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SHINING A LIGHT ON COAST Whilst torches & head-torches sell all year round, there is no doubt that the Q3/Q4 Autumn/Winter period is a peak-selling opportunity for all COAST stockists. Torque highlights a key seller for multiple sectors… ince its introduction to the UK market in July 2012, USA torch brand COAST claims that there are now well over a million COAST torches and head-torches in daily use in the UK & Ireland. How has the brand come so far in so short a time? “The answer to that question depends on which market sector you are interested in,” explains Managing Director Tim Sparrow. “However there are a few reasons common to all areas.” COAST is one of the few true dedicated specialists in the sector, with one of the widest ranges anywhere in the World.


SUPERIOR BEAM QUALITY COAST products are specifically designed to produce ‘superior beam quality’ to most other brands, backed by over 300 worldwide patents. Without question, the quality of the beam is the single-most important feature of any torch or headtorch and users of COAST will see a demonstrable difference to others, says Sparrow. This is the main factor that drives purchases of additional COAST products and recommendation to other workmates, friends and family which powers the momentum and growth of the brand. As a specialist in this sector, COAST thinks closely about who is using its products and how COAST can make their jobs & lives easier and more effective? The specialist doesn’t only think about optimum light output, but also beam quality, beam distance, one-handed focus adjustment, beam-locking, coloured LED and ultra-violet options, flexible re-charging systems which allow torches to remain in constant use whilst re-charging low batteries and extended run-times which allow for use across a complete day or night shift.


BEST FOR PURPOSE / BEST FOR BUDGET As one of the world’s largest-selling torch brands, COAST has a competitive edge to be able to supply “best for purpose products at best for budget terms”. With product options in the range that provide a best fit for end-user requirements and being one of the largest torch brands in the world, COAST has the ability to make the best use of their budgets. We asked Sparrow for a typical example of a best seller in the industrial sector. Instead of a fancy and expensive product, he picked out a simple Inspection Torch named G19, which actually sells at £9.95 to the end-user, before even a penny discount is deducted by the COAST dealer. “The G19 is a proven massive-seller across the industrial sector and also all other main trade sectors such as building, plumbing, electrical and automotive. “It’s important dealers know that this is a product we know they will sell and we know their customers will love. “There are a lot of ‘why not reasons’: It is a perfect size and weight to fit inside any overalls, shirt or blouse pocket, with a clip to keep it neatly stored there. It takes a single AAA battery to run so it is extremely economical in use, it is covered by a comprehensive 5 Year Warranty and the LED chip inside it is guaranteed for 100,000 hours of service life. It costs a maximum of £9.95 which is within the reach of anyone and also within the scope of multiple purchases for larger users! “The other part of the G19’s appeal & success is not actually discovered until after the customer has purchased the product and taken it out of the pack, that being the superb, patented COAST Inspection Beam pattern, which almost always exceeds the users’ expectations”.

“The beam is specifically designed for close-up inspection work, with a perfect circular beam with complete uniformity across the beam, meaning there are no bright spots which may reflect/dazzle the user in tight spaces and no shadows/dark spots which may confuse or limit the clarity of what is being inspected.” “COAST inspection beams also have exact edges which give perfect contrast to the work target illuminated by the circular beam whilst then cutting-off any view outside of this so that the focus is entirely on the object being inspected.” “We sell many tens of thousands of these inspection torches per year, in many cases every one we sell ends us selling two or three more to workmates, friends or family by personal recommendation.” All COAST products are supplied with a comprehensive 5 Year Warranty, with a rapid 48 turn-around of repaired or replaced warranty products. NEW TECH, NEW PRODUCTS, NEW POS To capitalise on peak selling season for torches, COAST has put together a selection of promotional offers and initiatives designed to aid and generate additional sales and profit for all COAST dealers throughout this key period. This is the time of year that COAST plans to introduce most of its new products and 2018 is no exception with the launch of three new torches, three new headtorches and two new clip-on lights. All new and existing COAST dealers are further supported with the option of 5% added early bird discount terms applicable to a wide range of new and existing products for initial stock orders placed before 31 October 2018, adding profit directly into the pockets of COAST dealers new and old.

Torque September 2018  
Torque September 2018