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Volume 1, Issue 3

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January 23, 2012

Happy New Year by Mrs. Duckworth’s Class Chinese New Year has many traditions. Some traditions may be strange to you, and others may be familiar. China celebrates their new year with many traditions. To begin with, it’s also know as the Spring Festival. During this time they exchange gifts, wear new clothes, and say prayers. Another tradition is honoring the animal of the year. This year they honored the black water dragon. Traditionally they have special foods and decorations. The dragon is mostly seen in the Chinese New Year’s parade. They believe that the dragon will keep evil spirits away. The fish is believed to bring wealth. The Chinese New Year is very different to ours. This year they celebrate from January 22 to February 6th. We celebrate one day, January 1st. They celebrate differently, but we all celebrate a new beginning. In conclusion the Chinese New Year has many traditions. They celebrate for 15 days, have special foods and decorations, and their New Year is very different that ours. Happy New Year! Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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Martin Luther King, Jr.

by Mrs. Shirley’s Class

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a brave and successful leader. He believed in making changes peacefully. He was born on January 15,1929 in Atlanta Georgia. Racial prejudice in America was wrong, but it was a way of life. Segregation was the law. As a civil rights leader, he helped everyone come together. He believed that he could make a difference in the world. There were marches to fight for freedom. He even spoke to a large crowd and gave a speech known as “I Have a Dream”. It doesn’t matter what color you are, everyone should be treated equally.

After his death, he has been honored because he helped make changes. A law was passed that allowed equality. In his honor, a holiday is observed on his birthday. Many people get a day off, have marches and prayers to remember him. Churches, buildings and streets are named after him. You can even watch a movie that explains his life. As you can see, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a strong and loyal man. He grew up in a time of racial struggle, he helped many people get through it and helped make a change. He will always be remembered for his work.

Special Education: Enabling All to Learn Story by Ms. Urias’ Class Special Education is important to many people. It helps kids with needs get a good education. Special Education helps children that have trouble learning. Special Ed. teachers go into the classrooms and work together with the regular teacher. There are many kinds of disabilities, so an Individualize Education Program (IEP) is created for each individual student. It is helpful for children so that they learn even when they have problems. Mrs. Holguin and Ms. Cole help students with learning disabilities. They use hands-on material, pictures and patterns. Many times they use individual activities on computers and the Smart Board. They also work with small groups and inclusion is done daily. Mrs. Bradshaw and Mrs. Rodriguez teach in the Autistic Unit here at Travis. Classes are very small. The autistic class helps kids that learn at a different level. They teach like any other teacher does, using one-on-one. Both teachers advice parents to . . . “Be supportive, do research and never give up on your child.” To summarize special Education is important. It helps children that have trouble learning. Mrs. Holguin and Ms. Cole help students with learning disabilities and Mrs. Bradshaw and Mrs. Rodriguez teach in the Autistic Unit. We are thankful that all students get the education they need.

Volume 1, Issue 3

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The Snowman is a book about a boy and his snowman. Our favorite character is the snowman because he is sweet. We liked the book because of the part when they became friends. You should read this book because it’s about friend- Reading lets me dream. It lets me see and learn new things. Reading ship. ~Efrain and Joey can be fun and entertaining.

Did you build a snowman on our snow day? NO







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New Year’s Resolutions

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New Year’s resolutions help people make their lives better. Resolutions are goals you set. They are not just for adults. They are also for children. Students can try to pick up their grades by studying harder. For a positive change, they can change their attitude. If you write your goals down, you will not forget them. Resolutions may be hard to keep. Distractions are the people around you. Changing may be hard to do because you are used to being who you are. Students at Travis have New Year’s resolution to become even better. Nathan from Mrs. Davila’s class wants to become an artist and get better grades. Faith in Mrs. Aguirre’s class has a great resolution. Hers is to stop tattling. Clara in Ms. Samora’s class just wants to feel good about herself. In Garcia’s class, Celeste wants to get better at counting money. First graders have resolutions too. Emma in Mrs. McDaniel wants to improve how she behaves with her teacher, and Erica in Mrs. Hubbard’s class wants to learn more about math and listen to her teacher. People try to make themselves better when the new year begins. They make their resolutions hoping their lives become perfect. Their goals are set and they may be hard to keep, but kids at Travis are going to give it a try!

Q. How do you scare a snowman? A. You get a hairdryer!


by Mrs. Quinonez’s Class

Hard at Work!

The arctic fox is an incredibly animal. It can survive frigid Arctic temperatures as low as –58°F !!!

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