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Gild Creative Group Social Media Strategy

About Gild Creative Group WHO ARE WE? • Management Company focused on creating strategic brand partnerships for our clients • A blend of music, marketing and strategy keep us on the cusp of contemporary culture

Karen Civil Media Personality

Kris Kasanova Unsigned Recording Artist

Gild Creative Group Values What Do We Care About? • More than anything, we value CULTURE. We stay on the cusp of culture by keeping in tune with what is happening in Music, Marketing, Advertising and Agency.

Why Social Media? How Can We Use Social Media To Express Our Values? By utilizing social media we are able to: •Engage with our audience •Interact with influencers •Become a resource •Create culturally- relevant CONTENT

Why Will People Care? Who Is Our Audience?

Gild Creative Group can become a resource for young Professional seeking information on: •Music •Advertising, •Marketing •Culture •Agency operations

How Will We Reach Our Audience What Social Media Channels Will Be Used? Twitter: @GildCreativeGroup •share links to articles •Interact with influencers •Share original GCG content

Instagram: @GildCreativeGroup •Will feature images from clients, fliers or GCG events.

How Will We Best Use These Channels? What Are Our Tactics? • Usage of the hashtag #GCG to accompany all original content • Tweets schedule 5 times per week with links to articles, videos and blog posts. • Interaction with influencers on Twitter via RTs and @replies • Instagram updates weekly with original GCG content • Participation in tweet chats and live-tweeting from events.

How Will We Know Our Tactics Work? What Measures of Success Will We Use? Success will be measured by: •Measure the amount of followers we increase by monthly on Twitter and Instagram •Using, we will measure how interactive followers are with our links (clicks, RTs, etc.) and which subjects interest our audience the most •We will log all replies and RTs from influencers to measure which ones interact with us the most

Drafted example of Social Strategy  

Created for Gild Creative Group, August 2013