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You have wanted to purchase a Seiko watch for as long as you can remember but you just never got around to it. You have seen this company's watches advertised on the internet and in stores and now you want to purchase one for your very own. Seiko was established in 1881 and is one of the premier watch manufacturers in the world today and introduced their first quartz watch in 1969. Sekio believes that the best way for you to select and actually buy one of their watches is by going through one of their authorized retailers in a store. This will help ensure that you have an opportunity to see the latest Seiko styles that are available to the public. In addition, by purchasing from the authorized retailer, they will ensure that your watch is properly sized so that it fits correctly and they will provide you with any special operating instructions about the watch. So, you want a Seiko watch. Now, what watch are you interested in getting? Did you know that you are no longer confined to the standard watch that your father and grandfather had? Consider one of the new Seiko watches--such as the world's first electronic paper watch. It was touted as being the first watch to utilize an electronic paper display-this design incorporated an easy-to-read, ultra-thin, low-power display integrated into an eye-catching curved band. How about the Seiko Kinetic watch? You will never have to worry about taking your watch to the jeweler just to change the battery. The Kinetic watch has a quartz movement that does not use a battery. By the simple move of your wrist, the capacitor charges itself. Once the capacitor is fully charged, your watches will store energy for up to 6 months. If you wear your watch everyday, the capacitor is continually recharged and there are over 20 models to choose from. Are you concerned about the plight of people in far away countries that are working in mines or supporting terrorists? Well, Seiko advertised that the diamonds used in their watches were purchased from legitimate sources and that they were not involved in funding conflicts. So, what Seiko watch will you buy for yourself? It really does not matter because they are all excellent products. What you need to do is to make up your mind. Not an easy task to do since there are hundreds of different makes, models and styles to choose from. Go into an authorized dealer and take a look around. Or, go onto the internet and look at what is available. It may be that your perfect watch is on the internet and that your local authorized distributor will have to order it for you. But, what is better than having a watch ordered for you and sized perfectly to your wrist. And, if there is a problem, you can go back to the dealer or contact Seiko Corporation of America directly by emailing their web site. Good old fashion customer service can go a long way, and Seiko watch authorized distributors

know about their products and how to please the consumer.

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==== ==== Check out the BEST-SELLING Seiko watches! Click the link below! ==== ====

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