed in during the Olympics are pulling out and the public is moving on.

If we could do that while being just at par, imagine what we could do if we were a step ahead? Yet here we are, suffering from a hangover. How you can help Vancouver was the best Winter Olympics ever for a host nation, yet the


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15 December 2010

athletes are quickly being forgotten. Corporations who cashed in during the Olympics are pulling out and the public is moving on.


my favorite T-shirt company has a Christmas sale!

Please, don’t let this happen. If you want to keep feeding your gold-medal addiction, please, help this generation of athletes continue to succeed. But even more importantly, help give our next generation a chance to compete. Athletes like young alpine skier Marie-Michele Gagnon are the products of a well-supported program leading into Vancouver.

DEC 13, 2010 09:48A.M.

So what exactly can you do to cure this Olympic hangover? You can start by following your favorite athletes, and buying products from organizations that support Olympians. If you want your money to go directly to the athletes but you don’t know any personally, give to the Canadian Athletes Now Fund (CAN Fund). This not-for-profit group supported 80 per cent of the Canadian athletes who competed in Vancouver. They supply vital funds for many (if not most) of our Olympians. The CAN Fund’s Athlete holiday drive is on now, so consider this my shout-out to all of you for support!



G’day from Down Under!

our swim coach, Rick Say. wow.

DEC 13, 2010 05:59P.M.

DEC 12, 2010 11:07P.M.

We have just finished up day three of the Perth International Regatta here in Perth, Australia. Perth will host the 2011 ISAF World Championships next December, which will be where Canada qualifies for the London Games and it will also be our Canadian Olympic Trials. I am here for the regatta this week followed by two weeks of training to get a sense of the place, it’s breezes and conditions as well as just getting comfortable with the surroundings in preparation for next year’s important championship.


Pitztal Europa Cup - Season Opener DEC 12, 2010 06:48A.M.

We arrived in Europe on Dec. 3rd and went straight to get some training in at Hintertux, Austria. The course was built way up on the glacier, and had the tightest, most awkward berms I’ve ever tried to ski. We all watched each other’s video footage in slow-mo and laughed so hard that Julia and I were in tears at one point. Oh wait, actually, we fought the


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15 December 2010

tears back during the team athletes’ footage... it was only when some random guy decided to give it a try and cased the first jump, hooking his tips, to full face-plant, with an ear-to-ear smile the whole way through. So awesome!


We raced at Pitztal yesterday... never a dull moment in this life I’m living. I had qualified 3rd the day before, so I knew I was right in there, despite feeling super rusty. I won all of my starts, except for the one in the final where Katrin Ofner got me. In the first round I was paired up with our team rookie, Marielle Thompson, and left her room to squeak inside me going into the first corner, then followed her the whole way down. I figured it would be bad form to pinch the rookie out in the very first corner of her very first race overseas, and that we should work as a team. She skied SO well in the race, and we’re all stoked to have such a solid up-and-comer on the program. I was 2nd in the final, when Ofner blew one of the corners and put herself way off the track, into the deep pow. Marion managed to get inside both of us and as she went past me, Ofner cut back into the course across my tips, right over to Marion, leaving me no room and with a ski in between hers. I tried to step out from between her skis and got tangled, crashing on the take-off of one of the biggest jumps on the course. I basically went flying off the lip on my back/side, and came down hard on the knuckle of the landing, on my chest. I knocked the wind out of myself so badly that I was just moaning, involuntarily. I thought I had broken my sternum or a rib. As I was flipping through the air, I thought for sure that my season was over. Not a good feeling. Anyway, that crash left me with a 4th place result for the event. I even got a beautiful 4th place medal. Wierd, hey?!

Timing ldquoThe regulation of occurrence pace or coordination to achieve a desired effect as in music the theater athletics or mechanicsrdquo I was sitting in the hot tub tonight with 2 of my teammates when we got talking

Timing lesson in Park City DEC 11, 2010 05:02P.M.


Run, Work, Eat and Sleep DEC 11, 2010 11:13A.M. This week has been very simple, very tiring, but very simple. I have been working part time since August at a local Internet Marketing Agency called Inbox Marketer. They have been great about giving me a work schedule that has enabled me to continue to train when I need to and so most weeks I work Won, Wed, Fri from 9am-3pm which gives me just enough time to get dressed and meet the team for


Beautiful morning in Val D’Isere DEC 11, 2010 05:48A.M.

The pretty photos up top with the Christmas lights is from our shopping trip to Innsbruck. Turns out I’ve turned into a girl. I actually enjoy shopping now.

I had a great session of training this morning as we go into the race tomorrow. I was surprised to find this sight as I came over the ridge at the top of the mountain. Hidden from view below was a gorgeous green, purple, and pink sunrise.

The photo of me with my brand new prototype Stöckli powder skis is my favorite. You have no idea how excited I am to go shred on those! Rockered tips and all.

The steeps of the Bellevard race hill will offer many challenges for even the best in the world. The controversial hill has had racers complaining for the past several years. Regardless of what they say, there’s going to be a winner at the end of the day. With the challenging piste combined with some aggressive snow conditions as we saw in the GS today, I expect to see some big time gaps and quite a large attrition rate. My plan will be full attack, but being mindful of any tough sections to assure I’m in the finish with a fast time.


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15 December 2010


for those who never sleep in.

Canadians Levi Video with race footage!

DEC 10, 2010 07:40P.M.

DEC 10, 2010 08:12A.M.



Free Movies In the ‘Wack

Just somebody’s neighbour!

DEC 10, 2010 12:26P.M.

DEC 09, 2010 11:34P.M.


Have you ever been given something and wondered why it was given to you? With all of the good things that other people do, why YOU were the one chosen to receive this gift/honour? Within the past couple of weeks, I was presented with the Mayor’s Medal of Honour in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, and then at the convocation at the University of Waterloo, I shared the stage with my former university president and current Governor General, David Johnston, and received the Applied Health Science Young Alumni Award (for accomplishments within 10 years of graduating). Both of these honours were truly that – honours! I was very overwhelmed! For those of you who know me, it wouldn’t surprise you that I was pretty emotional for both of these events. But you must understand… the emotion didn’t come from the actual awards received. The emotion came from the reasons behind the nominations – the thought that I may have made an impact on someone’s or some people’s lives, enough for them to think of me for this recognition.

Come out to the new Cineplex in Chilliwack tomorrow morning 8:30am for; free movies; cheap popcorn & pop; and help raise money for the Chilliwack Bruins Minor Hockey!

David and I will be on hand to sign Autographs and hand out posters/swag.

See you there!

Kelly & David

Three Oaks Senior High School – my ‘former’ high school – nominated me for the Mayor’s Medal of Honour, and when part of their nomination letter was read out loud during the ceremony, I couldn’t help but cry. And then, after His Worship Basil Stewart placed the medal around my neck, I had to speak. Let me tell you… I have been doing a lot of motivational speaking this summer – for corporations, charities, schools,


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15 December 2010

etc. – and have been getting really great feedback. But when I looked out at the people who were there in the room – my family, friends, neighbours, former teachers, etc. – I became so emotional, and definitely didn’t sound like a professional speaker! Let’s just say that it was longest speech with the fewest words possible! I just kept getting choked up that I couldn’t get the words out! A few people approached me after and said that I had them crying as well, while another few people mentioned having heard me speak before, so they knew that I could actually string a few sentences together! LOL. I had tried to continue speaking through tears, but soon realized that when I get choked up the pitch of my voice rises to the point where I’m sure only dogs can hear me! Soooo… it took quite awhile to tell everyone how thankful I was – that the words ‘thank you’ just weren’t enough! I am who I am and I’ve accomplished the things I have because of my family and the community in which I was raised. For that, I am truly grateful! For the nomination and the medal, I am truly humbled!

To be perfectly honest, I feel too ‘normal’ to be receiving such honours! (Although my siblings would lovingly call me anything but ‘normal’!)Even to be called an Olympic Champion seems a bit surreal. I mean…. I’m just a girl who loves to do sports, who loves a challenge, and loves to inspire – someone who was blessed with an incredibly supportive family. I may have achieved and accomplished a number of different things in my life, but I still feel so utterly normal! With or without an Olympic gold medal, I’m still just somebody’s neighbour!

For the University of Waterloo AHS Young Alumni Award, I was nominated by my former track and field coach, Brent McFarlane and a former teammate, Daniella Carrington. That alone was an honour! For those of you who have ever met or been coached by Brent – a former Olympic track coach – you have most likely been inspired by him, and will understand when I refer to his quiet passion and brilliance in coaching, his drive and determination. Brent was at the convocation last week to see me receive the award, and my sister and I sat with him and a few other attendees at a private luncheon following the ceremony. Brent may have retired from coaching in 2005, but he continues to be an inspiration in so many ways! I had been one of only a few people on the team who was told in 1999 that Brent had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. And, although he currently uses a scooter and a walker to get around, I left that luncheon feeling newly inspired. I feel lucky to know him and blessed to have had him as a coach! I feel overwhelmed that he thought to nominate ME for this award, and truly honoured that the University chose me to receive it!

Everyone is a role model to somebody else… whether they realize it or not! So, live your life to inspire! And believe in the possibilities… Smiles……. Heather


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15 December 2010


to enter the World Cup circuit at age 20.

2010 Canadian athlete of the year (the Lou Marsh Award).

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir — Gold medalists in figure skating for ice dance at 2010 Olympics, this skating duo are reigning world champions. They are also the first ice dancers to win gold on Olympic debut.

DEC 09, 2010 05:59P.M. look who’s on the list....

Charles Hamelin — Two-time gold medalist in short track speed skating for 500m and 5000m relay events at the 2010 Olympics. He won silver in 2006 Olympics and has been named world champion several times since 2005.

from SPORTS –—

Clara Hughes — She won six medals over four Olympic Games, most recently a bronze in speed skating for 5000m event at 2010 Olympics. She ties with Cindy Klassen for Canadian athlete with most medals. Unlike Klassen, Hughes has won medals in both winter and summer games.

Here’s a look at the likely contenders as chosen by theStar‘s sports department: Joey Votto — First baseman for Cincinnati Reds, was voted by fans to 2010 All-Star game. Led team into post-season, led the majors in base percentage, slugging percentage and on-base plus slugging and won NL MVP.

Joannie Rochette — Bronze medalist in figure skating at 2010 Olympics. She won praise for her determination after choosing to perform and performing successfully days after her mother’s death.

Tammy Sutton-Brown — WNBA player who plays for Indiana Fever. She made the All-Star team in 2002. In high school, she led her school, Markham District High School, to regional championship four years consecutively.

Kristina Groves — Silver and bronze medalist at 2010 Olympics (for 1500m speed skating and 3000m speed skating), she won two silvers for 1,500m and team pursuit speed skating events in Turin 2006.

Sidney Crosby — Scored the winning goal in Canada’s gold-medal winning victory in Vancouver Olympics. Tied for lead in goals scored and was second in scoring during NHL regular season.

Jasey Jay Anderson — Canadian snowboarder who won gold medal in parallel giant slalom at 2010 Olympics. He is four-time World Champion and has won four straight World Cup titles.

Alexandre Bilodeau — Gold medalist in freestyle skiing in men’s moguls at 2010 Olympics. He is the first Canadian to win gold at Games held in Canada.

Lauren Woolstencroft — Alpine skier who has competed in Paralympic Games since 2002, she has won 10 medals (eight golds) for various alpine skiing events.

Maelle Ricker — Gold medalist in snowboarding in snowboard cross at 2010 Olympics. She is the first Canadian woman to win Olympic gold at home.

Brent Hayden — Two-time gold medalist in swimming (50m freestyle and 100 m freestyle) at 2010 Commonwealth Games. He set a record in the 100m freestyle event and broke it again during the individual final.

Jonathan Toews — Captain of Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks and winner of Conn Smythe Trophy as playoffs MVP. Leading scorer for Team Canada in gold medal run and named Best Forward in Olympic tournament.

Ryan Cochrane — Two-time gold medalist in swimming (400m freestyle and 1500m freestyle) at 2010 Commonwealth Games. At only 21, he was the first Canadian in 72 years to win the 400m event. Jennifer Abel — Gold and silver medalist in diving (1m and 3m springboard) at 2010 Commonwealth Games. Only 19 years old, she has been winning medals on the world stage since 2006.

Christine Nesbitt — Gold medalist in speed skating in 1000m event at 2010 Olympics. Despite her injuries incurred from a car accident last summer, Nesbitt has qualified for the World Cup in speed skating this winter.

Alexandre Despatie — Three-time gold medalist in diving (1m and 3m springboard, and shared with Reuben Ross for synchronized 3m springboard) at 2010 Commonwealth Games. He is the only diver to be world champion in those three categories.

Jon Montgomery — Gold medalist in men’s skeleton event at 2010 Olympics. He is a vocal supporter of “Right to Play,” a charity that provides underprivileged kids with opportunities to learn through sport and play.

Marie-Pier Boudrou Gagnon — Two-time gold medalist in aquatics for women’s solo and women’s duet (shared with Chloe Isaac) at 2010 Commonwealth Games. She won bronze twice at world championships last year (solo technical routine and free routine combination).

Ashleigh MacIvor — Gold medalist in freestyle skiing in ski cross at 2010 Olympics and reigning world champion, she was the youngest skier


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15 December 2010

Dwayne De Rosario — Attacking midfielder for Toronto FC and club captain of Canadian national team. He wrapped up this season with 15 goals – a club best.


I Love my Ducks and Feats of Strength

Christine Sinclair — Soccer forward with FC Gold Pride and captain of Canadian National Team. She has scored the most goals of any woman for national team.

DEC 05, 2010 09:59A.M.

Steve Nash — Two-time NBA MVP and a previous Lou Marsh winner (2005). He is involved in charitable work, notably his own foundation, which serves kids whose basic needs are being not met. Georges St-Pierre — A UFC mixed martial artist. He is the current Welterweight world champion.

They did it! My Oregon Ducks won their final game of the season to extend their perfect record this season to 12-0, and in doing so stamping their ticket to the NCAA National Championship game to be held on Jan 10th in Glendale Arizona. This is just awesome! The Ducks have never before gone undefeated in a season and have never played in the national title game. The Ducks have been a pleasure to

Paula Findlay — Triathlete who won World Championship two years in a row.


Priscilla Lopes-Schliep — Hurdler in track and field who is ranked No. 1 internationally in women’s 100m event. In 2008 Olympics, she won bronze for 100m.

Since Sept 26 I’ve only run more then an hour three times, NOV 29, 2010 10:44A.M.


Since Sept 26 I’ve only run more then an hour three times, knee/foot slow to come around, became sore mid June. Getting very good treatment, hope to be back training 100% by x-mas.

Oh Life. DEC 06, 2010 07:20P.M. Back into normal training this week, and feeling it top to bottom. I thought it would be fun to race an 800m on the indoor track at Jack Simpson Saturday. This was after my first day on the track Thursday and some overall good training that week. I wanted to see how I’d respond to fatigue and little training. I went 2:03, which is really slow no doubt, but I was quite pleased overall. Back to the routine work now. Will race a couple swims this Fri/Sat as well.


The guys team up with the “Pedigree Adoption Drive”™ campaign to help save dogs in need of shelter

I had a real great meeting with a potential sponsor last night, Real Fournier, who is going to provide 4 pieces of art valued at $5,000 each to me, to use in partnership with a corporate sponsor, or a future fundraiser. His work is highly regarded and I’m quite fortunate to have his support. You can see his work at or

NOV 27, 2010 08:34P.M. To all you animal lovers out there, help us help dogs! Team Martin is heading to Ontario on Tuesday November 23rd to spend some time in the greater Toronto area in support of the Humane Society of Durham Region. In 2008 the shelter suffered a tragic fire which damaged the space beyond repair. Now, almost two years later with plans for a new shelter and a grant from the government, they are almost ready to rebuild but first need to raise $500,000CDN in order to meet the funding requirements.

Last thing - I attached a letter sent to Sport Canada today. It is hard to believe, but they are actually recommending to make it even more difficult for athletes like me (from smaller sports) to access carding. Fortunately, AthletesCAN, the Canadian Olympic Committee’s Athlete Council and the Canadian Paralympic Committee’s Athletes Commission are contesting this. Check out the letter to get the essence of the debate. The specific references won’t mean much, but you will gain an idea of the discussion and it should highlight just how far off base Sport Canada is in understanding how to support athletes and augment performance.

The guys have partnered with the shelter and the Pedigree Adoption Drive™ campaign to call upon Canadians to help meet this financial goal. They will be in town to help raise awareness for the cause and to help answer phones to accept donations.

That’s it for now. Have a super week. Donations to the Humane Society of Durham Region are being accepted


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15 December 2010

at or by calling 1-877-908-2888. Visa and MasterCard are accepted and, as a registered charity, tax receipts will be issues to those who make a donation of $10 or more. For more information, feel free to visit


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