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Social Media Facts

Users: 47% Male, 53% Female Over 70% of users are 18-49 age Average User income: $0-$60k Over 60% are college educated Listening & Mind-reading Conversations & interaction Tracking Trends Re-tweeting Twitter Brand Measurement


Facebook Fan pages

Seeking Information

Facebook Ads

Play with Applications

Facebook Page insights

Control Content

250 Million users

Build Relationships

200 Million ACTIVE users

Express your business

Average user time: 25 Minutes

Share information

100 Million Users return daily

Over 200million active users

Profile Application Integration

600,000 new user’s everyday


Fastest growing demographics Facebook Events

Raised $100 M funding 43,000,000 users in 170 industries All 500 of Fortune 500 represented Company Presence Controlled and professional environment Founded May 5, 2003 1 new member every second Permission based communication LinkedIn Apps LinkedIn Advertising

Discover Submit your favorites Become popular Discover media on Digg Select Digg Bury Share Build a network Email Discuss Comment

Top video destination 70% of YouTube’s registered users are American Half are under 20 years of age YouTube videos take up an estimated 45 terabytes of storage About 5,000 home computers' worth Total time the people of the world spent watching YouTube is 9,305 years Nearly 2,000 videos have "Zidane" in the title

Social Media Facts

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