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What Is M.I.M.I? Mama  I'mma  Make  It  or  (M.I.M.I)  is  a  six-­‐part   media  outlet  and  showcasing  brand  dedicated  to   providing  talented  underground  music  artists   and  creative  minds  a  platform  to  be  seen  and   heard.  Featuring  talent  from  cities  across  the   country,  the  series'  home  base  is  in  the  concrete   jungle,  NYC.    M.I.M.I.'s  driving  force  is  the   passionate  yet  under-­‐supported  artists  who  stop   at  nothing  to  make  their  dreams  reality.  Through   concert-­‐  style  showcasing  series,  Mama  I'mma   Make  It  provides  these  amazing  artists  an  outlet   and  a  home  to  rest  their  artistry  and  tell  their   story.    

The  series  began  in  September  2011  at  Secret   Lounge  with  an  inspiring,  handpicked   selection  of  talent  from  The  Bronx,  Brooklyn,   Queens  and  Philadelphia.  Many  of  these   artists  have  been  featured  on  MTV’s   SuckerFree  Sunday,,,  and  more!   The  1st  showcase  received  rave  reviews  and   anticipation  for  future  shows  is  growing   rapidly.  The  diverse  &  brilliant  acts  are   selected  from  their  ability  to  surpass  M.I.M.I’s   high-­‐artistic  standards.  

Hosted by Samantha Alexandra & Derrick Swerve

Music By DJ Will Gates

M.I.M.I Press

For  More  Information  on  the  M.I.M.I   Showcase  contact  Samantha  Alexandra:    


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