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Four Simple Home Repairs J

ust like Harold Atkins’, you too can repair and update your home. Whether it be a repair out of nescesity or a simple update that changes the entire look and atmosphere of a room, knowing how to fix a problem puts you a step ahead. These four simple home repairs can save you money and add appeal to your home. The U.S Department of Housing and Urban development advices aspiring homeowners to consider all the repairs that need to be made to a house while they are choosing their new home. The department also recommends people to take note of any features that will need to be replaced after they purchase the home. From fixing a burst pipe to simply repainting your living room wall, knowing how to make small adjustments here and there will not only benefit your current living environment, but it will also benefit you if you decide to sell out in the future. Just remember that minor investments today, can make a major impact on your home tomorrow.


• Staining

If you are in the mood to redesign your kitchen or bathroom, staining your cabinets might be a great option for you. The new tone of your cabinets could be the center of your next DIY design. Your “new” cabinets will be the talk of your next dinner party. All the tools that you will need can usually be purchased at your local hardware store. In order to prevent your kitch or bathroom to be too dark or too bright, you may want to think about how your stain matches up with the surrounding fixtures. It might be a good idea to test your stain first and compare it to your tile and countertops. There are also several types of stain to choose from.



• Plumbing


We have all been there. The kitchen floor is slowly turnin into a small lake, while we tr find the quickest way to stop Niagara Falls-like leak. In ord to fix that unwanted waterfal feature beneath your sink, yo can either wait for a plumber you can do it yourself. Fixing burst pipe can be an easy task if you have the proper tools, equipment, and knowhow. B fixing your own pipes, you no only save yourself time, but y also save money by forgoing plumber’s labor and only pay for the parts.

3 • Painting You know the drill. After a long day at work, you drive home, open the door, and that foyer wall is just as boring as the day is long. Eggsell doesn’t even look that pretty on eggs. Luckily, painting is a great weekend project. Paint is super versitle. You can choose to paint your wall or a piece of furnature or you can simply add a design feature such as a stripe. Paint is also a longterm investment that increases the value of your home. If done correctly, a fresh coat of paint is a relatively inexpensive way to give your home character and put you on the right track to being prepared to sell your home in the future, if the time comes.


• Hardware Replacement Over a period of years, style chanegs. What was “in” 20 years ago is considered ancient now. Sometimes our homes grow out of style with the changing times. Rather than change a kitchen, bathroom, or even a piece of furniture in its entirety, you can add a quick update by installing new hardware. There are a ton of different types of knobs, handles, and pulls out there. From silver and gold to glass and porcelin,, there are so many varieties to choose from. Because there is such an extensive variety of hardware available, it should be easy to pick out the piece that will fit your design perfectly. This subtle differnce can completely change the way you and your family look at your house.


Four Simple Home Repairs  
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