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Introducing the Mercury

Challenge yourself


8' x 20' Max depth 5'3"



Twin VGB-compliant, unblockable drains

Custom swim current system Twin spa seats with optional therapeutic jet package provide soothing relief after a workout

Stand-Outs to either side of the swim lane Inlaid tile lane marker provides visual queue for optimal focus in the Performance Zone™

Grab bars firmly anchored at key points for stationary exercise Gradual floor incline enables swimmer to find perfect depth for aquatic exercise

3'9" 5'3"

Restore yourself in the Mercury

Trilogy’s innovative approach brings the benefits of in-ground pools to the swim spa market. With design elements such as a sloped floor from 45" to 63", and a 7’4" x 18'0" swim lane, family members of ALL heights can use the swim spa for recreational activities from competitive-level swimming to water aerobics to hydrotherapy. Twin spa seats offer a place to relax or cool down. Swimmers can take turns swimming and enjoying the hydrotherapy jets built into the seating areas on either side of the console. The 6-inch inlaid tile provides a visual queue familiar to swimmers accustomed to training in large lap pools. Coupled with accent waterline tile, these tiles can Trilogy Pools, LLC 1405 Winchester Highway Fayetteville, TN 37334

be color-coordinated with any of the 12 solid-surface colors selected from the Trilogy Pools palette. Entry and exit into the Mercury is made easy via either of a pair of integrated steps. Designed for function and beauty, each set of steps are built to be of sufficiently safe width, while hugging the sidewalls so as not to intrude into the exercise zone. Between each set of integrated of steps and the spa seat/swim jet console are a pair of stand-outs. These handy, integrated benches provide a place to stand out of the middle of the current, which exits the pool through a pair of unblockable, VGB-compliant grates.

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Mercury Swim Spa One-Sheet  

One-sheet to promote an elegant new swim spa. Includes dimensions, and information on the benefits of the design. One of a set of collateral...