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Vendor Managed Inventory

Fastenal offers custom tailored inventory solutions that help you and your business work smarter and cut costs! Here’s how:

◦ Stocking products for fast lead time and zero stock outs ◦ Create custom bin/storage system that makes your inventory easy to manage and access ◦ Continually adjust min/max levels based on actual usage to suit you

Fastenal’s VMI programs focus on driving out waste and increasing productivity – saving you $$$ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Inventory Wastes Transportation Wastes Processing Waste Waiting Times Waste of Motion Waste from Overproduction Waste from product defects

**Data Based on Industry Research

While we ensure our service will be completely custom tailored, let us provide you with a general overview of our core system options:

◦ Dock – To – Dock ◦ FastStock ◦ Fastenal Assisted Inventory Management ◦ Fastenal Managed Inventory

Dock–To-Dock ◦ Product is provided according to a pre-determined delivery schedule that best suits your company’s JIT needs

FastStock ◦ A Fastenal product specialist delivers product that’s labeled and bar-coded for specific in-plant storage sites

Fastenal Assisted Inventory Management ◦ Fastenal personnel inventory, organize and create barcode labels for storeroom bins and provide your company with scanners to monitor inventory and generate replenishment orders online

Fastenal Managed Inventory ◦ Working at a secure on-site store, Fastenal personnel purchase, receive, inventory and dispense contracted products to your point of use.

Fastenal’s programs are design to track and document total cost savings through our services.

Typically our cost saving programs generate 5-10% in combined cost savings during a one year program

Savings are driven through aggressive process improvement, inventory reduction and product/vendor consolidation

Cut supply chain costs by 50%

Results in just weeks

Anytime Access

Increase productive time

Specific and meaningful reports

Worldwide service network

Fully customizable service

Quality control

Canadian Distribution Centre in Kitchener, Ontario

75,000 sq. Feet serving all of Ontario and across Eastern Canada

Over 160 branches located across Canada ◦ Kitchener - 2 ◦ Waterloo - 1 ◦ Cambridge - 1 ◦ Guelph – 1 ◦ Elmira - 1

International Presence

Over 2000 store locations

U.S., Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Singapore, China and Europe

Motorola MC70 Allows our OSP’s to scan, email and send orders wirelessly increasing speed & efficiency

Fastenal Part # 1534 5

Description Customer Part # Min/Max

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Improves efficiency; saves time and money by allowing your employees to work on more productive activities











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Talk to your

Fastenal accounts

representative to discover how your business can save critical $$ through our inventory management services ď ˝

Also, to learn more about which service would best suit YOU, talk to your accounts representative

From Your Kitchener Team! “Growth Through Customer Service”

Fastenal VMI Info Booklet - By Torben Nielsen  
Fastenal VMI Info Booklet - By Torben Nielsen  

A booklet I put together for Fastenal Canada to showcase their VMI service in 2008