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Victoria Cantoral

The action of framing something goes hand in hand with taking a photograph. In my photographs I chose to selecet certain areas because I found them more interesting then the rest of the “big� picture.

My photographs demonstrate framing because I left out the rest of the door and porch in the first picture, and in the second picture I only included half of the couch and not all of the guitar.

Lighting is a major detail of photography because it naturally or artifically illuminates what you want shown in your photograph.

In each of my pictures a light source is specifically shown. In the photo on the left, the lighting was chosen for me by the stage set up. Because of this white lighting I was able to capture an entire applauding crowd. In the photo on the right, the cake is illuminated by the candles. With lighting, contrast and shadowing come into the photograph.

When taking a picture, you always subconsciously capture your desisive momment. This momment is when you finally decide that is the exact time you think the subject looks its best.

In my first photo, time comes into play because of the windy weather condition. You can see movement in the shape of the bow. The festive decoration also displays a certain time of year. In the second photo, Pete townshend is in mid guitar session, which obviously shoes time because a musician in constantly moving.

Depth in photography is having a foreground and a background. In both of my photos I display a near sighted object, being the elf and the glass, and a far sighted object.

The subject in the background, being the cat and the person demonstrate distant between to objects which shows depth in the photo. To make the depth more clear the object in the background is blurrier. This shows which part of the frame I focused on.

Perspective is all about how you view something, and in photography this can be expressed by certain angles, or if you’re trying to give off a message.

In the first photograph perspective is used because it is an angle your’re not familiar with unless you’re in the eye of the beholder.

Contrast is idealy in every picture you take since color and texture is constantly contrasting. A photograph can even display contrast through meaning or subject in the picture, whether your picture is abstract or literal. In both of my photos, I am litterally displaying contrast by showing extreme dark and extreme light. In the first picture this is shown with the night’s darkness and a car’s high beams. In the second picture, contrast is represented with light and lack of light as well.

Jeanne Hebuterne


Home Alone

Film Still

Elements Of Beauty  

Elements Of Beauty through different themes in photography.

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