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Seiko watch is an ideal choice for those who prefer a stylish watch. The Seiko Corporation is basically a Japanese company, which was established in 1881 by Kintaro Hattori. Originally the company was both a watch as well as a jewelry shop and was located in Ginza area of Japan. In the year of 1892, Seiko Corporation made its venture into the manufacturing of clocks. The brand name used for these clocks was Seikosha. Despite being in the manufacturing line for so many years, it was not before 1924 when the watches carrying the name "Seiko" were manufactured. In 1969, a Seiko watch called "Seiko Astron", being the first quartz watch created new dimensions in the field of watch-making. The price of this watch at that time was comparable to that of a medium-sized car. Today, being one of the most accurate watches in the world, the Seiko watches have found their place in the Olympic Games as official timekeepers. Though the company manufactures several different types of watches but the most popular among them are wrist watches. These watches are made with the help of advanced and latest technology. Both mechanical as well as Quartz watches are manufactured by Seiko Company. Some of these watches even do not require a battery and are wonderful in daily use being powered by just wearing. The watches vary widely in variety as well as prices. Seiko is also famous for high performance, low cost digital wrist watches. Seiko is also attached with the launching of first quartz watch for women and the first LCD six-digit display watch.

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Check out the BEST-SELLING Seiko watches! Click the link below! ==== ====

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