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Monday, February 18, 2013

Spring 2013 - Issue III

Best Beard and Braid Competition

The Alfred State Outdoor Recreation Club recently sponsored a Best Beard and Braid competition, open to students, faculty, and staff. The premise of the competition was for the guys to grow a beard for the entire month of November (without shaving) and then to showcase their growth at the end of the month. A ‘before’ photo was taken, clean shaven, and an ‘after’ photo was taken once the month had ended. The club didn’t want to leave the gals out, so ‘best braid’ was also part of the competition. A $10 donation was collected from each participant along with some donations received from those not participating. The before and after photos were posted to Facebook, asking friends to vote for their favorite braid and favorite beard. The winners for best braid were

Budgets for Fall Are Due Soon!

Nichole Conner It is that time again; budget requests are going to be due soon, March 1st to be exact. Try to remember that when submitting these budget requests everyone in your group should be involved. It is something that people can learn from and you never know what good it might do them in the future. Student Senate works on a zero based budget strategy, this means that just because you got so much last year does not mean you will get the same amount or more this coming year. Every budget line must be fully justified. If this is not done then there is a good chance there will be a loss of funds. Each group should have careful planning of how funds will be spent in the future, give specific examples. There are more and more groups forming on campus, Student Senate tries to evenly and fairly distribute funding to each group. Any late submissions are subject to be denied, so be sure to get them in on time. A hard copy and electronic copy should be submitted to Judy Osborn ( by 4 p.m. on March 1st. There should be inclusion of the electronic signature of the president, advisors, and treasurer. The indication should be reflective of the membership as well. The budget request packet can be accessed but going to https:// ssenate/documentlibrary or visiting Student Senate on pioneer link and clicking on documents, it will be the first one listed. Please remember that this form is very important to the future of your club!

Kalem Chambliss (student) and Kathy Bayus (staff). Best beard accolades went to Ben Cawley (staff) and Doug Sassaman (student). Jacob Bayus, president of the Outdoor Recreation Club, presented a t-shirt and a free trip of their choice on an outdoor recreation club outing to the winners. $250 was collected and donated by the club to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. This year’s winners of the Best Beard and Braid Competition are, left to right, Kalem Chambliss, Ben Cawley, Kathy Bayus, and Doug Sassaman.

Why BSU Got a New Name Ayana M. Rhodes As the current president of the organization formally known as BSU, I decided to make a change and take us in a new direction. At first I didn’t know how to go about it. But I wanted to celebrate culture not color and I believed that “Black Student Union” was a description that lacked culture. I also believed that the phrase “Black student” was limiting the potential of the group and its ability to reach Non-African American students. I decided that name Ujima would fit the group the best. The meaning of Ujima is “collective work and responsibility.” It is the third principle from the African-American celebra-

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tion called Kwanzaa, which is celebrated each year from December 26 to January 1. Here at Alfred State, Ujima’s mission is to work to together to make things happen. I believe the change of name will bring change for the group and possibly the college. It will bring new mean-

ing and new understanding of African-American Culture in general. Therefore, it will not only educate but it will also celebrate the culture. It will also be more inviting, more inclusive. That is why the members of Ujima’s Board also agreed to the new change.

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Juliana Gray,

published poet, has been invited to campus for a New Horizons Forum.

Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013 Allegany Room, CDH 6 p.m. reception

6:30 - 8 p.m. Zucchini Juliana Gray We turn our backs, and each hydra head

We meet every Monday Orvis Conference Room at 4 P.M. If you have any questions, feel free to email:

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of orange bloom that bore a tender, cute and greeny vegetable—or is it fruit?— has swollen to the size of a Samoyed. We simmer soups, we bake our loaves of bread, our casseroles, seeking to transmute the summer’s plenitude of garden loot to something we can save for winter’s stead. We’re happiest when we manage to give the stuff away. Exchanging food, the neighborhood of men and women believe they can dispel their disparate fears—there’s almost joy enough for faith: that nature provides, that God is good, that such an earth could never be a hell.

Juliana Gray’s second poetry collection, Roleplay, won the 2010 Orphic Prize and was recently published by Dream Horse Press. Recent poems have appeared in or are forthcoming from Barrow Street, Measure, 32 Poems, Waccamaw and elsewhere. An Alabama native, she lives in western New York and is an associate professor of English at Alfred University.

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Monday, February 18,

The Secret of Your Success Ron A. Rhoades Studies show that f you possess “self-control” you are far more likely to be wealthy, happy, and well-adjusted. In fact, self-control is more important than intelligence, SAT scores, or family background. “Self-control” is the ability to control one’s emotions, behavior and desires in order to obtain some reward later. Yet most persons (including college students) suffer from problems with self-control … whether it be in the achievement of the completion of a common college task (e.g., homework or test preparation) or with regard to matters with huge long-term financial implications (e.g.., not incurring credit card debt you will have difficulty paying off). During decision-making moments a person often places disproportionate weight on immediate costs and benefits, rather than what is important for the long-term. The good news is that “practice makes (nearly) perfect.” That’s because self—control is like a muscle … the more you use it, the stronger self-control gets. That’s also why it is hard to “get back in the groove” after a break. At the same time, you may be aware of individuals who, through practicing self-control continually, develop an immense ability to exercise self-control, even when accomplishing many tasks requiring self-control in repetition. But how does one begin to “practice” self-control? One must

first understand that goals and rewards which are abstract and likely to be achieved only in the future, such as “securing a good education, good grades, and landing a good job,” are likely to be de-valued relative to those goals or rewards which can be achieved in the very near-term and more concretely. For example, “play video games now” or “let’s go out” – while neither possesses a great long-term positive effect on one’s development – are much more concrete and near-term (and hence are more motivating) to a person than “outline this chapter in order to do well on the final exam several weeks from now.” The first step to better self-control is simply being aware that your brain assigns abstract and far-off goals less value. While externally-imposed deadlines, such as professor-imposed deadlines to submit an assignment, are generally met, life won’t always involve situations in which deadlines are imposed by others upon you. In the real world, you will need to self-impose upon yourself your own deadlines … and learn how to stick with them. One way to enhance your own self-control is to adopt a nearterm reward for a goal: “If I finish outlining this section of the chapter, I will then be able to be on Facebook for 10 minutes.” (It would be best if a timer is then set.) Another such a technique is a “pre-commitment” device.

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Often this is where one puts the wrong choice beyond reach. For example, a student who shops weekly for snacks for her or his dorm room might only purchase a week’s supply of 100-calorie snacks. By eschewing snacks with higher calorie content the student does not have to confront the difficult choice of whether or not to eat an unhealthy snack. And by limiting the number of snacks purchased to a week’s supply (even if a larger quantity purchase would result in discounts), the student becomes more aware that eating the 100-calorie snacks all in the first few evenings results in the prospect of no snacks later in the week. What are some other pre-commitment techniques? (1) Study in a controlled environment, like the library (better yet, undertake a mutual promise with a friend to study there until a certain time); (2) turn off your smart phone; (3) leave your video games at home – don’t bring them to your dorm room; (4) turn off your internet connection on your computer (unless you need it for the assignment); (5) plan to reward yourself with a recreational activity – but only after you have completed your assignments; and (6) make a commitment to meet a friend at a particular time in the gym, in order to exercise. In the real world few supervisors desire to deal with employees


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who need to be constantly provided deadlines in order to get projects accomplished. In this regard, your ability to exercise self-control is a key factor affecting your retention and promotion within a firm. Of course, practice is just that … practice. You won’t always succeed in exercising self-control. No one is perfect. There will be lapses. But, over time, and with continued practice, your capacity to exert self-control can substantially increase, leading to a much more fulfilling and rewarding life. Do you have 25 minutes to learn more about self-control … In order for you to be more successful for the rest of your life? Watch these videos: “‘Sesame Street’ Tells You How to Get to Sunnier Days Financially” [9:36] at http://www. “Stop Procrastinating” [4:17] at com/watch?v=qjIsdbBsE8g “3 Powerful Techniques To Beat Procrastination” [3:45] at w a t c h ? v = VA 8 D 1 c G W 5 Q k “How Bad Do You Want It?” [5:51] found at Ron Rhoades, JD, CFP® is an Assistant Professor in Alfred State’s Business Department, where he teaches business law and financial planning.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Power DE:Rangers By: Damian Grimes

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WETD Spotlight

My name is Sadé Bond. I am from Washington, DC, but I moved to Akron, OH about three years ago. I am a Human Services student, and I am graduating in May 2013. I have many leadership roles here on campus. I am the President of Rainbow Union, and I am also the Public Relations officer for WETD. This is my second semester on the Board for WETD 90.7FM. This is also my second semester being a DJ. You can catch me on the radio on Tuesdays. My DJ name is Shawty B. If you cannot catch my DJ name when I am on air, you will be able to know who is on by my catchy slogan: What’s the deal pickles…Is everything going Kosher? There is nothing more I love doing than playing music in the studio during my free time. I play different genres to fit our diverse campus so all must tune in. Ever want an interview? DJ Shawty B. will handle it!

Want to Advertise?

Lila Campiz Editor-in-Chief Did you know that pledging started on Sunday, February 10th? If you are not Greek or know many of them then most likely you would not have noticed. Here at Alfred State, there are approximately 200 Greeks, now that does not seem like a lot. However, Greeks play a huge role on campus. Many of them are Resident Assistants; hold numerous positions in Student Activities and positions on Student Senate. That means that Greeks are not

Season of the Greeks

just active in their fraternity or so- have the same or similar reasons rority but they are also active on while others are completely different. Whatever the reason may be, it was our own decision. No one “From the outside looking in you ever forces you into Greek life; if can never understand it. From the you want it then you go after it. inside looking out you can never Although pledging has startexplain it.” ed this semester, if you are interested in Greek life you are always welcomed to any Greek campus on top of being a student. around campus more about their Greek Life might not be for ev- house. I know for myself I would eryone and as a Greek myself I am be more than happy to answer aware of this. We all pledge for a any questions anyone may have. different reason. Some people may

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Monday, February 18,

Dr. Arroyo’s Plans for the Athletic Department that each team faces. You will al- background on coaching is trying to ways have to deal with motivating support the coaches to recruit more. the athletes to go to their full poten- We purchased an online database tial, academic isfor our coaches to put their recruits sues, and behavioral issues. The in the system easily, and they can bigger challenge send mass text that all teams messages and Q: How are the men and women’s will have to face emails. It helps basketball teams doing so far? is the transition to keep in contact A: They are doing ok. The women to the NCAA.” with recruits. We are ranked second in the region. also have a phone They just beat Jamestown which Q: When will app so that the transiwas the champions last year, scor- that coaches will be ing 58-57. The women have an tion happen? able to access the all American and national player A: Alfred State database while of the year, Haley Witchella. The will find out in a on the road and men are doing better than last year month if they will see new recruits and they are a pretty young team. officially join the Hopefully this team will stay to- NCAA Division III. If they do, this come into the system. We purchased gether for the full four years rath- will be a great transition to have the high school contact information er than the original two years. competition with stronger teams for all the high school coaches in and a more exciting environment. New York State, so we can send the coaches emails or text messages for Q: Are there any obstacles that the basketball Q: What are your plans on anyone that may be interested in our future athletes? school. All of our coaches have been teams are currently facing? recruiting A: In any sport there are obstacles A: One of the things based on my doing a great job in recruiting in the Jessica Stewart During an interview with Dr. Arroyo, he talks about his plans for future recruiting, the possible transition from JCAA division II to NCAA division III and an insider on the athletics department.

Upcoming Fee Forum

Wednesday, February 27th at 5pm in EJ Brown 119, Alfred State will host a student forum to discuss mandatory fees. The forum, designed to be a new annual forum, will explain the existing mandatory fees (transportation, technology, health, athletics). The campus will present background information and outline any proposed changes/increases, allow time for questions and answers, and collect written feedback to make sure your input is included in any decisions. At this particular forum, there will also be an initial presentation (more opportunities for feedback will follow) on the impacts of our pending transition

from NJCAA to NCAA, including proposed changes to campus athletic facilities. Please join us to learn more and share your opinion. The forum and desired feedback includes a proposed increase to the athletic fee of up to $50 per semester, discussion on the potential conversion of the existing swimming pool into an additional gymnasium, impact on the swim team, potential additional future teams (i.e. Equestrian?), and more. The forum’s purpose is to collect feedback that ensures student input on decisions relating to fees (and an initial opportunity to provide input on future NCAA proposal decisions).

Fight or Flight? By: AfroPunk Should I stay or should I go What is the difference between the two There is always a choice to be made When the outcomes are so different I know what I feel but feelings cloud judgment And judgment is a prerequisite in all choices There are consequences to all actions The ability to face those choices head on And in the end be sure in your choice of either Fight or flight.

past, but now we are giving them more tools in recruiting and more financial support to get out there. Q: In terms of money, will recruiting be more of a benefit or a loss to Alfred State? A: Certainly recruiting is a benefit to Alfred State. It is not only a benefit to athletics but it is a good benefit to the institution when we get the right students. Coaches are not just recruiting for teams but they are also recruiting for Alfred State as Alfred State is trying to increase their enrollment for more students, and recruiting is a big part of that. Right now Athletes are about 10% of the students. We hope to increase that. Q. What are your personal thoughts on this? A: Transitioning to the NCAA will greatly affect recruiting, eligibility, and the types of athletes that we will be attracting. The transition will be exciting and a little bit scary.

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Tor Echo Spring III  
Tor Echo Spring III  

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