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Cromax速 Pro Basecoat The new standard in bodyshop performance

Cromax® Pro Basecoat The new standard in bodyshop performance DuPont Refinish, the dynamic global refinish brand, introduces waterborne Cromax® Pro Basecoat to start the next generation of market-leading refinishing systems. With developments at every level, Cromax® Pro Basecoat doesn’t just improve refinishing quality; it significantly enhances your operations as well. When product benefits bring increased productivity, exceptional results occur every day.

Use the best, expect the best The DuPont Corporation has a history of several decades in breaking new ground when it comes to automotive coatings. Many car manufacturers rely on DuPont technology to provide superior coatings

Improved product, improved productivity

that are as durable as they are attractive.

Cromax® Pro Basecoat proves once again that DuPont Refinish

Often unique, patented, and always

products bring substantial benefits to your operational

innovative, these DuPont technologies

productivity by delivering more than just paint. Every product

are made available to the automotive

feature brings a direct advantage to your business.

repair sector by DuPont Refinish. Products, systems and know-how combine into an offer of very cost-effective solutions designed to

Better results will benefit your customers and your reputation.

boost bodyshop productivity in every way.

Better economy in use will reduce your product consumption and cost. And most importantly, quicker product application

New Cromax® Pro Basecoat is the latest in a long line of high

will allow you to repair more cars, increasing your throughput

performance products by DuPont Refinish, and represents another

and revenues. Add it all up and you’ll see why Cromax® Pro

significant and dynamic step forward in our lead within the

Basecoat is your best choice by far.

industry. Superior in every respect, Cromax® Pro Basecoat delivers better quality for a better result, and does it more quickly and economically for better productivity. With Cromax® Pro Basecoat, the leading edge has been moved further ahead.

One product, many benefits Cromax® Pro Basecoat is a polyurethane-based, waterborne basecoat for use in clear-over-base applications. Cromax® Pro Basecoat provides benefits in quality of finish, economy in use and process savings in application, giving you a more productive overall result.

High productivity Cromax® Pro Basecoat delivers excellent coverage in 1.5 coats, wet-on-wet application with no intermediate flashoff. Even in exceptional cases where an additional coat is

Accurate colour match

necessary, no flash-off is required. The result is significantly

Your customers will see the excellent colour match

lower consumption and less process time spent on each

achieved with Cromax® Pro Basecoat. Our fast and reliable

job. Fast drying saves time too and allows

ChromaVision® spectrophotometer, supported by our other

a faster turnaround.

colour retrieval tools, ensures the exact colour every time. Formulas are easily prepared with Cromax® Pro Basecoat. Once completed, the repair – be it a re-spray or a spot repair will be perfect.

User-friendly Its simple mixing and low viscosity make Cromax® Pro Basecoat an easy and time-saving paint to prepare, filter and apply. The low viscosity means finer atomisation for a superior overspray melt-in, whilst providing excellent mottling control and blending.

Versatile system for any type of repair Cromax® Pro Basecoat is also versatile in its range of applications. It’s perfect for everything from spot repairs to complete re-sprays, and can be mixed with a 2K activator making it suitable for underhood, multitoning and tri-coat applications. The comprehensive system, consisting of mixing tints, binders, controllers and a limited number of other components, will allow you to undertake any type of repair, providing greater efficiency and easier stock control.

Leading edge global technology Cromax® Pro Basecoat is the latest global waterborne product from DuPont Refinish. It’s VOC compliant and meets current global environmental requirements. Cromax® Pro Basecoat has proven to be an ideal solution in a market with high expectations of quality combined with emission regulations.

The key to the exceptional performance of Cromax® Pro Basecoat lies in a new dispersion technology allowing better coverage as well as in a new approach of adding a component which controls the

Extensive tests have proven Cromax® Pro Basecoat quality and economy in use.

rheology of the mixed paint. Added before application, the controller provides an optimal composition for using Cromax® Pro Basecoat in solid or effect colours. This also allows it to

Cromax® Pro Basecoat was subjected to extensive tests before

be used in a wide range of ambient temperature and humidity

introduction. Developed through a programme of comprehensive

levels, meaning productivity and quality can be maintained in

research and testing, DuPont Refinish has perfected Cromax®

virtually any climate.

Pro Basecoat into this industry-leading product. The product outperforms other brands in quality and in economy of application time and product consumption.

Easy to apply, easy to learn A well thought-out and straightforward paint system,

Proven solutions, proven benefits Extensive tests confirmed that Cromax® Pro Basecoat has proven to set new standards in refinishing technology:

Cromax® Pro Basecoat is easy to use,

- 1.5 coat application without flash-off saves time

especially if you’re already familiar

- excellent coverage resulting in lower

with waterborne applications. DuPont Refinish is ready to train your

consumption - fast, easy and secure application

workforce quickly and efficiently on all aspects of using this new

- quality tints and tools for a perfect colour match

and dynamic technology, at our training centres or on-site at your

- versatile system for all types of repair

bodyshop. After training, count on us for continuous support and

- controller components for larger application window

assistance. DuPont Refinish is committed to help you reach

- excellent mottling control for superior finish

new levels of quality, productivity and success,

- improved blending for invisible repairs - full VOC compliancy meets current

by offering you more than just paint.

environmental regulations

Ian MacDonald - Manager MacDonald Collision Centre, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada “We are very pleased with the whole conversion process and we’ve been able to increase our capacity. The transition was easy, didn’t require a major outlay for equipment and we’re saving on energy costs. We have absolutely no issues with Cromax® Pro Basecoat - we would never go back to using another basecoat system.”

Rande Lance - Paint Shop Manager Prestigious Auto Body & Painting, Goleta, California, USA “We made the switch in November 2007 and since then Cromax® Pro Basecoat is all we use. It’s very user-friendly and holds up extremely well when you push it to the limit. Plus, it’s a great finish. It looks better than other basecoats we’ve used and it’s much better in regard to speed and efficiency. Without question, Cromax® Pro Basecoat is the future.”

Jack Bongard - Owner Bongard Collision Centre, Ajax, Ontario, Canada “We’re very happy with the outcome. Cromax® Pro Basecoat is very productive – we’ve been able to increase our output by at least one car a day, and the quality of the work is excellent.”

”We’ve worked with DuPont Refinish products for 20 years and my refinishers really like this product. They say the colour matches are better versus other basecoats and it covers faster, but I like Cromax® Pro Basecoat because it dries quickly, increasing my productivity. I was also impresased with the conversion process, which took about one day. But best of all, between the transition and training, we never lost productivity.” Mike Braido - Owner Auto Body Expressions, Elk Grove, California, USA

Actual testimonials from bodyshops in the initial release in California (US) and Canada.

DuPont Refinish is the dynamic, global refinish brand. We deliver increased productivity to bodyshops, from reception to delivery of the repaired vehicle, through innovative, unique paint systems and localised business solutions.

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Cromax速 Pro Basecoat Cromax速 Pro Basecoat delivers economy in use, process savings as well as benefits in quality of finish, ... boosting your overall productivity as a result. -

1.5 coat application without flash saves time.


Excellent coverage resulting in lower consumption.


Controller components for larger application window.


Fast tack-free for possible basecoat denibbing.


Versatile system for all types of repair.


Excellent mottling control for superior finish.


Quality tints and tools for a perfect colour match.


Improved blending for invisible repairs.


Meeting global environmental requirements.

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DuPont™ Cromax® Pro Brochure Europe  

DuPont™ Cromax® Pro Brochure Europe