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On January 11, the boys basketball team went to Mooreland Hill School to play in a annual basketball tournament. Teams from Chase, Hamden Hall, Mooreland Hill, and IDS competed for the first place trophy. In the morning the IDS boy’s team


played Chase and won

spectacularly. The team played

original inventions at the 30th Annual 2014 IDS Invention

Hamden Hall next and pulled of

Convention, held in the hallway outside of Ms Mansfield’s and Ms.

another win.

The game against

Smith’s classrooms. The Convention was the culmination of weeks of

Mooreland Hill, a long time rival

creative thinking, dismantling machines to learn how they work, and

of IDS, was a challenge for the

construction of original inventions created to solve life’s day to day

whole team. In the end we lost

problems. Inventions ranged from contraptions to prevent


destruction of mailboxes by snow plows, doggie door bells, student

During lunch, the teams were seeded.

IDS was given the first

seed. We then played Mooreland Hill and pulled off an amazing win to make up for what happened in

On Wednesday, April 9th, the Fifth Grade presented their

organizers, back lotion applicators, car seat coolers, recycling transporters, snowboard ankle savers, and automatic cat feeders. The winners of the convention, Ethan Cook and Harper Sanford, will present their projects at a state wide competition after the April vacation. Bravo!

the morning. Next, the team played Chase again in the Championship game and won 27-15. Overall, it was a successful season for the the boys. Thanks to all who came out to watch!

Above: Ethan C. presents his mailbox invention.


Left: Emily G.presents her velcro covered soccer cleat.

Stars We Lost In 2013 By Lauren Hinton “Glee” star Cory Monteith passed away this past summer in July. After a lifelong battle with a drug addiction, Monteith was found dead in his hotel room after suffering from an overdose at only 31 years old. As Monteith died during Glee’s summer hiatus, the future of the show remaines uncertain. Glee’s producers had to make the decision of whether to stop the show or keep airing new episodes. Days after Monteith’s passing, the show’s executive producer announced that the show would be continued for an additional two seasons. The third episode of the fifth season would be a tribute episode in honor of Monteith’s character Finn, as well

IDS Winter Concert By Emily Dell’Orfano IDS students of from grade four through grade 8 displayed their musical talents at the annual Winter Concert on December 20th. The Grade 4-5 Chorus started the show on a good note as they sang three songs entitled “Winter Magic”, “Celebrating Hanukkah”, and “A Bit of Holiday Cheer”. Then, the Chamber Strings, which consists of students from grades 4-8, played a song called “Orpheus in the Underworld”. The Grade 5-6 Band played two songs, called “Hanukkah Holiday” and “Jingle Jive”. The Grade 7-8 Band played two songs called “Thunderbolt” and “Hey Man, Christmas Swings!”. In the midst of all the festivity, the Chamber Clarinets played a song entitled “Divertimento”. Mrs. Mills played with students Kieran Andersen and David Marotolo. These students also accompanied both choruses and the Jazz Band, along with accompanist Marian Vogel. The Middle School Chorus performed two songs. The first one, “Festival Sanctus”, was the regional audition piece. The second one, “Seize the Day”, was from the Broadway show Newsies. The Jazz Band ended the show with two songs called “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”, and “25 or 6 to 4”. This was truly a spectacular Winter Concert.

as for Monteith. The death of Finn was not explained on the show, as the tribute focused on the pain felt by his family and close friends. The episode written in honor of Monteith was emotional and extremely well done. It focused on how Monteith lived his life rather than the way that he died. James Gandolfini, an actor best known for his role as Tony Soprano on the hit television series, “The Sopranos”, also passed away this past year.

While vacationing in Italy i n J u n e , G a n d o l fi n i suffered from a sudden heart attack that took his life. Gandolfini started his career staring on Broadway with Alec Baldwin in a revival of, “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Gandolfini earned three Emmy Awards for his performance on The Sopranos. Actor Steve Van Zandt who starred with Gandolfini on The Sopranos was particularly close to him. Following his death, Van Zandt tweeted, “I have lost a brother and a best friend. The world has lost one of the greatest actors of all time.”


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart By David Marottolo On January 27 in 1756, the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. In honor of this momentous occasion, I am writing to you today about the life of one of the most prodigious composers of all time. As mentioned above, Mozart was born on January 27, 1756, in the city of Salzburg, Austria. His father was Leopold Mozart and his mother was Anna Maria Pertl. At birth, he was christened Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, but he later shortened it to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. His father Leopold was a bookbinder by trade, but he was also a capable musician, and Mozart gained from his father a passion for music. At age five, he could sight-read music almost perfectly. In 1784, when he was eight years old, he composed his first symphony. From 1762 – 1763, when he was six years old, Mozart and his sister Nannerl toured Europe, performing for dukes, princes, and other nobles. While traveling, Mozart also met Johann Christian Bach, son of the famous Johann Sebastian Bach. J.C. Bach convinced Mozart to begin composing his own musical works. Back in Salzburg, Mozart eagerly set to work. In 1768, at age twelve, his opera Bastien und Bastienne was performed in Vienna. Even earlier that year, he had written another opera, Lafinta Semplice. That opera was his first, and Bastien und Bastienne was the first to be performed publicly. In 1774, his Symphony No. 27 was finished, and in 1775, he wrote his 3rd, 4th, and 5th violin concertos. Then, a tragedy occurred. While traveling with Mozart in Paris, his mother became ill, and passed away on July 3, 1778. This deeply upset the young composer. However, Mozart refused to be distracted from his work. His opera Idemeneo became a grand success in Munich. He also won a piano “duel” against the well-known Clementi, further solidifying his reputation in Munich. In 1782, Mozart fell in love with and married Constanze Weber, one of the Webers whose family line would later produce the great composer Carl Maria von Weber. One year later, their son, Raimund Leopold Mozart, was born. Tragically, that same year he died while Mozart and Constanze were traveling. In the same year, Mozart composed his famous Mass in C Minor. Three years later, in 1786, his opera The Marriage of Figaro was performed in Prague. In 1787 Mozart’s father Leopold died, and Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni was performed in Prague. In 1791 his opera The Magic Flute opened in Vienna. That year he also began to write his Requiem Mass, while deathly ill. The Mass was requested anonymously, and Mozart became convinced that it was a sign of his coming death. On December 5, 1791, Mozart passed away, leaving behind his unfinished Requiem Mass, and a legacy of music that will never be forgotten.

! Dorf Brothers Make MORE Technology Recommendations By Caleb and Eli Dorf Summer vacation is just around the corner! Those rainy days will call for some new fun in the house. Check out some of these ideas, appropriate for children ages 13 and under.

Xbox 360Kinect Rivals- Kinects Sports is back, but with even more sports to play with a motion sensors that tracks every muscle in your body, because YOU ARE the controller!


PC- Yup!


FIFA 14- with Pure Shot, more physics are added to the ball and the players NHL 14- With an added collision system from Fight Night Round 2, and a physics engine from Fifa 14, this new installment and 20th anniversary of the original NHL 94 is not going to be a shot in the dark!


SimCity- Similar to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but with more sims, and economy and real buildings!

NBA 2K14- Another great basketball game- with Dynamic Living Rosters, powered by Stats, Inc., keeping player’s stats up to date! Need For Speed: Rivals- The franchise is back with another o p e n - w o r l d r a c i n g ga m e , where Cops and Racers are at it again- with Ferraris for the first time in 12 years!

The way games were meant to be played; on the computer!

Minecraft- even though it’s 3 years old, this amazing game is getting better and better

! ! ! ! ! ! Th First Grade demonstrates another great activity for a rainy day this spring: 3D Construction using goodies from the recycling bin!

by the update! It’s so popular that people are making YouTube videos about it! ($29.99) (current version: 1.6.4 1.7 is coming out soon) Scribblenauts Unlimited- A game where you write in an object and use it to help solve a problem! Need for Speed: World- at $4.99, this is the open world Need for Speed, very similar to NFS: Rivals! (Editor’s Note: Th Ninetendo DS is back, and available in 3D….This open a whole new world of ideas….)

The Fourth Grade Performs Julius Caesar by Sadie Schmitz


• • •

IDS' fourth grade successfully performed William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar this winter. The team of sixteen feverishly worked for two weeks to pull this production of Julius Caesar together. In this production instead of being humans, the students became animals. Christine Colonna de Lega, Scott Kessel, Lori Iannucci, Robin Karatzas, Dawn Schmitz and Courtney MacDonald worked for hours on this and are thanked.

 This production’s main story line was about an emperor named Julius Caesar, a lion. The Roman citizens loved him because he had defeated the Evil Pompeii who had taken them prisoner and burnt their houses. But secretly, five men or dogs were plotting death against Caesar. In the end, they murder him. Once Caesar is dead, his best friends, Mark Antony and Lingarius wait as Brutus admits to the Roman citizens that he and four other men killed Caesar, but he explains that they did it for a good reason. For a period of time the citizens believe that they are right… until Antony and Lingarius give their intriguing speech and by the end the citizens want to kill the conspirators.

Did you see this winter......

The Pre-K Bakery was open for business in December, and the whole room smelled yummy with cinnamon scented play dough.Yum!


The Fifth Grade plays, “The Story of Daedalus and Icarus” and “Speed:The Story of Atalanta” celebrated the class’ favorite Greek myths.

Mr. Schoen and Mrs. Powell’s extraordinary directing and teaching skills really deserve all of the credit. This play was scheduled on short notice and it took cooperation from both students and teachers. The parents are thanked for the wonderful cast party and for helping the fourth graders learn their lines. As Mr. Schoen told us, “A chain has many links, if there is one weak link the chain falls apart.” In this production, I am happy to announce, the fourth grade chain had no weak links. The fourth grade would also like to thank Katie Foster and Avery Schmitz who worked in the booth as well as Finlay MacDonald and Elise Gendrich who helped backstage. Applause for all!!!!

Scenes from the 8th Grade 1928 “March of Time” newsreel project. Check out the bulletin board in the Middle School hallway to see more scenes from this project that explored the effect of the Great Depression on Americans.

IDS Ski Program at Powder Ridge: Confirmed A Success! By Finlay MacDonald The IDS Ski Program was a great success due to the hard work of IDS parent Courtney MacDonald, Ms. Christiansen, and many other parents and faculty. The ski program offered a series of hour-and-a-half long lessons for kids at IDS and took place on Fridays after school throughout the winter, at the recently reopened Powder Ridge Ski Area in Middlefield. Participants skied or boarded with an instructor and a few other kids, in groups based on experience. Skiers and snowboarders rode the chairlifts on some bitterly cold evenings, but all who participated had a blast. Get ready for another ski season in 2014-2015. Beginners welcome! ( Don’t panic if you don’t get all the way up the mountain on your first day. Keep trying and soon you will get there.) It is guaranteed fun for all ages and sizes!

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