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Written by Dan Crisp

Illustrated by Mark Chambers

For Mum, Dad and Caleb Crisp - Dan For Lucinda, who smells great! - M.C

As the zookeeper snored, The great lion roared,

This belongs to Mr Zookeeper This belongs to Mr Zookeeper

rro we d



o b s u p o t c the o

keys. e th

. e s a e e m o s h t i sw k c o l e h t n e e, p l o b o t im , n e l s p e l m i c s a t e t ui en t q ith nd it W ou f e h

When all the animals were freed, The pandas agreed,

That the party should really begin.

The flamingos’ excitement,

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As the zoo keeper snored, the great lion roared, and the octopus borrowed the keys. With tentacles nimble, he found it quite simple, to open...

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