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Forbundet for Ledelse og Teknikk

– more than a union!



– more than a union!

We believe that when many stand together, we can achieve results for the individual. FLT represents members in positions where management and technical competence are crucial in promoting value creation for their company*. FLT membership typically includes civil engineers, engineers, technicians, production managers, middle managers, team leaders and technical staff.

*Our membership also includes students

– more than a union

Looking after your interests as an employee

The modern labour market presents many challenges and the introduction of the Knowledge Society has increased the need for specialisation. Requirements for the way you as an employee do your work are being sharpened. At the same time, companies are demanding more flexibility and mobility. This presents new challenges for securing jobs. Trade union membership alone doesn’t automatically help you here. Your union must have an collective agreement with your employer; the content of this will vary from union to union. Many unions market themselves by saying they are the natural choice of employees with a specific education. We are less concerned about what your job title is or your education, we want to offer you a collective agreement which suits the job you are actually doing. • We offer legal assistance and help with problems at work. • We help employees and management to communicate and collaborate. • We offer and finance education and training aimed at you as an employee. It’s about security and personal development - and the conviction that we are

– more than a union!

””My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.” C.F. Kettering




Pay and working conditions with a collective agreement with FLT


No union membership:

Pay settlement No rules. Must be agreed on your own. Pay adjustment No rules. Must be agreed on your own. Overtime pay +40% overtime pay. Determined by the Working Protection & Working Environment Act. Normal working hours 40 hour week. Determined by the Working Environment Act. Holiday 4 weeks + 1 day. Determined by the Annual Holidays Act. Holiday pay 10.2% of taxable income. Determined by the Annual Holidays Act. Other pay supplements No rules Payment during illness Full pay for 16 calendar days. Thereafter payment from the National Insurance Scheme, limited to a maximum 6 times the basic amount (G) for up to 1 year in total Own pay compared to others No rules beyond the Gender Equality Act. Compassionate leave No rights beyond maternity/paternity leave regulated by the Working Environment Act Lay-off periods/redundancy No rights Union representatives No right to choose union representatives.

Pay guarantee The pay guarantee fund covers outstanding pay and holiday pay in the event of the employer’s bankruptcy Severance pay No rules *. Contractual pension (AFP) The National Insurance Scheme’s rules for retirement aged 67 to 70 apply. *

*if there is no collective agreement

– more than a union


FLT member with collective agreement

Guaranteed pay settlement according to fixed rules and criteria Guarantee that adjustment will be made regularly, according to fixed criteria +50% overtime pay. +100% overtime pay on sundays and after 21.00 PM monday - saturday. 37.5 hour week. Determined by the collective agreement 5 weeks. Determined by the collective agreement. 12% of taxable income. Determined by the collective agreement Secured supplement. Specified and defined in the collective agreement. Full pay for 3 months. Thereafter payment from the National Insurance Scheme, limited to a maximum 6 times the basic amount (G) for up to 1 year.

Secured influence over own pay and an apparatus which can address an employer’s unfair pay policy. Secured right to brief periods of compassionate leave over and above the maternity/paternity leave regulated by the Working Environment Act. Specified and defined in the collective agreement. The basic agreement regulates the rules and deadlines that the employer is obliged to follow. The basic agreement also lays down that discussions should be held between union representatives and management. As an FLT member therefore you are in a stronger position in relation to both employer and non-union members. The result may be that you avoid being laid off or made redundant. Basic agreement that gives the right: • to choose union representatives and negotiating committee • for union representatives to take up any issue affecting the relationship between employer and employee • for union representatives to negotiate with employer on behalf of the employees • for local union representatives to seek assistance in negotiations from their own union FLT offers interest-free loans in expectation of settlement from the pay guarantee fund if the company goes bankrupt and there is no cover for payment in the insolvent company’s asset In the event of disability, dismissal or bankruptcy, you have the right to a fixed settlement once you have reached the age of 50 and have a minimum 10 years’ service with the company. Under the collective agreement, you have a secured right to full or partial retirement with an AFP pension from the age of 62, subject to specific rules.



Pay FLT considers pay differentials to be a benefit that stimulates increased efforts. This must be done in a measured way. If not, then pay differences are random and arbitrary. FLT has a system to monitor this, to ensure differences are fair. As an FLT member with a collective agreement you are guaranteed pay settlement and pay adjustment according to fixed criteria. Benefits and other payments are also specified and defined. The collective agreement also regulates overtime payments, beyond the minimum requirements of the law.

Equal opportunity FLT’s collective agreements with employers state that the companies must safeguard equality of opportunity in promotion, training, further education and appointments.

Information, collaboration and employee participation With an FLT collective agreement, you have been secured rights in the event of reorganisation, streamlining, whole or partial closure or reorganisation of operations. The rules guarantee employee participation both before and during the process.

Negotiation Negotiations about the content of the collective agreements are always carried out centrally. When it comes to pay, all FLT’s collective agreements contain provisions covering both central and local negotiations. The positive thing about negotiating centrally is that everyone is assured more bargaining power. There are also local pay negotiations based on local criteria. If agreement cannot be achieved locally, then the disagreement can be raised to a central level.

Strikes The union provides financial support to • Members involved in ordinary strikes or lockouts • Members who are laid off because of a strike in their own or another company The amount of the support depends on the duration of the conflict and is continually assessed. As a member you have the right to support from day one.

– more than a union


Free legal help in employment disputes It can be expensive to stand alone, however good your case against your employer might be. FLT gives advice and provides assistance if you have problems at work.

Assistance As an FLT member you have access to experienced union representatives, both locally and centrally, who can help you in developing better working conditions or in resolving conflicts. As a member you also have access to the legal department of the Confederation of Trade Unions (LO). Here you will find some of the best advocates in civil and labour law.

Pay and pay negotiations FLT can help you to ensure that your pay reflects the responsibilities and duties involved in your position. We assist the local union representatives who negotiate for you

If you are not receiving pay, believe you are entitled to compensation for bullying, persecution or injury, have questions relating to your contract of employment or similar, there may be a case under civil or contract law that we can help you with. Those disputes that cannot be resolved locally can be tested in court. If FLT considers it appropriate, the union will pay the legal costs. Naturally FLT will always help you if you are in disagreement with your employer over the interpretation of the collective agreement.

Local union representatives The basic agreement gives the right to elect local union representatives who can take up cases that affect the relationship between employer and employee. Union representatives know what your rights are and which laws and regulations apply. Those disputes that cannot be resolved locally can be taken up centrally. Most cases can be resolved in this way. If not, the local union representatives can seek assistance in negotiations from their own union.



Lifelong learning

The world is changing ever more quickly. By improving your expertise you will be better placed to meet the challenge. Ask yourself this: • Will my job be the same in future? • Will my job be redundant? • If the job needs to be done differently, will I have the competence to handle it? • Am I in danger of being passed over or left behind? • Are there any educational opportunities that could give me more pay? FLT will give financial support for your professional development: • Up to NOK 50,000 per year for full time studies • Up to NOK 37,000 per year for part time studies • Up to NOK 15,000 for short courses You will find application forms and guidelines at

Tailored education from our own company FLT has a subsidiary company – Addisco – that develops and offers educational courses. These have been tailored to the needs of our members and of industry. The courses have been devised to cover the needs of our members. All the courses are approved as formal qualifications at university or university college level.

Addisco currently offers courses in the following: • • • • • • • • •

MBA –Technology Management Frontline Management Business Analysis Total Quality Management Personnel Psychology Introduction to Legal Studies Project Management/Management Logistics Diploma in Project Management

– more than a union


All education offered by Addisco is free if you have a collective agreement*.

Travel and hotel expenses for study groups are covered by the union, so that the path to education and competence development really is free. Education is in the form of selfstudy using the internet and of periodic study groups and it is set up in such a way that education can be combined with work.

- we help you get on

* *Does not apply to members who are government employees.



Creating identity:

Creating Identity

FLT seeks professional influence and political power. Some people, and some trade unions, believe the best way to exert influence is to appear as politically neutral. We believe it’s about achieving results. For us this means applying a total social perspective to the work of promoting interests relating to the labour market, work and industrial and educational policy. FLT’s influence on society occurs mainly through the Confederation of Trade Unions (LO). Our own organisation is sovereign, with ownership and control of our own collective agreements and offers. But there is no doubt that we achieve more as part of the LO system. LO is the public consultative body in most contexts and its advice is sought in important issues. LO also participates on public councils and committees.

FLT has achieved results in education At FLT we are proud that we have encouraged many providers of education to think about education from the users point of view, not the providers. We have helped devise solutions that make education possible even for those who work full time and that tailor the teaching to the student – and not the reverse! Together with LO, we drove through a reform for acquired competence. Previously you could only take higher studies if you had formal qualifications. It is now possible to be enrolled on the basis of acquired competence, that is to say competence based on the practical experience and training acquired through work.

If you don’t decide on the next step, you’ll be standing on one leg for life - Chinese proverb

– more than a union

Personal benefits:

FLT membership makes financial sense

FLT gives you personal financial benefits. Much of the insurance you need is included in your membership subscription

Group home insurance This insurance covers private household property such as furniture, clothing, sports equipment etc. in the home against fire, water damage, burglary and other claims. The insurance also includes legal assistance and private liability insurance. There is no upper limit for claims, so you can rest assured that you will get back what your property is worth.

Basic life insurance Financial first aid in the event of death – from whatever cause. This applies to you as a member, your spouse or partner and children under 21 living at home.

Non-occupational accident insurance This insurance covers accidents that occur outside of work and provides payment in the event of death or permanent medical disablement.

Travel insurance The travel insurance is valid for leisure travel in Norway and the rest of the world with at least 1 and not more than 45 overnight stays. The whole family is covered against theft of or damage to baggage, against death or disablement caused by accident, all forms of repatriation, medical treatment or hospital admission, as well as up to NOK 5,000 on the spot in the event of theft of cash. Cancellation insurance is also included. The insurance also covers members of the household even when not travelling together. Our insurance partners SpareBank1 also offer all kinds of ”ordinary” insurance, such as car and holiday home. These are in addition and will not be included in the membership subscription. But it might be practical to have everything in one place. You can look at the terms in more detail at




The LO-favør programme

We can offer our members a number of benefits through LO- favør. LO – the Confederation of Trade Unions – consists of 24 unions. Altogether these have over 800,000 members, which makes it possible to push prices down. This we have done, and put them together in a programme we call LO-favør. As an FLT member you will receive attractive offers and discounts on: • Bank and credit card services • Insurance • Electricity • Selling your home • Holidays and leisure • Petrol and accessories • Books • Legal advice (Civil Law) And more offers and benefits. Look up Membership Benefits on the union’s website and check out the “LO-favør” tab for a complete list.

”Money doesn’t make you happy, but it calms your nerves.” - American proverb

– more than a union

Organisation and training

We strive to be close to our members Administration FLT’s headquarters in Oslo employs people with expertise in employment, industry, labour law and organisation. Their main job is to assist the local union representatives.

Local branch As a member of FLT you are also a member of a local branch, whose task is to create and encourage local contact, so that our members feel part of a living professional community. We currently have 90 local branches all over the country.

Workplace branch Most of our members have created a workplace branch at their own workplace. The union representative in your company – together with the local chapter – can help you with all kinds of employment-related issues. If there is no representative at your place of work, you can get help from your local chapter or the administration.

Training for members and representatives FLT – both locally and centrally – operates an extensive programme to ensure that local representatives and members can learn more about membership and local representative activities. All such courses are free to members.

”Thinking without learning is useless. Learning without thinking is dangerous.”




Information for members

Internet News and information is constantly updated on As a member you receive a password so you can log on to your own page. You will find information here about yourself and your membership. You will also find a Services FAQ and you can look up your rights relating to holidays, working hours, overtime, dismissal etc. Local union representatives can click on a tab to find tips and advice about keeping minutes of meetings, conduct during labour disputes, assistance during reorganisation, current topics and all tariff agreements, as well as ready-made recruitment presentations.

Membership service Our membership service can answer questions about your membership. Call 23 06 10 29 between 08.00 and 15.00 Monday to Friday or e-mail post@

Members’ magazine Your subscription also includes our magazine ”Ledelse & Teknikk”, which is published 8 times a year. This covers a wide range of industryrelated topics, as well as taking a look at companies where FLT has members.

– more than a union


When comparing what different trade unions offer in terms of price and quality, it is essential to consider the following factors: • What is included in the price and what costs extra? • What is the core product you are actually being offered and can the organisation deliver good quality core services? • What additional services are included in the price and are they relevant to your situation? We have taken the highest subscription cost for active membership: Cost*

Per month

Per year

Central subscription Local chapter

351,- 70,- (Varies from 30.- to 70.-)





4 Insurances • Contents • Basic life insurance • Non-occupational accident • Travel



Gross, before tax deduction



- Tax deduction






*Prices as at Januar 2009. We reserve the right to make changes. Without membership you would probably pay about NOK 3,500.- a year for equivalent insurance without the security and benefits of membership.


– more than a union


Security and affinity

The quality of our product is assured by our expertise and our 50 years of experience. For us, it’s all about 3 things: • Creating security and the opportunity to develop, and protecting you as an employee • Creating affinity with an organisation that is working in all our interests • Creating personal financial benefits for our members Pay. Employee participation. Conflict solution and legal assistance. Training and further education. These are the things we know best at FLT. We provide assistance and follow up, security and protection. FLT also offers guidance and help in developing the workplace. Using information, dialogue and collaboration, instead of confrontation between employee and management. A good collective agreement is like a solid foundation. We can build on it by offering many additional services. The terms of the agreement secure the finance to be able to offer the best education and competence development in the trade union market. FLT gets results for its members’ professional interests. The LO unions represent a great many people, which means they represent a large and important pressure group in companies, locally, nationally and internationally. Membership of FLT also gives personal financial benefits for the whole family. We are able to offer insurance and the LO-favør benefits because we have the power of Norway’s biggest pool of potential customers behind us.

– more than a union!

FLT Visiting adress: Hammersborggata 9 Postal adress: Pb 8906 Youngstorget • 0028 Oslo Phone: 23 06 10 29 • Fax: 23 06 10 17 E-mail:


FLT – More than a union!  
FLT – More than a union!