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3.3 Human Rights - How Does the Past Affect the Present? Schwarzfahrer

CHAPTER 3 - How Do Germans Face Their History?


TIME: (1-2) 45 minute class periods


Schwarzfahrer is available for viewing with English subtitles at:

And the following items located on the following pages: 1. Viewing Activity Worksheet (table on page 18) 2. Post-Viewing Questions (3.3.2, page 20) 3. "Imaginary Foreigner Strike in Berlin" by Aras Ören (3.3.3, page 21)

PROCEDURE: DAY 1 Anticipatory Set: The teacher should direct the students, either in small groups, with a partner, or as an entire class, to discuss the following questions: 1. What is meant by a diverse or multicultural society? 2. Do you have students from different countries who attend your school? 3. What religions and ethnic groups are represented in your school and/or community? 4. What countries did your ancestors live in? When did they come to the United States? Before showing the film Schwarzfahrer, the teacher should distribute these questions for the students to reflect upon while watching the film:

Immediately after viewing the film, the teacher should instruct the students to make a list with the stereotypical descriptions or clichés used by the old woman in her monologue. The teacher may want to distribute the monologue (available online) to the students, especially if the students have had difficulty reading the subtitles. The teacher may want to stress to students that this text is particularly offensive, and that they should be aware of the connotations that some words and phrases have. Words such "Hottentotten" are not interchangeable synonyms for words like "Afro-Deutsche" or "schwarze Deutsche.” In addition, the teacher may want to use the student response sheet, which lists the major passengers on the tram.

1. Who is riding the tram? What different stereotypes does the film maker present? 2. Evaluate the effect of the film being in black and white, rather than in color. Does this add to the film’s theme? 3. How does the film maker use sound (music, human sounds, silence) to underline his theme?


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Modern Germany Update 2011  

The official newsletter of the Transatlantic Outreach Program. 2011 Edition.

Modern Germany Update 2011  

The official newsletter of the Transatlantic Outreach Program. 2011 Edition.