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in my world Megan Sauce



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David Vaughn • Shady Grove HS

Ashley Libby • Martin HS

Rachel Young • Mansfi

• Bowie HS

eld HS


Portraits that don’t look like anyone else’s.

Your senior portraits are a big deal!!

At Douglas Bryan in Grand Prairie, senior portraiture is taken to the next level with a difference you can see right away.

What make Douglas Bryan different is that Doug not only takes your picture, but also captures your personality—the real you. He’ll explore different sides of your personality to help create a true portrayal of you that will exceed your wildest expectations. (BTW, “smiles” aren’t a requirement for a great portrait. Just look through this catalog.)

Your senior portrait experience will be more fun than you ever imagined—even if you hate having your picture made! Your senior portraits are a big deal!!

Allie McKinney 0ak Ridge

Douglas Bryan portraits aren’t mass produced.

& alleys

You’ll be treated like the unique individual that you are—unlike in your yearbook photo shoot. We’ll help you plan your session so that everything is perfect. We’ll spend time with you finding out what you want, and what your parents want (that’s important, too). That way, everyone will be happy.

An unbelievable experience.

At Douglas Bryan you’ll get senior portraits that you’ll be proud to display in your home and give to your friends—guaranteed!

It felt like a friend was ta king my picture and that made it a whole lot more enjoyable!


It’s really fun and I got amazing pictures with some really unique shots.

Nick Salazar

Ryan Chamberlain Lam

ar HS

It takes more than a digital camera to make a creative portrait. • Grand Prairie

High School

I don’t like having my picture taken, but Douglas Bryan made it a lot of fun. I was totally comfortable. The whole experience was definitely above my expectations.

You’ll have a great time during your session. Bring a friend or a parent so they can watch and see how good you look. You’ll be amazed how easy it is, how comfortable you feel and how fast the time goes. Best of all, you’ll get to see your images on the camera room monitor as you go. Your confidence will soar when you see how good you look.

Taryn Osborne Pantego Christian Academy

Take a look at the photos in this catalog. Compare them with any other studio’s photos.

Here’s how to compare professional images: • Notice if the expressions appear genuine • Look closely at the smooth skin tones • Notice the flattering lighting and the highlights in the eye • See the natural, relaxed poses • Pay attention to the creativity of each image

The extraordinary portraits in this catalog don’t come with the instructions on a digital camera. They don’t come from a book on PhotoShop™. The images you see from Douglas Bryan come from 19 years of experience working with high school seniors.

That’s why you should only trust your senior portraits to an expert who knows how to make you look and feel your very best—Douglas Bryan, of course!

To schedule your appointment, call 972-642-2842 or toll-free 877-642-2844 See lots more portraits and get more info at


& alleys

Tony Kastler Seguin High School

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My pictures were the most unique and creative I’ve ever seen. I had a great time. I knew I was going to get a great product. Doug’s the best!

Jarard Bruner • South Grand Pr airie


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Analy Bernal • Irving HS

ntego Ch addin • Pa Scott McF

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Super-creative photography, fast service and the best guarantee in the industry. It’s a no-brainer. The friendliest staff on the planet can’t “Am I making the right choice?” wait to help you have a great experience. You try on a pair of jeans before you buy them. You listen to the But choosing a senior photographer is different.

First, you’ve never done it before. And even if you’ve had older brothers and sisters who had their pictures taken already, you still don’t know what your portraits will look like. When you choose Douglas Bryan, you’re guaranteed to have made the right choice. Doug is so confident of making you look good, he guarantees his work in a way no other studio would dare to:

The Boldest Guarantee If you’re not THRILLED EVER with your portrait images, just let Doug know and he’ll create more poses for you at no additional charge. If you’re still not thrilled, not only will he refund your session fee, he will PAY YOUR SESSION FEE AT THE STUDIO tOF YOUR CHOICE— Up to $200!

These days its rare to hear a company brag about its employees—and for good reason. How many times have you been in a store and the only thing that excites the employees is quitting time? It’s different at Douglas Bryan. Our employees really enjoy their work­—and it shows. You’ll hear it over the phone when you call. You’ll experience it when you come to the studio. The atmosphere is upbeat and fun.

I was impressed by how quickly Doug made Hanna feel comfortable. I believe it was his fun, positive attitude, creativity and his attention to detail. Afterwards, Amy was wonderful with helping us narrow down the selections (which was no small feat!)… Doug is truly the best, hands down! Dianne Hranicky, mother of Hanna

• South Grand Prairie HS

Waiting forever to see your portraits is as old as film. Valerie Gauntt - Lamar HS At Douglas Bryan, you’ll see your images immediately. studio

It’s simple: You will love your portraits from Douglas Bryan —guaranteed!

Valerie Gauntt • Lamar HS

black and white

preview on the iTunes™ store before you download the song. You know what Big Mac™ tastes like before you order one.

Courtney Gwosdz • Pantego Christian

Monitors right in the camera room will show you how you look as you go along. As a matter of fact, your confidence will soar after seeing how good Douglas Bryan can make you look. After your photo session, you’ll schedule a time to return in just a few days to again view your portraits and place your order. Then in just 20 business days, your order will be ready for delivery. State-of-the-art photography combined with uncommon service gives you not only the best portraits, but the best senior portrait experience available anywhere!

To schedule your appointment, call 972-642-2842 or toll-free 877-642-2844 See lots more portraits and get more info at

In these days of impersonal, rude or even no service, it’s nice to know you’ll be treated with respect and appreciation. At Douglas Bryan, you’re never just a number—you’re the reason we exist!



my stuff

Brian White • South Grand Prairie

Matt Jones • Lamar HS

the park /my car

Jennifer Green • Pantego Christian Academy



Select between two and four sessions for maximum variety in order to get exactly the looks you want! streets



Two outfits in the camera room with a casual and/or formal feel. These are not your parents’s senior portraits! Almost every senior chooses Studio as one of their sessions. (We have your school’s cap & gown as well as tux and drape. These would count as one or both of your outfits.)






Back alleys and street scenes make for amazing images.



Way cool images are created during this session. High contrast images as well as moody photos with dramatic shadows help to create dynamic portraits.

Britni Ramsey • Summit HS

Stephany Hernandez Mansfield HS

Christian Bond • Coppell HS

Nick Garr y • Legacy HS

Nick Smelser • South Grand Prairie HS

Aisha Brown • Lamar


Christina Ponder •

Pantego Christian Ac


Each session includes a minimum of 12 completely different poses to choose from—no two are alike! your stuff What’s your thing? It could be sports, music, pet, a hobby or any other activity you do. If it’s important to you, it should be deserving of a portrait with you!

in my world





Carolina Trejo • Bo

wie HS

rlesson HS Rhiannon Garcia • Bu

Kaysea Hoopman • Pantego Christian Academy

Bring a friend or a group of friends, a brother, sister, significant other, or your best bud—you’ll get a creative set of images that go way beyond ordinary. Special pricing on portraits is available from this session!

Guaranteed to be unique! Doug will go to your home, or wherever you like Yessi Aguirre • Seguin HS to hang out and capture you in your own surroundings. (May need to be scheduled separately from the rest of your session.)

Courtney Haymore • North Hills

the park/my car

See enclosed letter for session discounts



Zachary White Grand Prairie HS

If you enjoy the outdoors, or if you love your car, then you’ll want to go to the park.

Caitlyn Jackson • Grand Prairie HS

To schedule your appointment, call 972-642-2842 or toll-free 877-642-2844 See lots more portraits and get more info at

Incredible photography doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Douglas Bryan senior portraits are affordable!

At Douglas Bryan, you get just what you want—there are no minimum orders. Gift sized portraits are available individually from $43 to $69 for 5x7s and $43 to $125 for 8x10s depending on quantity. ($43 is not a misprint.)

Over 20 different packages offer significant per print savings. Packages start at just $149 for an 8x10 and 2-5x7s and go all the way to our “Colossal” package which includes multiple large framed portraits, framed 8x10s, a bunch of 5x7s and over 300 wallets and other goodies for under $2,400.

There are many portrait options designed to fit your budget. If you require more specific information, check out, or please call and we’ll be happy to help with any questions you have.

If you choose to pay for your order in full that day, you’ll save an additional 10% on your entire order. You may also choose just to put down half when you place your order and the balance when the order is ready—usually in just 20 business days. If you prefer, you may even divide your total into even monthly payments to fit your budget. In this case your order will be ready within 20 business days after your last payment. We accept Visa, MC, Amex and Discover.

3 easy steps to get an appointment: 1. Choose your sessions. Check out the options on pages 6&7, and see samples throughout this booklet and at Most seniors choose 2 to 4 sessions for maximum variety. Sessions are prepaid when you call to schedule, so have a credit card handy.

2. Call 972-642-2842. Long distance

callers dial 877-642-2844. If you call after hours just leave a message and a convenient time for us to return your call.

3. There is no #3. It’s that easy!

Brittany Wilson • Mansfield

my stuff

Our clients tell us they like what we offer because there are no minimum orders, no size requirements, and no sales pressure. Some seniors spend $400; others $1,400. It’s entirely up to you.

easy payment plan Your session fee is paid when you make your appointment—no payments are necessary on your session day. At the end of your session you’ll schedule a time to come back to view and order your portraits.

the park / my car


Jerron Rouser • Bowie HS

To schedule your appointment, call 972-642-2842 or toll-free 877-642-2844 See lots more portraits and get more info at



& alleys



Krishni Fertit ti • Segui

n HS

Doug is a blast! I had so much fun and he is amazing at what he does! Becci Mikeworth • Lamar HS

I had a great time. I really felt comfortable and even felt like a celebrity. I liked the multitude of backgrounds. I also enjoyed the time I spent with Doug and how he let my personality show through in my photos! Courtney Beaton • Midlothian HS

Paige Perry • South Grand Prairie HS


Creative genius? No, just a guy who’s passionate about making you look your very best. He’s older than dirt… Doug Bryan has owned and operated his studio since 1989. In that time he’s photographed thousands of seniors—possibly even your parents!

…but way younger than he looks. Doug’s photography remains fresh and creative because he’s constantly evolving and improving his photography to stay in the forefront of what’s going on in senior portraiture. He’s a leader, not a follower, and his work shows it.

Once you’re in front of the camera, you’ll understand.

Knowing how to make you look good in a portrait

requires a large collection of technical skills. It also requires a mastery of the art of making you feel comfortable and relaxed during your session. This is a gift that few photographers take the time to develop to the extent that Mr. Bryan has. You’ll love his style! Most seniors are amazed at how relaxed and laid back their session was, and how totally tuned-in Doug was with them. His focus is on you—he does all the work while you relax and have more fun than you could ever imagine. Call for your appointment today!

To schedule your appointment, call 972-642-2842 or toll-free 877-642-2844 See lots more portraits and get more info at

11 the park /my car


& alleys

go Christian Academy

Andrea McNeff • Grand


& alleys

studio your stuff

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Tar yn Osborne • Pante

in my world black and white the park my car

Keidra Stewart • Timberview HS

Prairie HS


& alleys streets

in my world

studio your stuff in my world

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& alleys

black and white the park my car

Ben Donaldson • Martin HS

Sean Reaves • Summit HS


Jordan Pendleton • Pantego Christian Academy

& alleys


Ashley Dill • Grand

Prairie HS

Brent Johnson • South Grand Prairie HS

111 E. Main St. Grand Prairie, TX 75050

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