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Potential Risks of Liposuction Due to several reasons, fat is deposited under the skin and, when the deposits grow large, the body loses   its   natural   shape.     With   the   help   of   liposuction   cosmetic   surgery,   people   can   reshape   their   body.   Liposuction is used to suck out the fat from under the skin and when the fat is removed from different  parts  of   the   body,   the   body   regains   its  lost   shape.     The   effectiveness  and   rapid   results   have   made   liposuction a highly preferred cosmetic surgery to improve body shape.  If you want to undergo liposuction   surgery,   you   have   to   be   medically   evaluated   to   check   whether   you   are   fit   for   the   surgery   since   not  everyone can undergo liposuction surgery.    Many benefits are there in liposuction, and many risks are also associated with this cosmetic surgical   procedure.     Like   any   other   surgery,   liposuction   also   involves   both   serious   and   minor   types   of   complications.  The person, who wishes to have the surgery performed, should acquire full knowledge of  this procedure.  When we look at the possible risks and side effects of liposuction, we find many risks of serious nature  associated with liposuction. The several risks include the allergic reactions to anesthesia or medications,  longer wound healing time, chances of infection, damage to skin nerves and vital organs, friction burns,  excessive fluid loss that may lead to shock and even death if not controlled in time, and fluid accumulation  if not drained. There could be a chance of blood or fat clots to enter the lungs, leading to severe health   hazards including death.  These serious types of risk are rare but can’t be denied at all. Minor   risks   of   liposuction   cosmetic   surgery   include   fainting   after   surgery,   sagging   or   discolor   skin,  bruising, focal skin necrosis, scars, lumpy appearance, numbness, and non­lethal drug interactions.  Even  these types of minor complications can turn serious if not addressed properly.   Many   complications   associated   with   liposuction   can   be   minimized   with   enough   information   and   by  choosing a well­qualified surgeon to perform the surgery.  The patient should clearly understand what is  liposuction, what to expect from it, how it is performed, what are the side effects and risks involved in this  surgery, and so on.  Not everyone can have this surgery since if you are suffering from certain medical  conditions,  having such surgery  can  lead to  serious  consequences.    You  will be evaluated medically  before a decision is taken on surgery.   Liposuction is a good way to reshape our body provided it is   approached carefully.  References:­risks­and­complications/­risks­of­liposuction/


Due to several reasons, fat is deposited under the skin and, when the deposits grow large, the body loses its natural shape.

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