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What is truth? Where do people look for it? The truth is the real facts about something, the things that are true. People look for the truth in many ways. Some people look for it deep within themselves, and some people look for it in someone else by their feelings and reactions towards things. It relates to “The house of Usher” in a way that, He was scared when his sister died, they would want to dig her up to look into her disease more since it is such a rare case. So he buried her under his house, to kind of hide the truth. It relates to “The Crusibles” when John had to pick between being a lair or actually be a honest man, for his life. All he had to do is say he brought witchcraft in and it was all his fault and he would live along with his wife, it would put the end to the rumors and he wanted to stay truthful to himself and everyone else when he didn’t take the blame.

What is truth  
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