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First Responders

Written By Kyra L. Hancock
Alfred State College Police Officers Dan Sheppard and Greg Howe.
 Photo by Adrian Acosta

When someone gets into an accident, when someone is in a medical emergency, or a domestic dispute, a fire, etc. the first people usually on scene are the first responders. First responders are a vital point when it comes to an emergency. They are the ones who rush to the scene and provide immediate assistance. They are specially trained and work hard to be there when they are needed the most. Once you dial 9-1-1 and you state your emergency, they are the ones who are first notified and sent to the scene. A first responder can be a police officer or an EMT. They risk their lives in certain circumstances, and do everything they can to make sure you stay alive and stay safe.

Police officers ensure your safety. They go through the struggle of being called names and being ridiculed. They face the pressures of keeping civilians safe and alive. They risk their lives in dangerous. They sacrifice their time with family to stay at the station just in case. They have a duty and an oath to uphold, and they do it to their best of abilities. Police officers often face judgment because of some officers who abuse their ability, but there are many more officers who take their position (Continued on page 2) seriously, and bring so much pride to the title. An officer is a hero to a community, and they are role models that inspire children to do better, and to think about the community. Officers of the law are brave, and their lives mean just as much as our own. They make the necessary sacrifices to keep people from harm, and they often are the ones that comfort victims the most. They deserve a higher praise for their sacrifice, and their time.

Firefighters risk their lives walking to the fires or into the fires to save those that may be trapped. They spend so much time away from their families all to keep people safe, and also live by a code and their duty. They are saviors from fire, and they are the ones that put out the flames and they are specially trained to do so. They risk their lives for their community because they care. A firefighter wears heavy gear and pushes their bodies to the limit, or even beyond the limit, to ensure that another life is safe. They are just as important as law enforcement. Their lives mean just as much as our own, and they deserve praise for their bravery and care. Paramedics are an essential part of saving a life in danger. When someone is being mercyflighted or driven via ambulance to a hospital, the paramedics are there by their side to keep them calm and to prep them for the hospital. They are trained to take care of the patient and make sure they stay alive on the ride to the hospital. They are one of the first people on the scene of an accident, or a tragedy. Paramedics deserve an award for their bravery, and for their sacrifice of their sanity, their time, and their efforts. Without paramedics, some patients would not live to see the hospital. Without a paramedics patience and calmness a patient might go crazy on the ride to the hospital. Paramedics are trained to keep patients calm during the ride so that nothing bad happens to them on the ride, and so the paramedic can go through the process they need to in order to secure the patients’ readiness for the hospital.

What do all of these professons have in common? Each of them, risks their lives in some sort of way. They risk their time and their wellbeing. Anytime you see a police officer, paramedic, or firefighter, thank them for their service. They signed up for their duties because they care so much, and they love what they do because they can help people in a way most others can’t. They sacrifice so much for their community, and their country. The only thing they ask for in return is pay, because they, too, have families to feed and protect. They lose sleep and sometimes don’t get to eat 3 square meals a day. So, the next time you see a police officer, or a paramedic, or a fire fighter, don’t forget to say thank you for your service.

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