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Redefining Corporate Engagement

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he Toronto Community Foundation helps individuals and families connect their philanthropy to the causes they care about, here in Toronto, or anywhere else across Canada. For more than 30 years, we’ve been in the business of strategic philanthropy. The hundreds of Torontonians we work with build their charitable legacies by establishing the equivalent of a private family foundation with us; we provide them with a means to pool endowment resources to magnify impact and support the communities that are important to them. We also play a community leadership role by connecting our Fundholders, community organizations, government and private enterprise to create innovative solutions to address our city’s most pressing issues. We are investing in the best and brightest solutions to transform lives and communities. Each year, we publish our Toronto’s Vital Signs Report, a consolidated snapshot which examines the health of our city across several issue areas, such as the gap between rich and poor, health and wellness, and the environment. We believe each issue

area is critical to quality of life for residents. In response to the findings in the Report: • We convene community leaders to discuss the Report findings and help generate made-in-Toronto solutions; • We invest in these solutions through our endowment funds, our Vital Toronto Fund, and special initiatives; and • We leverage additional resources through partnerships and develop cross-sector collaborations to sustain impact.

Our Vision: To ensure the vitality of Toronto and make it the best place to live, work, learn and grow through the power of giving.

Our Mission: To connect philanthropy to community needs and opportunities.

We are deliberate about celebrating the good in Toronto, because there is so much of it! We know this because each year our Toronto’s Vital Signs Report provides us with insights on our city, showing us what we are and what we are becoming. There is a lot that is working well, from the environment to Toronto’s reputation as a world leader in liveability and prosperity. People want to come here – and they want to stay here. In the hearts and minds of many, Toronto is “the city that works.” At least many think it does. Toronto faced significant challenges in the past year. Unfortunately, issues such as transit, affordable housing, youth unemployment, and neighbourhood inequality are no longer becoming problems; they are problems, and significant ones at that. And then there is our city’s political landscape. Toronto was centre-stage last year for many wrong reasons – and the world took notice. With challenges like these in front of us, we are even more committed to our vision to make Toronto the best place to live, work, learn, and grow. It’s a bold vision – and unquestionably the city we all want – but how do we get there? It takes leadership, and frankly, it takes all of us. We are bolstered by the unwavering generosity of our Fundholders, stakeholders and partners. Our Vital Toronto Fund continues to be a powerful vehicle for strategic philanthropy, bringing our mission of connecting philanthropy to community needs to life. Over the past nine years, the Vital Toronto Fund has granted close to $5.7 million through its three grant streams: Vital Ideas, Vital People, and Vital Youth/ Playing for Keeps. Last year we connected our Fundholders’ philanthropy to more than 600 charitable organizations, in communities at home and across Canada, with grants totalling $7.3 million. And our collaborative initiatives – Recipe for Community, Beyond 3:30, Playing for Keeps (P4K) and Toronto Sport Leadership Program (TSLP) – have all made a positive impact in people’s lives across the city. This year we celebrated the 1300th student to graduate from TSLP; the third neighbourhood of Recipe for Community, Weston-Mount Dennis; more than 600 residents,


from over 70 cultures, trained as P4K Volunteer Ambassadors; and 13 middle schools are now safe hubs for more than 1,000 students through Beyond 3:30. The year ahead will be one of Toronto’s most ambitious as the city prepares to host the 2015 Pan Am/Parapan American Games. We are pleased to be a part of the excitement, as our P4K initiative is an IGNITE program of TO2015. Through P4K, we have aligned community vision, objectives, and assets to use major, multi-sport games as catalysts for building healthier, more active and better connected communities. This and other initiatives will help us to raise awareness of how we create pathways for families, businesses, and others to help them impact their communities. As you read this year’s Annual Report, you will see the stories of some of our Fundholders, community and corporate partners, and everyday residents who love Toronto and have worked with us to make it great. None of the work we do would be possible without the committed support of our Board, our staff, our committee members, and our many volunteers. Their unabashed love for Toronto ensures our continued community leadership to help build a stronger city for all Torontonians. Looking ahead, the Community Foundation will be undergoing a significant and very positive Board succession as we welcome John Barford, a long-time Board member, into the role of Chair. He and his family are also highly engaged Fundholders. We are confident that the Community Foundation will benefit from John’s strong leadership and deep connection with Toronto. We hope that you are inspired by the pages that follow and look forward to another year of serving you as Toronto’s Community Foundation.

Rahul K. Bhardwaj, President & CEO

John B. MacIntyre, Chair

Contributors A note to John B. MacIntyre As you step down from your role as Chair, I must break from tradition to say a special thank you on behalf of all the staff at the Toronto Community Foundation. Your wisdom and thoughtfulness as a leader was felt by all of us. We are truly happy that we can still turn to you for guidance as one of our dedicated Board members.

Jamie Bradburn Jamie is a Toronto-based writer specializing in local history and current affairs. His work has appeared in Torontoist, The Grid, Spacing, and the Toronto Star.

“He is a warm and personable leader who always seems to have a smile on his face.” “He truly has supported the entire community foundation movement with time, talent, and treasure!” “He is encouraging and inclusive, especially in larger group settings where he tries to ensure that everyone can share their voice.” From all of us, thank you. Rahul

Elisa Birnbaum Elisa is a freelance journalist, producer and communications consultant. President of Elle Communications, she helps clients tell their stories effectively and with impact. Elisa is also the co-founder, publisher and editor-in-chief of SEE Change Magazine, a digital publication dedicated to social entrepreneurship and social change.

Toronto Community Foundation Staff From left to right: Emma Jenkin, Tory Robertson, Marianna Ciappa, Miranda Hassell, Roger Mak, Rosalyn J. Morrison, Sara Krynitzki, Aneil Gokhale, Ann Clark, Rahul K. Bhardwaj, Carol Turner, Sarah Chiddy, Anne Brayley, Theresa Malley, Georgy Thomas, Marya Syed, Simone P.M. Dalton, Nadien V. Godkewitsch, Michael Salem

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B ut w hen it comes to your lega cy, do n’t w ait until it’s too late.

C re at i ng a l ast i ng charitable legacy is ea sier a nd m ore a ffo rdabl e t h an you might think. To learn how, visit

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Redefining Corporate Engagement

Ingredients Working in Harmony

We Are Playing for Keeps

Opening the door to future generations of philanthropists

When leaders at KPMG approached the Toronto Community Foundation four years ago searching for a project that would align with their focus on community leadership, they effectively set the stage for a renewed vision of corporate citizenship.

The ideal recipe produces a satisfying dish where ingredients work in harmony to create a tastier meal than eating each component in isolation. Recipe for Community applies a similar approach to strengthen neighbourhoods.

Representing over 70 cultures and 100 neighbourhoods across the GTA, 300 people gather in a George Brown College lecture hall to kick off two intensive weekends of Playing for Keeps community leadership training.

For individuals and families who’ve turned to the Toronto Community Foundation for their charitable giving, the importance of passing on an understanding of impact and legacy to the next generation cannot be understated.


& Toronto Community Foundation Redefining Corporate Engagement One of the KPMG teams with staff from St. Stephen's Community House

By Elisa Birnbaum When leaders at KPMG approached the Toronto Community Foundation (TCF) four years ago searching for a project that would align with their focus on community leadership, they effectively set the stage for a renewed vision of corporate citizenship. Eschewing the traditional corporate social responsibility (CSR) model—one that typically uses a chequebook—KPMG came looking for more. Grants had their place, but the company was searching for a profound experience, one that would allow employees to engage with communities, connect with issues they were passionate about, and make a difference using their skills and experience. Leveraging the Vital Ideas grant stream, and with TCF as their energetic strategic partner, a new model of corporate philanthropy was born. Vital Impact: Vital Toronto sees multi-departmental teams of KPMG people pitch to hundreds of their colleagues on behalf of community organizations that are on the Vital Ideas shortlist. The winner receives a grant of $30,000 for their respective organization. But that’s not it. Not even half of it. The winning KPMG team then puts their skills—and the firm’s—to good use, with the ultimate mission of helping their chosen organization enhance its community impact. “The idea is to provide support to organizations with solid track records of success, ready to take programs to the next level,” explains Rosalyn Morrison, Vice President of Community Initiatives at TCF. “For each organization that means different things but mostly it involves helping them stabilize, expand, or position themselves,” she says, adding program funding is not a focus here. “It appeals to KPMG because they have skills around business model development, strategy and governance and that’s easily

transferable through skills-based volunteerism,” offers Nadien Godkewitsch, Manager of TCF Programs. The appeal seems even broader than that. Since 2011, 225 KPMG people and 30 organizations have been touched by Vital Impact: Vital Toronto, with $120,000 granted to four organizations. The project has not only proven a success, but it has gained a significant role in KPMG’s corporate culture. “We built community leadership as part of who we are, right into our business strategy,” says Beth Wilson, KPMG Managing Partner, GTA and Canadian Managing Partner, Community Leadership, explaining the initiative was part of the company’s renewed vision focused on community leadership. Each employee and partner is asked to set goals in community engagement in the same way they set career and professional development objectives. “It’s not about just writing a cheque,” Wilson reiterates, reflecting on their strategic collaboration with TCF. “There needs to be an opportunity for personal engagement,” she says. “We want to raise the awareness and understanding of our people more broadly about social issues and to give them the opportunity to take their skills and to help build organizational capacity.” Considering those far-reaching and specific objectives, it’s no surprise that TCF was chosen as a strategic partner. “We look for organizations having impact in areas of concern for our people,” offers Wilson, ranging from the gap between rich and poor or youth living in high-need areas, to supporting newcomers and seniors. What’s more, they wanted to partner with an organization working at a grassroots level with a deep understanding of the root causes of those issues. “Vital Signs was one of the first pieces of research we used when we launched our community leadership program,” she says.

“The fact that the TCF linked us to the Toronto’s Vital Signs Report gave us a real view of emerging trends in the city and why the projects they selected were both significant and matched concerns that we expressed as a company,” echoes Ian Gilmour, Associate Partner, Advisory at KPMG. Gilmour volunteered with Vital Impact: Vital Toronto the year it was launched and has remained associated with it ever since. During that time, he’s taken on a number of different roles—solidifying in the process his commitment to the initiative, TCF and his community—including team lead, Vital Impact committee member and a board member at one of the recipient organizations, Toronto Foundation for Student Success. Indeed, this four-year-old program has proven impactful not only to organizations but to KPMG people. Gilmour relates his first experience pitching on behalf of the Toronto Foundation for Student Success, a charitable organization that was launching a new project to bring health clinics into schools in low-income neighbourhoods. From the site visit to the pitching, to getting to work with colleagues from every department of KPMG, the experience was, “a bit of a dream,” says Gilmour. “I’m a huge believer in education,” he shares, adding he originally planned on being a teacher. “To be connected with a foundation that aims at removing barriers to kids getting a good education was a wonderful opportunity to return to things I care about but haven’t always had a chance to make a difference in.”

“ We built community

leadership as part of

who we are, right into our business strategy.” -Beth Wilson, KPMG Toronto Managing Partner and Canadian Managing Partner of Community Leadership That his team won didn’t hurt either. The hard work came next, of course, with the team offering pro bono professional services equivalent to the grant amount. Among other things, they coached the organization on how to write a business case. The response was tremendous—and inspiring. “A small not-for-profit doesn’t have a lot of resources available to them,” says Gilmour. “But when you have an organization that has a lot of resources and a lot of people who really want to make a difference, magic happens.” Lisa Milligan would probably agree. A Marketing Manager in Program Management at KPMG’s Global Resource Centre, she has been involved in Vital Impact: Vital Toronto for the past two years and, like Ian, has found the experience very valuable. The program allowed her to work with people she wouldn’t normally

have the chance to, she says. “And Vital Impact has really enriched my career by allowing me to work with new and different challenges.” Then there’s the value of community engagement. “There is so much material written about Toronto, but until you talk to the people who are working to solve problems in the community, you have no sense of the innovation behind these organizations,” says Milligan, last year’s team leader and the coach of her team this year. “It’s been incredibly fulfilling,” Milligan says of working with organizations, “making huge strides in solving system-wide problems.” Milligan refers to organizations like FoodShare Toronto, this year’s Vital Impact: Vital Toronto winner, represented by the hardworking team that she coached. The new and innovative project at the heart of FoodShare’s win is called School Grown and offers vulnerable youth employment opportunities running school gardens during the summer. Having had a successful first summer last year, FoodShare is looking to grow the program. “Having business minds from KPMG helping us is crucial,” says FoodShare’s Executive Director, Debbie Field. “For organizations like ours who struggle to develop business plans, marketing and the outcomes measurement that organizations like KPMG can help us with is very important; it’s very exciting.” Getting here wasn’t easy, though. The organization undertook a competitive and lengthy process applying to TCF’s Vital Ideas grant stream, a process that culminated not only in being shortlisted but in getting an opportunity to pitch their idea to KPMG. It was an opportunity she would never pass up. And though the real work with KPMG hasn’t yet begun, simply witnessing the efforts of her team has been tremendous. “The employees who took on advocating for FoodShare have already become big advocates,” Field says. “People we’ve met are incredibly motivated; we’ve seen great passion.” As for this new corporate community engagement model pioneered by a forward-thinking company and TCF, Field is a fan. A testament to the potential impact of human capital and its ability to take community organizations to the next level, Field believes it will have long-term impact on the not-for-profit sector as a whole. “It’s a very important trend in philanthropy and in non-profit organizational management,” she says. “TCF is smart to develop partnerships with key corporate leaders to create new kinds of philanthropy.” “Who knows how far that impact can reach? Being able to light an employee’s first spark of community engagement can have profound consequences,” says Beth Wilson. “Once they’ve experienced it, we’ve created a community leader for life.”

The Art of Wise Giving™ —


Ingredients Working in Harmony The art exchange at the launch of Recipe for Community: Weston-Mount Dennis

By Jamie Bradburn The ideal recipe produces a satisfying dish where ingredients work in harmony to create a tastier meal than eating each component in isolation. Recipe for Community applies a similar approach to strengthen neighbourhoods through four key ingredients: food, convening, youth engagement, and beautification. These ingredients are blended through programs which, with the assistance of public, private, and philanthropic partners, build connections, skills, and self-confidence. Neighbours develop relationships through common interests in cooking and gardening. Youth build practical skills through bicycle repair and carpentry, spurring interest in trades and entrepreneurship. Beautification of grim surroundings instills pride within the community and offers a welcome mat to new businesses and residents. Since its conception as a joint project of the Toronto Community Foundation and the City of Toronto’s Office of Partnerships in 2008, the core of Recipe for Community has addressed a sense of alienation among residents of priority neighbourhoods. People want to belong to the city and feel safe wherever they live. As partnership advisor Manjit Jheeta observes, these neighbourhoods “just need a little bit of help, a little bit of support, a little bit of investment.” At each stop, Recipe for Community tailors its programs and partnerships to the desires of the community. Consultations 08

The Art of Wise Giving™ —

with residents and Toronto Community Housing during the pilot in Alexandra Park in 2009 established interest in community gardening. Activities included 18 garden plots, 200 window planters, and a community kitchen to improve the community’s health and nutritional awareness. These projects sustain long after the pilot ended, as residents still knock on each other’s doors each spring to prepare for a new growing season. Some participants have been inspired to launch side businesses, such as translating a love for pickling into a line of jams and preserves sourced from the community gardens. “You’re seeing residents taking their passion,” notes Jheeta. “using it as a skill, and then looking at it from an employment perspective.” That perspective was pronounced in Recipe for Community’s next stop, St. James Town, one of Canada’s densest, poorest neighbourhoods. A bicycle repair program developed in partnership with Evergreen provided youth with business and technical skills. Carpentry was taught through construction of benches and a community pergola. Feedback indicates that the skills gained via these programs have boosted confidence among participants when applying for work, as they now possess capabilities sought by employers. To bring residents down from their towers, new public spaces were created to facilitate community interaction. Beyond new street furniture, basketball courts were rebuilt, and gathering spaces

like an outdoor theatre were installed. These projects required a greater pool of partners willing to invest in the community, which included the city’s Tower Renewal initiative, local businesses, financial institutions like Tangerine (formerly ING Direct), and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. Local pride in the new amenities has resulted in a communal acknowledgement not to wreck them through theft or unauthorized graffiti.

of planting in front of apartment towers, a passerby asked who was in charge. He introduced himself as a local excavator who offered to use his earth-moving equipment at no charge. He then added the services of a colleague who moved topsoil. Skaljin sees this story as a good example of how, once people learn about the program, see it as a means to give back to their neighbourhood and develop fresh networks.

The program then set up in Weston-Mount Dennis, a neighbourhood hit hard by industrial closures. The area’s revitalization potential via Metrolinx’s planned mobility hub attracted Recipe for Community. “Weston-Mount Dennis is a destination community,” says Jheeta. “It’s a community where you should come and you should invest. Bring your family, come and live here. Bring your business, come and set up here. Great things are going to happen here.” The existing infrastructure, including a traditional retail strip along Weston Road, offers great potential for residents to incubate new businesses.

The lack of stigma around Recipe for Community compared to other renewal programs has increased demands for its presence around the city. The bicycle repair program has been rolled out to eight community centres, with as many more asking to take part. Future sites will be coordinated with the city’s Neighbourhood Improvement Area program, with Scarborough likely the next stop.

Tower Renewal project coordinator Michael Skaljin tells a story which indicates the support Recipe for Community has earned in Weston-Mount Dennis. While volunteers shoveled dirt in advance

But the three previous sites will not be forgotten. The last impression organizers want to leave is that once a project officially ends, they will abandon the community and reawaken feelings of neglect. Periodic check-ins are recipe refinements which continue to improve the dish.

Recipe for Community Photos are from Alexandra Park, St. James Town, and Weston-Mount Dennis

We Are Playing for Keeps.

9 a.m. on a Saturday morning in April. Representing over 70 cultures and 100 neighbourhoods across the GTA, 300 people gather in a George Brown College lecture hall to kick off two intensive weekends of Playing for Keeps (P4K) community leadership training. For many in the room, participating in P4K will be their first volunteer experience.

By Jamie Bradburn


The design workshops showed that describing physical activities as “play” would attract more participants. Few community members recognized either of the multi-sport games, while the term “sports” suggested requiring athletic skills they lacked. “Play” conveys fun, imagination, and a relaxed tone more likely to engage people. From this strategy grew the concept of volunteerled neighbourhood games, which have covered activities ranging from hopscotch to soccer tournaments. The events may also include components which exercise the mind and body through crafts, dance, music, and other artistic forms.

“You’re going to build networks,” Toronto Community Foundation (TCF) president Rahul Bhardwaj assures the volunteers during his introduction. “You’re going to learn great leadership skills, you’re going to learn about civic engagement, and you’re going to begin a personal and collective journey to make this city stronger than it is now, community by community.” While the age of the Volunteer Ambassador trainees runs the spectrum (from aged 16 – 70+), over half attending are 25 years old or under. Reasons drawing them to the program include sharing their passion for sports, meeting their neighbours, and giving back to the community. Most want to develop their leadership skills, especially analytical, management, and networking talents. There is a genuine sense of enthusiasm among the youth at the session as they contemplate future benefits personally (in terms of experience they can carry into the workforce) and communally. Their optimism is backed by feedback which indicates that previous participants were surprised at the connections and friendships built through the program. Skill development has been a key goal from the inception of P4K. When Toronto was awarded the 2012 Ontario Summer Games and the 2015 Pan/Parapan American Games, TCF sensed an opportunity to build a social legacy from these multi-sport games alongside the investment in physical facilities across the Golden Horseshoe. Over 400 people attended workshops held in Ajax, Hamilton, and Toronto in spring 2011 to design a program which would improve neighbourhood health through increased physical activity and building personal connections. From the data published in several Toronto’s Vital Signs Reports, TCF grew concerned about residents - especially recent immigrants - who desired a greater sense of belonging within Toronto. During the design workshops, it also became clear that people felt increasingly disconnected from their neighbours. Overall, there was a sense that both long-time residents and newcomers wanted organized opportunities to get to know each other.

P4K also encourages “try a sport” events, which introduce sports from around the globe. Examples include a non-contact boxing session run in association with the Mentoring Junior Kids Organization and a round of the Brazilian game Peteka (similar to badminton or volleyball, but played with a feathered shuttlecock). Volunteer Ambassadors can get some financial support for Neighbourhood Games by applying for micro-grants up to $50 from a P4K Hub. Currently consisting of 15 community organizations including immigrant services, housing agencies, youth and senior programs, these P4K Hubs have recruited most of the Volunteer Ambassadors from their communities. They selected people who could be volunteers within their organizations for years to come. The hope is that the program regenerates the volunteer stream for the participating organizations, as those involved in P4K discover further ways to build their communities. Beyond the P4K Hubs, the program relies on the contributions of more than 35 partners, of which TCF, Toronto Pearson, and the Ontario Trillium Foundation serve as the lead funders. The volunteer base has grown gradually. When the four-day community leadership training program, which was developed with George Brown College, was introduced in June 2012, 160 people became Volunteer Ambassadors. That number rose to 200 in 2013 and 300 this year. The goal is to have 1,000 people trained and ready to form a cohort which will run Neighbourhood Games, be key legacy volunteers for the P4K Hubs, and build awareness of the Pan/Parapan American Games via the TO2015 IGNITE initiative. The most important accomplishment of P4K may be the sense of pride built through volunteering. The pride displayed by Volunteer Ambassadors when they receive their certificates at the end of training. The pride in skills developed to build futures upon. The pride in seeing people who were strangers enjoying themselves at play.

The Art of Wise Giving™ —


Opening the Door

To future generations

of philanthropists. By Elisa Birnbaum

For the past three years, the Barford family has been gathering during the holiday season to discuss a very important matter: the family foundation (also known as a Donor Advised Fund) at the Toronto Community Foundation. After a general conversation about how the Fund is doing and plans for the family’s upcoming major charitable gifts, each of the four children, whose ages range from 18 to 25, are asked to share the charity they’ve chosen that year and why. Sometimes their presentations involve pictures, videos, and stories, others times they rely on data, stats, and good ‘ole fashioned passion. No matter how they make their case, these meetings have become an integral part of the family’s ever-increasing commitment to charitable giving. It’s a commitment that started many years ago. Among the family’s philanthropic interests are The Children’s Book Bank, a local, grassroots charity that provides books and literary support to children in high-needs neighbourhoods, and St. Michael’s Hospital, to which both Jocelyn and her husband John have long been dedicated. Jocelyn and John made sure that their commitment to the important work of the charitable sector was a regular topic of discussion at the Barfords’ daily dinner table, and when they started a Fund with the Toronto Community Foundation (TCF) six years ago, it became part of the conversation too. Three years ago, the parents decided to take that conversation a step further. “John and I were talking about ways we could further involve the kids,” Jocelyn explains. “We decided that, through our Fund, we’d allocate money to them that they could direct to a charity of their choosing.” And so began a new Barford tradition, one that each family member values for their own particular reasons. For 23-year-old daughter Katie, who recently graduated from university and returned home to Toronto, being a part of the


Fund’s decision-making has been both interesting and informative. “It’s opened my eyes to the challenges that Toronto faces,” she explains. Katie’s charity of choice has consistently been Pathways to Education, an organization she witnessed up-close during a very affirming TCF-organized site visit this year. Katie’s involvement in the family Fund has inspired her to further charitable involvement. This past year, she participated on the volunteer grant selection committee for TCF’s Vital Youth/Playing for Keeps grant stream, an experience that resonated with her and gave her plenty of food for thought. “A lot of the issues the city faces really strike a chord with me,” she explains. “It’s been fantastic to see the steps taken by so many great organizations that don’t necessarily get the chance to shine in the spotlight.” To be sure, this young woman knows who to thank for introducing her and her siblings to TCF and giving back. “I’m glad that my parents opened the door for us to start learning about philanthropy at such an early age,” says Katie, adding the family’s nightly dinner-table conversations have been invaluable. This year’s discussion, in fact, included understanding a charitable organization’s financial health, giving the children an added perspective from which to evaluate their charities of choice. “We’re really encouraged to keep all things in mind and to follow-up after a donation is given,” she explains. “The main thing I would encourage a family to do is to talk,” echoes Jocelyn. “The dinner table is a great place to get everyone in one spot to share your interests and goals in terms of charitable giving.” Patty Fleming would agree. After her parents passed away, she was given the responsibility for overseeing the Margaret and Gordon Fleming Fund, which they established at TCF in 1995. Having had

For some families, knowing the specific focus of a parent’s intended charity is key. Fortunately, Fleming always had a good sense of her parents’ values and interests, a sensibility that guides her every decision on behalf of the Fund and ensures an alignment with their wishes. For example, she supported the Toronto Sport Leadership Program, a program that gives young people skills and leadership training in sport to help them find work. “That resonated with me and I knew it was something my dad would be onside with too,” she says.

Margaret, Gordon, and Patty Fleming

a chance to talk to her father about his wishes before he passed away was invaluable and his values inform all of her giving, but by the time they talked he was very sick, and she wishes they had started the conversation earlier. With more than 350 Donor Advised Funds under TCF’s umbrella, representing individuals and families who’ve turned to the Foundation for their charitable giving, the importance of passing on an understanding of impact and legacy to the next generation cannot be understated. After all, most community foundation Funds exist in perpetuity, explains Anne Brayley, Vice President of TCF’s Philanthropic Services. “We’re here forever.” The principle of compound growth ensures sustained impact in the community year after year, and allows families to keep an eye on the long-term as they invest and give back.

For Fleming, charities with a sports focus are generally good choices. “My dad was sports-oriented and grew up in the depression,” she explains of a past that inspired his philanthropy. “After a successful career he felt morally obligated to help people because he’d been so fortunate.” Community service and charitable giving were important to him, a legacy he evidently passed onto his daughter. Case in point: in addition to numerous charitable endeavours, last year Fleming started her own TCF Fund. Whether selecting charities for her own Fund or her parents’, Fleming is grateful for the invaluable support from TCF staff. “I didn’t know where to start when this began,” she says. “But with TCF’s finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the city, they provide really meaningful suggestions.” Their Community Knowledge Centre, moreover, helped Fleming learn about organizations she didn’t even know existed. Attending the Vital Toronto event where TCF’s grant recipients are celebrated helped as well. “If people want to educate kids, take them to that event,” suggests Fleming. “It’s a lot more meaningful when you see people working on wonderful ideas for making things better.”

Of course, one of the advantages of starting a Fund with TCF is knowing that your legacy can live on whether or not you’ve tapped a child or another donor advisor to look after it. “Without specific directions, TCF itself will assume trusteeship over the Fund and continue it in the spirit in which it was developed,” explains Sarah Chiddy, Donor Relations Officer. But with an opportunity to define one’s own legacy, many are stepping up to ensure their instructions are clear, or that their children or other successors feel educated and ready to step into the role of decision-maker. “If possible, it’s best not to have these conversations in a time of crisis,” Fleming says. “Do it when you have time to have a meaningful discussion on charitable giving.” She encourages people to sit down with their families, look at the charities asking for support and decide what makes most sense. “It’s good for everyone to be involved.” And, she adds, when sitting down with one’s children or whomever will be managing your financial affairs, make sure instructions about charitable giving are made crystal clear. “As a child you want to make sure you’re following your parent’s wishes,” Fleming says. “And as a parent you want to ensure the kids know money is going toward charity.”

Victoria, Kevin, John, Jocelyn, Michael, and Katie Barford

Jocelyn and her family have much praise for TCF too. “They’re very supportive of whatever we’re interested in, helping us gather more information and make decisions,” says Jocelyn, adding that whenever a family member wants to see a charity in action, they will arrange it. As for transferring impact from one generation to the next, the Barfords believe in the power of discussion to create impact and sustain legacy. “There’s a cause everyone can find that resonates with them and that has made a difference in their lives or the community,” says Katie. “It can really broaden your perspective, and it starts with a conversation.”

The Art of Wise Giving™ —


the back pages In the pages that follow, we report on our financial performance for the fiscal year, April 1, 2013 – March 31, 2014. We also recognise the generosity of our Fundholders, donors, and strategic partners who worked with us to make a difference in our city, and all of the organizations whose work we support to help make Toronto and the communities around us stronger. We continue to invest in people and organizations providing city-building solutions. 10 high-impact community leaders received one of our Vital People grants of up to $5,000; 21 community organizations were each awarded up to $30,000 for their Vital Ideas; and 17 programs increasing access to recreation and leadership opportunities for youth were supported with Vital Youth/Playing for Keeps grants of up to $15,000. In addition to granting to their chosen charities, some of our Fundholders expanded the Vital Toronto Fund grants with additional grants from their Funds that enabled us to invest in more not-for-profit leaders, build the capacity of more organizations and support more youth-focused recreational programs. We specially thank the John and Christine Currie Foundation, Margaret and Gordon Fleming Fund, Ada W. Slaight Fund, Honey Family Foundation, Kevin Burke Foundation, Erica Shuttleworth Fund, J. Douglas Crashley Fund, Calamor Fund, Goring Family Foundation, Karen and Bill Barnett Fund, Tony and Caley Taylor Family Fund, Art Eggleton Fund, John and Jocelyn Barford Family Foundation, Brown-Nusbaum Family Fund, KPMG, and all the Fundholders who gave anonymously to make these grants possible.









Board of Directors

Funds at the Foundation

Community Organizations

Financial Information

The Toronto Community Foundation Board of Directors is made up of a cross-section of leaders, each bringing their specific skills and insights to the table as the Community Foundation charts its path forward.

The Funds at the Toronto Community Foundation are an integral part of how we respond to community needs. Our family of Funds forms the basis of a strong philanthropic movement in Toronto.

The hundreds of community organizations we grant to annually are on the ground providing solutions to the issues highlighted in the Toronto’s Vital Signs Report.

A summary of the Toronto Community Foundation’s financial information for the fiscal year 2013/14.

2013/2014 Committees

Left to right: Bill MacKinnon, André Perey, Richard Ivey, Sandy Houston, John B. MacIntyre, Rahul K. Bhardwaj, Lola Rasminsky, Greg Wilkinson, John Barford, Nancy Love, Rick Goldsmith, Ian L.T. Clarke, Natalie Townsend

2013/2014 Board of Directors John B. MacIntyre Chair, Toronto Community Foundation Partner, Birch Hill Equity Partners John Barford Vice Chair, Toronto Community Foundation President, Valleydene Corporation Mohammad Al Zaibak * President & CEO, CDM Information Inc. Robert Bertram * Corporate Director Ian L.T. Clarke Executive Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Limited Rick Goldsmith Partner, National Risk Management, Advisory Services KPMG Management Services LLP Siamak Hariri * Partner, Hariri Pontarini Architects Sandy Houston President & CEO, Metcalf Foundation Richard Ivey Chairman, Ivest Properties Limited Jennifer Koss * Co-Founder, BRIKA Alison Loat * Executive Director, Samara Nancy Love Community Volunteer

Bill MacKinnon Corporate Director, Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants Randy McLean * Acting Director, Strategic Growth and Sector Development, Economic Development and Culture, City of Toronto André Perey, Corporate Secretary Partner, Blake, Cassels & Graydon, LLP Lola Rasminsky Founding Director, Avenue Road Arts School Ceta Ramkhalawansingh * Community Volunteer Natalie Townsend Managing Partner, NorthRock Capital Edward J. Waitzer * Senior Partner, Stikeman Elliott LLP Greg Wilkinson Principal, Earnscliffe Strategy Group

Martin Connell * Chair Emeritus Rahul K. Bhardwaj President & CEO (Ex-officio) * Unavailable for photo

Community Initiatives Natalie Townsend, Chair Julie Frost Rick Goldsmith Siamak Hariri Nancy Love John B. MacIntyre Bill MacKinnon Martha McCain Randy McLean, Past Chair Ceta Ramkhalawansingh Vidoll Regisford Lola Rasminsky Greg Wilkinson Rahul K. Bhardwaj, Ex-officio Rosalyn J. Morrison, Staff Anne Brayley, Staff Nadien V. Godkewitsch, Staff Caroline Seto, Staff Sara Krynitzki, Staff Roger Mak, Staff Miranda Hassell, Staff Finance & Audit John Barford, Chair Robert Bertram, Ex-officio Ian L.T. Clarke Elizabeth Gitajn Dan Golberg Rick Goldsmith John B. MacIntyre, Ex-officio Bill MacKinnon Randy McLean André Perey Rahul K. Bhardwaj, Ex-officio Carol Turner, Staff Governance Edward Waitzer, Chair John Barford Richard Ivey Alison Loat Nancy Love John B. MacIntyre Randy McLean André Perey Rahul K. Bhardwaj, Ex-officio Investment Robert Bertram, Chair Mohammad Al Zaibak John Barford, Ex-officio David F. Denison Michael Herrera Richard Ivey Jennifer Koss Susan Latremoille John B. MacIntyre, Ex-officio Robert MacLellan George Vesely Rahul K. Bhardwaj, Ex-officio Carol Turner, Staff

The Art of Wise Giving™ —


Connecting Philanthropists A Fund at the Toronto Community Foundation gives Fundholders all the flexibility, involvement and recognition of a private charitable foundation without the “back office” and financial stewardship responsibilities. Individuals and families can choose to establish a Donor Advised Fund, a Vital Toronto Fund, Field of Interest Fund or Designated Fund. Each option is an endowment that can be created through gifts of marketable securities, cash, life insurance policies, RRSP/ RRIF designations and bequests. Our total assets under management include the Agency and Consolidated Funds established by other charities. For many charitable organizations, an endowment fund is a way of building capacity and ensuring longevity for their organization. The Toronto Community Foundation has the mission, charitable tax structure and specialized staff to support registered charities in building and sustaining endowments. All of the Funds under our administration benefit from professional investment management, donor administration and grantmaking expertise. Responsibility for managing the Toronto Community Foundation’s investment portfolio is vested in the Board of Directors with the guidance of the Investment Committee.

Bond with Toronto contributor


New Funds 100 Strong Foundation AFP Foundation for Philanthropy - Canada Bertram Family Fund Cook Sayeed Callender Fund DeRo Foundation Erica Shuttleworth Fund Lay Family Foundation Learning Disabilities - Ontario Fund National Theatre School Bell Media Diversity Fund Paterson Smith Family Foundation Sachania Charitable Foundation Sedbergh School Fund Agency Funds Abbeyfield Houses Society of Canada Endowment Fund Arden Preston Caregiver Fund AIDS Committee of Toronto Endowment Fund Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour - Doris McCarthy Award Fund - Ethel Raicus Award Common Ground Co-Operative Endowment Fund - Veronica Peake Memorial Fund Elizabeth Cooke Endowment Fund FLAP Endowment Fund Foundation for Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Endowment Friends of CAMH Archives Fund Junior League of Toronto Fund National Theatre School of Canada Fund -National Theatre School Bell Media Diversity Fund - National Theatre School of Canada Fund -Natl Theatre School (NTS) Theatre and Community Engagement Fund Roots of Empathy Endowment Fund Sheela Basrur Centre Fund Toronto Community Foundation Zoo Trust Fund - Canavan Family Endowment Fund - Coca-Cola Wildlife Research Fellowship - Conservation & Research Endowment Fund - Frances Lindenfield Fund - Gus Harris Zoo Share Fund - Mary C. Allen Endowment Fund - Ralph Kirk Endowment Fund - Reproductive Physiology Fund - Veterinary Residency Fund - Window to the Wild Capital Projects Fund Toronto Zoo - Development Funds Toronto Symphony Volunteer Committee Endowment Fund Consolidated Funds AFP Foundation for Philanthropy - Canada Amici Camping Charity Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada Foundation Campbellford/Seymour Community Foundation Campbellford/Seymour Municipal Foundation Canadian Lyford Cay Foundation Catholic Children's Aid Society Community Foundation of Durham Region Fund Community Foundation of Mississauga Haynes-Connell Foundation

Helen McCrea Peacock Foundation Huronia Community Foundation Imagine Canada - Margery Warren Bequest John Hodgson Library Fund MCC Toronto Endowment Fund Muskoka Community Foundation Napanee District Community Foundation Fund Niagara Community Foundation Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Unison Health & Community Services United Way of St. Catharine's and District United Way Toronto Donor Advised Funds 100 Strong Foundation 7 Days in May Foundation A. J. & Margaret Little Charitable Fund Ada W. Slaight Fund Adelle and Paul Deacon Nanton Fund Adrian and Reta Hudson Fund Albert C. Strickler, M.D. Scholarship Fund Alex and Carolyn Drummond Foundation Alex Padulo Memorial Foundation Altair Fund Andrea Miller Fund Angela Longo Leadership Fund Anne Martin Fund Anne Y. Lindsey Fund Anthony & Elizabeth Comper Fund Art Eggleton Fund Ashbridge Fund AstraZeneca Canada Inc. Endowed Research Fund Augustine Family Fund B & B Hamilton Fund Barry and Jane Hayes Memorial Fund Bay Street Invitational Fund BBPA Harry Jerome Scholarship Fund Begonia Fund Ben Globerman Memorial "Running to Daylight" Foundation Bertram Family Fund Betty and Chris Wansbrough Family Foundation Bhalla Fund Birch Island Foundation Bonnie Cox Fund Brayley Family Fund Brent & Lynn Belzberg Fund Bronwen's Rainbow Fund Brown-Nusbaum Family Fund Bruce Beauchamp Memorial Fund Bruce Blackadar Last Call Fund Building Futures - Matching Fund Calamor Fund Canada Company Scholarship Fund Canada Post Literacy Fund Carruthers Family Fund Catherine Logan Fund Cavelti Family Foundation CFNY Youth Fund Charles and Joyce Ramsay Fund Cheesbrough Family Fund Claire and Marty McConnell Family Fund Clarke Family Foundation Clayton Gyotoku Fund Coady Nyman Family Fund Colonel F. H. Deacon - Memorial Fund

Coloured Development Fund Community Foundation Environmental Fund Constance and David Roseman Fund Cook Sayeed Callender Fund Coral and Bill Martin Family Foundation Dan & Mary Cornacchia Charitable Fund David Kenny Fund David R. McCamus Endowment Fund Denham Family Fund DeRo Foundation Diane and Don McQuaig Foundation Distinguished Mature Artist's Fund DOMAC Fund Don and Shirley Martin Fund Don Haig Foundation Donna Cappon Memorial Breast Cancer Fund Dorice P. Johnston Memorial Fund Dorothy and Oscar Rogers Foundation Douglas and Ruth Grant Fund Douglas Maurice Simmonds Charitable Fund Dr. Elgin McCutcheon Fund in Support of FreeSchools World Literacy Fund Dr. I.L. Babb Fund Dr. John Carey Fund Dr. John Jameson Memorial Fund Dr. William A. Weir & Dorothy Elliott Weir Memorial Fund Du Sablon-Lank Family Foundation Duane Livingstone Family Fund Duboc Family Foundation Duncan and Lesley Hawthorne Fund E.E.T. Briggs Family Fund Edna & Paul Munger Fund Edward A. Tory Fund Edward I. Unger Fund Eleanor & Francis Shen Family Fund Eleanor McDougall Fund Elizabeth Ann Heacock (Nee Prince) Memorial Fund Elspeth Heyworth Bursary Fund Elvino and Linda Sauro Fund Emmett & Leo Fund Emmy Duff Scholarship Foundation Erica Shuttleworth Fund Ernest and Hilda Hubbard Foundation Evelyn and Cecil Hoffman Charitable Foundation F.E.M. Fund Findlay Family Foundation Fitness Institute Foundation Fund in Memory of Lloyd Percival Flora Morrison Choral Fund Flora Morrison Research Fund Fran Endicott Equity Fund Frances MacDonald Fund Francine & Robert Barrett Fund Frank and Sheelagh Creaghan Fund G. W. Squibb Family Endowment Fund Gartley Family Foundation Geoffrey B. Scott Memorial Fund George and Mary Turnbull Family Foundation Gerald Conway Fund Gerald Sheff Fund Gerry and Anita Smith Family Foundation Gerry Meinzer Fund Glen Colborne Fund Glenn Tompkins Memorial Fund Gordon Mollenhauer Family Foundation Goring Family Foundation Greg Bond Musical Theatre Fund Griggs Family Foundation

H. Matheson Family Foundation Hallward Fund Halsall Family Foundation Harold "Pat" Dooley Educational Fund Heal Family Trust Helen D. Phelan Fund Honey Family Foundation Howard and Diane Taylor Family Fund Imagine Fund Isobel B. Jaffrey Heritage Fund Iva and Garfield Payne Fund J. Douglas Crashley Fund Jack and Anne Mollenhauer Family Foundation Jack and Rita Catherall Scholarship Fund Jack Thomas Fund James and Alfreda Parlee Fund James Lindala Family Foundation James Rutley Grand Memorial Fund Jane & Donald Wright Fund Janet & Herb Tanzer Charitable Fund Janet and Douglas Davis Fund Jean V. and Rodney C. Payne Memorial Fund Jeffrey B. Rubinoff Fund Jennifer Headley Fund for a Living Planet Jennison Fund Jim and Doreen Doherty Fund Jitendra & Anita Mistry Foundation Joan and Roy Frankel Charity Fund Joan McCalla Fund John & Dorothy McSherry Fund John & Marian Taylor Family Fund John A. and Margaret K. Lowden Memorial Fund John and Christine Currie Foundation John and Jocelyn Barford Family Foundation John and Marie Levitt Foundation John Kenny Fund John S. and Joan P. Ridout Fund John Thomas Murphy Memorial Fund Johnson Family Fund Jon and Nancy Love Foundation Jonathan and Stephanie Clarke Memorial Fund Jo's Snowflake Fund Joubin/Selig Family Fund K.I.D.S. Fund Karen and Bill Barnett Fund Keith, Tanja and Kiera Thomson Fund Ken & Ann Watts Foundation Kevin Burke Foundation Kideckel Robbins Family Foundation Kiessling/Isaak Family Foundation Koehler Family Fund Kuttis Family Fund Lady Ophelia Fund Lakhani Family Charitable Foundation Langford Family Foundation Lay Family Foundation Learning Disabilities - Ontario Fund Lee and Patrick Howe Family Foundation Lind Family Fund Linda and Steve Lowden Fund Lisa's Legacy: The Lisa Montanera Fund Lola Somers Foundation for Animals Lola Steiner Fund Lorne and Orma West Fund Love Family Fund Lucile Pratt Music Award Lycklama Family Fund MacFeeters Family Fund

Main Family Fund Manny Cabral Memorial Fund Margaret and Gordon Fleming Fund Margaret's Joy Fund Mario Reale Fund Marjorie J. Sharpe Fund Marsh Memorial Fund Marsha & Aubrey Baillie Fund Martin Connell and Linda Haynes Fund Martin Davies Memorial Fund Mary Ecclestone Nutrition Scholarship Fund McKerroll Family Fund McLaughlin/Costigan Fund McSherry Family Fund Melman Childhood Cancer Fund Michael & Christine Selim Foundation Michael and Honor de Pencier Fund Michael and Jackie Shulman Family Fund Michael B. Decter Foundation Michael La Patriello Fund Michelle Risi Dance Angel Scholarship Fund Michelle Tanenbaum Fund Miller-Cammidge Fund Moir Family Foundation Morgan Goldberg Memorial Fund Moynes Family Fund Mrs. Joan H. Miller Scholarship Fund Murray & Susan Armitage Foundation N. James Swan Memorial Scholarship Fund Nachiket Children's Literacy Foundation NAE Fund National Club Fund Neighbourhood Innovations Fund Neil and Shirley Macdougall Fund New York Fries Kids Fund NigE Gough Shine On Foundation Niki Bledin Fund Norah Faye Foundation Norman Allan Middleton Fund Omega Fund O'Neil Leger Family Foundation Ontario College of Teachers Scholarship Fund Orly Watkin Fund Ouellette Family Foundation P/N Family Fund Pacifica Fund Pamensky Family Fund Panda Family Fund Paolo Ardizzi Fund Paramount Pallet, Inc. Skids for Kids Foundation Paterson Smith Family Foundation Patricia J. Fleming (FBG) Fund Paul and Evelyn Higgins Fund Paul Higgins Jr. Fund Pauline and Dipak Mazumdar Fund Payne Family Fund Peggy C. Linton Fund Peter and Elizabeth Morgan Fund Peter and Pauline Dawson Foundation Peter Barnard Fund Phillip & Maureen Tingley Fund PQR Fund Prichard-Wilson Family Foundation Ravindranjali Trivedi Charitable Foundation Raymond and Irene Collins Foundation Red Barn Theatre Endowment Fund Rev. Frank P. Corless Fund Richard and Colleen Peddie Foundation Richard and Donna Ivey Fund Richard Wernham and Julia West Family Fund

Rob Ford Football Foundation Fund Robert A. Donaldson Family Fund Robert McKinney Fund Robert Tetley Fund Ronald N. Leggett Memorial Fund Rose Family Fund Rosedale Park Playground Renewal Fund Roy Bennett Memorial Fund Roy Russell Memorial Fund Russell & Sharon Schmidt Fund S. Chum Torno Fund S. Marguerite Walker Memorial Fund Sachania Charitable Foundation Sadler Fund Sandala Emery Family Fund Sandra Fraser Gwyn Foundation SAP Canada Fund Saul E. Joel Fund Savoy Pitfield Foundation Schachter Family Fund Scott Family Fund Sedbergh School Fund Sheila Hall Van Gijn Scholarship Fund Sheila Kirpalani Foundation Shelagh and David Wilson Fund Sherry and Edward Drew Family Fund

Shum Vourkoutiotis Fund Simon Family Fund So Family Foundation Spem In Alium Fund Stacey Family "Aurora" Fund Stacey Levitt Athletic and Educational Fund Starcan Fund Stephen Eby Memorial Fund Steven & Alberta Williams Memorial Fund Steven K. Hudson Foundation Stewart R. Code Memorial Scholarship Fund Stratton Fund Stuart and Patricia MacKay Family Fund Swim Toronto Fund Tawny Richard Fund Taylor Irwin Family Fund Teow Family Foundation The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada Princess Alexandra Bursary Fund The Susan, Sarah and Nicholas Latremoille Fund The W. Garfield Weston Foundation Fund The Wendy Buda Foundation Timothy Fund TJLS IJIKAI Fund Tom Thomas Music Scholarship Fund

Tony and Caley Taylor Family Fund Toronto CREW Foundation Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts Fund Toronto Life Fund Torunn and David Banks Fund Townsend Family Foundation Unwin Family Fund Van Biesen-Zimakas Family Fund Vandewater Charitable Foundation Vas Family Fund (Canada) Viva Vitalita Gala Fund Vulpe & Pelenyi Charitable Fund W. W. (Peter) Southam Fund Waddington Family Fund Waisberg/Bellwood Charitable Fund Waitzer Family Fund Wally Stefoff Art Scholarship Fund Waters Family Fund Wilkinson Family Fund William Ida Leon Dolrine Steinberg Fund William M. Vaisey Arts Foundation Windswept Farms Fund Women's Fund Women's Habitat Endowment Fund Yano-Shuttleworth Fund Anonymous (7)

Vital Toronto Fund Grant Recipients

David Suzuki Foundation

Utcha Sawyers

UNITY Charity

Vital Ideas - Capacity building grants for organizations with great ideas.

Vital People - Professional development grants for not-for-profit leaders.

Vital Youth/Playing for Keeps Program grants to increase access to recreation for youth.

Agazi Afewerki Youth Empowering Parents Anne Gloger East Scarborough Storefront Arlene Pitts St. Stephen’s Community House Clare Hacksel Planned Parenthood Toronto Danielle Neilson Covenant House Letecia Rose Nia Centre for the Arts Maya Roy Newcomer Women’s Services Toronto Sarah Pole Law in Action Within Schools Tim Whalley Luminato Utcha Sawyers FoodShare Toronto

Agincourt Community Services Association - Applegrove Community Complex - Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre - COSTI Immigrant Services - CultureLink Settlement Services - Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre - Family Service Toronto - Hospice Toronto - Mammalian Diving Reflex Mentoring Juniors Kids Organization (MJKO) - Ralph Thornton Community Centre - Scarborough Arts - Seed to Table - Toronto Foundation for Student Success - UNITY Charity - UrbanArts Community Arts Council - York University

Arts Etobicoke - Cahoots Theatre CANES Community Care Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre - David Suzuki Foundation - East Scarborough Storefront - FoodShare Toronto - Hot Docs - March of Dimes Canada - METRAC - North York Community House - Operation Springboard - People for Education - Planned Parenthood Toronto - Red Sky Performance St. Stephen’s Community House Sherbourne Health Centre - Teen Legal Helpline - TIFF - Toronto Park People - YWCA Toronto

The Vital Toronto Fund

The Vital Toronto Fund is where the mission of the Toronto Community Foundation – connecting philanthropy to community needs and opportunities – is brought to life.

Peter and Barb Halsall, Halsall Family Foundation

Named Vital Toronto Funds ACE Bakery Ltd. Fund Ada W. Slaight Fund Anne Swarbrick Fund Bill and Janet Young Fund Birchall Family Foundation BMO Financial Group Toronto Fund Brent and Lynn Belzberg Fund Calamor Fund Carol Oliver Fund Dominion of Canada General Insurance Duboc Family Foundation Evans Family Fund Halsall Family Foundation John Honderich Fund Keith, Tanja and Kiera Thomson Lay Family Foundation Martin Connell Fund Mary Rowell Jackman Fund Pita Break Fund Richard and Donna Ivey Fund Sue Corlett Fund Susan Crocker and John Hunkin Fund Taylor Family Fund The Hon. Hilary M. Weston Fund Tony and Anne Arrell Fund Townsend Family Foundation Waters Family Fund Anonymous (2) Vital Toronto Fund Donors Sarah Chiddy Joan D. Clayton Frances Deacon Nicole d'Ombrain Timothy Dottridge Pieter Fontein Tara George and Chris Atkinson Daniel S. Golberg and Anja Golberg Rick Goldsmith Michael Honey Sara E. Krynitzki and Jacob Wilson Colin Lacey Ronald MacFeeters William A. MacKinnon Jason Maghanoy Ruth Mandel

Bob McCown Rosalyn J. Morrison Ronald Nicoletti André Perey Nan Shuttleworth and Bill Switzer Catherine Thomas and Fraser Baillie Carol Turner Jason Wagar Kathleen Waters Dan Wright Community Builders* Anthony & Anne Arrell John & Jocelyn Barford Brent & Lynn Belzberg Suresh P. & Nutan Bhalla William & Catherina Birchall Grant & Alice Burton Martin Connell & Linda Haynes Dr. Sue Corlett § Susan Crocker & John Hunkin Michael C. & Honor de Pencier Samuel L. & Claire Duboc Dr. John R. & Gay Evans J. Douglas & Ruth Grant Peter & Barbara Halsall John Honderich Richard & Donna Smith Ivey Greg Kiessling & Pam Isaak Nancy & Jon Love John B. & Jan MacIntyre Wilmot & Judy Matthews Senator Michael & Kelly Meighen J. Robert S. Prichard & Ann Wilson Barbara Shum & Manos Vourkoutiotis Nan Shuttleworth & Bill Switzer Ada W. Slaight G. Wayne & Maureen Squibb Howard & Diane Taylor Keith & Tanja Thomson Natalie & Geoff Townsend Edward Waitzer & Smadar Peretz Dr. William R. & Phyllis Jean Waters The Hon. Hilary M. Weston Anonymous (1)

It is a community endowment supported by our Fundholders, city builders, individual donors, and the public and corporate sectors. The Fund supports our Toronto’s Vital Signs Report, our strategic grant programs (Vital Ideas, Vital Youth, Vital People), our collaborative initiatives, and our Community Knowledge Centre. The individuals, families and corporate partners listed here all contribute to the cumulative progress toward building a city that is smarter, healthier, more inclusive, more caring, and more prosperous. *Community Builders are civicminded Torontonians who have contributed $100,000 or more to the Vital Toronto Fund, our strategic community endowment. Bond with Toronto contributor § Fondly remembered


Strategic Partners The Toronto Community Foundation is pleased to have worked with many partners in 2013/2014 in a collaborative effort to improve the quality of life in Toronto. With the support of our partners, we use our Toronto’s Vital Signs Report as a roadmap to guide our city building work. Each year, we work with hundreds of researchers, institutions, organizations, and more than 30 Vital Toronto Fund donors to produce the Toronto’s Vital Signs Report. We facilitate dialogue on the issues highlighted in the Report and mobilize hundreds of individual and family donors, a vast array of high-impact community organizations, and cross-sector leaders to tackle complex quality of life issues in creative and inspiring ways. We collaborate to develop and support innovative solutions through our grant programs and special initiatives. The lists below provide a snapshot of our cross-sector partners that worked with us on our special initiatives this past year. We acknowledge and thank all of you. Our work would not be possible without your support. For a complete list of our partners, go to

Playing for Keeps The Playing for Keeps social legacy innovation harnesses the power of volunteerism and play leading up to and beyond the TO2015 Pan/Parapan American Games by building social capital and creating a healthier, more active, and better connected communities.

An agency of the Government of Ontario. Un organisme du gouvernement de l’Ontario.

Recipe for Community: Weston-Mount Dennis Recipe for Community features resident-inspired projects that strengthen community belonging and pride, and build community skills and capacity.


Toronto Sport Leadership Program The Toronto Sport Leadership Program is giving young people in diverse and vulnerable neighbourhoods the opportunity to gain skills and certification as sporting coaches and instructors.

An agency of the Government of Ontario. Un organisme du gouvernement de l’Ontario.

beyond 3:30 beyond 3:30 provides a safe, stimulating place for middle school students to gather between the hours of 3:30 and 7:30 p.m. on school nights, to participate in a range of active learning opportunities.

Vital Impact: Vital Toronto Vital Impact: Vital Toronto is KPMG's strategic collaboration with the Toronto Community Foundation built on the pillars of volunteerism and community leadership.

Community Knowledge Centre This companion piece to our Toronto’s Vital Signs Report provides an online snapshot of the community organizations providing solutions. More than 245 Toronto-based community organizations are hosted on our Community Knowledge Centre ( In 2013, a national rollout of the Community Knowledge Centre concept to other Community Foundations across Canada began, starting with the Victoria Foundation. The Calgary Foundation and Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta will follow in 2014. We wish to thank our website development and design partners IBM and Freeform Solutions.

Community, Corporate & Media Partners

The Art of Wise Giving™ —


Community Investment Every year, millions of dollars in grants from our Fundholders and our Vital Toronto Fund fuel the work of hundreds of organizations. Grants from Funds at the Toronto Community Foundation may be directed to any Canada Revenue Agency registered charity operating locally, nationally, or internationally. Last year, more than 600 organizations were supported by our Vital Toronto Fund and grants from our Donor Advised Funds.


4th Line Theatre Company of Peterborough 519 Church Street Community Centre A.S.T.C. Science World Society Abbeyfield Houses Society of Canada Abilities Centre Durham About Face ACCESS Community Capital Fund ACT to End Violence Against Women Adult Disabled Downhill Skiing AFP Foundation for Philanthropy-Canada African Medical & Research Foundation Agincourt Community Services Association Agricola Finnish Lutheran Congregation AIDS Committee of Toronto Aim for Seva Alberta Cancer Foundation Alberta Theatre Projects Society Albion Neighbourhood Services All Saints Church-Community Centre Alpine Canada Alzheimer Society of Canada Alzheimer Society of Ontario Alzheimer Society of Toronto Amadeus Choir of Greater Toronto Amnesty International Canadian Section Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Society of Canada Applegrove Community Complex Armour Heights Presbyterian Church Art Gallery of Ontario Art Starts Neighbourhood Cultural Centre Arthritis Research Foundation Arthritis Society Arts Etobicoke Arts for Children & Youth (AFCY) Arts Manitoba Publications Inc. Ashoka Canada Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary Association Inuksiutiit Katimajiit Ballet Jorgen Canada Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care Baycrest Centre Foundation Baycrest Hospital BC Original Minds Association Beit Halochem Canada/Aid to Disabled Veterans of Israel (Canada) Belmont House Foundation Best Buddies Canada Bethany's Hope Foundation Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre Bishop Strachan School Black Business and Professional Association Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts Boundless Adventures Association Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Toronto Brandon Street Community Development Foundation Brandon University Foundation Branksome Hall Bridgepoint Health Foundation Brigantine Inc. Broad Reach Foundation for Youth Leaders Brock University Buddies in Bad Times Theatre Business and Education Partnership of Waterloo Region

Cahoots Theatre Camosun College Camp Cucumber Camp Oochigeas Canada Company: Many Ways to Serve Canada-Israel Children's Centres Canada-Israel Cultural Foundation Canada's National Ballet School Canadian Associates of the Ben Gurion University of the Negev Inc. Canadian Association for Participatory Development Canadian Baptist Ministries Canadian Blood Services Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Ontario Chapter Canadian Cancer Society Canadian Cancer Society - Ontario Division Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace Canadian Civil Liberties Education Trust Canadian Council of Provincial and Territorial Sports Federations Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Canadian Diabetes Association Canadian Feed the Children Canadian Fellowship Foundation Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research Canadian Foundation for the Prevention of Family Violence Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University, Inc. Canadian Friends of the Israel Museum Canadian Hearing Society Canadian Hemophilia Society Canadian Institute For Advanced Research Canadian Landmine Foundation Canadian Lung Association Canadian Magen David Adom for Israel Canadian Mental Health Association Ontario Division Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) Canadian Opera Company Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society Canadian Phi Delta Theta Scholarship Foundation Canadian Public Health Association Canadian Red Cross Society Canadian Red Cross Society - Ontario Zone Canadian Red Cross, Toronto Region Canadian Society For The Weizmann Institute of Science Canadian Stem Cell Foundation Canadian Technion Society Canadian UNICEF Committee Canadian WildLife Federation Inc. Canadian Women's Foundation Cancer Research Society CANES Community Care Canuck Place Children's Hospice Cape Farewell Foundation CARE Canada Carleton University-Awards Office Casey House Foundation CAVE-Communities Advancing Valued Environments Centennial College Office of Development & Advancement

Centennial Infant and Child Centre Centraide of Greater Montreal Central United Church Centre d'Action Bénévole de Montréal Inc. Volunteer Bureau of Montreal Inc. Centre for Addiction & Mental Health Foundation Centre For Community Learning & Development Change for Children Association CHATS Community Home Assistance to Seniors Child Development Institute Child Evangelism Fellowship of Canada Child Haven International Children's Aid Foundation Children's Book Bank & Literacy Foundation Children's Cottage Society of Calgary Children's Garden Foundation Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Foundation Children's Wish Foundation of Canada Ontario Chapter Choirs Ontario Christian Direction Inc. Christian Resource Centre City of Toronto - Treasurer Clay and Paper Theatre Cloverleaf Foundation Coast To Coast Against Cancer CODE Coleman Lemieux and Compagnie Colin B. Glassco Charitable Foundation For Children Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation Community Food Centres Canada Community Living Ontario/Integration Communautaire Ontario Community Living Toronto Community Veterinary Outreach Comox Valley Therapeutic Riding Society Conrad Grebel University College Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud CONTACT Toronto Photography Festival Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto (CHFT) COSTI Immigrant Services County of Dufferin Covenant House Toronto Crescent School Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of Canada CSJ Research and Education CultureLink Settlement Services CUSO International Cystic Fibrosis Canada Daily Bread Food Bank Foundation of Toronto Dalhousie University Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre Distress Centres of Toronto Dixon Hall Doctors Without Borders Canada Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services Dorothy Ley Hospice Downsview Services for Seniors Drum Artz Canada (DAC) Durham College

Earth Rangers Foundation East Scarborough Storefront East Toronto Family Community Centre Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre Ecojustice Ecologos Environmental Organization Environmental Defence Canada Inc. Epilepsy Toronto Etobicoke Children's Centre Evangel Hall Eva's Initiatives For Homeless Youth Evergreen Family Day Care Services Family Service Toronto Family Services of Greater Vancouver Farley Foundation Farm Radio International Fatal Light Awareness Program Inc. Federated Health Charities Corporation FINCA First Three Years The Psychology Foundation of Canada Floyd Honey Foundation Focus Humanitarian Assistance Canada FoodShare Toronto For Youth Initiative Fred Victor Centre Free the Children FreeSchools World Literacy Friends of Amani Canada Friends of the CAMH Archives (Museum of Mental Health Services) Friends of the Learning Disabled, Camp Kirk Friendship in Action, A Canadian Children's Charity Frontier College Frontiers Foundation Inc. Frontlines (Weston Frontlines Centre) Future Possibilities for Kids George Brown College Community Partnerships Office George Brown College Foundation George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology George Hull Centre for Children and Families George R. Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art Georgian Bay Forever Georgian Bay Trust Foundation Ghanaian Canadian Multicultural Community Centre Glen Lyon Norfolk School Foundation Good Shepherd Ministries Grandview Children's Foundation Greenwood College School Gur Mandir Temple Habitat for Humanity Canada Habitat for Humanity Toronto Inc. Haliburton Highlands Health Services Foundation Hammer Band Hari Krishan Publication Hasting Park Foundation for Rights and Freedoms Havergal College Foundation Headwaters Health Care Foundation Health and Home Care Society of British Columbia Health Sciences Centre Foundation Inc.

Heart & Stroke Foundation of British Columbia and Yukon Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario HelpAge Canada Helping Homeless Pets Heritage Skills Development Centre Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation Home on the Hill Supportive Housing Hope Air Horizons of Friendship Hospice Toronto Hospital for Sick Children Foundation Hot Docs Human Rights Watch, Inc. Humanity First Humber River Regional Hospital Humber Valley United Church Humbercrest United Church Huntsville International Film Festival Immaculate Conception Church Incarnation Ministries Inn from the Cold Society Integra Foundation Inter Pares Intercordia Canada Interval House Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Israel Cancer Research Fund Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research, Education, and Conservation Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre Jane's Walk Jennifer Ashleigh Children's Charity Jessie's - The June Callwood Centre for Families and Women Jewish Family and Child Service of Greater Toronto JUMP Math Junior Achievement of Canada Junior Achievement of Central Ontario Junior League of Toronto Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Canada Kawartha-Haliburton Children's Foundation Ken & Ann Watts Memorial Scholarship Foundation Kidney Foundation of Canada Kohai Educational Centre Ladies of the Lake Conservation Association Lake Ontario Waterkeeper Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Foundation Lakefield College School Foundation Lakehead University L'Arche Canada Foundation Laurentian University Law in Action Within Schools Lawrence Park Community Church LEAF Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forest Learning Enrichment Foundation Leaside Presbyterian Church Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Youth Line Let's Talk Science Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada Licensed to Learn Literary Review of Canada Literature for Life


Loads of Love Humanitarian Aid & Mission Society LOFT Community Services Luminato Festival Macaulay Child Development Centre Mackenzie Health Foundation (formerly York Central Hospital) Maharashtra Seva Samiti Organization Majengo Canada Mammalian Diving Reflex March of Dimes Canada MaRS Discovery District Massey Centre for Women Massey College Master and Fellows of Massey College Medical Mercy Canada Society Memorial University of Newfoundland Mentoring Junior Kids Organization (MJKO) Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children (METRAC) Minerva Foundation for BC Women Mon Sheong Foundation Montcrest School Moorelands Community Services Mount Sinai Hospital Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation of Toronto Muki Baum Association for the Rehabilitation of Multi Handicapped Inc. Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada Musicians in Ordinary Muskoka Community Foundation Muskoka Conservancy National Ballet of Canada Endowment Foundation National Service Dog Training Centre Inc. National Ski Academy / Collingwood National Theatre School of Canada Native Child and Family Services of Toronto Native Women's Resource Centre of Toronto Navigators of Canada Nepal School Projects New Circles Community Services New Haven Learning Centre for Children Newcomer Women's Services Toronto Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council Nia Centre for the Arts Ninety-Nines Canadian Award in Aviation Trust No.9 Contemporary Art & the Environment North York Community House North York General Hospital North York General Hospital Foundation North York Women's Resource Centre Northern Secondary School Foundation Not Far From the Tree OCAD University Ojibway Historical Preservation Society One Family Fund Canada Ontario Association of Youth Employment Centres Ontario Clean Air Alliance Research Inc. Ontario College of Teachers Ontario Forestry Association Ontario Heritage Trust Ontario Lung Association Ontario Society for Crippled Children Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ontario Special Olympics Inc. Oolagen Community Services

Operation Smile Canada Foundation Operation Springboard Opportunity International Canada ORT Canada Osteoporosis Canada Outward Bound Canada Ovarian Cancer Canada Owen Sound Family YMCA Paradise Charity Group Parkinson Society Canada Parkway Bible Church Pathways to Education Canada Peacebuilders International PEACH (Promoting Education and Community Health) Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario Pembina Foundation for Environmental Research and Education People for Education Peter Gzowski Foundation for Literacy Peterborough Family Resource Centre Peterborough Symphony Orchestra Pickering College

Community “ The Knowledge Centre has been a great resource to date. It’s fantastic for being able to see the range of organizations that exist and to help us identify the ones that have a high likelihood of fitting our criteria for giving.” Barb Halsall, Halsall Family Foundation

Pine River Institute Plan International Canada Inc. Planned Parenthood Toronto Pollution Probe Foundation Popular Education and Research Catalyst Centre Inc. Power To Be Adventure Therapy Society Power to Change Ministries Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation Prosper Canada Centre for Financial Literacy Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada Providence Healthcare Foundation Pueblito Canada Inc. Queen's University Rainbow District School Board Rainbow Railroad Rainbow Songs Foundation Ralph M. Barford Foundation Ralph Thornton Community Centre Red Sky Performance Redwood Shelter for Abused Women

Reena Foundation Regent Park School of Music Renascent Foundation Inc. Rent-A-Youth Resource Centre Rexdale Community Health Centre Right to Play Canada River-Oak Parent Child Centre Inc. Ronald McDonald House (Toronto Children's Care Inc.) Rosedale United Church Rossbrook House Inc. Royal Conservatory of Music Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning McGill University Royal Ontario Museum Foundation Royal York Road United Church Ryerson University Office of University Advancement Saint Elizabeth Health Care Foundation Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters for Canada and Bermuda Sanctuary Ministries of Toronto Save A Child's Heart Foundation Save Our Seine River Environment Inc. Save the Children Canada Sawa World Scarboro Foreign Mission Society Scarborough Arts Schizophrenia Society of Canada SchoolBOX Inc. Schools Without Borders Scott Mission Second Harvest Food Support Committee Seed to Table See You In Canadian Athletes Fund Corporation Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology - Student Awards Senior Peoples' Resources in North Toronto Incorporated (SPRINT) Serve Canada Youth Service Organization Shaw Festival Theatre Foundation Canada Sheena's Place (Hospice for Eating Disorders of Toronto) Shelterbox Canada Shepherds' Trust Sherbourne Health Centre Sheridan College of Applied Arts & Technology Sierra Club of Canada Foundation Sir Hugh John MacDonald Memorial Hostel Sistema Toronto Academy Sistering - A Woman's Place Sketch Working Arts for Street Involved & Homeless Youth Skills for Change of Metro Toronto Small Change Fund Soulpepper Theatre Company South East Asian Services Centre Special Olympics Ontario St. Andrew's College Foundation St. Christopher House St. John's Rehabilitation Hospital St. Joseph's Health Centre Foundation of Toronto St. Jude's Anglican Church St. Michael's Choir School St. Michael's Hospital St. Michael's Hospital Foundation St. Michael's University School Foundation

St. Patrick's Shrine Church St. Peter's Church St. Stephen's Community House Stella's Place Assessment and Treatment Centre Stephen Lewis Foundation Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation Stratford Chefs School Stratford Shakespeare Festival of Canada Street Haven at the Crossroads Street Kids International Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Foundation Sunshine Centres for Seniors Tapestry New Opera Teen Legal Helpline Temple Emanu-El Tennis Canada The Anglican Church of St. Paul L'Amoreaux The Arctic Eider Society The Arts Access Fund The Base The Board of Education of School Distict No. 39 (Vancouver) The Bob Rumball Foundation for the Deaf The Calgary Science Network: An Alberta Society The Canadian Centre for Language & Cultural Studies, Inc. The Canadian Museum of Carpets and Textiles The Centennial Infant & Child Centre Foundation The Champlain Society The Community Social Planning Council of Toronto The David Suzuki Foundation The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Canada, Alberta and Northwest Territories Division The Food Bank of Waterloo Region The Kensington Foundation The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem In Canada The Montreal Chest Institute Foundation The Nature Conservancy of Canada Ontario Region The Next 36 The Ottawa Hospital Foundation The Peer Project - Youth Assisting Youth The Robert Land Community Association The Sea Hawks Toronto (Youth Sailing Club) The Smile Train Canada The Stop Community Food Centre The Toronto French School Foundation Theatre Gargantua Theatre Smith-Gilmour Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office Tides Canada Foundation Tides Canada Initiatives Society TIFF Timothy Eaton Memorial Church Tori's Buddies Research Fund Incorporated Toronto Botanical Garden Toronto Centre for Community Learning & Development (CCL&D) Toronto Children's Chorus Toronto Community Housing Toronto District School Board Toronto Foundation for Student Success

Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation Toronto Humane Society Toronto Japanese Language School Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs Toronto Lords Community Association Toronto Park People Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation Toronto Public Library Foundation Toronto Star Children's Charities Toronto Symphony Orchestra Toronto Symphony Volunteer Committee Toronto Wildlife Centre Toronto Youth For Christ (Youth Unlimited) Toronto Zoo Toskan Casale Foundation Touchstone Ministries Inc. Town of the Blue Mountains Township of Minden Hills Township of Muskoka Lakes Trails Youth Initiatives Inc. Trans Canada Trail Transforming Faces Worldwide Trent University Trillium Health Partners Foundation Trinity College Trinity College School Union Gospel Mission United Church of Canada Foundation United Jewish Appeal of Metropolitan Toronto United Way of Greater Toronto United Way of Peterborough & District United Way of York Region UNITY Charity University Health Network University of Western Ontario University of British Columbia University of British Columbia, Faculty of Applied Science University of Guelph University of Manitoba University of New Brunswick University of Ontario Institute of Technology Financial Aid Office University of Ottawa University of Saskatchewan - Awards Office University of Toronto University of Toronto Awards & Admissions Office University of Toronto - Faculty of Law University of Toronto - Faculty of Physical Education and Health University of Toronto Financial Services Dept. University of Toronto - Glomerulonephritis University of Toronto Rotman School of Management University of Toronto - University College University of Toronto - Victoria University University of Toronto Faculty of Law University of Toronto Schools University of Toronto Schools Foundation University of Waterloo University of Western Ontario Upper Canada College Urban Squash Toronto UrbanArts Community Arts Council UrbanPromise Toronto USC Canada Vancouver Volunteer Centre - Vantage Point

Vantage Point Strategies Society Variety Village - The Children's Charity Ve'ahavta: The Canadian Jewish Humanitarian & Relief Committee Vermont Square Parent Child Mother Goose Program Volunteer Canada Volunteer Centre of Calgary Volunteer Ottawa Volunteer Readers Programme Walrus Foundation War Amps of Canada Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation West Coast Environmental Education Society West Hill United Church West Park Healthcare Centre Foundation West Parry Sound Health Centre Foundation Wilfrid Laurier University William Osler Health System Foundation Willing Hearts International Society - Canada Windermere United Church Windfall Women's Brain Health Initiative Women's College Hospital Foundation Women's Habitat of Etobicoke Women's Hostels Incorporated Woodgreen Community Services WoodGreen Foundation Workers' Educational Association of Canada Working Skills Centre World Society for the Protection of Animals World Vision Canada World Wildlife Fund Canada World Wildlife Fund Canada Foundation Writers' Trust of Canada Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto YMCA of Greater Toronto YMCA of Simcoe / Muskoka Yonge Street Mission York School York University York University Foundation Young People's Theatre Youth Employment Service Youth Empowering Parents YWCA December 6 Fund of Toronto YWCA Toronto


Legacy Society

Portraits by Mina

The Legacy Society is made up of people who believe in the Toronto Community Foundation’s long-term vision for Toronto. Each member has designated the Toronto Community Foundation as a recipient of a portion of their estate. Pictured: Sarah, Susan, and Nicolas Latremoille. Matthew & Phyllis Airhart Joan Anderson Robert & Margaret Anglin Elinor Beauchamp§ Mary Bieniewski § W. Donald Black § Ruth Bradshaw Anne Brayley Al Brown Dorothy Bullen § Beverley Burke Gordon § & Kim Cheesbrough Winnifred Bruton § John Carey § Una Coghlan Dr. Sue Corlett § Rev. Frank Corless § Dan Cornacchia Bonnie Cox § J. Douglas Crashley § Jeffrey Dawson & Janice James Gregory & Oksana Deacon Adelle Deacon Frances Deacon Walter Donovan Alexander & Carolyn Drummond Patricia Dunham Frederick Dunn § Ross & Marilyn Durant Margaret Fleming § Gabrielle Fong Roy H. Frankel § Angela Fusco Janet Gadeski & Gary Fisher Ann Garnett Diana Gillespie § Kenneth Goldberg

William & June Gooch Alison Gordon James R. Grand § Harvey & Sue Griggs Elizabeth (Betty) Hamilton § Cecil Hoffman § Allison Hough Mary Rowell Jackman § Isobel Jaffrey § Franc Joubin § Dr. Anish Kirpalani Mark Krakowski Merle Kriss Michael La Patriello § Jim Lawson Susan Latremoille Anne Lindsey Catherine Logan Jon & Nancy Love Frances Anne MacDonald § Neil & Shirley Macdougall Soren & Sheila Madsen Irene Magill Anne Martin Marcia McClung Eleanor McDougall § Florence McEachren § Norman Middleton § Jack Mollenhauer Peter & Bette Morgan Flora Morrison § Dr. Saroja Narasimhan Douglas Neal Eva Neumayer Hoanh & Nina Ngo Dr. Mary L. Northway § Daryl Novak & Brian Harrison

Steve O’Neil & Colette Leger Alfreda Parlee § Michael Pearl § Helen Phelan § Lucile Pratt § Robert Ramsay John & Pamela Richardson Oscar Rogers § Dr. Charles Roy § John & Judy Rumble William Schultz Brian & Annabel Slaight W.W. Southam § William § & Jean Stager Joseph Stauffer § Anne Swarbrick Max Tanenbaum § Marvin & Pamela Tarek Dr. Gaétan Tardif Catherine Thomas & Fraser Baillie Gertrude Thomas § Keith Thomson Barbara Tolson Jean Tompkins § Timothy & Anne Unwin William Vaisey Kevin Vance Joan VanDuzer Joanne Waddington Shannon Waller Ken Watts § Steven Williams § John & Peggy Withrow § Anonymous (20) §Fondly remembered

Professional Advisors

Photo by Vernon Peynado

Professional Advisors play a vital role in helping their clients develop strategies for achieveing their long-term philanthropic goals. We thank them for their continued support. Toronto FC's Dwayne De Rosario (right), celebrates the launch of the DeRo Foundation with his Professional Advisor, Chris Rugel (centre) of Richardson GMP, and his brother, Mark De Rosario (left). Malcolm Archibald, ✳

Jamie Golombek,

Nino Pannozzo, ✳

Nino Ardizzi, ✳

Geoffrey Gouinlock, ✳

Marvi Ricker,

Anthony (Tony) Arrell, ✳

Scott Gibson,

Chris Rugel,

Risa Awerbuck,

Gwen Harvey,

Mike Saron,

Ismail Barmania,

Elena Hoffstein,

Russell Schmidt, ✳

Susan K.D. Bell,

Jamie Johnson, ✳

Michael Shulman, ✳

WeirFoulds LLP (Retired) Dundee Private Investors

Burgundy Asset Management Ltd. Torkin Manes LLP Barmania Lawyers Bell Kearns & Associates Ltd.

Rachel Blumenfeld,

Miller Thomson LLP

Rick Claydon, ✳

CIBC Private Wealth Management Nexus Investment Management Inc. E.E.S. Financial Services Ltd. BridgeWater Family Wealth Services Fasken Martineau LLP

Signal Hill Equity Partners Brenda Lee-Kennedy Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP

Assante Capital Management Ltd. BMO Harris Private Banking Richardson GMP CIBC Wood Gundy

Informoney Financial Planning The Birchwood Group Inc.

Leslie Slater,

Chartered Accountant

Michael Lakhani, ✳

Irene So, ✳

Frank Creaghan, ✳

Susan Latremoille, ✳➢

John Stacey, ✳

Sheila Crummey,

Dean Levitt,

Keith Thomson, ✳➢

Douglas Davis, ✳

Mary Main,

Jeffrey Dawson, ✳➢

William Martin, ✳

Keyser Mason Ball LLP

Meta Tory, ✳ Tim Unwin, ✳➢

Gregory Deacon, ➢

William D. Martin Barrister & Solicitor

Robert Matthews, ✳

Tom Vandewater, ✳

Michael B. Decter, ✳

Longview Asset Management Ltd.

Jill McAlpine,

Lorraine Varga,

Kiki Delaney, ✳

Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants

Tom McCullough, ✳

Ed Waitzer, ✳

Joanne Dereta, ✳

Northwood Family Office LP

Maureen Monaghan,

Laura West,

Lori Duffy,

Monaghan, Barristers and Solicitors

Chris Molloy,

Dianne White,

Assante Financial Management Ltd.

Shelley Williams,

Myers Tsiofas Norheim LLP

Karen Windischmann,

Stonegate Private Counsel LLP Creaghan Mc Connell Group Ltd. Miller Thomson LLP Davis Rea Ltd.

Jeffrey Dawson Insurance Agencies Ltd. Deacon Kalata Consulting Services Inc. LDIC Inc.

C.A. Delaney Capital Management Stonegate Private Counsel LLP WeirFoulds LLP

Assante Financial Management Ltd. Richardson GMP Ltd.

Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants

Michael Ellis,

James Myers, ✳

Margaret E. Franklin,

Neil Nisker,

John Fuke, ✳

Margaret O’Sullivan,

BMO Nesbitt Burns

Marret Private Wealth Inc. Cedarmint Consulting Inc.

Fiera Capital

O’Sullivan Estate Lawyers

RBC Dominion Securities Inc. NexGen Financial LP Stonegate Private Counsel LLP Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP ScotiaMcLeod Inc.

Rosenswig McRae Thorpe LLP Stikeman Elliot Fasken Martineau LLP Nexus Investment Management Inc. BMO Nesbitt Burns BMO Nesbitt Burns

✳ Fundholder ➢ Legacy Society


Financial Information








Endowed Funds




Restricted Funds




Operating Funds







One year




Five years




Ten years




Funds held on behalf of other parties




Funds held for United Way Toronto




Donations received




Grants made




Operating expenses (including investment management fees)




Investments under management

Fund Balances

Annualized Investment returns (gross of fees)

as a % of investments under management


The Art of Wise Giving™ —




The most recent fiscal year for the Toronto Community Foundation (the “Community Foundation”) ended on March 31, 2014. The following pages summarize the Community Foundation’s financial results for the year, beginning with a description of our different types of Funds.

Fund Balances and Fundholders

Fund Balances by Type

Endowed Funds are endowed either permanently or for a specified period of time (typically 10 years), and their granting is restricted to levels determined annually by the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors, in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency requirements. The principal of Flowthrough Funds may be granted at any time. Operating Funds represent the amount of unrestricted gifts or income which are available to the Community Foundation for its operations.

250 200 150 100

Fund Value

In addition to Endowed and Flowthrough Funds, which are assets of the Community Foundation, total assets under management also include assets of other charities which are pooled with the Community Foundation’s own assets for investment purposes (“Consolidated Funds”).


50 0 2010

The number of individual and corporate fundholders with named Endowment and/or Flowthrough Funds continues to grow steadily, from 305 in 2010 to 372 in 2014, a 22% increase. In total, the Community Foundation now has 386 Endowed Funds, 102 Flowthrough Funds, and 17 Consolidated Funds for a total of 505 active Funds.





Operating Funds Consolidated Funds Flowthrough Funds Endowed Funds Note: In 2008, United Way Toronto’s funds, which were consolidated for investment purposes, were moved into a separate pool, and are not shown in the Community Foundation’s Fund balances.

Assets under Management Total assets under management, including United Way of Toronto funds ($80MM), grew from $229MM in 2010 to $298MM at March 31, 2014, an increase of 30%.


300 250









Growth was generated by investment income and new Endowed Funds. The Community Foundation’s total investment income over the five-year period was $65MM. The Community Foundation’s portfolio returned an average of 11.8% per annum over the same period. Over this period, the Community Foundation grew by $39MM through 66 new Endowed Funds.

150 100 50 0 2010


The Art of Wise Giving™ —



Investment Returns All Endowed Funds and Consolidated Funds are invested in pooled funds managed by third party investment management firms. The Community Foundation’s Investment Committee monitors the performance of these firms against the overall investment strategy and against their specific objectives. The Community Foundation has an objective of generating stable and predictable returns sufficient to cover granting and administrative expenses in each year, while maintaining the value of the Fund capital. This policy targets a nominal 7% average annual investment return, or 5% after inflation, over a 5-year cycle, rather than following a more traditional market benchmark. This return target is designed to meet the granting needs of the Fundholders and the Community Foundation’s administrative fees, as well as maintain the value of the capital. Pooled fund investments returned 14.1%% in 2014, compared to an inflation-adjusted constant return target of 6.0%. Flowthrough Funds are invested in short-term investments only. 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% -5% -10% -15% -20% -25% 2005










Donations Received $MM


16 14

Value of Donations



10 8






2 2010


2011 2012

2013 2014


Number of Donations


The Art of Wise Giving™ —

Donors may contribute to named Endowed or Flowthrough Funds at the Community Foundation or to the Community Foundation’s own community initiatives through the Vital Toronto Fund, our community investment fund.

Grants Made $MM

The table below shows the number of organizations who have received grants from the Community Foundation in recent years.

2011 520

2012 539

2013 579

2014 619 Total grants

2010 546

















Number of grants

Total grants made by the Community Foundation from Endowed and Flowthrough Funds increased in 2014 as amounts available to grant were higher due to three years of better investment returns. In 2014, grants totalled $7.3MM, compared to $6.5MM in 2010.

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

Operations The Community Foundation is managed by a team of 19 staff under the direction of the President & CEO. In addition to managing the assets, donations, and grants of the Foundation, staff provide philanthropic services to Fundholders and are actively engaged in initiating and managing the Foundation’s growing involvement in community initiatives with various collaborative partner organizations.

$ 000

Operating Expenses


3,500 3,000








2,500 2,000 1,500 1,000

Total Operating Fund expenses for the fiscal year ending March 31 were $3.4 MM including investment management fees. Philanthropic services fees and fees levied on invested assets covered almost 90% of these costs, with the balance covered by specific grants from Endowed and Flowthrough Funds to offset operating expenses, as well as a variety of donations to the Foundation’s operations.

500 0 2010


The Art of Wise Giving™ —


Bond with Toronto is a bold idea for Torontonians who love our city and are coming together to do something important and special for it.

His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, has challenged Canadians to realize his vision of Canada as a ‘smart and caring country’, with community philanthropy as a central pillar. Bond with Toronto is one of our answers to his call, and the Toronto Community Foundation is perfectly positioned to respond. We have wide knowledge of the city’s issues through our annual Toronto’s Vital Signs® Report. We have a deep understanding of the best organizations that are working on solutions to the issues. Most important, we have nearly 35 years of success in connecting people to ideas and organizations that are shaping the fabric of Toronto today, and for generations to come.

We’re just getting started towards the goal of increasing our endowed assets by $100 million. We invite you to come along the journey and Bond with Toronto. You’ll be with a group of like-minded people who are certain that Toronto can become the city we all want – one that is smarter, more caring, and more prosperous in every way.

Contact: Aneil Gokhale Senior Manager, Development 416-921-2035 ext. 212

Pictured clockwise: His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada with Rahul and Ritu Bhardwaj at the launch of Bond with Toronto; the Halsalls; Dwayne De Rosario; the Lay family; the Griggs family.

Thank you to the contributors and leadership team who have made significant commitments to the early success of Bond with Toronto.

Leadership Bonds


Calamor Fund John and Jocelyn Barford Family Foundation Jon and Nancy Love Foundation Karen and Bill Barnett Fund Martin Connell and Linda Haynes Fund Paterson Smith Family Foundation Richard and Donna Ivey Fund Townsend Family Foundation

7 Days in May Foundation Andrea Miller Fund Bertram Family Fund Bhalla Fund Bill and Janet Young Fund Brayley Family Fund Clarke Family Foundation Clayton Gyotoku Fund Cook Sayeed Callender Fund DeRo Foundation Emmy Duff Scholarship Foundation Erica Shuttleworth Fund G. W. Squibb Family Endowment Fund Griggs Family Foundation

2013/14 Volunteer Leadership Team John Barford Richard Ivey Nancy Love

John MacIntyre Bill MacKinnon Natalie Townsend

Halsall Family Foundation Honey Family Foundation John and Marie Levitt Foundation Lay Family Foundation Lisa's Legacy: The Lisa Montanera Fund Patricia J. Fleming (FBG) Fund Richard and Colleen Peddie Foundation The Susan, Sarah & Nicholas Latremoille Fund Van Biesen-Zimakas Family Fund Vulpe & Pelenyi Charitable Fund

Emma Jenkin Toronto Community Foundation

Canada’s community foundations help communities where they need it the most, connecting people, families and companies with the causes that inspire them. Community makes you. You make your community.



The Art of Wise Giving  
The Art of Wise Giving  

This annual magazine published by the Toronto Community Foundation looks at how important issues are being addressed across Toronto. It also...