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By: The Squadron

Rohan Eason

Willie Ryan

Petra Dufkova



Colour pallet

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January, 1st doctor, dalek February, 2nd doctor, ice warrior, flute March, 3rd doctor, The Master, sonic screwdriver April, 4th Doctor, Zygon, Scarf May, 5th Doctor, Cyberman, Cellery June, 6th Doctor, The Valeyard, Coat July, 7th Doctor, Timelord, Umbrella August, 8th Doctor, The Master (o-form), a clock September, 9th Doctor, Cassandra, Nine’s sonic October, 10th Doctor, Weeping angel, Brainy specs November, 11th Doctor, Silence, The Leaf December, 12th Doctor, The TARDIS, A questionmark

Month, which Doctor, villain and iconic item

Inspiration Collage, Calendar 2014  

This a powerpoint for my ideas and my inspiration for my school project to make a calendar.