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By: Tori Cantoral

At certain points in peoples’ lives, they realize they’re only a selected group of people they trust most, talk to often and hangout with more then others. The focus of this book revolves around the people I socialize most with; my Mom, my brothers Michael and Frank, and my boyfriend Zak. I have come to the conclusion of focusing my photos around the people I socialize most with and the people that mean most to me. I realized that there is a selected few that orbits my life’s cycle. These people, my mom brothers and boyfriend, are most relevant to my everyday life and basically sum up my documentary. Although while I’m photographing my favorite people mentioned, I don’t realize that every second I capture is so valuable. My theme may also focus on each decisive moment that takes place during any photo shoot we encounter.

Notice each picture tells it’s own story. Every photo I take of my family and boyfriend represent the significance they have in my life. I cherish every moment I spend with all four characters, not only because they make great impacts in my life but also because with every picture I take, another lesson and adventure are practiced.

People Who Matter  
People Who Matter  

A sweet photo album book report containing the people i cre most about and their dailey activities.