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Va va Voom!! May 2016

Audrey Hepburn

Lovely Legend

Meet our models: Vanessa


Birthday issue Mix& Match

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Audrey hepburn

Lovely legend

Meet our Models

Stunning red head Vanessa Frankenstein

Mix and match

Lovely vintage summer styles

Cover photo: Marjan van der Meer, Pure Fotografie Thanks to: Corine Krousen, Kyra Kleijnen, Hélène Franken, Maud Delahaye, Sanne Engels, Anick Meijs, Dominique Janssen, Jennie Rekers and Angelique van den Born


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8 Years TopVintage Smiles & Highlights

And the winner is... VavaVoom!

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One dress, two ways

Miss Candyfloss Claudette Dress



Hi lovely lady,


Photography: Marjan van der Meer, Pure Fotografie



Name: Vanessa Frankenstein

Age: Can we skip this ;)? Where I live: Frankfurt, Germany

Where I was bbn: Lich, Germany

I’m a vintage lover, because: Modern style just doesn’t float my boat :)

In Love/Married/Happy Single: Forever in love


a s s e n Va



My favourite vintage style is: The American style mostly from the forties to the early sixties. I also have that eternal struggle of not knowing if I want to dress up as a “good” or a “bad” girl. One book everyone needs to read: Bram Stoker's "Dracula”. It’s spooky, sexy and thrilling. A song that represents my life: That’s probably “Hairspray”. “What gives a girl power and punch? Is it charm, is it poise? No, it’s hairspray!”

I’m totally addicted to: Red lipstick and classic horror. The beauty product I can’t live without: Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer 100+ Dry-Touch Sunscreen. (I’m secretly a vampire.) My favourite and is: Lilli Diamond of California and Catalina Swimwear. My favourite TopVintage item is: My red wicker bag I bought a couple of years ago.







Lovely Legend,

Audrey Hepburn Every time we see her, we gasp for breath. Such a beauty‌ If we only bore the smallest resemblance to her. Just the tiniest one‌ The stunning Audrey Hepburn. Actress, icon and a good person. A source of inspiration for us. Yes, of course because of her timeless, sophisticated style, but also because of who she was. Petite, but impressive in character. Persevering, dedicated and a hard worker.


There is an in everyone of us! Don’t take life too serious,

laugh, believe in pink,

in miracles and there always will be another day tomorrow!

"Happy girls are the prettiest!"


le, b i s s o p m i Nothing is says the word itself ï’m possible”!





TopVintage 2011

- Start working with 3 fulltime employees Ipsum - First celeb, BridgetLorem Maasland, wearing Lorem TopVintage on Dutch TV ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean - Proud winner of our first Thuiswinkel Awardcommodo ligula dolor. massa. Cum sociis na- Already a team ofeget 11 people; we Aenean are growing toque penatibus et magnis dis parturient. out of our office! *help*

- Start working together with the beautiful Ava Elderwood! - Again proud winner of our second Lorem Ipsum Thuiswinkel Award Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean massa. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient. - Launch of our own TopVintage Boutique Collection - Honoured! Interview for Dutch magazine Flair! - First TV commercial on air - Already a team of 28 people


- And another Thuiswinkel Award!

2013 19


- New Design 3rd website; we love it <3 - Wooohooo! 100.000 Facebook followers :-D - Best Shopping Website of the Year 2015 - Warehouse tripled the size award! *Yeah!* - Germany, here we are! - Best Online Shop in Fashion NL – Thuiswin kel Awards - Worldwide shipping to 81 countries


- Best Shopping Website of the Year 2015 award! *Yeah!* - Best Online Shop in Fashion NL – Thuis winkel Awards Worldwide shipping to 81 countries

- 175.000 followers on Facebook & 20.000 on Instagram - More than 65 people on board - Best Online Shop in Fashion NL – Thuiswinkel Awards


and the winner is:

! m o o V a v a V

Wow, we are so surprised by the great amount of inspiring names for our online magazine, more than 1000! Thank you so much for your help. One of them caught our eye immediately It’s a word we use a lot, even since the beginning of TopVintage. It stands for femininity, fun, the wow-factor and elegance. And we keep it in mind by everything we do ;-) It’s definitely very TopVintage-like and therefore we couldn’t think of a more perfect name! Severa of you mentioned this fabulous Several name. On our Facebook page you can see how we have drawn the raffle to select a winner. Congratulations Wendy van den Heuvel! We look forward to meeting you and your friend. To be continued...


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moment of...

Anita van Leeuwarden

om! o V a v a V

Purrr.. xxx Angelique We canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t wait to read more of these lovely stories! Please send yours to


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k r o W & play 28

One Dress, Two Ways

One Dress, Two Ways

All-tim e favo uri Claud ette no te w even p rettier! Impro ved elega fit and nt sleeve tulip s! Wow !

Oh So Pretty!



The first edition of our amazing online magazine. Proud!