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A DVE N T U R E S I N A Z Greetings from Arizona! I left over two weeks ago and have had some incredible experiences. I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, God is good. Already in this short time, He has been constantly proving that his ways are better than mine and He has my back. When Angelica and I drove down here, we were planning on living with girls that had already been working for Anasazi. However we couldn’t get a hold of my contact, so we have been living homeless for two weeks. But no worries, homeless for us has been moving from a hotel to a resort to another resort. All for free! God is good. We have been staying at different places in Scottsdale with other trainees and now are staying at Angelica’s parent’s timeshare. Beginning in June, after we get off the trail, four of us girls are going to be living in a house in Cave Creek for the rest of the summer. Last week we had training. Again God is good. The majority of the trainees here have heard about this camp through friends who have worked before. We are the ones that have traveled the farthest and people are amazed we had even heard of it. Certainly a God thing. This program is a Wilderness Therapy Program, but one that is unique from any other in the country. It is the most primitive program in the states and the only one in Arizona. The mission statement of Anasazi” is to prepare the hearts of parents and children to turn towards each other, to begin anew, and walk in harmony in the wilderness of the world”. We teach the kids about new beginnings and the gift of choice. We do not strip search the kids when they first start, but give them an opportunity to physically give up things or psychologically leave things behind. If they choose to run away, we ask to go along and run with them. We call them YoungWalkers because we do not want to label them. When someone is labeled they tend to live up to that label. We give all YoungWalkers knives. As a TrailWalker (my position) we are given the same set of gear as the YoungWalkers, no extras. We are walking the trail together. A little more logistics for those of you who are curious: YoungWalkers come for at least six weeks. They start with a more personalized program called Rabbitstick for a week, then transition into what is called a Band. A Band consists of nine or less YoungWalkers. With each Band there are typically three TrailWalkers. Depending on enrollment, there are usually four or five different Bands. There is also someone called RidgeWalk who drives around 24/7 near the bands to stay in radio contact and be available in case of emergency. As TrailWalkers, we check in with Ridge three times a day giving them our coordinates and a short run down of how our Band is doing. We also are available to the YoungWalkers during all hours of the night. Each night we take turns doing night watch. Each child is also assigned a therapist who comes out each Tuesday along with a nurse to check up on each YoungWalker. We work Wednesday to Wednesday rotations. I will go out for my first trail week this coming Wednesday. We hike out to the Band and switch out with the old TrailWalkers. I will have lots to tell after that I am sure. Happy Trails. Something we say here at Anasazi after what we call the” Sacred Circle” is “Sure love ya”! So here goes, SURE LOVE YA!



Some of what has been going on down here in the beautiful Arizona Weather =]

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