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MOOD MAGAZINE DIGITAL PUBLICATION Cover Page & Two Spreads Mood Magazine is a fun Southern Utah University design student collaboration that explored different aspects of one mood, created specifically for the iPad. For my articles, I explored “Entertainment and Happiness,” as well as an article titled “Happiness in Statistics.” I also created a cover for my personal copy of the digital publication.

Ă“RALES SODA BRANDING Bottle + 4 Bottle Pack For my design of the Ă“rales Mexican Soda bottle, I wanted to create a bright, friendly design that was a nod to old wall paintings found in Mexican towns. I did this by using hand-painted typography and bright, vintage colors.

“SNAZZY” TYPEFACE TYPE DESIGN Typeface, Postcard Drawing inspiration from the Sixties, I created a typeface and postcard that embodied the word snazzy and incorporated the 2-D element of plane.

THE RECRUIT BOOK 7 in Ă— 7 in The Recruit was a delightfully insightful collaborative project between the SUU English Poetry class and the Graphic Design Publication Design class. I worked with Hannah Peterson to design a poetry book that included a variety of poems and photos that reflected her thoughts when her brother decided to join the Marines.

SPROCKET BICYCLE COMPANY BRANDING Logo, Storefront & Uniforms I am currently in the process of branding a hypothetical bicycle company. Sprocket remodels old bicycles, adding their own personal touches to each bike. Because I want to keep that juxtaposition of new and old, I am combining modern typography and design with vintage bicycles and a hand done aesthetic in the window displays and interior of the boutique.

KOLOB CANYON REVIEW SCHOOL PUBLICATION 6.5 in Ă— 9 in Kolob Canyon Review is an annual SUU English Department and Graphic Design Department student literary magazine. As Art Editor, I oversaw the design and layout of the magazine, and served on the panel that selected art submissions for the publication. I also served as Production and Layout Editor the previous year, overseeing the printing and layout of over 200 copies of the book.

PRESENCE FURNITURE STORE WEBSITE Presence is a hypothetical furniture store that I create a web presence for. I wanted the website to appeal to an upper class demographic that was attracted to modern furniture with personality. I achieved this by using a minimalist layout, modern typography and a muted color palette that reflected the type of furniture that Presence would sell.

PROJECT GIRL WEBSITE Project Girl is a website that provides up-to-date information on how to best help uneducated girls in third world countries by amalgamating RSS feeds from different blogs dedicated to the cause. The site needed to feel feminine without being fluffy, approachable and easy to read and navigate.

GRIMM’S FAIRY TALES BOOK 7 in × 7 in The Grimm’s Fairy Tales Project is a reimagining of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales that most people know and love. Because the stories are usually quite strange and have a lot of different characters and themes, I decided to modernize the look and feel, combining unique collage illustrations with modern type treatments to create an aesthetic that had never been used in a fairy tale book. The result was a total modern revival of the stories themselves.

WHAT IS GRAPHIC DESIGN? POSTER 18 in Ă— 24 in What is Graphic Design? is a pamphlet designed to help educate new graphic design students about the variety of paths available to someone who is interested in graphic design. Brochure fold outs into a large infographic poster.

ANAHEIM BOARD CO. CATALOG CATALOG 8 in Ă— 9 in Anaheim Board Company was a hypothetical longboard company. This catalog was a collaboration between For the Love Studios and I to create a lifestyle catalog that embodied the passionate, carefree way of life that every longboarder on set seemed to have.

“WALDORF” TYPEFACE TYPEFACE & POSTERS 18 in × 24 in The Waldorf typeface was a Art Deco-style font that was inspired by the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. I also created a specimen poster that embodied the look of a certain designer (I chose Jessica Hische, illustrator & letterer).


Tori Leavitt Portfolio  

Graphic Design Portfolio: select works from my undergraduate at Southern Utah University.

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