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Victoria Luchita DESIGN PORTFOLIO 2018

Victoria Luchita Portfolio 2018

Central London High end bespoke residential project with hotel service


The project in divided in 3 parts: -Common areas – hallways, reception and main staircases -Pool, spa and gym -36 apartments, 165 bathrooms The 3 areas are designed with marble, over 2000 drawings. The design intent received from architects, the stone design pack are reproduced down to typical details. Pack include the technical details where interfering with structure and other substrates or finishes. Different stone design theories researched and used to create 2-3 unique options that would met the requirements of the clients. Left: Reception area for construction version Victoria Luchita Portfolio 2018

Central London High end bespoke residential project with hotel service


The reception staircases and feature wall designed in marble. After designing the stone staircases is approved, the survey is done to verify or redesigned to have minimum waster and saving time for installation. The main challenge of this staircase is to produce very accurate survey working closely with steel frame subcontractor and all the tiles to be produced just by the manufactory. The tolerances are 1-2mm that are very minimal, to compare, this is the regular joint between the tiles.

Left: Reception staircases and feature wall, with technical typical details Victoria Luchita Portfolio 2018

Central London Luxury Clothes Boutique Retail Interior Design Project


The interior space of the boutique has been re-designed to create open space. My aim was to divide it in functional zones and to bring comfort with warm colours. The area was split up in 3 zones and from any point is clear visibility. When a customer enters, the consultant is able to see him without obstacles. The furniture was design from glass or the high doesn’t exceed the eyes level. The 3 images are hand sketches – visualizations of a clothes boutique

Victoria Luchita Portfolio 2018

Europe Commercial Design Project Modern Hotel Presentation


The reception area of the hotel designed as logo and interior design. The name of the hotel, stylized letter Q, that is persisting in the composition of the floor and continuing to the ceiling through walls. The colouring gamma as the blue sky, creating a relaxing atmosphere. The area separated in the waiting zone, customer service zone and cashiers boutiques.

Left: Hotel hand sketch visualisations – presentation, with floor & ceiling plan, sections and furniture isometry Victoria Luchita Portfolio 2018

Europe Commercial Design Project Modern Hotel Architectural Model


The reception model and the visualisation board were presented to the customer as a great option for the best perception of the information. The 3D model simplify the customer visualisation of the project. As the project is customer’s related business, the model makes possible the research for the footage route and improves the customer’s experience. The main reason of the need of the architectural model, is to visualise the security steps of the bank and minimise the risk.

Left: Hotel handmade model in scale Victoria Luchita Portfolio 2018

Europe Kids Centre Design Project


The project has over 10 classes for children with ages between 4-18 years. A great challenge was to design for kids and teenagers. The style and ergonomics differ a lot if to compare with adults design. The centre design comply with the regulations and have been used eco materials. All areas are designed to be accessible for kids with special needs. The design concept comes from sun theme and developed through the rest of the areas. A research was done for 4,5 months working with kids of different ages, inclusive kids with special needs, to find more about their preferences and needs. Left: Kids Centre presentation Victoria Luchita Portfolio 2018

Victoria luchita portfolio 2018  
Victoria luchita portfolio 2018