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Making The Invisible Visible research

It’s area’s of intrest are classical music and opera, but jazz, world music, drama, culture and the arts also feature. They commisson the most amount ot of new music and promotes young musicians through the New Generation Artists scheme. BBC proms are broadcasted on this station. Info from :

Kinetic type is an art technique by animating text that would otherwise be static. Its adding qualities to the text that you would usually find in film or spoken word. It focuses on the understanding of the effect time has on the expression of the text and adds emotions and appeal to the expressive text. Info from :

This form of story telling is addicting and fun, which holds our attentions and engages us. We now live in a visual time and world, and by making the text animated it gets people to read all the way through and go on to share with many other people which is very important to story telling. Lauren M. Rabaino said “a new wealth of knowledge that is easily digestible and thus easily retainable.”

The following information is from: and It blends the world of design and the world of motion together, and by learning how to compliment each other you can create an amazing piece of work. It is used in adverts a lot, and can be a powerful tool of persuasion. If it is mixed with the right typeface, graphics and music it can be very convincing. I get the feel from the images that they have tried to add a more ‘trendy’ ‘modren’ twist to their graphics to help perhaps get more people interested to say ‘actually classical music and the arts isn’t boring!’

This is the clip i ended up choosing. “Got 2 Alice’s, 2 beauties and 3 Cinderellas and they’re all too nice writes Luke Cachelly. In Cinderella in particular he pleads for step sisters who are not cut out but who are lethally vicious bullies, as he puts it you’re not going to tell me there is a shortage of mean girls in British ballet.”

It works so well as video is about story telling. By using one of the oldest forms of communication; text, you can create something very powerful. It seems to make sense to take one of the oldest forms of communication and showing it in a new way, telling text based stories through animated words.

Static type: It is an art technique where you arrange text, type design and modify type glyphs for mainly print and web based things.

Kinetic type – It is the technical term for moving text. It involves an animation technique, consistent design and creative animation.

Making The Invisible Visible research

There aren’t any particularly ‘fancy’ animation, instead he uses colouring of the letters to show you who is talking and when he is lying and what he is really thinking.

It’s really clever and funny, it makes you interacte with it, taking in what the audio is saying and what the text is saying which on occasions contradicts each other.

It is a good piece and idea, as people can relate to it as there are plenty of times you say something, while thinking something else.

This is a really powerful video. It uses what Lauren M. Rabaino spoke about, the right text, music etc can be very persuasive. The bold text and bold movements make me feel like this is something very important. The text is so bold and has very powerful movements it feels like an authority, like you have to listen to what it is saying and that it is truth and important, rather than dismissing it.

It pulls you into the story of the girl, and you feel connected making you want to help. The text is done in such a way you are interested in the story and it’s hard to move away from it, which is also helped by the music giving you the feeling that there is hope.

I really like this piece. I think that they used the big bold text in a way to get information to you and stuck in your head. Although it does rely on images quite alot, it does work without them as you are more drawn to the words rather than the images.

The text is bright, and big. This gets the information straight to you which is the point.

Making The Invisible Visible style sheet

I looked at in my style sheets Cinderella. They use alot of light baby colours for her. I took some samples from these.

I also looked at evil, just using a selection of images sort of creeping. I get the feel that the step sisters and the mean girls in ballet sort of creep onto the nice things, in particular Cinderella.

Making The Invisible Visible

style sheet

I also looked at letters and e-mails the presenter is reading out the message. I looked at Helvetica because this is a smart font clear bold font. It has something particularly British about it, and could be a good font to choose to send a letter. I imagine it would be a typed letter as it seems to be from someone educated on ballet and more upper class.

I also looked at ballet and some bad ballet. Ballet seems to be alot of creams and white on black backgrounds, again giving me the feeling that evil is creeping in.

The border was to give the idea of the evil and the good being inside it.

Making The Invisible Visible story boards

Making The Invisible Visible ideas

I started off by trying a pink colour. I made a faded black border to add a slight feel of evil creeping in to show the mean ballet girls and evil stepsisters. The pink was based on the colours I took from my style sheets. It was to represent the Cinderella, or ‘good girl’ in the middle. However I felt that this colour didn’t work very well.

I tried a blue again from the style sheets, but it also faced the same issues as the pink colour even when I tried a lighter one it ended up being very dark looking and again a little childish.

It ended up being too dark with the black around it. Also it didn’t really seem mature enough of the target audience of radio 3.

I then tried a cream colour. This is based on the ballet shoes, and keeps with the soft pastel colours I noticed were used in the Cinderella images. I think this worked best. It was quite mature looking and didn’t distract from the text, instead just accentuated it instead.

Making The Invisible Visible final

I followed my storyboard quite well, and made a few changes. I also learnt a few new things while using after effects and was able to add extra movement and interesting angles to the more boring pieces of text.

A lot of my time was spent actually learning how to make a kinetic type video as I had no idea and never used after effects before.

Once I got the hang of it I really enjoyed it, and wished I had more time to learn more things, like using the camera and such. I’m not a fan of moving image or animation, but I actually quite enjoyed doing this video.

I’m pleased with the end result. I think it worked well, and goes with the audio to explain the clip of audio and tell the story.

Kentic Type  

Kentic Type Brief for Uni.